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Xxx home video part 7

Swiftly, and with growing skill, the fifteen-year-old stud pushed his throbbing boner up into his mother's arse, slamming it in to the root. He sodomized her lustfully, venting his pent-up lust. Melanie bucked and squirmed, groaning in wanton delight.
"Fuck my arse son, fuck me. Oh yeah! Your cock feels so good! Bugger me motherfucker."
Danielle had been watching this with barely disguised delight, but then she began grabbing sneaky glances to her father who stood next to her, looking through the eye-piece of the camera. She looked at her dad's big prick, thinking that it appeared even bigger in real life than it did in the movies. She could hardly believe her mother took that monsterous member in her cunt, let alone her arse! Danielle's cunt was positively dripping in her knickers.
"Fuck her arse son," Gerald instructed Simon, "then get ready for the cum-shot. I want you to hose your mum down with sperm."
"Is anyone going to er...see this film?" Danielle asked, nervously.
"No, it's just for us," Simon replied, bum-fucking his mother at an increasingly fast pace as his orgasm approached, "Our own private home video."
"I think we'd be arrested if we tried to release it at the cinema," quipped Melanie in between pants of sodomistical lust.
"I'm about to cum," Simon announced a moment later, "Oh fuck! It's coming!" He slid his dick from his mother's anus.
"Coat me son," Melanie said, turning and sitting on the edge of the sofa, right in front of her son's throbbing prick, "Drench me in fucking cum!"
Gerald stepped forth and trained the camera on the horny i****tuous pair. Danielle's view was blocked by her dad so she walked round to the other side, growing more confident as she bent over slightly to get a good eyeful of the approaching facial her mother was about to receive.
As he looked through the eye-piece, Gerald grinned. He had a perfect shot; his wife's face was to one-side of the image, his son's cock was thrusting out from the other side of the image, and in the middle was Danielle's pretty, awe-struck face in the background.
Simon gripped his prick and pumped it in his fist, breathing hard and fast.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck," he gasped, "Here it it is...NNNNG!"
Danielle's eyes grew wide with amazement as she saw her b*****r's sperm erupt from his cock, a series of great hot jets of slimy cum that splashed all over her mother's face.
Simon continued masturbating himself furiously, shooting wad after wad of semen over his mum. "UUUUH! Take it mum!"
"Holy shit," whispered Danielle, stunned at the amount of sperm that seemed to be contained in her b*****r's balls, although it was no longer in his balls but over their mum's face! Finally the flow ended, and Simon cheekily rubbed his spunky cock-head over his mother's beslimed face.
"Delicious, delicious," purred Melanie. A lot of cum had landed in her hair, making it clammy and damp. She loved the sensation of sperm over her, especially after having been so soundly cunt and arse-fucked by both her husband and son. Having her daughter present and watching with awe turned her on a great deal too.
"Great shot son," grinned Gerald.
"Thanks dad," said Simon, out of breath. He stepped back and slumped into an armchair, his prick semi-hard and nodding over his belly.
"Are you going to shoot now dad?" asked Danielle.
"Yes honey," her father replied.
"All over mum?"
"Sure. Unless you'd like a go."
Danielle was stunned at this suggestion. It excited her but she was too shocked to reply. Her mum decided to speak on her behalf.
"I'm sure she'd love to," said that mischievous mother, "I'm sure Danielle would love nothing more than to have her father spunk up all over her." Melanie then stood and took the camera from her husband. "Sit down Danielle."
The girl did so, sitting on the edge of the sofa, looking a little nervous. Simon had now sat up straight on the armchair, watching intently, keen on seeing his pretty twin s****r get a messy facial.
"Take your top off sweetheart, or it'll get cum stained," advised Gerald.
Danielle hesitated, then quickly whipped off her top, throwing it aside. She had no bra on and her boobs were displayed to the world. They were nice tits, average in size but still a good handful, and perfectly shaped. They were round and firm, and the pink nipples on top of them were stiff. She still wore her skirt and her boots, but there would be other occasions, she knew, when she could show off the rest of her body. The girl suddenly realised how great it was to have her body - or at least, the top half - exposed to other people. Exhibitionism was even more fantastic than voyeurism!
With his wife standing nearby with the camera trained on Danielle's face, Gerald stepped up and stood in front of his daughter. He was incredibly aroused and immediately began jerking off his long pulsing cock.
"How long will it take?" Danielle asked, casually.
"It's here already!" gasped Gerald, surprising even himself just how close to orgasm he had been, "Holy FUCK!! UUUUUH!"
His fist blurred as he pumped his cock, Gerald began spurting thick white cum over Danielle's face. The girl winced and shut her eyes to prevent sperm getting in them, but - as her parents and b*****r noted - she did not look in anyway disgusted. In fact she looked positively delighted, grinning and tipping her head back to ensure she got the thick gouts of sperm full in her face.
"Oh yeah, oh yeah," cried Gerald, overwhelmed with lust as he continued firing his jism over his teenaged daughter. He hadn't ejaculated all day and his load was even more abundant than his son's had been. When he finally stopped cumming, his daughter was drenched, her face thick with cum. Oozing blobs of it ran down her cheeks and fell to splat against her firm tits. She grinned.
"Wow," she gasped, "that was so fucking cool!"
"Have a taste sweetheart," Gerald said, tending his prick to Danielle's lips. The girl opened them and sucked tentatively on her father's cock. She slurped on the spermy prick-head, and when she quickly found she liked the taste she sucked harder, slurping noisily.
Melanie zoomed in further with the camera. She had caught the whole thing on film and now got a detailed close-up of the slimy drips of semen hanging obscenely from her daughter's chin.
