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Clothing Store Encounter

My name is Ginger and I am 62 years old. I take very good care of my body, I work out three days a week but my husband does not seem to pay any attention to me. I am five foot tall, weigh about 98 pounds and have a nice figure as men tell me this all the time. I dress classy. I was in another State with my husband on a business trip. He was at a late meeting and I went shopping. It is raining and I stopped at this cute womens clothing store, no one else was there. The man behind the counter told me that they close at six, it is now five thirty. I told him fine and started looking around.

This man was very attractive, in his early twenties and muscular. I found many clothes to try on and asked him where the dressing room is. He showed me and told me to howler if I needed anything. It was really close to six and, closing time and for me not to worry about that, he would lock the door and I can have all the time I want as he had plenty of paper work to do. He smiled at me and walked back up front. I needed help with a zipper and yelled for the man and he was there to help. He zipped me up and I asked him what he thought. He asked me out in the open so I could model for him. He liked what I had and wanted to see more. I tried on many more things and he sat there talking and commenting. We were having a great time. I felt comfortable with him and left the door to the dressing room open so we could continue to talk. Without thinking I had removed all my clothes and was standing there in just my bra and panties(lucky I had on a nice high cut panty with matching bra). He commented on how beautiful my body-he said that I was really hot, thats when I noticed the tent in his pants. It felt good to know that I could turn on such a young man. He went and got me some more clothes to try on, these were much more slutty looking. I modeled them and this was turning me on. Then again I was there in my panties and bra when the man said that he bet I would look really good naked. I thought what the hell and removed the bra and panty. My boobs are a proud "B" cup and I keep my bush in a high and tight landing strip. He said that he had never seen a woman as pretty as I and kissed me. My pussy was super wet at this point and I felt his hard cock thru his slacks. He removed his clothes revealing a very hot body and super hard erection. I wanted this man deep inside me and knelt down and took that cock into my mouth. It was rock hard and felt great in my mouth as I fondled his balls. The taste of his pre-cum just made me want him more.

We got in a sixty nine position and he worked my pussy over with his toungue. I rolled him onto his back and mounted him. The feel of his hard dick sliding into my wet cunt is a feeling that I will not forget. Once I was all the way down on him I started working my pussy all around his cock. I could not believe that I had such a good looking young man deep in my pussy and I was going to make him remember this. I have cheated on my husband several times before but never with a younger man. This was a real ego boost. I worked him over real good and he rolled me over and started to really pound into me. I was really enjoying this and my orgasim was building. The feel of his hard young cock pumping into me was pushing me towards a massive orgasim. I could feel his dick swelling and knew he was nearing his orgasim. Another minute and he plunged deep and I felt his dick swell and then explode! I could feel it pulsing and throbing and the warm feeling of his seed flowing into me. This sent me over the edge and my orgasim came crashing down. My vaginal muscles clamped down on his cock, he must have pumped a couple of gallons of sperm into me. I laid there with his cock still deep in my pussy, I could feel it deflating. His cock plopped out of my gooey pussy and he rolled over onto his back. I started to clean his pecker with my mouth, licking up our juices. Within minutes his wanker was growing hard again. My pussy could not wait for another round. This time he started doggy, banging hard and fast into my gooey pussy, my tits swaying back and fourth. Then I was on my back and then laid in my side with my ankle up by his face as he pole drove me into next week. This was what he needed to bring him to another orgasim filling my pussy to the rim with his hot jizz. A big glob of splooge spilled onto my leg as he removed his cock. I rub that into my bush as I cleaned his pecker. We sat there for a while, he said this was the best sex he has ever had. I was getting ready to get dressed when he walked over and slipped his dick into me again and dropped another load into my hungry pussy. I dressed and went back to my hotel-got there and showered to get all the jizz off me. I laid on the bed naked and my husband came in and you guessed it, wanted to fuck. He put his old dick into my well worked pussy and a minute later added his load to what wonder boy had deposited earlier. He went to the shower and I looked down at my pussy and watched as a small trickle of jizz leaked out. It must be from my wonder boy as my husband never made much of a load. I felt really slutty and then thought that I should go find my wonder boy for another round before we left town. I will stop by that store again tomorrow, right at closing time.

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