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Xxx home video part 8

"You're horny too, right honey?" she asked.
"I sure am mum!" Simon eagerly confirmed, "I gotta fuck you mum. I want to fuck you good and hard."
"Move aside my horny boy!"
Simon stood up, his erection jutting out at a right angle, as hard as an iron bar. His mother then got onto the sofa, laying down lengthways, legs parted, her juicy snatch displayed and ready to be fucked. Without needing an invitation, Simon hopped onto his mother, mounting her and driving his throbbing pole into her cunt.
"Oh son, that's so sweet!" purred Melanie.
"Fuck yeah mum, I love you," Simon gasped, "I love your hot cunt!"
He kissed his mother passionately as he began to fuck her in the missionary position, his buttocks rising and falling between her flung-open thighs.
Acros the room, Danielle was cheerfully humping her father, alternately grunting with lust and giggling with the sheer thrill of this depraved activity. She had lusted after her father for all this time, and now she was fucking him, his big cock in her young snatch.
Gerald loved the hot tightness of his daughter's cunt, and he also enjoyed kissing her mouth and sucking on her tits. After a short while, Danielle began to tire.
"Get off me a moment sweetheart," Gerald told her, "Let daddy do the work."
Danielle dismounted her father, who then got off the chair. Then Danielle obeyed her dad's further instructions and sat down on the armchair, legs flung apart, a look of sweet lust on her pretty face as she lightly fingered her glistening pink cunt whilst eyeing up her father's big cock. Gerald offered his cock to his daughter's mouth and without hesitation she sucked it, slurping off her twat-juices from the throbbing veiny shaft.
"Yeah, lick it, suck it," panted Gerald.
Danielle wanted to impress her father so she took a few inches of his shaft into her mouth, sucking it down, eyelids fluttering with sheer delight at the sensation of this enormous pole in her throat. She had four-inches past her lips but that left another six exposed. Danielle hoped she'd learn to suck it down even more in the future; like the rest of her f****y she had no doubts that this inter-f****y fuck-fest was going to become a regular thing!
Eventually, Gerald tugged his weapon from Danielle's mouth and he knelt down before his little girl, his erection wobbling stiffly between her spread thighs, the swollen head aiming for her buttery-slick vagina.
"Fuck me daddy, fuck me," the girl begged, slumping back in the sofa, shaking with horniness, "Ram that big prick up me again!"
"I will honey, don't worry," promised Gerald, and he pushed the massive head of his prick into his daughter's cunt. He paused for a moment, then - with his hands gripping Danielle's slender hips - he eased forwards, steadily, sinking his steel-hard shaft up into her cunt until he was buried to the hilt.
"Uuuh, daddy, that feels nice," wailed Danielle, reaching out and placing her hand flat on her father's broad chest, "Mmmmm! I can feel you all the way up me. Uuuh! Fuck me, fuck me hard!"
Gerald began to withdraw from his daughter's snatch, peeling half of his member from her cunt, before suddenly thrusting it back in. The girl yelped with pleasure, and Gerald began to work himself up to a good fuck-rythm. He loved his wife Melanie, and never tired of fucking her, but like any normal forty-four-year-old man Gerald couldn't help but harbour a deep desire for the tender flesh of a teenaged girl, and his sweet, wannabe-punk-rebel fifteen-year-old daughter was the finest teenaged girl he could have hoped for. He grunted passionately as he began deeply cunt-fucking the girl, father and daughter swept along on a wave of i****tuous delight.
Back on the sofa, Simon dismounted his mother, pulling his meat from her hot wet cunt. Melanie was sprawled back, out of breath having just endured a prolonged climax from her son's pumping cock.
"Lend me your arse mother," Simon grinned.
"It's all yours son," Melanie replied, eagerly flipping over. She got onto her knees, bent over lengthways on the sofa, arms folded and resting on the arm-rest. Her delicious bum was raised high, her anus gaping slightly from it's previous pounding.
