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Xxx home video part 9

Simon saw that his parents were watching the TV that was in the corner of the bedroom. It was currently playing the video from yesterday, and on the screen Melanie was just getting the messy facial her son had given her.
"We've got a new video to watch," Danielle giggled, mischeviously. She was carrying a video tape and she went to the VCR and, after ejecting the current tape, put the new one in. Then she and her b*****r got onto the bed. It was a king-sized bed and the f****y were all sat up in a row, Simon on the far left, then his mother, then Gerald and, finally, at the other end, Danielle. They all sat close and intimately, the c***dren proud of the video that they were about to watch and their parents eager to see it!
"It's the one we made last night," Danielle said as the amateur porn-movie she and her b*****r had made came on the screen.
"What's the title?" Melanie asked.
"Danielle's Anal Cherry Goes Pop!" replied Simon with a grin.
"Sounds like it'll be a good movie," laughed Gerald.
The film would prove to up to it's title. At first the camera had been set up on a tripod near the bed and, for a few moments, there was a fixed shot of Simon laying on the bed and his s****r sucking on his cock. Then Danielle got up and squatted over Simon's face, allowing her b*****r to lick her anus whilst she jerked him off. It was a well-lit shot, with every detail of the youngster's gorgeous bodies showing up. Gerald particular liked the way his daughter often grinned at the camera, clearly getting off on the exhibitionism of the activity. The camera's microphone was sensitive enough to pick up the moans of pleasure and the smacking and slurping sounds of Simon eating out his twin s****r's bum.
Eventually, Simon had taken the camera from the tripod and the remainder of the home-movie was filmed with the camera hand-held by the leading male star. Danielle got on her hands and knees and her b*****r filmed her arse, telling her repeatedly how nice it was. The boy's hand came into the shot and he fondled Danielle's buttocks, silding a finger up her cunt from behind and then sliding the wet digit into her anus. Danielle let out a long groan of pleasure.
Pointing the camera down to catch the whole event in glorious detail, Simon had knelt up and pushed his saliva-slick cock to his s****r's anus and pushed. The girl had groaned a little as the entry began, and then she'd yelped when her b*****r's prick-head slipped past her sphincter. After a pause, Simon had pushed his cock further up into Danielle's arse, easing his way into her rectum. With his s****r urging him on with obscene cries, Simon had buggered the girl, skillfully getting a variety of shots. He zoomed in so that the screen was filled with just his cock burrowing back and forth in Danielle's anus, and he also directed his s****r to look over her shoulder, round towards the camera, and tell the viewers how much she was enjoying being buggered. "Oooh, I love being buggered," she had obligingly said, with utter sincerity, "I love being fucked in the arse!"
As they watched this on the bed, the f****y grew incredibly horny. Melanie reached out and stroked Simon's swelling cock, whilst Danielle did likewise to her father.
On the TV, the movie was reaching it's climax. Simon was grunting with pleasure as he fucked his s****r's bum harder and faster, the camera rather shaky but nonetheless still getting a good, prolonged shot of Danielle's anal pounding. Simon had eventually let out a long cry of pleasure as he shoved his prick to the root in his s****r's bowels.
"That's where I'm cumming," Simon informed his parents as they watched the delicious movie with intense joy.
"Pity you didn't get an external cum-shot," Gerald commented, "It's still cool though, but an external cum-shot is obligitory in a porn movie."
"Yes, but I wanted so much to cum in Danielle's rectum," Simon explained.
"And watch what happens next!" Danielle eagerly pointed out.
On the screen, Simon slid his cock from his s****r's arse, but the girl remained on her hands and knees. Lowering himself whilst holding the camera steady, Simon got a close up shot of Danielle's anus, that hairless pink hole dilated and yawning. At first it was leaking a small amount of cum, slimy cream that dribbled out and ran down her cunt. Then, without warning, Danielle had flexed her shitting muscles and sent a steady stream of sperm flowing out her arse. The girl could be heard giggling as she did this, wantonly squirting cum out of her arse whilst her b*****r filmed it. The flow ended after a moment.
"Do it again," Simon had instructed his s****r with a laugh.
