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My stress relief part 1

"Miss briggs can i see you after school??"
"yes mr donnelly".

After school i reported to mr donnelly's class room.
"Now, anna your grades are slipping. You were my best student. This last essay you submitted, worth a D+ at best. Any explanations?"
"I've been feeling very stressed lately sir. What with my exams soon and hardly any time to revise."
He was looking at me now with a strange look on his face. I was wearing my shortest plaid skirt and he was staring at my crossed legs. He stood up and walked behind me. He loosened my tie and put it on the desk behind him. From behind me he reached sound and unbuttoned my see through blouse. He slipped his hands inside my bra and i felt his hands brush over my firming nipples. He cupped my breasts and squeezed them together as he whispered in my ear:
"Maybe i can do something to help you relax?". I moaned in pleasure as a response and he slipped my blouse over my shoulders and arms. He unhooked my bra and slipped that off too. He put his hands under my arms and stood me up. He walked me over to his desk and bent me over it.
"Head down arms flat stick out your bottom and spread your legs." He commanded. I did so and he lifted my skirt and put it on my back. He pulled down my panties and i could feel myself getting wet. He took a ruler from his drawer, raised it then brought it down hard on my exposed bottom. I felt the stinging pain and got wetter. He repeated the spanking twice more. I heard him unzip and he rolled me over. He pushed me down and i put his erect cock in my mouth. I sucked on it 3 times and felt him ejaculate into my mouth. He stood me up again and this time he got to his knees. He spread my legs and i held my skirt up. I felt his warm wet tongue on my vaginal lips and i felt them part. He wormed his tongue up inside me licking my juices. I let out another moan of pleasure as he began to finger fuck me. He stood up and f***ed my skirt to the floor. He put his hands on my his and now i felt his penis enter me. I lay backwards on his desk.

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