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My Best Friend Visits (Continued)

When Mario arrived my wife was visibly nervous. She was not the young girl Mario remembered. She had grown into a full woman with a great body and Mario took notice of that. I could see him looking at every inch of her body. I could also see a hunger in his eyes that I remember from years before. As for Mario, he was still a very handsome Latino man. He was visibly older and more mature. My wife took notice of that also. I could see how she took side way glances at Mario as we talked. I took all this sexual tension in and began to make plans in my mind for getting these two in bed again.

For the next several days Mario was busy visiting his f****y and friends and spent very little time at my apartment. My wife would always ask him when he was coming back and she would stay up and wait for him. She said she wanted to make sure he locked the door but her sexiest nightwear was getting shown during this time. I made believe I was going to bed to see if they would say something to each other when Mario got home. I was hoping that my absence would encourage them to speak openly with one another. I fell asl**p a couple of times before Mario got home and did not get to hear what they said to each other. But one morning when I went to wake Mario up he said he needed to talk to me. I told him I wanted to talk to him also. He turned towards me and asked if I remember the stuff we did together with my wife before I got married. I told him I would have to have an advanced stage of dementia not to remember those hot times together. He laughed and said he remembered also.

He began to tell me that when he got home the night before there was some sexual tension between him and my wife. I told him there was sexual tension between them from the moment he came for a visit. He said he still wants my wife and wants to have sex with her. I told him I want him to fuck her like before or better. He then asked if she has mentioned anything about it to me. I told him she doesn’t talk about that any more but we had to loosen her up slowly. She is not the same person and if we are too direct we will loose any opportunity to get her in bed with the two of us. So we formulated a plan. It was simple, get her d***k and fuck her. Simpler said then done I guess.

My wife and I always went dancing and drinking on Friday nights. She loved dancing and I told Mario to come along. Dancing and drinking always made her horny. She was especially sensitive to slow close dancing when she had a few drinks. Mario was never a good dancer but I was. He was more athletic than I was though. He played football on the high school team. During the night we made sure my wife always had a drink and we coaxed her into drinking faster than usual. When ever I got the chance I would pull Mario’s arm around her without her noticing. She would look at me and I would give her a smile of approval. Mario soon caught on and he did not miss any opportunity to embrace her, hold her hand and be close to her. During a slow dance I sent Mario to the dance floor with her. As they held each other I could see Mario pulling her closer to him. On one occasion I saw a bulge in his pants the was clearly that big thick cock of his hard as a rock. I saw him pull my wife up to him and his bulge disappeared between her legs. She pushed back a bit but he pulled her again and this time she settled herself with his big bulge between her legs. As they danced Mario moved his face close to her and tried to kiss her several times but she pulled her face away and looked towards me. When the dance was over Mario pulled her into a dark corner away from our table. He put her in the corner and covered her body with his. I could see he was talking to her and moving his hands over her shoulders and waist. I then saw hers hands around his waist and could tell they were kissing.

We sat her in the middle of the booth with each of us flanking her. In the middle of the evening I began to kiss her passionately and stroking her inner thighs. It took a while but she began to respond with her familiar whimper and moan of enjoyment. I then asked her to kiss Mario also. She looked at me questioningly but I explained that he was alone and it’s not going to hurt anyone. Besides, I told her, no one knows if you are with him or me. No one cares either way. Mario pulled close to her and put his arm around her waist he pulled her to him and in a flowing motion her head turned and their lips locked together. The kiss didn’t last as long as I would have liked but it was much longer than a friendly kiss and there was certainly an exchange of tongues. I told her that was so good that I wanted her to continue kissing him just like she did with me. Mario grabbed her again and this time she wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed for much longer. I looked down and could see the bulge in Mario’s pants. He ran his left hand down and I could see it disappear under her dress. She gave a startled jump when she felt him there but right after that I saw her hips slowly push forward against his hand. I pushed behind her and began to kiss the back of her neck. I pushed my hand under her dress and made my way to her ass. She again gave a start but settled with a strong gasp. She opened her legs and gave us both the room we needed to work her pussy and ass. I felt Mario’s hand on her pussy and by the movement I knew he had a couple of fingers inside her while playing her clit with his thumb. It was a favorite of his that she loved. As if he could read my mind Mario ran his hand to her ass and used his fingers now slippery and wet with her pussy juices to wet her ass for me. As soon as his hand moved to the front again I searched for her ass and found it wet and open for me. I inserted my middle finger in it and began to move it around as I felt Mario working her pussy on the other side. She began to move her hips slowly rocking back and forth.

