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Mother in law


After the wedding the bride and groom stayed with the brides mom for a week till their apartment was ready. The mother was quite good looking and a sexy dresser. She loved to show off her body and looked like she needed to be fucked.

The couple moved in on Monday and the new bride was tired so she went to bed early and her new hubby sat downstairs in the kitchen. He was enjoying a glass of wine when his mother in law came in wearing a see thru teddy. He could see her nipples and her pussy lips thru the thin fabric. She sat by him and said "I thought we could chat for a bit." He kept looking at her almost naked body and said "Sure." He was wearing light pajama bottoms and no shirt. The mother rubbed her hands over his chest and nipples and told him "You have a great firm body. I bet you work out a lot." She moved closer and he could feel the heat of her body. She told him in a hushed voice "Do you like my body?" He replied "You are gorgeous and sexy. Who would not like it?" She smiled and said "Want to fuck me?"

As she offered herself she then straddled his lap. She kissed him and ground her pussy against his cock. Her kiss was deep and she sucked his tongue. He responded as his cock begin to get hard. She then kissed his nipples as she kept grinding against his cock. She whispered in his ear "It will be great to have a son in law that I can share with my daughter. Take my teddy off and get me naked." He then unsnapped the top and the teddy fell to her waist showing her huge tits and fat nipples. She stood and he pulled the rest down to the floor. She then pulled his bottoms off and once again straddled his lap on top of his hard cock. As she kissed him and rubbed her pussy over his cock she told him "I knew you would have a big thick cock. My daughter made a good choice."

She then pulled his head down to her tit and replied "Suck my tit for me like you are a starving baby. I want to feel your tongue over my nipples as you suck." He wasted no time sucking each tit and fat nipple. He chewed and licked and sucked over the complete nipple and felt her wet pussy against his cock. She then sat on the table and spread her legs. She quietly asked him "Like my pussy? Want to lick me and taste me? I am very wet." He grabbed her legs and almost shouted "Oh yes. You are so happy to show off that nice pussy so I am going to lick and tongue you till you scream. Now spread them wide you horny bitch." He then began to lick and suck on her pussy. He sucked her clit hard and felt it turn rock hard. "Nice pussy mommy dear" he murmured as he pushed two fingers in her and began to finger her wet hole. She put her head back and told him "Yes, do it harder. Fuck my cunt like a nice son in law. Harder."

He had his fingers in her and was fucking her so hard he was lifting her ass off the table. He told her "You like it rough don't you mommy dear? Wait till I give you my cock. But first get down here and suck me. I am going to gag you as I fuck your throat." He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to his cock. "Lick then suck. Roll that tongue over every inch." She began to lick his cock top to bottom and then he pushed his cock into her throat. He was long and thick and rock hard. He had her gagging with his size but kept the big cock in her mouth. He yelled at her "Suck my cock. Take all of it. I am pushing you down to my balls and holding you there as you suck. That's it. Be a good cocksucker." He held his cock deep in her throat and felt her suck and rub her tongue over his cock. "Oh yes. You are a good cock lover but a better cum slut. I am going to fill that mouth with my cum and watch you swallow. Now suck me till I cum." He would pull his cock out then ram it back down fucking her mouth and watching her gag. He reached around and gave her ass three hard smacks before he shot a huge wad of cum in her throat and made her swallow every drop.

He then told her "Lick me and get me hard so I can fuck your wet pussy. When I am done with you, you will be lucky to walk. I am going to fuck you for hours. I may even fuck your tight ass." He felt his cock get hard again and laid her on her back on the table with her legs over the edge. As she spread her legs she told him "Fuck me hard. Lets see how that cock likes my pussy. I want every inch deep and rough. Fuck me like I am a whore." He replied "Oh yes, mother dear tonight you are my whore. I am going to fuck you till you scream. I want your pussy bad tonight."

He then pushed his cock into her wet hole. He shoved every inch of the long thick shaft in her. He was surprised she was as tight as she was. He loved a tight pussy. This marriage brought a big bonus with a sexy nympho mother in law. He was going to enjoy fucking her often. She had great tits a tight pussy and she could suck cock like a whore. He pushed his hard cock in and out getting rougher with each thrust. He laughed and said "You like that pussy fucked rough dont you mother dear? You like a big cock in it." she smiled and told him "Fuck me harder. Pound my pussy. I want every inch of that long cock." For the next sixty minutes he pounded her pussy. He pinched her clit and slapped her tits. She loved it rough and she loved it deep. She could take all he gave her. After another thirty minutes and she had cum over and over several times he finally gave her his load of cum. As he pulled his cock out of her well fucked wet pussy the cum dripped onto the table. He ran his finger in it and rubbed it on her face.

He then sat her up and told her "Wow mommy dear, you fuck good. You love it rough and deep and I love your tight pussy. Now get across my lap as I spank your ass and finger fuck that ass and cunt before I ram my cock all the way in your ass and fuck you the hardest and best you have ever had." He sat in the chair and pulled her over his lap. "I bet you will love this. You need a good ass spanking and hard finger fucking." He then began to spank her ass hard. He loved seeing his hand print on her ass. Her ass went from white to bright red. He then stopped and put two fingers in her pussy and fingered her. He smirked "Yes, you love a good ass spanking. Your pussy is so wet. I am going to use that pussy juice to lube your ass so I can get three fingers in it and finger it before I ram my cock in it. He rubbed cum on her ass then plunged three fingers in her and felt her jerk. Her ass was very tight. He finger fucked her for a bit then once more spanked her. When her ass was on fire and her pussy dripping he told her to bend over the table and spread her legs wide.

He spread her ass cheeks and pushed his cock in her cunt and got it wet so he could push it in her tight ass. As he began to enter her he heard her gasp as he was huge. He pushed in slow but steady till he got his cock in her. He rubbed her red ass cheeks and whispered in her ear "You did good mommy dear. My cock is in you and now you will get the ass fucking of your life. My cock is hard and able to last a long time in that ass of yours. Lift your ass to me and enjoy the fucking." He then pushed in and out stretching her ass wide. Every few thrusts he would slap her ass more. She was a great fuck slut and he was going to fuck her hard all night. As his cock fucked her ass hard he reached for her nipples and pulled pinched them. He stretched them long before he then pushed three fingers in her cunt. He now had her screaming as he fucked her ass and her cunt. He told he "You like that don't you nympho mommy. Come on, cum for me. Scream. You want more fingers in that pussy? You like to fuck like a street whore. Your pussy is so full of cum and soon your ass will be when I fill it with my cum then watch it run down to that hot cunt of yours."

He cock fucked and finger fucked her and had her cumming and thrashing her hips as she screamed. He knew her pussy and ass has to be sore but she wanted his cock so he gave it to her all night. She was not going to be able to walk away when he was done with her.

He fucked her all night and just as the sun was coming up he pulled her to her feet. He kissed her and asked her "How do you feel? Is your ass and pussy sore? Did you like my cock as much as I liked your tight ass and pussy? I have decided your daughter and I are going to stay here and live with you at least till you can't fuck any more. Go soak in warm water mommy dear because I am going to fuck you all day when your daughter leaves for work. You are the best cock slut I have ever met."

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