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The Shower

The water burns at first,so I turn and let it spray all over me till it gets just warm to my skin.
I fill my hands with soap and rub all over my body and your face comes to my mind.
Water washes over me and I feel the soap running down my body and the feel is seductive on my skin.
My hand runs down my neck, wishing you could nip me there, then my hand runs to my breast and I feel my nipples bud and tighten. I take one in my fingers and twist and then pull, as I imagine your mouth would do.
My breath catches in my throat as the pleasure from my breast runs to my pelvis and makes my back arch with longing.
My hand moves down my torso to my mound, I run my fingers thru the hair there all silky and clean, knowing that you would
love it all natural and long.
With my eyes closed I can think of how you would touch it run your fingers thru it and then ever so slowly run your finger thru my lips there. Just on the outside feeling the velvety softness of them.
A moan works out of my mouth and I slide my finger just inside of my lips, the folds that are wet despite the water running down my body. The warmth and wetness of my cunt sends a chill over me and makes my knees turn weak so I put my back against the shower wall.
I touch the entrance of my vagina and then run my finger to my clit, circle it and feel it harden and bud out. Then back to my hole and just inside, all warm and pulling on my finger wanting it inside.
I put my foot on the bench and open my leg's and point the stream of water right to my clit, and when it hits it makes me push back against the wall and my hiss at it's warmth pounding on my clit.
My fingers are pushed in me, thinking of yours doing it to me.My head falls back and I picture you in front of me pushing deep.
The water pounds, my fingers push, and the feeling of your touch makes me moan and push even deeper.
Faster my hand works on my hole, and I imagine you saying "come for me " as the water rushes at me.
Oh, oh, my body feels the tightening and my breath burns in my lungs. My hand moves faster and my fingers are soaked with
my juices and I picture you in front of me. I grab my nipple and pull and pinch and then, I can see your smile and my body
quakes as my orgasm hits with full f***e and my juices rush over my hand and a yell comes from my mouth and my hips push
as if to get more of my fingers.
I slump down to the bench and the water runs over my body, all flushed now from my orgasm and my limbs can not move.
I laugh and picture you again, saying " oh god that was good" and I think yes, Yes it was very good.
But it could be even better........... if you were with me..

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