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Five Taboo Short Stories by Mrs Walker

#1 "Fun in the Bathroom with my Daughter"
#2 "I Have Sex with my Son on the Train"
#3 "My Daughter And I Have Sex on our Driveway"
#4 "I sl**p with my Daughter"
#5 "My Son Strips me Naked on our Driveway"

Story #1 "Fun in the Bathroom with my Daughter" by Mrs Walker

I want to spend more time looking at my naked body in the mirror, but I leave my bedroom and walk naked down the hallway to get my eighteen year old daughter Krissy so we can take a shower together.

When I enter her room, she is sitting naked on the edge of the bed and is getting ready to stand up. I walk over in front of her and ask her if she thinks it is necessary for me to shave this morning.

She begins running her hand up and down my pussy, then looks up at me and says, "Well, it feels okay to me, but I like shaving you, so I will do it before we take our shower."

Krissy continues playing with my pussy for a minute or so, then she slides her hands around my hips and gently grasps my ass cheeks. She squeezes them a few times then looks up at me and says, "Mom, lean down and give me our morning kiss."

She keeps hold of my ass cheeks while we tongue kiss each other for a while, then I stand up straight. Suddenly, she pulls me closer to her and sticks her tongue into my belly button!

Oh, how I love it when she does this! I get a tingling sensation in my pussy that travels down my inner thighs and goes all the way to my toes!

Krissy swirls her tongue around for a few seconds while I softly moan, then she releases her grip from my ass cheeks and runs her hands up to my breasts. She fondles them for a few moments, then slides her hands down to my hips and makes me turn around.

She loves looking at my long blond hair cascading down my naked backside while she kisses my ass cheeks. I think that is what she is going to do, but she suddenly pulls my cheeks apart and sticks her tongue in my asshole!

Oh my God it feels good! I immediately bend over and put my hands on my knees so Krissy can spread my white cheeks further apart!

Krissy keeps plunging her tongue inside me while I softly moan for the next few minutes, then she abruptly stops and slaps my ass!

I turn around to face her, put my hands on my hips and say, "Nice daughter you are! You get me half way to an orgasm then you stop!"

Krissy replies, "I will finish you off in the shower after I shave your pussy, but then you have to do me!"

I smile at her, then take her hand and we walk naked down the hallway to the big shower room. I immediately sit down on the wood bench and lean against the tile wall while Krissy gets a "Lady Razor" and shaving cream. She gets down on her knees between my legs, then pushes them further apart so my pussy is completely exposed to her. She squirts some shaving cream into her hand and smooths it around between my legs.

I can tell by the look on her face that she is really enjoying herself as she moves her soapy hand up and down my pussy.

Suddenly, Krissy pushes two of her slender fingers inside me and begins moving them in and out! She does this for a few seconds, then puts three of her fingers in!

I start moaning as my daughter looks up into my eyes and says, "Gosh Mom, my three fingers slid right inside you! I wonder if I can get all four of them in there!"

Without waiting for a reply from me, she shoves all four of her fingers inside me! The erotic sensation of my daughter finger fucking me takes my breath away and I have to gasp for air!

I take a couple of deep breaths while she slowly starts moving them in and out of me. After about a minute she says, "I wonder if I can put my whole hand inside you!"

My heart is racing and I am breathing so quickly and deeply that I cannot respond to her!

Suddenly, Krissy shoves her entire fist inside me!

Oh my God, a shockwave of pleasure shoots through my entire body and I start seeing hundreds of blinking little stars in front of my eyes!

My hips raise off the wooden bench as my determined daughter tries to get her fist even further inside me! Suddenly, I hear my husband's cellular phone ring! He must be right at the bottom of the stairs because I can hear him tell someone that he is going to take a shower and call them back.

I quickly reach between my legs, grab Krissy's wrist and pull her hand out of me, then jump up and close the bathroom door.

