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Wrecking My Wife

I met my future wife at university through a mutual friend. It was summer and the tight singlet she wore clung to her 19 year old C cup tits. I knew I wanted a piece of that. Being a conservative farm girl, she was still a virgin. On our first date I got a feel of her tight little muff. I remember thinking it was by far the smallest pussy I had ever come across; I could barely get a single finger up her, despite her opening her legs in the car and bearing down while I was driving and fondling. Two months later we had sex for the first time and it hurt me. That set the tone for the next 13 years.
Every time we had sex it would take me two or three minutes or poking around with my dick before I could bury it balls deep and start to fuck her properly. Her twat would pull on the skin around my shaft and pull it hard from my cock’s head and in general be quite painful and constricted. I would like to claim it was because of my humungous member that had women screaming in terror, but, sadly, I only pack six inches or so. It was her ridiculously tight hole that was the issue. Her compact cunt stayed unyielding the whole time and she wasn’t very adventurous; she certainly liked her sex vanilla. Wild for her was to climb on top and pretend she was holding me down. She didn’t particularly like fingers so I had only ever got two fingers in her. Very very occasionally she would like me to rim her ass, but never returned the favour. Vanilla, plain and simple.
Eighteen months ago we had fucked in our sunroom and were lying there in post-coital languor. I had sat up to clean my cock and I looked down at her laying there with her legs spread. On a whim I got three fingers and prodded around the entrance to her snug cunt. After a couple of warm up pokes I unceremoniously buried all three fingers in her. I am sure that up until that point in time, this was the biggest penetration she had had. Her reaction was quite interesting. It certainly made her sit up and take notice. She let out a little squeal and asked what I had done. I told her and she lay back down and told me not to do it again. I was watching her cunt. It was quivering and vibrating. I had never seen it twitch like that and I knew that while she might intellectually have not liked what I had just done, her body had found it quite tantalising. Her lips and tissue around her small petite cunt vibrated for around two or three minutes. It was a reaction that wasn’t going away. Right then I decided I had had enough of vanilla. I envisioned my new, long term project - I was either going to fuck her in the ass or stick my fist up her tight cunt. Knowing how she felt about anal, I made a bet with myself that I would probably get to fist fuck her, stretching her pussy into a loose, flabby hole, before I got to be buried balls deep in her unpuckered, pink starfish. At the time I estimated my ambition might take two to three years of slow, patient work.

It was to be a two pronged assault on her conservative values and body. The first tactical decision was to stimulate her ass while she was coming. As I mentioned previously, when the mood took her – perhaps four or five times a year – she would casually role over while I was kissing her body or gently tonguing her twat, lift her ass ever so slightly into the air and sigh while I lightly flicked and teased around her butthole. I figured I could use this. She was pretty fussy about how she would climax, almost invariably with her on top of me rubbing her clit on my pubic bone while I had my cock in her. In this position, I started to reach around and as she would start to speed up the rocking motion as her orgasm approached, I would reach around and “casually” help along. The fact that my hand grabbing her peachy little butt would also have my middle finger pushed firmly against her asshole was a “coincidence”. I was hoping she would associate this stimulation with her blowing a load. Over time I also started to push harder with my finger. It turns out that she most enjoys having two fingers pushed firmly against her butt – the single finger slips in a bit too easy and she always pulls my hand away when that happens. Two fingers on the other hand (pun intended, even if it is a sad one) stretches her ass without actually busting through the sphincter barrier.

The other tactic in my determination to either stick my dick in her virgin ass, or my hand in her neat pussy was to finger her while blowing my load. We were using condoms for contraception and the lack of sensation meant that I fucked her hard in order to blow. I am 188 cm (six foot two inches, I think – metric here in Australia) and around 90 Kilos (198 pounds – I just Googled a conversion), while she is a mere 48 kilos (about 104 pounds), so me flogging her cunt was a bit rough at times. Sometimes I would just do it fierce because I wanted to hear her grunts and groans as she was pounded. In, I assume, normal male style sometimes a little fantasy would run through my head and I’d be fucking into her as hard as I could while thinking things like, “How’d ya like that ya little fucken slut? Cop that whore. Fuck yeah.” As a result of not always wanting to be belted like that – and truth be told, I didn’t always want to belt her like that (I DO love my wife deeply and making love is on the cards at times) – she would regularly sit on my face where I would enjoy the swollen lips of her just fucked pussy while I took care of myself. I suggested, seeing as how the fingers are really sensitive and I couldn’t penetrate her without protection while cumming, maybe, rather than sitting on my face, she could lie back and relax while I fingered her and jerked off. She was amiable to this as she avoided a rough fuck, and she didn’t have to squat over my face which can be a touch awkward at times. So I quickly started fingering her every time we had sex.