I suggested we go to the car to have some fun before coming back to the dance. My wife resisted for a second but gave in when we both insisted. The three of us climbed in the back of the car. The parking lot was dark and no one was hanging around close enough to concern us. Mario immediately began kissing and unbuttoning my wife’s blouse. It reminded me of years ago the three of us fucking in the rear seat of my car. Her breasts were soon exposed. Mario stopped for a second to marvel at how much larger and rounder they looked. But it only lasted a few seconds before he hungrily buried his face between her breasts and began to suckle on both nipples. My wife gasped and began moaning loudly as Mario’s hands moved all over her body. As I continued to kiss the back of her neck I searched for her tight little asshole again. But I found Mario pulling and tugging on her panties to get them off. As if he were Houdini I saw her panties magically appear in his hand before dropping to the floor of the car. I slipped my hand under her dress and found that tight little hole I was looking for. It was still wet and I quickly began to knead it with my finger which visibly excited her more. Mario was now busy going from her breasts to her mouth, eating her lips with a hungry passion that reminded me of the time she lost her virginity to Mario in front of me. His grunting and heavy moaning told me he was enthralled in his passion and nothing could keep him from his ultimate goal which was to fuck my wife. I hoped she would not freeze up on us and fight him. The last time she fought Mario when he was on a fuck quest she lost. This time I would have to intervene if she was going to be f***ed to have sex against her will. We were married now and much as I wanted her fucked by my friend I had to protect her at all costs.

Mario pulled my wife’s shoes off. She didn’t wear stockings when we went out because I preferred her with bear feet. I have a foot fetish and the sight of my wife’s naked feet with a nice pedicure and toe nails painted a dark red turned me on. It has always been my thing, no stockings covering the feet and feet always with a good pedicure and toe nails painted dark red. Mario must have had my same fetish because when he got her shoes off he massaged her feet and breathed deeply showing the same enthusiasm I do for her feet. My wife lunged for Mario leaving me behind. I heard his belt buckle as she opened his pants. Soon I saw his pants pulled off and dropping to the floor with her panties. Mario laid back and I could see that huge cock of his glistening in the dim light that shone through the car windows. It looked even bigger and thicker than it did a couple of years ago. Soon I saw my wife’s head bobbing up and down and heard Mario moaning with pleasure. I knew she was sucking his cock and I decided if she was going to ride that monster cock then she needed her pussy prepared. I raised her dress and began eating her pussy and asshole from behind making sure to wet them fully. My wife has never allowed me to fuck her in the ass. She has only received anal a few times and the only cock that has been given the privilege of fucking that pretty tight ass is Mario’s. And even her first anal was much like her first fuck. She tried to get away from Mario’s cock when he wanted her ass but he held her tight and f***ed his cock into her tight hole. Once he fucked her tight ass for a while she loved it. I didn’t know how it would play out tonight but I wanted both holes ready.

It didn’t take long for Mario to make his move. In one fluid motion he grabbed my wife by the waist and pulled her on top of him. She straddled him and before I knew it I heard her give a loud yelp which told me he had pushed his cock inside her. She complained about the thickness first and then she complained about the length. But it was not long before she was moaning and whimpering with delight at his thrusts. I raised her dress to look at the action. Mario had his cock buried deep inside my wife and with each thrust he pulled it half way out before slamming it back into her waiting pussy. Soon she laid fully on him and began to rock her hips back and forth in rhythm to his thrusts. She milked his cock like I have never seen her milk a cock before. The air in the car was suffocating with the smell of his cock and her pussy. The windows were all fogged and all that could be heard in that car were the loud grunting, moaning and gasps as these two lovers rediscovered their passion for each other again. I finally moved to the front seat and left the rear seat all to them. They kissed wildly and finally the familiar shouts of “Oh my God, Oh my God”, that told me my wife was about to cum. Mario began bucking also and moaning loudly. I jumped to the back of the car because I wanted to catch a glimpse of my friend cumming inside my wife. I pulled her dress back up and just as I did I saw Mario’s balls draw tightly against his shaft. His shaft began to throb wildly and my wife gave a loud gasp. Then white cum began to drool out of my wife’s pussy and running down Mario’s shaft to his balls. As he continued to push his horse cock into her I could see not only the thick veins covering his cock but streams of cum flowing down his shaft. I had never seen Mario cum that much. Mario continued to cum in what seemed for ever. My wife began to whimper and tell him in a whisper she could feel his hot cum deep inside her belly.