Two seconds later my husband jiggles the door handle, so I raise my voice and say, "Honey, Krissy and I are busy shaving! Use the master bathroom!"

Story #2 "I Have Sex with my Son on the Train" by Mrs Walker

My son, daughter and I just boarded the train so we can go shopping downtown today. There are about a dozen people sitting in the front, so we go all the way to the back and sit down.

After a few minutes my son Tommy suggests that he take his camera and go to the front of the train car and take video of my daughter Krissy and I exposing our tits.

He says that will be fucking cool because the passengers will not know what is happening behind them. I tell him that will be fun, but he has to warm me up first by kissing me. I tell him to give to give his video camera to his s****r then start making out with me while she films it.

He hands the video camera to Krissy then she starts the camera and captures my son and I tongue kissing each other while the train continues on it's journey.

After a short while I push Tommy away from me then unbutton my dress and let it slide down off my arms. Tommy begins running his hands all over my naked body as I open the zipper to his shorts and start jacking his cock up and down.

After a few strokes his cock is hard so I lean over and begin sucking on it. Suddenly, Tommy pushes on the back of my head and tries to get the entire length of his cock in my mouth. It slides down my throat and he continues to apply pressure to the back of my head. After a few moments I desperately need a breath of air so I place my hands on his thighs and push upward as hard as I can. He finally releases his hands from the back of my head then I sit up straight. My hair is all messed up so I get a brush from my purse and casually run it through my hair while I tell Tommy not to be so rough with me.

After a few moments I put the brush back in my purse then tell Krissy to go to the front of the train car and start taking video again. She gets up from the bench seat then walks to the front and aims the camera towards Tommy and myself. This prompts a few people turn around to look in my direction so I quickly lean forward for a few seconds so they can't see my naked body.

I have always had a fantasy about fucking on a train and decide that today is the day it is going to happen. I climb on top of Tommy and straddle his legs then lower myself down on his hard cock. After a few attempts I am seated all the way down. I just sit there for a few moments then gradually raise up and lower myself back down. After a couple of minutes Tommy suddenly struggles to get to his feet with his cock still inside me!

What on earth is he going to do?

He holds onto the chrome rails and stands up while I lock my arms together around his neck and wrap my legs around his waist. After he is on his feet, he grabs my ass cheeks and walks to the front of the train car where about a dozen people are seated!

I am frightened at first because I don't know what their reactions are going to be but I notice they are all smiling so I relax and let Tommy bounce me up and down on his hard cock. After a couple of minutes he suddenly says to me, "Mom, I am going to cum any second now!"

He lowers me down and I immediately get on my knees. He strokes his cock a few times then shoves it into my open mouth and ejaculates. I swallow over and over until he is down then suck out the last few drops.

Suddenly, everyone in the train starts applauding! Tommy helps me to stand up then I raise my arms upwards so they can see every square inch of my beautiful naked body.

I tell them that I am glad they enjoyed the show then go back to my seat and put my dress on. That was the most fun I have had in a long time!

Story #3 "My Daughter And I Have Sex on our Driveway" by Mrs Walker

My daughter Krissy and I just finished taking our morning shower together and we are in the kitchen drinking coffee. It is such a beautiful day that I suggest we sit on the steps of the front porch. Krissy replies, "You mean right now Mom? Shouldn't we get dressed first? We don't have any clothes on!"

I tell her not to worry so much about what other people think, then lead her out the front door. We sit down together in the morning sunshine enjoying our coffee as we watch our neighbors getting into their cars and driving off to work. Our property with many older trees and bushes, so most of them don't even notice us.

After a while I say to Krissy, "Honey, my shoulders are sore from exercising at the fitness center yesterday. Will you be a sweetheart and rub my back for me?"

She agrees, so I get to my feet then sit down on the warm sidewalk between her legs. Krissy massages my shoulders for a few minutes then reaches around in front of me and begins gently fondling my breasts while softly kissing the nape of my neck. She likes feeling the weight of them in her hands while gently pinching their hard nipples with her thumb and forefinger.