After rubbing and pushing her ass – with a little bit of prodding around her pussy – while she came, I would get her to lie back, lube the hell out of my fingers and hand, then proceed to stretch her out. First one finger, quickly to two, then three would be stuck up her little cunt. My strategy was to use three fingers, open them up inside her and then gently withdraw, dragging her cunt lips out and open. There is a photo posted earlier of me with two fingers doing a similar thing – “Open up, darling, I want to fuck your cunt up.” While doing this I would be belting the top off my cock and telling her how hot it all was. A little deviously I had measured my hands and found the non-dominant one was smaller so that was the hand I used to finger her. As mentioned previously, she wasn’t real keen on copping fingers, but whenever she complained I would explain that since my cock was tarped up, my fingers allowed me to feel an intimacy with her that I otherwise would miss out on. I would also assure her that I didn’t really want to fuck her fierce with a condom and I preferred the gentle sweet love, but otherwise I would struggle to cum. By way of reinforcing this, whenever she asked for me to cum inside her (with the condom on of course) I would go out of my way to make it gruelling by being particularly severe and remorseless. I’d think of Alan Border’s cover drive to delay my orgasm – he’s a legendary Australian cricket captain for all you uneducated, non-Commonwealth plebs – and I would batter away as hard as I could until sweaty and buggered. This continued for six or seven weeks. Then we went on holidays.
We were camping up north when I first got four fingers in her. Being a farm girl she always liked warm, outdoorsy sex, so a week in she walked up to me with a smile and a few sly gropes of the ass. I was stoked cause she rarely initiates sex which has been a bone of contention at times. She knows I think she is a sex kitten, but sometimes I don’t feel like I am the sex god I believe myself to be. Anyway, we went back to the camper trailer and got it on. While licking her hairy pussy I poked, prodded and caressed around her cunt lips. One finger, two, three. She was twisting and turning and pushing down on my three fingers as I did the usual stretching. I had my fingers in to the knuckles so I thought, “Fuck it. If you’re going to fuck back on three, then try this on for size.” And in went the fourth. It really was that easy. I would have expected it needing to be worked in slowly, but up it went in one smooth, silky motion. Awesome. Her pussy felt soft and relaxed. It barely made her twitch. Indeed, she let out a bit of strangled sigh and opened her legs some more. So I fucked her with four fingers, twisting them around and opening them up, and continued tonguing her whole twat area.
The tent stunk with our sweat and the fluid from her raging cunt dripping onto my hand. She loved it. Being the ambitious sort, and realising she wasn’t often this into it, I folded my thumb over, assumed the classic “beak” position, and proceeded to push in and out with all five appendages. A bit of spit added to her natural lubrication and it was all very sexy, very smelly and getting loose. At this stage she rolled over and stuck her face into the pillow and her ass into the air. Feeling obliged, I continued the finger assault on her vagina and licked around and into her firm, wrinkled ass. She sighed more and pushed her asshole onto my tongue and my fingers into her cunt. By this time the bottom knuckles of my fingers were inside her and I was working on getting my thumb in. She obviously recognised what a dirty whore she was being and that she was being exposed to new sensations because she moaned and asked how many fingers I had up her. I told her four. She hadn’t asked if my thumb was in there so I thought I might leave that one out. No point freaking her out. She was loving me stretching her like never before. Then it was fucking time and I climbed on. I don’t remember the rest as the fingering was just about my peak sexual experience up until then.

On the way home a day or two later I mentioned that also had my thumb in her. She pulled a funny face. I’m still not sure what the expression was – maybe part disgust that she enjoyed the whole thing and part amazement. Then she said, “Don’t do that again you’ll stretch me out.” Well, indeed. In my head I was thinking, “Oh yes indeed I will, sweety, and that is only the beginning. That is only the first time. We’ll be working on that and you’ll be getting used to it.” Cue evil laughter – bwaah ha ha ha!