Danielle flexed once more and, rather amusingly, she let out a spermy fart. There was a rasping noise as she expelled air and cum from her arse, and her b*****r's fuck-sauce had launched out in a small explosion, a couple of drips of it hitting the camera.
"s*s, you got cum on the lense," Simon had whinged, his s****r merely laughing and farting out more cum.
"That's the horniest thing I've ever seen," Gerald whispered as he, like his wife, watched this movie with wide-eyes.
After wiping the sperm from the lense, Simon's hand had entered the shot in the movie, and he pushed two fingers up his s****r's rectum. Then he took them out and Danielle turned and sucked on them, her lovely eyes fixed on the camera as she slurped on her b*****r's shit-and-cum smeared digits. Then, for the final shot of the movie, she sucked on Simon's soiled, sperm-oozing cock, her mischievous eyes fixed on the camera.
The screen finally went black.
"The end," announced Simon as he used the remote to turn the TV off.
"That was marvellous k**s," Melanie smiled, turning to her son and kissing him passionately. It was evident to them all that the bed they were all sitting on in a row would soon be rocking with their i****tuous lust.
"Superb," concluded Gerald, "A fine film! Especially the cum-leaking anus bit. What fantastic k**s we've got! I'd dare say you'd not only make good porn-stars, but good porn directors too!" The randy father then knelt up, stroking his erection, "Holy shit, that's made me so horny!" He laid his hands on his slender daughter and the young lady was swiftly flipped over onto her belly with a delighted squeal. "What an arse, so beautiful and tasty," Gerald murmered as he fondled Danielle's bum, "I'm going to fuck it. By fuck, yes, I'm going to fuck this arse! If my daughter likes being buggered then I should damn well bugger her. After all, a father's duty is to keep his daughter happy."
"You'll have to be careful," Danielle said to her dad, "Your cocks bigger than Simon's. I don't want you tearing me."
"Don't worry sweetie," Gerald informed her, now pushing a forefinger up the girl's anus, "My cock may be a little bit longer than Simon's, but it's about the same thickness. I'll soon be up your arse and I'll soon be filling it too. Onto your hands and knees."
"You adopt the same position mum," Simon told Melanie as he pawed at her tits and kissed her mouth, "I want to fuck you up the bum whilst dad fucks Danielle in the same manner."
"What a horny suggestion," Melanie purred, "Shall we film it?"
"No, I'm too randy to bother setting up cameras," Gerald responded as he greased up his cock with Vaseline, "We can film the afternoon session."
"I want to play a big role in the next movie," Danielle said as she got on her hands and knees, lewdly wiggling her bottom in her father's direction.
"You certainly will honey," Gerald told her, "You and your mum will be fucked, buggered and cummed on, and we'll film every minute of it."
Melanie was soon on her hands and knees too, alongside Danielle, mother and daughter with their behinds raised and spread. Simon greased up his cock with Vaseline and he and his dad prepared to bugger the lady before them.
"Holy fuck, it's tight," Gerald commented as he squeezed his greased cock-head into Danielle's anus, "Oh yeah! So tight and hot."
"UUUUUH! Go slowly dad," Danielle begged, "But not too slowly! I can't wait to have your dick right up my bum."
"It won't be long honey," Gerald said, the swollen tip of his prick now wedged in Danielle's bum. He began pushing his way in further, his glistening greased shaft sliding up and up, slowly but steadiy. Danielle wailed with delight as her dad fed his cock up her arse and she shivered with joy.
"Oh daddy, daddy, further, further," she gasped, "NNNGGG!"
"Ah fuck, all the way there," Gerald announced, triumphantly, his cock buried to the hilt in his daughter's shit-chute.
Next to them, Simon had achieved similar things with his mother, Melanie's greater experience in taking cocks in her arse showing by the fairly speedy way her son had managed to plant his entire dick up her arse.
"Let's fuck these horny anal-sluts," Gerald moaned as he began to fuck his cock back and forth in the tight grip of his daughter's anus, "Let's fuck their arses full of sperm son!"