"What an arse," Simon murmered, stroking his mother's buttocks. He bent down to kiss them, then spent a moment tonguing the hole he was about to skewer. Melanie sighed happily, loving the sensation of her own son's tongue fluttering about her most intimate hole. Even better, Melanie was able to look across and see her husband fucking their daughter hard in her cunt.
Simon then knelt up straight and eased his throbbing weapon into his mother's rectum, pushing it in inch by inch. He and his mother groaned and panted with the effort of this anal-impalement, but within less than a minute Simon had buried his whole cock in his mother's arse. For a moment he remained still, just enjoying the sight and sensation of his mother's sphincter clamping the base of his cock and the way her slick rectal walls hugged his shaft. Eventually he began to sodomize her, slowly at first then quickly picking up pace, ramming his cock repeatedly into the depths of her rectum.
"Yes, yes, yes," groaned Melanie, "Oh son, fuck me, fuck my arse. Fuck mummy's arse motherfucker! OH YEAH!"
"Shit mum, I can't get enough of your arse. Oh wow, it's just so fucking kinky!"
"What's even kinkier," Gerald said from across the room as he continued shafting Danielle, "is if you give your cock to your mother to suck after it's been up her arsehole. Like we did last night."
"Yes, do it, do it," panted Melanie, "Give me your shitty cock motherfucker."
"Sure mum," Simon grunted as he abruptly pulled his prick from his mother's behind, and he got off the sofa and walked to the other end of it. Melanie remained on her hands and knees and opened her mouth, into which Simon's cock was introduced.
"MMMMMMM!" the wanton mother groaned as she slurped on her son's cock, which carried the salty taste of pre-cum mixed with the earthy aroma of her own shit. It turned her on incredibly, especially with the sound of her daughter being fucked by Gerald nearby.
"Suck it down mum," Simon urged, thrusting more of his meat into his mum's willing throat, "Yeah yeah, you kinky bitch! You'd make a good porn star! So would Danielle in fact!" He looked across at his s****r, who flashed him a cheeky grin as she continued to have her cunt pounded by Gerald.
Eventually, Melanie took her mouth from her son's cock and begged him to sodomize her some more. Simon got back onto the sofa behind his mother. He spent a moment admiring her anus, delighting in the way it yawned obscenely. He licked that intimate hole a couple of times, bestowed a few kisses upon the sublime buttocks that flanked it. Then, sensing his mother's impatience for heavier sodomistical work, Simon knelt up straight and, with a single stroke, buried his long prick to the hilt in his mum's bowels. That horny mature slut squirmed and groaned as, once more, she was arse-fucked.
"Fuck me, fuck my arse," she drooled, "Oh fuck, Simon, that's so goooood! You motherfucker, fuck my arse."
"Daddy, daddy, yes!" Danielle was squealing in the meantime, the teenager shaken by a powerful climax that took her by surprise, "Uh! Uh! UUUUH!"
"Take it sweetheart, take my cock," Gerald grunted, sounding as if he was in a porn movie as he shafted Danielle's cunt with hard thrusts of his enormous erection, "UH! Yeah, oh God, what a tight pussy. Take daddy's cock slut!"
"OOOOOOH DADDY! I'm cumming, oh yeah! Fuck me, fuck me daddy, I'm a fucking slut and I LOVE IT!"
"Yes, yes," Gerald was panting as he sensed his own climax approach, the sensation of the tight cunt he was fucking, combined with the kinkiness of this being the cunt of his own sweet daughter, having an intense effect on his senses. He clamped his hands to Danielle's pert firm tits and groped them roughly. "UUUH, I'm gonna cum soon sweetie! I'll sperm up right in your cunt!"
"Do it daddy, fill me up! I've fantasised about this for so long! Uh! Uh!"
"AAAAAAH!" Gerald cried, ramming his prick to this hilt in Danielle's tight slit and unloading his sperm. He hunched over Danielle, his body tensing as his spunk rushed from his cock and flooded his daughter's womb. Danielle lustfully kissed her father, placing her hand on the back of his head and pulling him down to her so that she could snake her wet little tongue down his throat. Gerald groaned into his daughter's mouth, swapping spit with her as he continued ejaculating into her tight cunt.
