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The Training of Jody- Part 9: The Visitor

I barely had time to grab the graduated cylinder to catch and measure Jody's spectacular ejaculation. Wendy's warning came not a second too soon as I placed his cock up to the opening of the container. Letting him spill his milky-whiteness into it as I stroked his twitching manhood, taking care not to lose a single, precious drop. After his spasming subsided i placed the cylinder in its upright position. Even before his cumm had completely gathered at the bottom I could tell it was an impressive display.
I needed to compare his cum to anothers, so I ordered Tony to cease his fucking and come closer to me. Tony withdrew his huge cock from Wendy's cunt in order to comply. Placing himself before me I asked him if he was ready to cum. Without waiting for an answer I began to suck his wet cock. Using my own considerable oral skills I sucked the head while fondling his heavily laden balls with my left hand, holding another laboritory cylinder with my right. Tony pulled his engorged cock out of my mouth, making a lewd popping sound. Directing his piss-hole inside the cylinder he began to cum. Releasing his balls I helpfully pumped his prick, making sure to get every drop of Tony's own impressive production of juice.
Placing the cylinders side-by-side I could see this contest wasn't even close. Though Jody's cum had already settled at the bottom, and Tony's was still coating the glass, Jody's volume had far outstripped Tony's. I left the measuring for a moment and released Jody from his "f***ed" pleasuring of Wendy. The horny little fucker was still sucking Wendy's clit. Unhooking his hands from her waist I ordered Jody to cease and desist. Once they had been unintwined Wendy rolled over on her side and throatily declared, "That was great!"
I crouched down and briefly patted her cheek, showing her my affection and pleasure. I then turned to Jody and congradulated him, "That was beautiful, baby. Truly beautiful," While running my fingers through his blonde curls.
"Thank you, Mistress," he said breathlessly. "I hope I pleased you."
"You did, baby, you did," I told him, smiling sweetly. "Let's see how much cum you have for me." Examining the slaves cum sitting next to each other, I was most impressed. Tony had given me 11ml of juice, a very healthy production. Jody had produced awhopping 20ml. Nearly 3/4 of an ounce. More than twice the normal amount.
Although I wanted to see how much Jody could produce in a day, I also wanted to taste him. So I cheated a little and tipped the container to wet my tongue. His jizz didn't taste very good, surprising me as everthing else had been near perfect. I looked down at Wendy, still recovering in a fetal posistion. Knowing I wanted a second opinion she stood up, surprisingly agile for such a big woman.
"Just a little," I said.
Taking the cylinder from me she carefully tipped it towards her mouth. Instead of risking losing Jody's essence, she deftly licked the cum coated glass. "Not very good at all," she declared, equally surprised. "Let me taste Tony's," she requested. She was much more careless with Tony's cum. Taking a good measure in her mouth, she swished it around like it was a wine tasting. "Much, much better," Wendy declared.
She handed Tony's half-consumed goo to me. I took what remained and drained it into my mouth. Immitating Wendy, I swirled his cum around my mouth. The three of them looking at me, expectant for my verdict. "You're right," I agreed, "much better." It had none of the saltiness of Jody's semen. Tony's cream also had a very subtle and pleasant after-taste.
Jody hung his head down, and barely audibly said, "I'm sorry."
I went to him and lifted his chin so he was looking up at me. His lovely green eyes were welling with tears. I gazed deeply at him and said, "Don't worry, baby. It's not you're fault. We'll give you a diet and your cum will taste like the nectar of the gods. Okay?" He just nodded and I gave him a quick hug.
"Now, let's get that cock hard again," I said in a stern tone. Jody looked shocked. "Don't worry, I'm sure it won't take much," I assured him. "Where did you learn to eat pussy like that, baby?"
"It just seemed the way to do it," he replied innocently.
Wendy looked at me, wishing to say something. I nodded, almost imperceptably. She walked up and put her arms around Jody, hugging him from behind, holding him against her huge tits. "That it was. When the time comes, I'll suck you all you want," Wendy offered, grateful for the many orgasms Jody had helped provide. "With Mistress's permission, of course," she added immediately.
"Perhaps you could do something now, to show your gratitude," I suggested.
"Of course," Wendy said, always ready to please, like a good slut.
"Tell me Jody, have you ever had a rim-job?" I inquired.
"What's a rim-job, Mistress?" Jody asked, his innocence touching me.
"That's when someone licks and tongues your asshole," I informed him.