Being naked outside in the sunshine while my Daughter plays with my breasts is making the exhibitionist side of my personality appear. I suddenly have an idea for us to give people driving by a better look at our beautiful naked bodies. I suggest to Krissy, "Honey, Let's go lay on the cement driveway in front of the garage. We might as well get some sun on us while we are outside."

Krissy reluctantly stops playing with my breasts then we stand up and she follows me down the sidewalk to our driveway. When we are in front of the garage I sit down on the warm cement then lean back on my elbows. Krissy spends short time staring at me then says, "Oh Mom, you look so sexy being naked outdoors in public with the sun shining on you!"

She stares at me for a little while longer then gets down on her knees and crawls over the top of me. We begin tongue kissing and after a few minutes she slowly begins to plant kisses all over me. She moves back a little and begins to suck on one of my breasts then the other. Soon she is laying flat on her stomach with her face between my legs!

Oh my God! My daughter is licking my pussy in broad daylight while cars are driving by! I love having sex in public!

Suddenly, a car turns into our driveway then comes up and stops a few feet away from us!

I immediately sit up straight and try to push Krissy away from me but she looks over her shoulder and says, "Don't worry Mom. That is my new girlfriend's car. Her name is Britney. I called her on the phone last night and she is coming over to spend the day swimming in the pool with us."

Krissy puts her face back between my legs as Britney gets out of her car and shuts the door. Oh my God what a beautiful young girl she is! She is wearing designer sunglasses and has on one of the smallest bikinis that I have ever seen! She walks over to me and says, "Hello Mrs Walker. It looks like Krissy was telling the truth about you and her having sex together. Do you mind if I join you?"

I do not hesitate one second and say, "I do not mind a bit sweetheart. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. "

While Krissy is busy between my legs, I continue sitting up straight and anxiously wait to see what Britney is going to do next. She reaches behind her back, unties her bikini top, then pulls it over her head and throws it on the cement!

Oh my God, she has the most fantastic pair of breasts I have ever seen in my life! They are very large, perfectly round, and their erect dark brown nipples are sticking straight out about half an inch! They are awesome!

She runs her fingers through her long straight brown hair a couple of times then bends over and pushes her bikini bottoms down to her ankles.

Oh my God, her pussy is absolutely gorgeous! She must have shaved it this morning because it looks incredibly smooth!

Britney puts her hands on her hips and says, "Krissy, why don't you take a break for a few minutes. I will take over for you while you rest your tongue for a little while."

I immediately begin trembling with excitement!

My daughter stands up and the girls immediately embrace and begin tongue kissing. They run their hands over each other's beautiful young naked bodies for minute then Britney leans back a little bit and says, "Oh Krissy, your mouth tastes good! I can't wait to get between your Mothers legs!"

She then sticks out her tongue and starts licking Krissy's face. Oh my God, I have never seen a tongue that long before! Britney is a freak of nature! It must be at least six inches long!

Britney takes off her sunglasses, hands them to my daughter, then gets down on her knees between my legs. She crawls over the top of me, looks into my eyes, and says "Mrs Walker, I am going to give you the best pussy licking you have ever received in your entire life!"

She gives me long tongue kiss then gets off me and we both stand up. I figure that she wants to go inside the house so we can have sex in private, but she guides me over to her car and gently pushes me backwards so I am sitting on the hood!

I lean back on the warm car and rest on my elbows. Britney immediately gets on her knees and buries her face into my pussy! Oh my God, I am in heaven!

She flicks her long tongue in and out of me for a couple of minutes then suddenly stops and says, "Mrs Walker, move further back and lean against the windshield of the car."

I scoot backwards to the middle of windshield to avoid the wipers jutting out then she leans forward and jams all six inches of her long tongue inside me! My hips involuntarily jerk up in the air as she flicks her tongue in and out! She keeps doing this over and over again while I scream, "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

I plant my feet on the hood of the car and raise my hips up to give her better access and penetration. Britney immediately grabs my ass cheeks with both hands and f***es her face even harder into my pussy.

