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Out of this world ANAL with my baby boy!

Last week after a long hot day at work I got home and went straight to the shower before making dinner, after my shower I decided to take a nap just for a few minutes that turned into 3 hours btw! lol I was laying on my stomach when I felt something wet touching my ass, I moaned and turned to see my son kissing and licking every inch of my ass and let me tell you this is one big ass CTFU.

He spread my cheeks and started licking and tongue fucking me ass which made me cum instantly, he stopped long enough to ask if I had ever had sex doing just anal and I said no I haven't, he moaned and went back to licking and tonging my ass, soon after he lifted me to my knees and I felt the head pushing toward my tight opening until he was able to get it in and the pain to go along with it but I dare not tell him to stop knowing that the pain would soon go away and there would be nothing but pleasure.

Once he got half his dick in my ass I started pushing my ass back toward his dick and that gave him the green light to goo deeper which felt oh so good, he grabbed my hips and and started pounding my ass and I thought I would lose my mind, I have never had that much dick in my ass lol.

After about 20 minutes on my knees I got on my back and put my legs on his shoulders and told him I wanted it long and deep and boy did he give it to me long and deep, I have never met a young mand that could last that long, he fucked my ass seems like hours and when he finally came it was like a broken faucet, it just kept cumming and cumming lol.

Little did I know we were not finished, my baby boy gave him mom 3 more anal sessions that night and each one was better than the first, by the time I closed my eyes to sl**p it was almost 4am so I called my bosses vm to advise that I would be taking the day off to take care of a personal matter with my son.

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