"No, I've never thought of that before. Does it feel good?"
"Oh my, yes. The asshole has more nerve endings than any other part of the human body, except for the clit and the cock-head. Would you like Wendy to lick your asshole?' I offered.
"Yes, thank you Mistress. Would you like me to lick yours?" his eagerness to please growing strong.
"In time, baby. But right now I'd like you to suck my cunt, like you did for Wendy," I said as I reclined on the sofa spreading my legs. "Now get down on your knees and place your hands on my thighs. Wendy, you know what to do."
Wendy placed her large hands on Jody's muscular ass, gently spreading the cheeks. Her mouth was watering as she looked at me, waiting for permission. I posistioned Jody and myself so that he could reach every part of my hairy crack and commanded him to start. Wendy wasn't wrong, he was a cunt prodigy. He ate my pussy with an expertice of a man twice his age. I began to regret not taking him this way myself before Wendy. My first climax came quickly and Jody sucked my clit right away. Using just the right pressure I came, soaking my lover's face with my juices.
Even during my first orgasm Wendy stared at Jody's asshole hungrily while massaging his perfect ass. I gave her the signal to begin after my climax subsided. Her head dove into his ass-crack faster than a bolt of lightning. I felt Jody stiffen for a moment as Wendy started to work his ass. "Let me hear you, you dirty cunt!" I yelped as my second orgasm started under Jody's talented, and thus far, tireless mouth. I then heard Wendy moan and slurp as she sucked on my slave's pucker. The lewdness of her noises hastened my cumming and I started to convulse. I had gladly given my ass over for fucking to men who had eaten me half as well, and I owned this one. This beautiful, horse-cocked boy who only required teaching. 'How did I get so lucky?' I thought.
"He's hard, Miss Margot," Tony said. I'd forgotten he was even there and I felt guilty at ignoring him, so wonderful had he proven to be.
"I'm sorry, Tony," I said as the the waves of pleasure began racking my body again. "How rude of me to leave you out. Restrain Wendy around Jody's legs, making sure she can jack him off. Don't forget to lubricate her hands and Jody's cock. When you are sure that everythig is done properly, as we seem to be doing assholes, fuck Wendy's ass. Do it gently, for both your pleasures. I want you to cream in her ass."
"Yes, Miss Margot. Thank you, Miss Margot," Tony went to comply with my instructions. After some manouvering everything was as I commanded. Tony posistioned himself, standing behind Wendy to give me a good look at his hard cock. I paused Jody a moment to look over Tony's handiwork. Wendy was still eating Jody's ass, but her wrists were fastened around his thighs. There was mineral oil dripping from her hands and Jody's erection. Tony had skillfully left her enough room to move so that she could stroke the top 5 or 6 inches of Jody's enormous fuck-stick. I moved Jody's cum recepticle so that on Wendy's down strokes his foreskin enveloped the cylinder.
Satisfied that no cum would be lost when Jody blew his load, I returned to my seat and motioned for Jody to restart his attentions. "Wendy, if you spill his seed you'll be punished. Severely!" By his motions I could tell that Tony was fingering Wendy's shit-hole. "Is she ready, my dear?" It was the first time I used a term of endearment on Tony.
"Yes, Miss Margot. I've got three fingers going in her now," Tony answered.
I gave him the go-ahead. Tony got down on his knees and slowly guided his large cock into Wendy's well accustomed ass. I saw her eyes widen as her sphincter doubtlessly was giving way. She never broke the contact her mouth had with Jody's anus, and this pleased me greatly. I watched Tony thrusting in my slave's ass, certain that he had his full length in her rectum now. This excited me to new heights as I felt another orgasm coming near. I took one of Wendy's cigarettes and lit it, as I needed something in my mouth. As my orgasm subsided, with another already quick on its heels, I lifted Jody's head firmly and said "Mind if I smoke? While you're eating?" he looked at me confused. I guess he never saw 'Deep Throat'.
Jody's back arched, and I knew he was refilling his cum container. My own orgasm was begining at the same time. "Tony you may cream Wendy's ass when you're ready," I permitted. Knowing I wanted us to cum together he splashed his goo up Wendy's back door right away.
As we lay there, all intwined again, I saw someone looking in the window. I could have kicked myself for leaving a spy-hole in the heavy d****s. I got up as rapidly from Jody's face as my rubbery legs would allow. By the time I got to the window the voyeur was gone. 'Who was that?' I wondered, now filled with dread.

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