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First gay bj

First gay experience Hi I am John I am 20 and am in college. I decided to take classes over the summer to make up for failed classes. The only problem is at my school during the summer there is like 20 times more guys then girls. Last week I was in my dorm talkin to my roommate. I was just bullshitting about how long it's been since I got a bj and what I would do for one.I said I would give someone $200 to suck my cock right now. My roommate tommy said really $200 i might know someone who could be interested. I said really is she attractive. He said I like to think so. But the only thing is she would probably want to to wear a blindfold so you can't see who she is because she can't afford to be embarrassed. I said ok get her up here. He Left the room and came back 15 minutes later.

my dick is a solid 7.5 inches long. He said ok she's out here put a blindfold on. I did and I layed back with my pants off. I heard the door close and lock and only one pair of footsteps so i figured tommy stayed outside. I felt a hand reach in and grab my cock. They began to stroke it then they put it in their mouth. It was the most amazing blow job I had ever gotten it felt great. She switched between sucking my cock then balls. I blew my load in an amazing fashion shooting all over. I told her to lick my cum off me. I wanted to see who it was so I peeked a little. I jumped back.

It was tommy. He was sucking my dick the whole time. I yelled what are you doing where's the hot girl. He said I am her. I said you turned gay for $200 He said no I've been gay the whole time. I don't even want the $200 I want something elseI said whatHe said suck my dick or I will show everyone these pictures I took of us. I felt trapped I didn't know what to say. I didn't want people thinking im gay so I had to comply.

I said ok quickly. He layed down and took his clothes off. His dick was about 8 inches. I grabbed his dick and slowly started to stroke. I started to lower my mouth to his dick. I extended my tongue and licked the head of his cock then I licked from the base up and plunged my mouth down over it. I did it too quick and gagged when his dick hit the back of my throat he laughed. And said slow down. I started to suck him moving my mouth up and down each pass letting my tounge slide over the tip and stroking from the bottom. Then his precum came out and when it hit my tongue I loved the taste. I started going a little quicker. I took it out of my mouth and licked all over starting At his balls and going up. Then I plunged down again the next thing I know both his hand are pushing my head down and his cum is filling my mouth. I would have gotten mad him if it didn't taste so good. I kept his cum in my mouth and got up. I layed next to him and grabbed his head i kissed him and in the process transferee his cum from my mouth to his. He swallowed it. We layed next to each other naked all night. We now sl**p in the same bed together usually naked and stroke each other while they are sl**ping.

Part 2 coming soon

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