I knew tonight was not my night. This night was reserved for my friend Mario to enjoy my wife as he wanted. I knew he would be gone in a couple of weeks and we probably would not see him again for a long time if ever. I went back to the night club and had a couple of drinks.

About an hour later I decided to go back to the car and look for Mario and my wife. I found them still in the back seat. The car windows were still fogged and they were both totally naked. Her dress and his shirt were in the front seat and his pants and her panties were still on the floor. They were both bare foot. I kneeled on the front seat and looked towards the back. Mario was kissing my wife as she sat almost totally on his lap. She was stroking his cock and he was fondling her pussy and ass as they kissed. He was running his feet over hers fondling her toes with his. He sure has a foot fetish like me. I love to do that to her also. My wife looked at me and I could see she was in full passion. When ever she was extremely horny her ears would turn beet red, her lips and face would swell slightly and her pussy lips would swell to twice their normal size. She looked in a dream state. Its like she was in a trance and all she could do is make love. Mario looked at me also but his look was wilder. His lips were swollen also but he had his wits about him. He smiled at me and said she promised him something special. He pulled her hard against him bringing her hips on top of him. I saw him hold his thick cock out as he pulled and burry it deep inside her. She gasped out loud and he buried his face in her breasts. I heard his slurp as he sucked hard on her nipples. She groaned and moaned loudly. He shook his head from one breast to the other and sounded like an a****l. My wife began to give soft squeals mixed with her moans. As he let her go he laid her softly down on the seat. I saw four of five deep red marks around each of her breasts. Mario in his passion had given her hickies and bitten her. But she did not complain. In fact it seemed she took delight in seeing those marks on her.

Mario then kissed her deeply and turned her around on the seat. She followed his lead and turned with her ass pointing up at him and spread her legs. He then let a large amount of spit drop on to his cock and he spread it around her tight little asshole. He then grabbed the base of his hard shaft and pushed slowly against her tiny hole. She moved away but he continued to push. Her head hit the glass on the door as she pulled away from his thick cock. He finally grabbed her by the shoulder with his left hand while he held his cock stiff with his right. I saw that thick purple head of his huge cock disappear into her tight little hole. She squealed and tried to get away but he now used both his hands to hold her in place. He continued his assault on her ass as she cried and begged him to stop. As years ago, her pleads had no effect on him. He continued to slide his cock slowly in and out of her ass. She pulled away so much that her face was smashed against the car window as he thrust into her ass. Then he picked up the assault. He pushed harder and deeper which sent her whimpering louder. I was about to put a stop to it when I saw her move her hand back and spread her cheeks open for him. I knew then that she was enjoying Mario’s attention on her ass. Mario took this as a sign that he should pick up the pace. He began to grunt loudly as he pulled her by the waist away from the window and impaled her on his long thick shaft. Mario’s ability to produce precum in copious amounts always amazed me. I could now see his cock glistening and her cheeks were soaked with his precum. He pulled her around to face the back window and he kneeled on the seat behind her. He began to fuck her hard slamming his cock so hard against her well formed round firm ass that he raised her off her knees with every push. She cried out loud with pleasure at his thrusts and kept pushing her hips back to give him full access to her ass. Finally he had her face the front of the car and me. I couldn’t see him behind her but I could see her mouth as it gasped with every thrust of Mario’s huge cock. I began kissing her. Her breasts bounced in rhythm to Mario’s thrusts. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I held her tightly in my arms while my friend fucked her wildly from behind. “His cock is so hot and hard”, she said. “I can feel his thick cock throbbing inside me and when he comes it’s like hot lava flowing from his big cock and filling me.” I told her I just wanted her to be happy. She looked into my eyes and she gave me a big smile and a kiss. I knew I had made the right decision. Then I heard Mario gasp and groan loudly as his thrusts slowed but became deeper. He pushed hard against my wife’s ass and leaned forward to hold her tightly against him. The she gasped and I knew he was pouring his hot lava into her again.

That night Mario slept with us in our bed. I awoke several times that night to the shaking of the bed and my wife’s whimpering as Mario ravaged her time and again through the night. The next two weeks Mario slept with my wife every night. Either I was in bed with them or I slept in the guest room and left them alone to enjoy each other.

We didn’t see Mario again till 10 years later when he was passing near our new home in Florida and he called asking to spend the night. That was an interesting story also.

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