At home, the next time we had sex, when she lay back against her pillows and opened her legs for me finger fuck her she said, “Just three. I don’t like four.” I knew it was the thought of four that she didn’t like rather than the actual sensation. Not many women in the wider world would put their hand up and admit they have a big, slack, sloppy hole hanging open between their legs. So, of course, I completely ignored her and began with two, quickly went to three and caressed and gently stretched until the tip of my fourth finger could delicately pierce her twat. As my fingers approached the second knuckle I put my hand into the classic beak position and included my thumb in the action. Knuckles deep and twisting. I could feel her lips parting, her tissues rending, her wet, lubed cunt opening slowly up to my hand. And then I blew all over my other hand.

This scenario, and variations thereof, continued for the next six months or so. She was VERY slowly opening up, but I was unable to get the thumb knuckle in. She would moan and stop me and, as I said before, I wanted her to enjoy the whole experience so she would always be willing to have her cunt busted. Sometimes I would get the bottom of finger knuckles right up her and I would be so so close, but ultimately thwarted. One session that does stand out is the one occasion when she rolled onto her stomach and I attempted to fist her that way. With the pressure of her tailbone I was I pushed all my fingers and my whole thumb into her, but she stopped me just before I slammed the base of my thumb into her. I had reached the point where her cunt ring almost felt like an elastic band wrapped around my hand, taut and thin, ready to break open and expose her hole for a true fisting. Despite all this action and stretching, I am one of those people who don’t believe it deserves to be glorified with the term fisting until the hand is wrist deep. Everything else is magnified fingering. She was lucky she stopped me because I was about to punch through the remaining resistance and, going by how tight her pussy was, I am sure it was going to uncomfortable.

After six months I thought of large toys. We hadn’t used dildos for several years as she found the latex vibrator we had used too stiff. The large flange on the head was very uncomfortable for her too, but I knew there were other options in the Toy Stores so I trotted off and bought a soft, yet hefty silicone toy. It is still the most expensive toy we own. I figured a dildo would be less bony than my hand, and by fucking it in and out my wife would enjoy it more as well as getting her vaginal o-ring blasted. Our vibrator had been an average penis size, very similar in width to my dick. It had been her idea and she came into the store to help me choose it. She didn’t want anything too large. For the silicone number I deliberately chose a toy markedly larger than the vibrator and my cock. In the car, before driving home, I pulled it out of the box and caressed and stroked it smiling to myself. I knew I was about to introduce her to something completely new. It was just under two inches across, the head was soft and yielding, and I felt sure she would enjoy it. I knew I would. As I put it back in the packaging I murmured out loud to myself, “Cop this, slut.”

On the drive home nervous butterflies tickled my stomach. I was excited and looking forward to fucking her with the silicone cock. That afternoon the opportunity presented itself. The usual foreplay went down: a few kisses, caressing of her peachy little ass that cups perfectly in two hands, and tonguing her small, tight cunt, lips and “accidental” flicks on her asshole. When I judged her ready, I reached under the bed where I had hidden the artificial dick, lubed it up quickly and tried to slip it sneakily under the covers before sliding it up her pint-sized vagina. She was onto to me and demanded to know what I had in my hand. I told her it was a new dildo, but still tried to keep it out of sight. Not to be put off she suggested nothing was going near her if she couldn’t see it. Reluctantly I passed the dildo over and her eyes widened.

“It’s big,” she said. I could tell she was a bit intimidated by the size of the thing. In my head I was thinking, that’s right honey and that’s just the start of what you are going to cop.

“I think you’ll like it,” was how I actually replied.

After checking it out from multiple angles she passed it over to me, lay back propped up on some pillows and opened her legs. She asked me to go slow. I began pushing. The blunt head, markedly bigger than my dick, barely moved her hole. It resisted. It pushed back. I changed strategy and began a fucking motion. To call it an in/out motion would be a deception – barely half the head was parting her lips. There was virtually no penetration. I persisted and fucked harder. She began to part. She made little sighs and grunts. I refused to go away and kept up with my attempted invasion. It was going in today and she would just have to deal with it. Pressure on, pressure off, pressure on, pressure off, and harder pressure, off, and stronger pressure, off. And so it went for three or four minutes. Then the big head just popped through her cunt ring and drove into her. The head was the widest part of the dildo and the wedge shape nature of it caused her cunt to swallow it up. Four inches disappeared on the first penetration. It just kept sliding deeper and deeper. A long profound “Ooooh,” escaped as my wife was immersed in the sensation of having a cock fuck her bigger and deeper than anything else she had experienced. My cock was diminished by the bulky lump fucking her. I loved it.

