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Mother & Son - Part II

I don't quite know how it happened but I found myself, on my knees, my panties soaking wet staring directly at my teenage son's large, thick throbbing erection, glistening in the dim light, covered in his girlfriends juices, her musky scent filling my nostrills. His cock looked amazing & I felt my already wet pussy gush with another discharge of fluid as I watched pre cum oozing from the tip of his cock & drip onto the floor in front of me, his penis now just inches from my eagerly waiting lips.....

I looked up at his handsome erection I could see it throbbing in the dim light, I could not believe that this was the same tiny penis I had seen when the nurse handed him to me in the hospital, the same penis that would get erect as I towel dried him after our baths together when he was a toddler, I had also caught glimpes of his erections when he in his early teenage years but all of those were innocent, something all mothers I am sure experience with a young son in the house, but this was different, I was about to experience something not many mothers would ever experience, i was about to take my teenage son's cock sexually, first orally & hopefully deep inside me. His cock entering the tunnel that gave birth to him, pushing deep inside against the womb that carried him for 9 months, making us one again, it almost seemed natural. Matt looked a little stunned as I crawled on my hands & knees towards him, his eyes locked on mine, he must have sensed the lust in my eyes as his cock twitched in anticipation,

"Mrs Jones - is everything alright", I heard Kim's voice from behind me.

"I heard a crash & glass breaking & Matt never came back to bed, Oh for gods sake Matt put some clothes on"

"Mrs Jones, your foot is bleeding, you must have cut yourself on the glass that broke, Matt dont just stand there, get your mum a bandaid".

Kim had that "Just fucked" look about her, her hair was unkempt, her lips swollen, face flushed, her robe was just covering her white fleshy breasts that threatened to spill out at any moment & barely covered her sexy arse. She bent down to look at my foot & I caught a glipse up her robe of a very tight, freshly fucked, smooth young pussy. When Matt returned with the bandaids she gently cleaned my toe & placed the bandaid over the cut & gave my toes a gentle kiss that sent shivers up my spine.

I barely slept that night, I was still sexually excited about what almost took place with Matt but also ashamned, I almost had sex with my own son, what was I thinking, but yet my thoughts wandered to what may have been.

I must have eventually drifted off to sl**p. I was woken at around 6 am by the sounds of Kim & Matt going at it again. This was driving me insane.

Somehow I drifted back into a deep sl**p. This time I was woken by the sense that someone was touching my foot, particularily my toes. Still half asl**p I looked up to see Kim, completely naked at the foot of my bed sucking gently on my toes. Her hand massaging my calves & inching up my thighs. I closed my eyes thinking I was dreaming. I opened them again as I felt a gentle finger inch towards my swollen clit. I groaned & instinctively opened my legs, spreading them as wide as I could as Kim's fingers rubbed the outside lips of my pussy, teasing my clit & inner lips. I could feel her erect nipples gently rubbing against my legs as she slowly inched her way up my body, gently kissing my feet, calves and inner thighs. I could almost feel her warm breath on my dripping sex.

The first touch of her warm, hard tounge on my pussy sent me into orgasm, my hips bucked, my muscles twitched & my juices flowed over Julies tounge & into her willing mouth. It was so long since I had been touched sexually by another person & never by another woman. Her fingers eased inside me, slowly at first then into a faster rythm, her full boosoms now pressed firmly against my own breats, "Matts gone for a run" she wispered in my ear as she kissed my neck. My fingers now squeezing her tight young arse cheekes, pulling her closer to me. "We have an hour to have some womanly fun" she said in a sexy low voice then she kissed me full on the lips, our mouths opened, tounges entwined & I & could tatse & smell my own pussy juice on her tounge & lips. "Mrs Jones" she said, "I want you to go down on me".

I had never been with a woman before but It just felt right. Kim layed back & spread her long sexy tanned legs exposing her young pink freshly shaven lips.

Her breasts full, her nipples erect, her flat stomach streched even tighter, her long hair splayed back on the bed, she looked like a Centrefold from the magazines I used to find under Matts bed as a teenager, the ones he would stoke his young but rapidly maturing cock over, leaving me endless cum covered tissues to clean up. Again, even in the throws of my first lesbian sex I was thinking about Matts cock.

I kissed & sucked on Kim's nipples for a while but she gently pushed my head down her tight stomach & my lips were now inches from her perect pretty pussy.

The scent of her sex filled my nostrills as I breathed in deep, I closed my eyes & started to lick her soft fleshy lips & tasted her for the first time, she groaned as my lips engulfed her clit & sucked gently, her hips rising off the bed as I stuck my tounge deep inside her love tunnel. As i licked & sucked on her pussy I tasted something that I had not tasted in years. It had an unmistakable taste & texture, it was salty & thick, I opened my eyes & they confirmed what my taste buds were telling me, a thick load of white semen was oozing from her vagina, my legs buckled & my pussy throbbed as I realised I was licking, tasting & swallowing my own sons semen from his sexy Bisexual girlfriends pussy and in total amazement found my tounge burried deep inside her tight pink arse as another load of cum oozed out from deep inside there as well. My mind went back to last night & early this morining as I layed in bed listening to the two of them fuck. Kim had obviosuly taken two large cream pies in one in her vagina & one in her arse courtesy of my son's amazing cock & I was eating them both for breakfast.

