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Xxx home video part 11

again, then dropped, going steady at first then quickly picking up pace. Gerald zoomed out and got a full shot of Danielle, facing the camera, humping up and down on her b*****r's cock. She barely noticed the camera, the girl's eyes half shut as she bounced away, both she and her twin b*****r's ecstasy rising.
"Ride me s*s, ride my fucking cock," Simon grunted, the girl's cunt feeling so tight and hot.
"Oh fuck, uuuuuh," Danielle was groaning, her bum-cheeks clapping against her b*****r's pelvis with every bounce, "Fuck yeah! I love your cock Simon, I love it. I love it up my fucking cunt. Fuck me, fuck me OOOOH! UUUH!"
Watching this from the sidelines, Melanie stood and idly fingered her cunt, which was growing wet. It was so fantastically horny, watching her twin son and daughter fucking passionately, the fifteen-year-olds humping with mutual joy like seasoned veterans of i****tous lust, and her husband filming all the action for them to watch later.
After a few minutes, Danielle felt a horny itch in her arsehole. She stopped bouncing on her b*****r's prick and half-stood, Simon's prick sliding from her twat. The boy gripped his cock by the base and held it upright, knowing his s****r's intentions. As promised, Danielle then set about taking her b*****r's cock in her arse. She lowered herself once more, but this time having shuffled her feet very slightly forwards, so that it was her nether hole that her b*****r's prick nudged.
"Take it in your arse honey," Gerald instructed his daughter, kneeling down and zooming in between Danielle's spread thighs, at the point where Simon's prick-head was pressed to the girl's anus.
"UUUUUH!" Danielle groaned, forcing herself down, Simon's cock squeezing up into her arse, "NNNG! Fuck yeah, oh yeah!" She lowered herself further, hands on her knees, Simon once more holding his s****r by her slender hips to support her. It took longer to take her b*****r's cock in her arse than in her cunt, but Dnaielle did manage it, eventually. Her b*****r's cock - slick with saliva and cunt-juice - was soon buried to the root up her rectum.
"Fucking lovely," Gerald all but drooled, zooming out to capture a full shot of his c***dren as they sat on the sofa (or rather, as Simon sat on the sofa, Danielle sitting on him, on his raging hard cock.) "Ride your b*****r's cock," Gerald said, knowing that these directorial comments would make the movie even more horny to watch at a later date, "Bounce on his prick. Don't pull yourself off until your arsehole has been fucked raw!"
"I will daddy, I will," Danielle promised, lustfully, as she began to repeat her earlier action of humping up and down. Half of her b*****r's prick slid from her rectum on the upstroke, and when she clapped herself downwards every inch of the prick would be up her arse. Up and down the teenager went, eyes fixed on the camera, a look of lust of her face that made it clear that she was damn well enjoying this!
Melanie could not restrain herself for much longer. The dark-haired mother stepped into camera shot and sat on the sofa next to her humping c***dren. She reached out and slid two fingers up her daughter's cunt.
"Oh mum," panted Danielle, this providing a superb thrill that complimented the sensation of the big erection that was easing up and down in her arse, "Finger me mum, finger my cunt. MMMPHHH!"
She was silenced as Melanie kissed her passionately, mother and daughter tongueing one another's mouths, the former fingering the latter's cunt to the knuckle. Gerald could hardly believe just how horny this situation was, filming his wife snog and finger their daughter whilst she was simultaneously buggered by their son. He felt like slinging the camera aside and joining in himself, but he resisted the urge and continued to film it. It was going to make a great home-video, and besides, it would be his scene next.
"Uuuuh, I'm gonna cum soon," Simon announced, his s****r riding his cock with great zest, "I'm gonna blow my nuts!"
"Shoot it up your s****r's arse," Melanie said, taking her lips from Danielle's, "Fill her guts with spunk! I've an idea!"
"Okay mum, okay," panted Simon, "Oh fuck, oh fuck...keep riding me s*s...oh YEAH!"
His cock suddenly began spewing out hot gouts of salty spunk into Danielle's rectum. The girl slammed herself down one last time and ground her arse into her b*****r's lap, feeling the pulsing cock in her bowels spurting it's hot gushing load. She was about to urge her b*****r on with some obsceneties but her mother silence her by shoving her tongue in her throat once more.
"Aaaaah, fuck!" Simon gasped, humping his arse off the sofa as his cock continued shooting his wad into Danielle's colon. He wished he could see round and get a better view of his mum and s****r kissing, but then he remembered that he'd be able to see it later when they played the tape back.
Finally, the boy's balls were empty. He let out a long and satisfied sigh and, sensing her b*****r's climax was over, Danielle took her lips from her mother's. She slowly stood up, her father zooming in once more to capture a shot of Simon's soiled cock sliding out greasily from Danielle's slick arsehole.
Melanie ordered Simon to move, and once the boy had done so, the mature slut lay down on the sofa, lengthways.
"Squat over me honey," she said to Danielle, "I want you to squirt all your b*****r's cum from your arsehole over my tits and belly. Then you'll clean me up."
"Oh mum, that sounds so fucking horny," Danielle gasped. She hopped onto the sofa and squatted astride her mother's belly. She relaxed her anus and, almost immediately, sperm began running out, splattering messily onto Melanie's stomach. Danielle then shuffled up slightly, her anus still relaxed, cum still oozing and dribbling from her rectum and across her mother's chest and tits. When the flow ended, Danielle flexed her shitting muscles and let out a couple of amusing, rasping farts, which were accompanied by splatters of more sperm onto her mother's boobs.
Danielle got off the sofa and turned to admire her mother. Melanie's stomach and tits were dotted and splashed with her son's cum, fresh from her daughter's arse. Not needing further encouragement, Danielle squatted down and leaned over her mother, eagerly lapping all the messy spunk off of her and gulping it down.
"Feed some to me honey," Melanie purred.
Danielle obediently licked up a big splodge of cream from her mum's tits and then frenched her, the naked mother and daughter swishing spit and cum back and forth between their mouths before swallowing half of it each.
Naturally, Gerald had filmed the lot, and he couldn't think of a scene in his own professional porn-career that was more arousing than the one he'd just witnessed.
He would attempt to make the second scene even better, so he promised himself.
"Here son," Gerald said, handing the camera to Simon, "Take over the filming for us. I'm gonna fuck your mum and s****r and put on a show that'll blow your mind."
"Okay dad," grinned Simon.
The boy started filming as his father stepped up to Danielle and Melanie, his prick raging hard, his eyes full of lust for his depraved wife and daughter.
By the time filming had ended twenty-minutes later, resulting in Danielle and Melanie with sperm all over their faces, Simon had to admit that his dad sure as hell did put on one heck of a show, and the teenager figured that he had a long way to go before he was as good at his dad at fucking women - both on camera and off - to perfection.
With his horny mum and frisky s****r, though, Simon knew he'd have plenty of opportunities to practice his techniques. Besides, he was feeling horny again, and he knew his mum and s****r were still up for more. There was also the thrill of filming lesbian scenes to come. Then, Simon remembered, there would be the regular fun of practising fucking with his s****r alone at bedtime.

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