The dildo that we came to christen “Big Blue” slid back and forth for a few minutes that first time, before I climbed on and smiled as my dick slid into her lax pussy lips. It was the loosest I had felt her and I knew I was going to enjoy this ongoing mission. Over the course of the next few weeks I changed my style. The head of Big Blue was larger than the shaft. To maximise the stretch of her vaginal ring I began fucking her shallowly, popping the head in and out of her rapidly, doing my best to blow that o-ring apart. This technique loosened her more. One day, as I slid my cock up her, she commented with a smile, “No resistance,” after a good reaming session on her cunt with my rapid punching head technique. My wife was right. I dropped through as deep as I could go and there was modest contact with her edges. I was certainly heading in the direction I wanted to go.

But eventually all good things must come to an end. I blame my head technique but I have never really discussed it with her. She began to complain that the dildo was hurting, that she didn’t like the head bit, but that the shaft was okay. We decided that the heavy flange at the base of the dildo’s head was the problem and so Big Blue was retired. Sadly, I went back to vanilla roots for several weeks. Then I got on the internet, did some research and introduced Marco into our bedroom.

Marco was a Cyberskin dildo based on Marco Banderas’ cock. The cock had a soft, pliable exterior, yet with a firm inner core. When I pulled it out of the box to inspect it at the Toy Store I knew this one was a winner. No flanged head, good material, and, more importantly, slightly larger in girth down the base of the shaft with a smaller penetrating head. I wouldn’t be able to use my vag-buster dildo pump, but ultimately a chubbier toy would be stretching her out.

I presented it to her the next day and she asked, with a worried look, “Why do they all have to be so big?”

“Whether you like to admit it or not, I think you like large objects being inserted into you,” I replied. I found her reaction to my comment significant. She didn’t say a thing. I took her silence as acquiescence. She liked her cunt being stretched but was too shy to admit. So I got down to the job at hand.

Perhaps I should tell you a bit about myself. I am 6 foot 2 inches, blonde and surf regularly. As result I think I am in reasonably good shape.

So I think my petite wife is pretty hot. She has an Inner Thigh Gap of 3 fingers. For those of you who don’t know, in the southwest of Australia one of the measures of what sort of shape a woman is in is the ITG reference index. Basically, an inner thigh gap means not a lot of excess baggage and generally looking after themselves. Australians lead a fairly active lifestyle. Like I mentioned at the beginning of my tale, she had (notice the past tense) an exceptionally tight pussy tucked neatly up inside that ITG. Then I made my decision. I have always liked seeing women take large objects – fists and big toys in the main. Some of the hottest pictures I have seen involve gaping vaginas hanging out. That’s what I wanted on my wife. A big, loose hole that doesn’t close properly and has lips dangling around the perimeter of a substantial cavernous void.

This all goes against many social expectations of tight pussies. My wife even felt these pressures with her previously mentioned concerns about being “stretched out”. But I wasn’t to be perturbed so I went to work with the Marco Banderas dildo which we quickly christened simply Marco. She really liked Marco. He had a pointy head allowing easy penetration and a solid girth. After me fucking her a few times with him, she began requesting him if I refrained from using him for too many sex sessions in a row. She would always phrase it like, “You can use your friend if you like,” which I always interpreted as “I want to be fucked by that big dildo.” I still loved it, but after a short while I realised Marco wasn’t doing what I wanted. His head was too tapered and allowed a gentle insertion – I wanted a blunter head that fucked her cunt up when it was ripped in and out shallowly (my patented hole busting move). It was time to upgrade.

We had only had Marco for six or seven weeks so I knew I was going to be in trouble for spending money on ANOTHER dildo – 3 in seven of eight months I guess – but if I spent it without telling her she could hardly make me take it back. It truly was a pain in the ass finding what I was after. I live in a small town 250 kilometres from the nearest city, so I had to drive 3 hours to access the various sex stores. It took five stores to find what I needed: cyberskin – check; no head flange – check; minimum thickness the same as Marco – check; blunter, more bulbous head for cunt smashing – check. It was the Brandon Lee vibrator.