Yes this was taboo, yes It felt wrong but OMG. I sucked & licked Kim's pussy & arse like a mad woman & each time she came, a little more of Matt's creamy cum oozed from deep inside her pussy & i eagerly lapped up every drop. I fingered her to another orgasm then licked the combination of her sticky wet vaginal & arse fluids & My sons cum off my fingers.

We collapsed in each others arms in the bed our breasts heaved as we gained our breath & we gently played with each others nipples & arses.

Kim told me she saw me from behind last night In my white undies on my hands & knees, she saw how wet i was & she could not get that image out of her mind & when Matt went for a run she thought she would take a risk & cum into my room & see what would eventuate. I was soooo glad she did.

I told her I had not been intimate for some time with another person It was just what the doctor ordered. We kissed & both agreed not to tell Matt.

Kim offered to get dressed & go out to get us some fruit & yoghurt for us for breakfast.

I took the opportuinity to take a shower & clean up.

The warm water felt great on my naked body & I took the opportunity to reflect on last night & this morning, rubbing soap into all the right places. I groaned as I approached orgasm & just at the wrong moment dropped the soap. As I got down on my hands & knees to pick it up the bathroom door opened.

Now again I don't quite know how it happened but I found myself, on my knees, my pussy soaking wet staring directly at my teenage son's large, thick throbbing erection. His cock looked amazing & I felt my already wet pussy gush with another discharge of fluid as I watched pre cum oozing from the tip of his cock & drip onto the floor in front of me, his penis now just inches from my eagerly waiting lips.....

"OMG" said Matt, "I thouht it was Kim in the shower, sorry mum".

But it was to late. "Mum, what the fuck are you doing" Matt protested as my soapy fingers wrapped themselves around his firm thick cock.

"Shhhhhh, baby boy" I groaned as I began to stoke his erection pulling him closer to me. "Mum, we cant we just cant....." but his protests were slienced when I took him into my mouth. He smelled so manly, his body sweaty from his run, his fit naked body gistened his bl**d pumping strongly through his muscled torso directly to his cock which was now burried deep inside my mouth, he was no longer my little boy, he was my toy, my fuck machine.

I had tasted his cum from Kims pussy, but now I wanted to taste it direct from the tap.

"Mum we mustn't" he again protested as my soapy hands massaged his balls & young tight arse cheeks as I continued sucking on his manhood. But he groaned as I slipped a single soapy finger inside his arse.

I could taste his pre cum ooze out onto my tounge as I massaged his prostate glans, "Fuck Mum, i dont know what you are doing but dont stop". Matt was now enjoying himself & grabbed my head & pulled me towards him, pumping his hips into my face, his cock deeper into my throat, i gagged, i handn't sucked cock for so long & certainly not one as long or as thick as Matts, he may have been my baby boy but he was all man. His balls slapped my chin as he face fucked me & white streams of saliva dripped from his cock, down my chin & over his balls, i sensed he was close to cumming & as much as I wanted to tatse his seed I wanted more.

I stopped sucking & stood up, his eyes glued to his mothers naked exposed & womanly body, I gripped his cock in my right hand & led him to the bathroom bench top I raised my butt up onto the bench & spread my freshly waxed pussy to my son. Matt was so tender & gentle, a tear formed in my eye as he kissed my breasts & sucked on my nipples just like he did when he was a newborn. Like most mothers I enjoyed breastfeeding, the sensation can be very arousing & I oftened found myself quite mosit & masterbating after a lenghty feeding session, but this was different, Matt suckled as a youngster for survival, now he sucked out of a sick twisted forbidden lust. I sensed It would not be long now & i was right. I felt electricity run through my entire body as tip of Matts cock touched the entrance to my vagina, he kissed me on the lips & said I love you Mum as he eased the tip of his cock into my velvety tunnel, my pussy lips wrapped around his cock tightly & i could feel him easing deeper inside of me inch by inch till every one of those thick bl**d filled inches of cock was deep inside me, I felt complete, my boy had come home, we were one again as we had been for the 9 months I carried him inside me, now he was inside me again & it felt wonderfull.

I gasped as he began to fuck me, my juices flowed so freely they dripped down my thighs onto the floor, his trusts quickened, & i gripped his arse as he pumped into me, i reached around & felt his balls tighten as he began to graon, i pulled him tighter as he exploded in thick warm gushes completely filling my cavity & spraying my womb with his warm juicy cum.

I held him tight as his cock slipped out of me, i felt his warm juices gush out of my cunt & watched as they dripped to the floor. I kissed my baby boy & smiled then dropped to my knees to take one last taste of his beautiful cock, licking it clean from my juices & his cum.

I felt so complete, so warm, so satisfied.

We were mother & son & we had become one again.

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