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Little slut visits me before work.

I start work in a few hours. My wife lying sound asl**p.. I could feel the heat from her throbing cunt beside me due to our previous antics that happened a few hours ago. As Im getting ready to head of to my work I hear a knock at my front door. It was angela the neighbors daughter, she had long blonde hair a tight white top which had gone see through due to the heavy rain. I could see her stiff pink nipples through her top, this was an instant turn on.
She said she was locked out and needed somewhere to stay. I let her in and explained that I could drop her off at a realatives on my way to work she agreed.
On the way to my car she dropped her purse when she bent over she revealed a skimpy black thong by this point my cock was rock hard! She made petty conversation in the car until she brought up how she thought I was hot, I gave her the compliment back she giggled and squeezed my inner thigh this sent a tingle all the way up my spine. She asked if she could take her saoking wet top off as it was sticking to her, I obviously agreed. She covered her nipples with her hands I couldnt believe my luck!
A few moments later we arrived at her Gran's house. she leant over to give me a kiss grabbed her top and ran indoors. I thought it was over until i saw her purse on the passengers floorwell. I took it to her door and she answered smiled and pulled me in she whispered in my ear "I see my bait worked then."
She pushed me against her wall and unziped my fly, revealing my hard cock she took me in her mouth it was amazing! I had to have some of her pussy! I pulled her up and pushed her against the wall slided her thong to one side and entered her from behind she moaned, screamed, and gasped as I banged her silly against the wall I could feel her pussy juice run down the side of my leg she squirted every second push.
She moaned "In my arse." I slid my hard throbing cock out and pushed it against her tight arse hole. She moaned as I was pusshing bareback against her tight place eventually my member was in.
It was soo tight. by this point she was about to come again I was close too, I pounded her arse until she fell week at her knees I pulled my cock out slid it in her mouth and let her taste her arse. She was a filthy girl!
She sucked and sucked until I came in her mouth my head was spinning. She swallowed the lot. I pulled up my trousers and left for work. That wont be the last time I see her !


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