This was a return to form for me. The head was substantially blunter than the Marco, and the overall girth was a little thicker. The first time we used it I was in trouble and copped a fair whinge about the money. But she still lay back, opened her legs and let me push the dildo into her. The dull head was certainly harder to get in. Her cunt was pressed into a hollow before her lips finally parted and that great ram drove through her opening. It took several minutes of pushing and shoving to open her up, but once it did it was as if her cunt sighed at being stretched – it swallowed that cock the way a thirsty man gulps water. Five inches straight up. A quality I hadn’t noticed until I began fucking her with the new toy was that the dildo thickened just below the head, then lost the swelling four inches or so down the shaft. It was subtle, but it definitely made her cunt pull the cock back in when it was partially withdrawn. The fact that every time I only partially withdrew the toy her cunt sucked it back in allowed me to reach new depths. Once, my 5.5/6 inch cock would make her groan and ask me to stop if I fucked too hard in doggy. Now, after having Brandon plunge in and out, she can readily take seven inches. It may not sound much compared to some of the real size queens on this forum, but real, apparently permanent, changes have occurred in what was a constricted little cunt that hurt to fuck and could only take two fingers. After several months of being fucked by Brandon, her cunthole was sloppier. It was starting to be loose from the moment my dick entered her and it was obvious to me that my cock was swimming in her loose, slack hole. It now slurped and sloshed when I fucked her, even before I stretched it out with the big artificial cock.

It was time to upgrade. After researching sex toys on the internet, I came to the conclusion the ¼ inch increments would most likely be the easiest way to slowly expand her twat. Finding a bigger cyberskin dildo was actually quite problematic. I looked at other products, but there seemed to be a giant leap from 2 inch-ish to 2.75 or even 3. There was no way she was ready for Bam, and I knew if I whipped that out from under the bed in the throes of passion, her cunt would dry up and clamp shut faster than I could sneeze. It was just unimaginable at this stage that she could ever take Bam. I visited all the usual sex stores plus another I had just found out about and come up with nothing. I enquired about the Ur3 Jeff Stryker, but the company was unable to source it. I looked at the Sean Michaels which appeared the ideal size, but the material was, the texture rough, and the reviews on the net seemed overwhelmingly negative from the women. Gays apparently quite liked it up their Kaiser pass. I had just about given up when I was driving past the seediest looking sex store in the city. There was no parking at the front. The windows were boarded up – not even the standard lingerie displayed tastefully under subtle lighting – and the entrance at the rear was a decrepit wooden garden gate, paint peeling, leading down a path of wobbly, twisted paving. As I ducked under the door and stepped down two steps, there was a crappy old movie booth. The thought of sitting anywhere in there and knocking the top off it turned my stomach. I continued in.

This was sex stores circa 1955, not the clean, brightly lit pharmacy/supermarket franchised store of modern times where even women frequented. But, as I looked through the vibrators, the disturbingly fetishised porn, and the tools that looked vaguely medical, I came across an interesting area.

Now, anyone who has visited an adult shop will know they are arranged into departments much like a supermarket or pharmacy. It helps people to get in and get out quickly without having to make eye contact with anyone. There are: the cock rings, girth enhancers and extenders department; the small, delicate, handbag sized vibrators section; the butt plug and disturbingly shaped large bulbs department; the phallic vibrators department; the bondage department (clamps, cheap latex and even cheaper handcuffs); the what-the-fuck, how-does-that-work vibrator section; the magazines; the dvds; the novelties for bucks nights and significant birthdays; and the improbably large dildo department. That was the area I found myself in.

I was staring at a few of the classic very large dildos that I had seen before. The John Holmes Realistic cock, Bam, the Dick Rambone. In between the John Holmes and Bam, deserving of the esteemed company as it was every bit as big in length and, more importantly, cunt bursting girth, was a bulky artificial cock I had only seen on the Net before. It was the cyberskin Gonzo cock. It was bigger than I was after, but the material was right, and it had a nice tapered head without a pronounced flare although there was a small ridge. I took it out of the package to really get a good look at its size. Fuck it was big, but it was the only cyberskin product bigger than our present vibrator. I pulled out the John Holmes dildo. You know those huge white dildos in the Net movies? The ones only slightly smaller than Bam, but about the same size as Dick Rambone only not as long? Those are generally the John Holmes dildos. They’re big and this new dildo was exactly the same size as the John Holmes. Oh well. I had no options. So I bought the dildo. This cyberskin monster, sooner or later, was going to get fucked rapidly and deeply through my wife’s loosening cunt. It was just going to have to happen.

