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My Parents and Me part 2

This is a work of fiction.. sorry
My dad came up beside my mother and turns my face to kiss him too. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he picked me up like when I was 5 and with my legs wrapped around his body he lead me over to their bed. Before he set me down he placed me back on the floor and he started to undress me. He pulled my shirt over my head and reached behind to unhook my bra exposing my perky maturing breasts. Next came my pants "these will be easy your pants are already unbuttoned pumpkin" he kissed my stomach as he bent down to pull my jeans off my legs. My mom came behind me and pulled down my panties. After I was completely naked, daddy lifted me up onto the middle of the bed and my parents climbed in on both sides.
I felt a little weird being in my parent’s bed naked and them naked, but at the same time very safe… and horny. Mom wrapped her arms around me then she and daddy started kiss me and each other while running their hands up and down my body. Daddy traced his fingers over my nipples as they began to harden. I rolled over onto my side to face my dad, my mom came up and pressed her body against mine, and her hand reached down and lightly caressed my pussy, “See baby we love you so much and we want to be with you always.” Daddy leaned in and I grabbed his cock and started stroking it, daddy moaned and leaned over to kiss mom.
Daddy pulled away, reached inside his nightstand, and pulled out some lube, “Ok baby let’s get you ready.” I was nervous I had only been with one guy and he wasn’t nearly as big as my daddy “I don’t know if you’ll fit daddy but I want you” then mommy said “its ok baby mommy will help you”. Daddy poured some lube on his hand and rubbed it all over his cock and then climbed on top of me and with mommy’s help he slide his cock slowly into my pussy. It was tight and kinda uncomfortable at first but when he was all the way in it felt so good and he started fucking me. Mom came up bedside me and started kissing me again daddy then reached around and started finger-fucking mom’s pussy.
It felt so good to have daddy inside me I asked him to fuck faster and harder. I looked over to mommy and she is rubbing herself and all I want to do it lick her pussy., “mommy come here I pull her hips towards my face and she gets the hint, daddy moves to an upright position and mommy puts her pussy right up to my mouth and I lean in to kiss it. She is so wet she is dripping all over my chin. I begin to eat her pussy shoving my tongue up and inside her and daddy is fucking me faster now. “Oh daddy yes daddy” I mumble into my mom’s clit.
I knew at this rate I couldn’t last much longer “oh daddy im gonna cum” so daddy gave it his all and before I knew it I was screaming i’mm cuuummmiinngg !!!!! My body was racked with spasms and daddy pulled out to let me finish and mommy came down to kiss me “oh baby we love you”
Although I had finished my parents hadn’t, my mom got on all fours on top of me, and daddy started fucking her doggy style. I laid there and pinched my mom’s nipples while daddy pounded her hard. Not My dad gave my mom one last hard pound before he came inside and mommy screamed out in pleasure. Both my parents rolled off on either side of me and there we fell asl**p completely naked in each other’s arms, knowing we loved each other very much

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