An orgasm has been building up inside me for the past several minutes and it suddenly explodes! A shower of erotic pleasure races through every inch of my body and I start seeing bright little twinkling stars in my vision!

Oh my God, that was the best orgasm a female has ever given me except for my daughter!

I regain my composure after a few moments and hear my daughter softly moaning. Oh my God, Krissy is laying on the driveway and Britney is doing the same thing to her!

I really like my daughter's new lesbian girlfriend!

Story #4 "I sl**p with my Daughter" by Mrs Walker

It is about eight o'clock in the morning and time to get out of bed, so I pull the satin sheet away from my naked body then look over at my daughter Krissy. She is laying on her back sl**ping soundly.

I should get out of bed right now because I have a busy day ahead of me, but the sight of her hard nipples poking into the satin sheet entices me to reach over and touch them.

I give into my i****tuous lesbian desires and slowly pull the sheet away from her naked body. After I get the sheet down to her waist, I run my hand across her flat stomach then slowly move it upwards across her soft skin and gently fondle one of her firm young breasts. I can feel her hard nipple against the palm of my hand as I gently squeeze it.

After a while I push the sheet all the way off her and begin slowly running my hand up and down the full length of her beautiful thin toned body. I am getting really turned on touching my daughter Krissy's soft skin and my breathing rate is becoming more rapid. I should stop what I am doing right now, but instead I get out of bed then walk around so I am standing between her outstretched legs.

I push the sheet away from her feet then gently grasp both her ankles and move her legs further apart. Her cute little bald pussy looks inviting, so I lean forward on my elbows and bury my face between her legs. Jesus Christ she tastes good!

I alternate between running my tongue up and down her pussy lips and sucking on her exposed clit.

After a couple of minutes, she starts moaning softly and slowly opens her eyes. I continue enjoying myself by darting my tongue in and out of her as she raises up from the bed and rests on her elbows. Krissy looks into my eyes and says, "Oh Mom, that feels so fucking good. Please don't stop."

It is getting late and I don't have all morning to spend with my face between my daughter's legs, so after a few more minutes I abruptly stop and get to my feet. Krissy immediately pleads with me, "Mom, I was almost ready to have an orgasm! Please come back and finish me! Please Mom! It will only be another few minutes!"

Just then, my son Tommy walks by my open bedroom door. He evidently just got out of the shower because his hair is damp and he has a towel wrapped around him. I tell him to come in and take care of his s****r's needs. He gladly accepts but Krissy pushes him away from her and says, "Mom, I don't want Tommy this time! I want you! Please Mom!"

Krissy is such a sweet good girl and I love so much that I give in to her wishes and return to the bed then bend over and put my face back between her legs. Tommy immediately gets behind me and pushes his hard cock into my pussy then begins slowly fucking me.

A few minutes later Krissy is thrashing around on the bed screaming, "Mom, I'm almost there! Don't stop! Please don't stop!" while my son is furiously fucking me.

Suddenly Krissy becomes silent and her body shudders from the intense orgasm I gave her. Moments later Tommy stops and his cock starts pumping warm sperm inside me. I look over my shoulder at him and say, "Tommy, why did you ejaculate inside me again when I have told you a hundred times not to?"

Tommy replies, "I'm sorry Mom and promise to never do it again."

My son is such a sincere and caring young man that I forgive him then tell the k**s to get ready for Church services this morning.

Story #5 "My Son Strips me Naked on our Driveway" by Mrs Walker

I am anxiously waiting for my son to come home from college when I see a car coming up our driveway. It's Tommy! I open the front door and run out to greet him!

Tommy gets out of his car and we immediately embrace and begin tongue kissing while cars are driving by, and a few neighbors are outside watering their plants.

