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My stress relief part two

I lay backwards over his desk and felt his penis inside me. There was one surge of pain, this was my first time and i was not used to this. I gasped in pain and he stroked my hair.
"Oh dont worry i'll make the pain go away". He probed deeper though instead of withdrawing and the pain numbed. I started moaning again with pleasure and i could not be sure who was wetter, me or him. He was bouncing now, faster and faster and i moaned and moaned. He slowed down and withdrew, he rolled me over again. This time i felt his penis push into my tight tight anus, he was gentle and it slid in slowly. He began the bouncing again and put his hands around to grab my heaving breasts. He began to play with my nipples, rolling and pinching and pulling on them. It was immense, the pleasure. I reached down with my hand at the same time as he did to go to my clit. I removed my hand and put it on the breast he had taken his hand from. He pulled my clit about a little and he squeezed it and tickled it. I let out a little squeal to show my pleasure, which spurred him on to bounce harder and faster. He eventually withdrew and i gave him another blowjob to show my appreciation.
"You know what? Just forget that essay. I think i might have been too critical. Maybe an A is in order" i smiled at him and we both got dressed.
"Uh, miss briggs?" He said as i was leaving "Would you like some more tuition after school tomorrow?".
"Yes, mr donnelly. I think its really helping with my studies,"
"Yes, i agree. Same time tomorrow then." he kissed me then and i got wet once more. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

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