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My Parents and Me

My parents and me
My parents are very sexual people always having sex.. Everywhere! Even when I'm home and can hear them. The first time I heard them I was 14.
I was sitting in my room (across from theirs)when I could hear my parents laughing and talking. I go over to their door to step into to ask them a question when I see my dad's head between my mom"s legs just going to town on her pussy. I should've been completely mortified and disgusted, but I couldn't help, but feel a little excited. I watched as my dad kept sticking his tongue in and out of my mom's pussy and my mom began to moan.
I really started to get excited and before I knew it I was rubbing my hand over my pussy. I unbuttoned my jeans and reached inside my panties, I could feel my pussy was already wet. My dad moved up my mom and began kissing her mouth, while she was stroking his cock. The next bit surprised my most.. I began to wish that I was the one stroking my dads cock and kissing him. The truth be told I was no longer a virgin, I had only done it with one guy and although it wasn't that great it lead me to wanting more. My mom started giggling "Oh John I want you to fuck me so bad right now, give it to me" and just like that my dad jammed his cock(which was enormous, I thought) into my mom and started working her fast. The faster he pounded her, the louder my mom got and the faster I rubbed my sopping wet pussy. But then my worst nightmare/ or best dream happened. In my own excitement I let out a loud moan.
My mom and dad stop straight in their tracks while I covered up my mouth with my free hand, my other was sill down my pants, in shock I didn't think to remove it. My dad jumped off the bed and ran over to the door and opened it before I had a chance to run back to my room.
"McKenna, what are you doing out here?" my dad asked. I couldn't form words I just got caught watching my parents having sex, me masturbating to it and now my dad was standing in front of me completely naked with a huge erection and all I could still think about was fucking him.
I started to cry "I'm so sorry daddy, mommy I heard noises comming from your room. aaa-nnd when I came over to talk you were.. were, and then I couldn't help it, and then... before I could finish my dad wrapped his arms around me and began to try and calm me down.
"it's ok sweetheart we're not mad it's a natural reaction." I pulled away "its not a natural reaction to masturbate while watching your parents have sex its disgusting!"
Thats when my mom walks up to us pulls my face towards hers and kisses my mouth "Its not disgusting you love us and we love you this is a way we can show our love for each other" On top of that my mom said something I'll never forget, "the truth is sweety we know that your not a virgin, don't ask how, and we knew that you were listening-in we have been waiting for you to come to us, so we can share our love together, and with that my mom kissed me again and this time I kissed back....

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