Tommy slides his hands down my back, runs them underneath the fabric of my bikini bottoms and starts squeezing my ass cheeks while we continue passionately kissing each other.

After a couple of minutes Tommy leans back a little and says, "Mom, you can kiss better than any of those girls at the college", then he suddenly reaches around behind me and unties my bikini top!

I immediately put my arms across my breasts so he can't pull it off, but he gives the top a big yank and throws it on the hood of his car!

He loves looking at my naked body, but f***efully stripping my bikini top off outside in public is going to far!

Just then a car going down the road slows down and the horn beeps. I look towards that direction and see it is a car full of good looking young men, so I turn and wave to them.

They drive off after a couple of moments, then I turn towards my son, put my hands on my hips, and sternly say to him, "Jesus Christ Tommy, can't you wait until later tonight to get me naked? Your father is upstairs taking a nap, but he may have gotten out of bed and might be in the living room watching us!"

As I lean over the hood of the car to get my bikini top, Tommy steps behind me and pulls my bikini bottoms down to my ankles!

To avoid tripping, I step out of them and start running towards the front porch. My son quickly catches up to me and puts his arms around my waist. He pulls me back against his muscular chest then moves both his hands up and cups my naked breasts.

As I struggle to break free of his embrace, I scream at him, "Tommy, behave yourself! The neighbors across the street are watching us! Let's go inside and I will let you do anything you want to me!"

He releases his grip from my breasts then chases me through the front door into the living room. I run to the front picture window to see if the neighbors are still standing in their front yard watching us. Just as I thought, they are still there plus two other neighbors. They see me standing behind the window and wave to me, so I wave back at them.

I look over my shoulder and see Tommy has taken off his clothes and he is stroking his cock back and forth. I look at him and say, "What are you planning to do? Are you going to fuck your own mother right here in front of the picture window while the neighbors watch us? I dare you!"

He immediately f***es me face first up against the picture window and my naked breasts compress against the glass making them appear twice the size to the neighbors who are watching me. He pushes me on the back of my neck with one hand to hold me against the window then guides his cock with his other hand to my pussy and thrusts his hips forward.

Tommy begins fucking me and I am bouncing up against the window!

I look across the street and there are now six or seven of my neighbors standing on the sidewalk in front of my house watching me having sex with my own son!

One of them is my best friend Monica. She waves at me, so struggle to wave back at her while my son is thrusting his cock inside me.

Tommy gives me a good fucking for a few minutes then suddenly pulls his cock out of me, grabs both my wrists, and f***es me to walk out the front door onto the porch!

In the bright sunshine with the neighbors watching, he makes me bend over in front of a chair. I extend my arms to support myself then he guides his hard cock back inside my pussy and starts fucking me again!

My son and I have rough sex for the next few minutes then he suddenly stops and I can feel his cock pumping warm sperm inside me. I am pissed off and scream at him, "You fucking bastard! I told you to never ejaculate inside me! That is called i****t! Pull your cock out of me right now young man and don't ever do that again!"

Tommy pulls his cock out of me then I grab my pack of cigarettes from the porch table and light one. I take a few drags then tell him to sit down on the outdoor couch because we need to have a "talk". I calm down after Tommy apologizes and promises to never ejaculate inside me again.

I can't ever stay mad at him for very long, so I snuff out my cigarette and sit on the couch next to him. He puts his arm around me and we begin tongue kissing while the neighbors continue to watch us.

After a few minutes I notice that he has another erection, so I reach over and start jacking it up and down while we continue tongue kissing each other. A little while later Tommy abruptly stops kissing me and says, "Mom, I am going to cum any second now!"

I immediately lean over and take his cock into my mouth. Within just a couple of moments he ejaculates again and I swallow over and over until he is done. After I suck out the last few drops, I sit up straight and Tommy says to me, "Mom, I love you!"

I am so emotionally touched by what he just said that I start crying.

From across the street I hear Monica yell, "Is everything okay over there?"

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