The first time I pulled the Gonzo cock out in the bedroom she was horrified. “That’s never going to fit.”
“Yes it will – it just might take a bit of practice,” I replied. The unsaid being, “It just might take a bit of time for me to stretch your slut cunt into the slack hole required.” Being the sporting sort, she let me at least give it a go. I barely managed to get the head in the first time before she called it quits. That is all part of my ongoing tactics. Let her call the shots and slowly desensitise her to the atrocities being inflicted on her skinny petite body and formerly tight pussy. To enhance the desensitisation I took to leaving the dildo around the house, often in what I considered quite humorous positions. My wife would go to the toilet and when she came out it would be stuck to the kitchen door (it has a sensational suction cap). Or she would come home to be greeted with it standing proud in the middle of the hall. Or cooking and having that thick heavy cock rub against her ear. It was always around the house and every time we had sex I would pull it out and at least attempt to long stroke that horse dick through her. Her pussy resisted however. Two months down the track and I was beginning to think she may never take it. And then I remembered.

Being the hippy farm girl she is, she has always had a penchant for outdoor sex. The first time I fucked her with four fingers was almost outside (in a tent in a campground with all the windows open in the middle of the day), and only a few months earlier I had set up the back yard for a midday rendezvous. By the time we settled onto the blanket she was so wet I was able to scoop up the thick, white mucus oozing from her cunt, show it to her and flick it onto the ground. If she was ever going to be relaxed enough to open up and be inducted into the world of monster dildos (admittedly it was the first rung of the truly large artificial cocks, but still disturbingly large) then outdoors sex may be the secret.

Thus, while she was on the phone to a friend, I secretively placed a rug on the ground, organised a beach umbrella for some extra shade under the dappled light from the trees in our backyard, and strategically moved the boat so as to block the neighbours from seeing big rubber cocks trying to split her cunt open. I even had the forethought to provide water, tissues, and to set the dildos for the day on a towel next to the blanket. Then I walked in and told her I had a surprise. I took her hand and led her outside where her smile shone luminous in the early summer light. She was stoked. “You know I love outside sex,” she said, then lay on the blanket with a horny little smirk on her face. My first surprise for her came after I pulled her t-shirt over her head and her pants over her ankles; I took the camera from under another towel and snapped a picture of her pussy before I began what I hoped to be serious stretching session. I honestly hoped to break new ground with the enormous cunt slaying dildo. I wanted to make a yawning, dripping, slack cavity between her legs. I wanted to make her a mess. I required her cunt to be wrecked. And I thought a few before, during and after pictures would be a pleasant memento of what could be a ground-breaking day.

The appearance of her cunt was markedly different from the beginning of this story. It was distended and blooming out with no touching or licking or fucking. It was already partially open and ready to be disciplined. And so it began. My plan was to get her so hot that she wouldn’t notice the brutal expansion I had planned. Things were going to get torn. I licked her extensively, flicked my tongue along her ass, poked gently at her pussy lips with my fingers without piercing her just quite yet. I cuddled her and I stroked her and squeezed her small pert apple ass cheeks. We were outside naked on a 25 C day (the south-west of Australia near Margaret River) with a blue sky, small silvereyes flitting and chirping around, and I knew she would open like never before. After less time than I expected she begged me to fuck her, “Just stick your dick in me.” So I did.

With her arousal releasing her cunt, my cock felt no resistance as I buried myself balls deep with one slow stroke. I wanted her to feel everything. Then I withdrew all the way and fucked her entrance with an inch of cock for a minute or so, just enough for her to feel the flare of my head, before immersing my shaft in her once again. I long stroked her then. Her pussy felt loose, open, willing. But I wasn’t ready yet. Just as she started lifting her hips and fucking back, I withdrew from her and I took another photo.