"Okay dad," grinned Simon, and he began to saw his prick to and fro in his mother's bum. He held her hips tightly as he fucked her deep in the arse. Melanie groaned with delight, laying her head on the pillow. Danielle was more vocal, yelping and wailing with obscene cries of ecstasy as she squirmed and bucked under her father's pounding cock which, each stroke, seemed to plunge further and further into her intestines.
Gerald was feeling incredibly turned on after having watched his k**'s porn movie, and after five-minutes his spunk exploded from his pistoning cock. He let out a long groan of ecstasy as he jammed his cock to hilt in his daughter's shitter and blasted out his sperm, the hot goo flooding the girl's bowels and making her purr with lewd delight. Gerald then withdrew and he watched with delight as Danielle swung herself round and sucked on his cock, lapping it clean of cum and shit.
A moment later, Simon emulated his father and climaxed hard. He rammed his prick deep into his mother's rectum and pumped her guts full of sperm, his mother tightening her anus and flexing her shitting muscles. Simon then slid his semi-hard prick from his mum's anus. Like her daughter, Melanie then licked the cock that had just been up her arse, Simon running his hands over his mother's fine nude body as she sucked on his soiled prick.
"Do you fancy being a professional porn-star honey?" Gerald asked Danielle, who removed the cock from her mouth to reply.
"I might do dad," she shrugged, "I'll get some practice with some home-made porn first and see if I like it."
"We'll make one this afternoon," her father told her, "A nice long sordid shoot, with you and your mum getting fucked in every hole."
"Sounds great dad!" Danielle smiled, and she gave her father a long sultry kiss.
"This cock is ready for action again," Melanie announced, kneeling up and pumping Simon's throbbing erection in her hand, "So is yours Gerald."
"It sure is," her husband responded, his cock thumpingly stiff, "I think that we should have some double-penetration in the movie we'll make later, so we'll need some practice."
"Oooh, that sounds good," Danielle said, hugging her father, "A nice cock in my cunt and another up my arse! Let's do it!"
They shifted aside and Simon lay down in the centre of the bed. His mother got astride him, swinging a leg over his hips and impaling her furry cunt on his erection, sinking right down so that the pulsing tip of her son's prick was buried in her womb. Gerald then got behind Melanie, his wife's arse thrust outwards, her anus slick and gaping above her prick-stuffed twat.
"Hold still honey," Gerald said to his wife, and he guided his cock to her arsehole and pushed, squeezing his cock-head into her arse.
"Uuuuh, that's good," moaned Melanie, hunched over her son and looking over her shoulder as her husband worked his way up her shitter.
With a few heaves of his pelvis, Gerald had wedged his prick right up his wife's bum, and he held her shoulders as he began to fuck his cock back and forth. Laying under his mother, Simon began thrusting as well, fucking his dick up and down in his mum's snatch. The horny slut in the father-and-son sandwich was soon crying out with pleasure, spluttering obscene cries as Simon's cock pounded her cunt and Gerald's drilled her arse. She thrashed and twisted between them, her whole body quaking.
"Oh fuck, fuck, yes, uuuuh!" she stammered, "Fuck me you two, fuck me hard. Harder! UUUUUH! I love your cocks, I love both your fucking big cocks in my fucking holes. UUUUH!"
Simon and Gerald concentrated on giving Melanie a severe shafting, giving her a simultaneous vaginal and anal screwing that she wouldn't forget!
Danielle, throughout this, had been sitting on the bed next to the humping trio, idly fingering her cunt and envying her mother's fun. Then she had an idea. She got up and squatted over Simon's face, lowering herself so that her anus was pressed to the boy's mouth. Simon was delighted, and he didn't hesitate to push his tongue up his s****r's arsehole and into her rectum.
With her cunt and arse being soundly fucked, Melanie now had her daughter before her, and she sealed her lips to Danielle's and kissed her passionately. They got off this a great deal, an added titillation to the pleasures already being dished out. Gerald was especially delighted at this girl-on-girl action. He was arse-fucking his wife whilst she was being cunt-fucked by their son, and he also had the sight of his wife and daughter kissing like filthy fucking lesbians! He loved it, and it was only his willpower and experience that enabled him to retain his sperm. So that he wouldn't cum too soon, he fucked Melanie's

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