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My First Pussy Pumping Experience

The vagina is a powerful thing, and pumping mine is an amazing feeling. People always ask me what it feels like and why I do it. Oh, there are many reasons.
The first time I ever saw a pumped pussy was last year, while browsing online, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was gigantic, obscene - and a massive turn-on. I knew I just had to try this for myself. I immediately rushed into the kitchen, got some boiling water and used it to heat the inside of an empty glass jar. Next I hastily slathered some lubricant over the smooth mound of my pussy before emptying the jar of water and clamping it down on my skin. Then I quickly showered cold water onto it, to create a vacuum and prevent my soft flesh from burning!
This new feeling of pressure, of intense suction, was one of the most wonderful experiences I’d ever had. It drove me wild as it pulled and stretched me, transforming my neat little snatch into a freakish thing, a new species, glistening inside the jar. As the glass filled with my swelling, slippery flesh, I could feel my clit being stretched relentlessly, wrenched from its hiding place deep inside me, never to return. Feeling that I was going to end up with a much longer clit over time only added to the thrill, and I shuddered with pleasure at the thought of this modification of my body.
I stripped naked, aroused by the stunning visual change occurring, and I stood in front of the mirror, feeling light-headed. I began to move my hands all over myself, enjoying the silky skin of my neck, my belly and breasts, until my nipples were rock-hard and my cunt was dripping inside the jar.
After half an hour of the vacuum’s wonderful sucking, with my whole body pounding as if to some primitive drumbeat, I slid off the jar and nearly fainted at the results. My experiment was a success - I was enormous, alarmingly meaty - I had created a monster. My clit hood was at least two inches long, with the girth of a mans cock, my lips were puffy and the entrance of my vagina gaped open. It was like looking at a cartoon cunt, a blown-up doll, a slippery fantasy of fanny, and all of this was mine! I was overwhelmed, and compelled to share my good fortune - I had to go outside and give my mutant muff some air!
The late spring evening was warm, so I slipped on a flimsy, short dress, and nothing else, before I left my apartment. Once on the street, the breeze made the thin material cling to my body and drew attention to my bulge, for all the world to see. I had the sensation of electricity shooting through me as strangers passed me by, and I wondered what they made of the fat, little erection between my legs. Maybe they thought I had a small cock - for in a way I did - or that I was an hermaphrodite - whatever was going through their minds I was thrilled by the possibilities. I just wanted to show everyone. The top of my thighs rubbed against my fat cunt as I moved, and I took my time before I returned home and removed my dress for another peek. Later that night I fell into a blissful sl**p, touching myself gently as I drifted off.
I have since indulged many times. I like to take photos of myself and to share them with you all, especially as I get such excellent feedback, most of the time. Another pleasant outcome of my pumping sessions is that the appearance of my vagina continues to change. My clitoris, hood and inner lips hang further than they used to, dangling out from between my outer labia, especially when I am still wet after a shower. My outer lips are now great flaps, permanently changed by the pumping. I am going to become smooth again, after a phase of growing my pubic hair, to become reacquainted with my transformed tush.

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