I then pulled out the Brandon Lee dildo. I wanted her to feel a stretch before I fucked her to climax so I used my usual shallow cunt busting stroke to open her hole up, then began long stroking it all the way out and pushing it as far in as possible. I could feel her twat lengthening under the pressure and loosening from the solid dildo cleaving through her gash. Her pussy will open under most assaults to the point where there is very little resistance to penetration. I stuck to the task until that dildo was sliding effortlessly. It was time for my cock again. Now when I entered her it was a warm loose sock. There was trivial pressure around my shaft as it fucked her wet baggy pipe. In the sunshine a light sweat sheen was forming on her skin and her nipples stuck out hard like little thumbs glued to her small creamy breasts. With her sunglasses still on she looked very sexy and very slutty. After not too long, I rolled her over so she could climax.

With her on top, she sat down and rubbed her clit against my pubic bone while I had my full length buried in her. As the excitement built in her, I lifted up and pushed her away. She was not going to get a slow rubbing journey to a sensual orgasm; I was wanted to fuck her remorselessly hard until she was finished. I lifted her six inches off me and reached over back, beginning to rub her asshole roughly with my right hand and insinuate extra fingers from my left next to my cock in her cunt. Having these two hands here also let me grab her small frame and throw it against my body. I pounded her. I took it away from her and made her submit my delivery. I owned this fuck and I was going to do it how I wanted – brutal and fierce. Without too much waiting I slid four fingers up her cunt. As I buried them up to the knuckle my wife made a small, slightly pathetic groan. She must have known something bigger than normal was going inside her, but she made no motion to stop me. What she did do was bury her face in the crook of my neck and shoulder, lifting her ass up, forward and allowing me even deeper penetration on her with my hand. I began to pull up with my hand while still viciously slamming my cock in her as hard as I could. I had pretty much reached in, grabbed her cunt with my left hand and was now using it to hurl her against my cock only for her to be yanked up within a split second and slammed back down. And then she came.

As she lay there breathing heavily and recovering from one hell of an orgasm, I reached over and grabbed the big fella – 12 inches long, 2 ½ inches wide and all set to slide into an elegantly pre-stretched pussy. I positioned the big cock at her slightly gaping cunt hole and felt butterflies thrill threw my stomach. Up until then I had managed to get the head in a couple of times, but never really the shaft and certainly I had never been able to fuck with any significant stroke. I was excited because I knew now was my best chance yet. She was familiar with the dildo. She had managed to get an inch past the head so she knew what to expect rather than getting intimidated at the first sign of the enlarging burn as the elastic tissues of her vagina parted and gave way. And she was incredibly horny because the sun was shining, the birds were singing and I had just torn her up with my wild, pitiless fuck and fingering.
Hands literally shaking with excitement, trying to hide both my shaking and my brisk shallow breathing so she wouldn’t know how excited I was, I pushed and rotated the cockhead into her. Her lips caved in, hauled in by the obscene volume of cock I was thrusting up her. There was a sharp intake of breath, her cunt lips bloomed up and around the shaft, and her cunt all but swallowed that skin coloured dildo up. Her petite, elegant hand went to her stomach, almost as if to halt the progression in the demolition of her hole, but instead it lay just above her pubic hair and allowed me to continue the enlargement of her vagina into a hollow cavity. It is an amazing sensation to feel a pussy suck in a large toy once the initial vaginal ring is opened. The wide dildo just slid deep, distending her cunt in new ways she had never experienced. And she just lay there as it went deeper and deeper with little resistance. My patient training was paying off. After ten or so seconds I bottomed out with about seven inches in her. Her fingers lifted and she sighed, “That’s enough.” But I knew it wasn’t really.

Very, very slowly I withdrew the toy, watching closely as it dragged her cunt out. Those lip I knew so well we were pulled away. I had only ever seen this in internet porn – big dildos apparently with a cunt lodged on their shaft hauling a twat out and away from it position, the ass to pussy gap elongating. It was hideous to see my bride’s once tight little hole being so dishonoured, so heartlessly debased and so rudely profoundly mined. It was shocking and I loved it. “Oh yeah,” I thought, “You’re getting your cunt all fucked up you dirty filthy loose holed little slut.” Then I pushed it back in steadily, and with only minimal warm up or warning, for the first time ever, I fucked my wife with that monster. First only two or three inches, in/out, in/out, then I lengthened the stroke until six inches of the great stiff dick bored through her swiftly opening cunt. She lay there. Not saying a word. She relaxed in her post orgasmic bliss. Birds continued their melody as one of the biggest dildos, the ones that most people pass by in the sex shops, one of the dildos that only have two or three varieties in said sex shop, ripped in and out of her overwhelmed pussy. She was, well and truly, getting the fuck of her life.

