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First Time he Came in my Mouth -Part 2 to the Firs

this is part 2 "The first time he Came in My Mouth"( True Story) - Please Rate and Post Comments

I wanted his cum -I wanted to make his Dick Feel Good. Better than he ever felt. After sucking him I would pull away band sit on the Step above him on his side and I would jerk off watching him masturbate- He used two fingers to massage under his cock head -he didn't jerk off ...more like rubbing his sensitive under cock head spot until he came. Sometimes after shooting his load cum would drip down to his balls and when he finished cumming I would save "let me clean that for you" and get back down in front of him and lick the balls of cum off his balls first before sucking his cock and balls to clean all his cum off. His dick always tasted even Better when it was coated with his cum!

Then I would suck his cock a little harder to squeeze out any remaining cum from his mushroom shaped cock head. Mmmmm....I could almost taste him now.

Because of me cleaning his cum off his cock he must of thought that I was ready to take his load in my mouth -something I haven't done yet. After sucking him for 30 minutes or so I would start sucking one of his fat balls while he rubbed his dick. After sucking his ball for a while I took my mouth off to suck his dick again and as soon as I put my young mouth on his dick he moaned and shot his load in my mouth! It was the very first time and I didn't know what to do but I didn't want to ruin his orgasm so I kept my mouth still as I first tasted his cum and then felt 4 or 5 cum shots hitting the roof of my mouth and his dick still oozed cum. After I knew he was finished I spit the cum that was still in my mouth on the floor and he asked me why I spit it out. I explained it was my first time and was unexpected and hedidn't say anything. But that night when I was in my f****ys bathroom I took out my young cock and jerked off to the idea of him Cumming in my mouth without him warning me. It made me feel that he Knew that I was his Cock Sucker-That HE was the Cock Stud and I was there Only to Suck his Dick (Which I Was ). I shot my biggest load yet to the thought of him cumming in my mouth again . But this time wouyld be different ...I would gladly swallow his cum and Thank him for it !

The next day we went up to the stairs near my apt building rtoof where we were alone and I showed him the Photos of nude girls again and asked him which he would fuck and if he would let them suck him before I got on my knees and he would pull out his cock and balls and lean back on the steps as I licked and sucked his fat balls and Tasty Cock !

After sucking for about 30 minutes he stood up -he stood whenever he was ready to jerk off until cummin' . When he stood up I wrapped my arms around his strong legs and sucked and licked under his cock head as I sucked (I remembered that it was his most sensitive spot). When he got ready to cum he tried to pull his cock out of my mouth thinking that I didn't want him to cum in my mouth. But as soon as I felt him try to pull away I held his legs tighter and moved my mouth farther down on his tasty morsel and licked furiously under his soft smooth cock head until he came. His Cum oozed out pre cum first ...nice slightly salty flavor) then he Shot his Strong Cum load into the roof of my mouth...It seemed liked it would never end..I loved feeling his cock throbbing in my mouth...moving up and down witheach contraction.

When he finished cumming I squeezed his dick and sucked every last drop out of it. It was delicious and I now was his official 100% cock sucker ...his sub who would Gladly Suck and Swallow his Manly Load. He looked down and smled at me and said it was Great ! He asked me what made me swallow his load this time and I told him I loved sucking his cock and I wanted him to enjoy it as much as I do.

I went on to suck him about 3 times a week for the next 15 years until I moved away.

Next- How his dick grew from about 5 1/2 inches young teens cock when I first started sucking him to an 8 inch mans cock when he was about 18 and my surprise when I saw it.

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