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A Fun Threesome

A couple of years ago I decided to fulfill some fantasies and started looking for couples who wanted a threesome with another guy. After searching a few websites for ads I found several couples looking for fun. This is the story of the first time I met one of those couples. After several phone and email conversations we planned a night to meet for dinner and fun in a hotel room later. Dinner went very well and there was an immediate connection between all of us. I got us a room and we all walked in together. Jay was getting his camera ready and Maggie came over to me and started kissing me. We were going at it pretty heavily and I was rubbing her tits and ass through her clothes. She started to unbutton my shirt and undress me. Jay was taking his clothes off at the same time. While Maggie was getting my pants off, Jay was already naked and started to undress his wife. He pulled her up from her knees and sat her on the bed to pull off her jeans. Her panties came down with them to save time. She had a cute shaved pink little pussy with just the outline of her pussy lips protruding out and a small quarter size patch of light brown hair just above her clit. Het tits were round and firm for her age too. I had just pulled my underwear off and when she saw my half erect cock she put her hand out to reach for it from the bed. I moved closer and while she sat up she grabbed hold of my cock and brought it to her mouth. She gave me a wet warm blowjob that felt great. Jay and I both moved her up on the bed and I put my 8" cock back in her mouth while Jay got between her legs and started to eat her pussy. She was moaning on my cock while enjoying the licking Jay was giving her. Jay and I were both rock hard now and Jay wanted to fuck so he turned Maggie over and I got in front of her so she could continue sucking me while Jay lined his cock up with her wet pussy slit from behind and pushed his 6 inches in. She was rocking back and forth on both our cocks from Jay pushing and she was loving it. One of my fantasies was to watch a cock pounding a pussy from close up so I pulled my cock from Maggie's mouth and started to move underneath her so we were in a 69. From here I could see Jay's cock fucking her pussy just inches from my face. Maggie went right back to sucking my cock and I couldn't resist sticking my tongue out and licking her clit and Jay's cock at the same time. This drove Maggie over the edge and she pulled her mouth off my cock long enough to squeel "I'm cumming....I'm cumming...Oh don't stop....I'm cumming". Jay was driving deep in her cunt and I watched her pussy lips wrap around his shaft. She was getting wetter and wetter and I was trying to lick it all up. She was jerking and sucking me at the same time now and I couldn't hold back anymore. I told her I was ready to cum and she just moaned approval. Jay seemed to approve too as he told her "Take it baby...swallow his cum..swallow it all". My cock started to throb in her mouth and several shots of cum darted to the back of her throat, She swallowed it all down and kept milking me for more. Jay was speeding up his thrusts in her pussy and about to blow from seeing his wife swallow another mans' cum. It was incredible to see Jays' balls tighten up and the bottom of his cock throb as he pumped cum into his wife. We had talked previously about another of my fantasies being cleaning the creampie from a freshly fucked pussy. She was as excited about it as I was. I watched Jay pull his cock from her pussy and it was slick with their juices and I could see his cum start to leak out of her already. She was about to lower her pussy to my mouth and she shuddered and told us she was cumming. The feeling of Jay shooting his cum inside her and the thought of me licking it out had thrown her into a shaking orgasm. I hardly waited for her to stop shivering before I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her body onto my face. My tongue was already out and went right inside her when I attached my mouth to her messy pussy. I started licking and sucking and getting all Jays' cum from her and drinking it down. She was sitting straight up now on top of me and rocking her pussy across my face. My face was a mess but we were both loving it and having a good time. Maggie was sweating and flopped on her back on the bed. Jay came back from the bathroom with a warm wet washcloth and wiped the combination of juices from his wfes' pussy. He had one for me too so I could clean my face as well. We all took a small break and had a cigarette and Jay was getting his camera equipment ready so he could shoot some of the action. Soon we were ready again and Maggie and I were kissing again and our hands were all over each other. I proceeded to lick and kiss her all over her face and down her neck to her tits. I sucked on them for a few minutes and kept moving lower. Finally, I crawled between her legs and started to lick her pussy from bottom to top. I was even tickling her asshole with my tongue as well. She grabbed hold of my cock and told me "Fuck me...I want to feel you inside me".."Fuck me now". I climbed on top of her and she guided my rock hard cock into her already wet pussy. I began sliding back and forth inside her and kissing her like we were familiar lovers. Jay had his camera out and was taking shots from behind of my cock inside his wifes cunt. Maggie and I continued our lovemaking without noticing Jay and I started to suck and pull on her tits and nipples. We were both moaning and after 15 or 20 minutes she told me she was getting ready to cum. I told her I was close as well and she told me to cum inside her. "I want to feel you shoot in my pussy...please cum for me". That was all I needed and started to quicken my pace so I was slamming all 8" of my cock to the back of her pussy. I could feel the head of my cock banging her cervix each time I pushed all the way into her. Maggie was screaming now and about to cum when I shoved into her as far as I could and my cock started to throb and spurt hot cum into her womb. She felt it and started yelling "I'm cumming..I'm cumming..oh fuck me..I'm cumming". Jay was behind us still shooting pics but now with a huge hardon. He got a few shots of my cock still inside her with my cum all over it. When we finally caught our breath I rolled off Maggie and we lay there dazed. After a while we all got up and cleaned up and we all slept in the large bed together with Maggie in the middle. In the morning, we all had breakfast together and said our goodbyes. We got together several times since then and still keep in touch. The last time we spoke Maggie had recently been part of a gangbang with two women and twelve guys. I look forward to atending the next one.

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