Gradually, I sped up the stroke thumping through her. When I began there was tension on the rod, her cunt walls pushing in and gripping the dildo, resisting the insertion and dragging on the withdrawal. Now she was genuinely slack, I felt almost no friction as I fucked a coke can sized dildo in and out of her baggy cunt every second or so. It might say something about me (I am sure it does, I am just not sure what it says), but those minutes were one of the highlights of my life. Two years ago she had never three fingers in her, only months ago she had peered dubiously at Big Blue and questioned if it would fit. Indeed, there was a marked “pop” as the head of Big Blue burst through her defiant hole for the first time. My stomach was in knots. I was thrilled with my achievement of opening her sluthole into a subway tunnel my cock would barely touch. I fucked her and I fucked her and I did my best to wreck her and turn her into a slack holed, slovenly cunted, loose, limp lady. I wanted to stick my dick in her in a few minutes a feel warmth, moisture (maybe) and little else. When I withdrew that dildo I wanted to replace it with my hand and see if I could REALLY open her up. With all this turmoil and emotion thrilling through me, I started rotating the cock as I hauled it through her blasted cunt. Every now and then I would push it to bottom out against the back of cunt then give it a slow steady pressure and gain more millimetres. She would grunt and sigh with this enf***ed distension, a small “Ow,” escaping every now and then. I could only smile and shove it a little deeper. Eventually she called a halt to proceedings and I regretfully withdrew the whole thing, leaving her with an open gaping hollow, a small stream of fluid running through the damaged cunt, along the bottom of her defeated pussy lips, and down to her puckered ass. It was swollen, hanging open and looking exhausted, as though it had completely surrendered to what was happening to it. It was by far the most broken cunt I had ever seen in real life and I was absolutely stoked to have done that to her. It was the horniest thing of which I had been a part.

I then tried to fist her. Unfortunately, that part of this story is nowhere near as exciting. Having already been slam fucked by a hand with four fingers gripping the wall between her ass and cunt, those same fingers being ripped in/out while pulling her open next to a hard cock, and having had the biggest thing of her life fuck her the deepest she had ever been fucked, she was understandably sore and halted me from going as deep as I knew I should have been able.

There was nothing left to do but fuck my wife and cum inside her (we had thrown away the contraception several months previously and were trying for a baby). I climbed between her legs, my cock rigid, and tenderly kissed her soft lips that opened slackly, suggesting the whole experience had been as sexy for her as it was for me. Lifting my hips I placed my purple and bloated dick at her cunt’s new vast entrance cavity. I could feel the change before I even entered her properly, because there was no real pressure blocking my insertion. It felt like her cunt lips were gently cupped around the head of my dick. When I entered her there was nothing really – slight warmth was about it. Fuck! I couldn’t feel her. I was fucking against almost empty space. It was awe inspiring and erotic. I started thrashing into the void, the apparently bottomless chasm where that sweet nineteen year old I had met had once had a cunt. There was nothing there. A deep, futile hollow; an abyss I could never touch. In a paroxysm of selfish lust, I placed her legs over my shoulders and fucked angrily into her. “Dirty little fucking gaped cunt slut. You’re a loose bitch, a big holed sloppy cunted slut. I bet you can’t even feel my cock. Well, cop this.” Of course I didn’t say any of this, but these were the dirty thoughts running through my head. “Cop this” meant I slammed my dick into as hard as I could, thoroughly smashing my pelvis into her. I reached down and inserted four fingers from one hand and two from another. Her pussy lips just dropped open to let my fingers in – there was no delicate edging required. I continued fucking, my fingers providing extra stimulation for my cock in her loose cunt. While I fucked, other thoughts which came as I raced towards my climax included, “No man’s big enough for you now you baggy bitch. How’s that sagging cunt feel? You like it, you like not feeling dick. I’m going to fuck your cunt up even more, slut. Gonna stick my whole fist in there and really make you a useless gaping holed worn out slut.” And that was about when I came.

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