"Here it is mum, here it is," Simon suddenly announced, triumphantly, as his own climax hit him as he buggered his mum on the sofa, "YES! YES! Fuck!!!"
"Ah, yes, give it to me sweetheart," Melanie begged her motherfucker of a son.
Simon's sperm suddenly blasted from his pounding prick, filling his mother's rectum with his salty goo. The rampant youth humped his cock back and forth in his mother's arse as he shot his load, gritting his teeth and shaking with ecstasy as he spurted jet after jet of fuck-seed in the depths of his mum's rectal passage.
"Oh fuck, that was good," the boy panted once his climax was over, and he pulled his dong from his mother's anus. Having ejaculated twice in a row, his cock was growing soft and his balls were empty. He slumped back on the sofa, out of breath. Likewise, Gerald was spent, and he eased his wilting cock from Danielle's cunt, gave the girl a kiss, then lay back on the living room floor.
The girls were not yet finished though! Before her daughter could get up from the armchair, Melanie hurried across the room, knelt down and, without warning, pushing her face into her daughter's cum-leaking twat.
"Oh mum!" gasped Danielle, taken aback by this. It did not bother her in anyway, having another woman eating her out - she'd enjoyed watching women getting it on with each other in her dad's porn movies - but turned her on even further. Melanie had only eaten out another girl once, when she was a teenager and having some fun with a friend, but she instinctively knew what to do, sliding her tongue up into Danielle's spermy cunt. The girl purred with delight, running her hands through her mother's black hair.
Gerald and Simon watched in stunned silence, this bonus show utterly fascinating and arousing.
When Melanie had finished slurping out her husband's spunk from her daughter's cunt, she stood up and gave Danielle a kiss.
"I've a pint of your b*****r's sperm in my bowels," she told Danielle, "Care to suck it out of me?"
"Yes mum!" Danielle giggled, head spinning with the outlandishly kinky suggestions and activities she was plunged into.
Danielle followed her mother's suggestion to lay back on the sofa - Simon moving out the way and sitting on the floor next to his dad - and then Melanie squatted astride the girl's head, lowering herself slowly. Danielle looked up, licking her lips as her mother's bottom descended towards her face, a long string of slimy cum dangling from the slick anus that was fast approaching her mouth.
"Oh mum, that looks delicious," Danielle declared, and she sealed her lips to her mother's sphincter and began sucking, quickly drawing out hot salty jism which she sucked down. Her facade of introversion utterly vanishing in the midst of this sordidness. All the pent up fantasies and desires and hidden lust for depraved exhibitionism were given free reign, and, knowing that her father and b*****r were watching close by, Danielle sucked as noisily and as obscenely from her mother's arse, drawing out more cum and then darting her tongue into the rectum to lick out what she'd missed. Squatting over her daughter, Melanie reached down and fingered Danielle's tight cunt, pushing two fingers up into the pink slit whilst her own shitter was explored by the young lady's tongue.
"I think we should make a lesbian movie next son," Gerald said casually to his son as the pair watched their depraved womenfolk.

That evening, Simon and Danielle announced they were going to bed together. Gerald was rather impatient for a f****y orgy, and he would rather everyone fucked some more in the living room, but he relented when Simon and Danielle insisted they fancied some time to fuck alone and, furthermore, they taking the video camera and that what he and his s****r would get up to would "be on film for us all to watch in the morning."
The horny youngsters bid their parents goodnight and hurried upstairs to Simon's bedroom.
Gerald and his wife went to their own bed eventually, both incredibly horny from the events of the day. They watched the film they'd made that afternoon which inspired Gerald to fuck Melanie's cunt and arse deep and hard, eventually filling his wife's rectum with sperm before the pair of them settled down to sl**p.

"Morning mum," Simon smiled as he strolled into his parent's room at nine o'clock the next day, "Morning dad."
Gerald and Melanie had just woken up, and they were sitting up in bed, on top of the covers, their naked bodies on display.
"Hi sweetie," Melanie said, delighted to see her son walking into the room, nude. Danielle was close behind, also naked. "You look so gorgeous you k**s," she added

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