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My Night With My Cousin part 1

"My First story tell me what u think"

My name is Chucho im 22 years old standing at 6'0 at 210 lbs medium short curly
hair hazel eyes and kind of a stocky build i stay at my aunts house while i
attend college now im in my room at around midnight looking at some porn cause i
haven't been laid in a few months cause my studies have been keeping me from
getting with the ladies so i rely on my hand for now so i am looking at porn
like i always do before i fall asl**p i was coming across my favorite video in xhamster as i click play i hear a knock on my door i quickly pull up my shorts and exit my screen and put on a screen saver and go answer my
door as soon as i open my door to my surprise i see my cousin standing there and
d***ker then hell now my cousin Eva is a sexy lil thing shes 22 years old stands
at 5'5 34c tits black curly hair and curves in all the right places shes Hispanic and she just gives out lust in every step now shes always been the sexist girl in college every man would give there left nut to see a glimpse of tit i have always found her attractive but i never thought of her in a sexual way until tonight now back to the opening the door part she stands there smelling like
liquor and a sexy lavender perfume now i ask her what she wants and she says "i
just want some company tonight i don't feel like sl**ping alone" i was surprised she didn't bring a date home so i say come in she comes in and starts to take off her cloths and head to my king size she sits and asks me to help her with her jeans i go over and i start to tug at her jean legs and with one strong tug her jeans slide off all the way and sent me flying back and hit my head on my dresser she comes over and helps me up and i start to stand up i look to her pelvis and i see she has no pantie and with the lil light coming in from my window i see she has trimmed her pubes to a landing strip i instantly get a hard on and i take a big breath a air and i smell the wonderful smell of wet pussy and i get harder then i have ever been in my life i stand all the way up and look straight in her eyes and she looks in mine i feel my face start to get hot and i feel Eva start to shake so i ask her if she is ok she say yea its just the booze so i lay her down in my bed and cover her with my sheets cause my room is very cold cause i have my air condition is on full blast and with her naked from the waist down i think she would be cold after a while i can tell she falls asl**p or so i think i go back to my computer and turn the screen to the light don't hit my bed i go back and put on my favorite porn so i can rub out my hard on as i start to beat my 8 inch cock i don't realize that my cousin is out of bed and staring at me from behind my chair as im getting into my rythim my cousin comes up behind me and and wraps her around my chest i try to cover up my cock and try to pull my shorts up but my cousin just says relax she starts to play with my nipples and starts to lick my ear and bite it which sends waves of pleasure to my cock making it throb my cousin feels my shake as she does this and then her hand start to make there way south down my past my stomach to the top of my pubes and down to my dick as her fingers touch my dick i shudder then she wraps her finger around my dick which gives me a chill and she bends over my shoulder more so she can see my dick as she does i smell that sweet lavender smell i cant even smell the liquor anymore just her sweet smell as her neck comes into view i just bury my face into her neck and start to kiss it she starts to moan saying it feels great and no man has done that in a while and she starts to strokes my dick up and down just as it starts to heat up she lets go of my dick and i fear its over but she walks over to the front of my and grabs my hands and stands me up and gives my a hot passionate kiss with our tongues battling back in forth between us with her arms around my neck and mine around her waist lifting her i don't know how long it was before we part our lips and let each other go i look down into her green eyes and i know shes thinking the same thing i am she reaches behind her back and unhooks her bra and lets her tits out as she does i stare at them she has nice big nipples really dark and nice round aureola's i bend down and give her right nipple a good lick as i knead the other one i suck on both nipples till they as hard as glass cutters she moans and starts to rub her legs as she feels wetness coming from her pussy i smell the musky yet sweet smell coming which makes my cock throb against her tummy her breathing starts to become faster and more shallow so does mine i lay her down so her legs are hanging off the edge of my bed i part her thighs and see the wetness of her pussy i reach out and touch her clit which sends her into a pre orgasmic state which send waves of pleasure round her body i move my head to where her clit is and pull back her hood and lick it that first taste send me into a starving state i eat her pussy as if i haven't eaten in weeks i tongue her pussy first the outer lips and lick her until i can no longer taste her sweet nectar the i part her lips and start to lick the inside which taste very sweet Eva is moaning like a wild women thrashing her arms shacking her head she grabs her tits and twists her nipples as i since she is on the verge of her orgasm i stick my tongue in her tight pussy and she loses all self control and lets out a high pitch squeal and she wraps her leg around my head and holds on for dear life and digs her nails into my bed as her orgasmic high starts to come down she is lost in exstacy till i give her pussy another lick and brings her back down she looks at me and she sees the wetness of her pussy juices around my lips and chin and she licks her juices off my face and starts to kiss me and swaps her juices with me back and forth and she pulls me on top of her and she reaches between us and grabs my dick gives it a few tugs and guides me to her pussy lips and rubs my head up and down the length of her pussy till im right at the entrance i keep my self there till she bucks her hips up and pops my head into her which sends a huge wave of pleasure through out my body i grip the sheets to keep my self from coming in her which works then as i start to push in slowly till i am halfway in till she buck her hips which send the last half into her till im in balls deep she digs her nails into my back and bites my lower lip i stay inside her tight pussy which throbs around my dick griping my like a velvet glove i start to pull back all the way till all that's left inside is my cock head and i shove myself all the way in till i hit the back of her pussy which sends both of us to the edge of our orgasms i don't move till i since my cum starts to settle down aqain so i start back up again driving my dick into her with my nuts bouncing off her ass i sit up and grab her legs and keep pile driving my dick in her i let her legs drop and start to rub her clit with my thumb which makes her thrash around again she sits up as well and flips me on my back and start to ride and grind me i reach up and twist her nipples and knead her tits which makes her shudder all over and picks up the pace and grind into me harder as her orgasm starts to kick in i sense myself on the edge of cumming and she bends over and starts to kiss me and all of the sudden her orgasm hits her like a train and her pussy grips me like a vice and her juices squirt out of her pussy all over my dick and that sends me over the edge and i can no longer hold on and i buck my hips up and drive my dick up into and empty my balls into her pussy and just hold onto her body tight as i shoot into her pussy till i cant shoot anymore after we both come down from our orgasms we kiss and she rolls off me and lays her head down on my chest and says thanks i needed that i just laugh and fall asl**p with her and i wake up around 8am to a loud oh my god i look around with sl**py eyes and look towards my door i see my auntie standing there with her hands around her mouth all i can do is look like a deer caught in headlights cause i see we didn't cover our self up and we are both butt naked so i just manage to stutter shit from my mouth and try to make words come out of my mouth but nothing i shake my cousin awake and she just rubs her eyes to wake up and looks towards her mom and says hi mom as for me i just brace myself for a huge yelling and i see a grin coming from my auntie and she says Eva y didn't u wake me this wasn't the plan then i look at Eva and she says i couldn't help my self last night then i just think to my self wtf but this is for another story comment this if u want to hear more about what happens next

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