"Superb!" Melanie commented.
"That was great," agreed Simon.
Finally, the filming was over. Melanie turned the camera off whilst Gerald took his prick from his daughter's mouth.
"That was so much fun," Danielle babbled, excitedly, "Oh shit, we've gotta do this again sometime! Are we going to do a sequel? Can I have a more active role in it? I want to be fucked. I want to be fucked by you daddy. And by Simon."
"Let's see how this went first," Gerald grinned. He took the tape out the camcorder and popped it into the video. Danielle and Melanie wiped their faces down with tissues and then the f****y sat down to view the movie. Gerald sat on an armchair, Melanie sat on his lap, sideways, an arm flung round her husband's shoulders, their faces fixed on the TV screen. Their son and daughter, meanwhile, sat on the sofa, close to each other, their legs and shoulders touching.
Gerald hit 'Play' on the video remote and onto the screen came the film they had just shot. It was a good picture, very sharp and well-lit, and it opened with Melanie sucking Simon's cock. The f****y sat and watched, proud and delighted, as their sordid antics were replayed on the telivision.
"We should get an oscar for that," giggled Simon once it was over, the final shot of the film being a lingering, close-up view of Danielle's cum-smeared face whilst she sucked her dad's wilting prick.
"That was ace," the girl said, "I wish I was in it more." Normally she was camera shy, squealing in terror if anyone trained a camera on her, but suddenly she felt a surge of confidence at how pretty she looked on the film and how superb it was to be involved in, of all things, a porn movie with her parents and b*****r. She glanced at Simon's cock which, like her father's, had re-stiffened during the movie viewing. She licked her lips.
"Why don't you take off what few clothes you're wearing honey?" Melanie said to her daughter as she got up off of Gerald's lap, "Come and show your daddy your charms."
Danielle blushed, shyly, then stood up. She began undoing her skirt, aware that her parents and b*****r's eyes were on her. When she had taken off her skirt, the fifteen-year-old felt a flush of confidence. She removed her boots and socks, which left just her skimpy black knickers, which she slid out of with a flourishing wiggle of her hips.
"Gorgeous," concluded Gerald as he admired his daughter's delicious body, "Utterly gorgeous." He sat up straight on the armchair. "Come here honey."
Danielle went over to her father, who reached out and began stroking her breasts, lovingly, He ran his hands all over her, his eyes in particular fixed to her cunt. Like her mother, Danielle had a furry cunt, a nice triangle of dark pubic hair framing a neat pink slit. Owing to his sodomistical inclinations, it did not take long before Gerald turned his daughter around so that he could examine her bum, and he found it very much to his taste. It was deliciously pert and firm, but despite the girl's slender build her arse-cheeks did have a superb roundness to their shape. Gerald lightly slapped those cheeks, admiring the delicious bounce those delicious whtie bum-cheeks possessed. Gerald heaped kisses and compliments on it.
"You look gorgeous Danielle," Gerald declared, "and you can star in our porn-movies any day."
"Cheers dad."
"Now go and see your b*****r."
With a cheeky grin, Danielle sexily sauntered over to the sofa, on which Simon sat with a fresh erection. She took him by surprise by leaning down and kissing him lustily on the lips. She thought he might squirm away, but instead he respodned by slipping her tongue into her mouth. The siblings kissed for a moment, before Danielle stood up straight. That left Simon to emulate his father by fondling and kissing his s****r's superb charms; her breasts, her flat belly, her hairy twat and her cute round bum. There was no doubt his s****r was esquisitely sexy, but the fact that she was his s****r made Simon even more attracted to her. Likewise, Danielle was not only enjoying the attention - she was unneccessarily shy about her body, and neither courted nor received much attention from boys - but she found it such a turn to have her father, and then her b*****r, lustfully exploring her body.
"You're the sexiest s****r imaginable," concluded Simon, fondling his s****r's bare bum, "Even if you are a bit of grumpy bitch sometimes."
"I'm not grumpy," Danielle snootily retorted, "Just...usually lost in thought."
Simon giggled and parted his s****r's buttocks, exposing her hairless, rose-pink anus, which he spent a moment tickling with the tip of his tongue.
"By fuck, I'm horny as anything," Gerald announced, still seated in the armchair, erection waving in the air, "I'll die if I don't fuck some juicy cunt in the next ten-seconds."
"Allow me daddy," Danielle said, leaving her b*****r and hurrying over to her dad, "I've fantasised about this for so long whilst watching your porn movies."
"I thought as much," Gerald grinned.
"I was so jealous of those sluts you fucked in the films," Danielle added, "Now it's my turn to have your big cock all to myself."
The teenager then got astride her father, facing him, hands on his broad shoulders and her cunt hovering over his upright prick. She eagerly lowered herself, taking her father's cock-head in her pussy, then she lowered herself some more.
"Nnnnng," she gasped, having forgotten she had only had sex a couple of times and, in her enthusiasm, having failed to remember her dad's prick was rather large. She continued though, so eager was she to fuck her father, just as her b*****r had fucked their mum. Lower and lower she went, her knuckles white as she held her father's shoulders. Gerald reached round and gripped his daughter's hips, supporting her on her long journey down.
"That's it honey," he murmered, "That's it, all the way down. Take daddy's big cock in your snatch you horny girl!"
"Aaaah, fuck," cried Danielle as, with one last movement, she impaled herself fully on her father's prick. Every inch of the raging hard prick that gave her life was buried up her cunt, her buttocks pressed to his thighs. "Oh daddy, that feels so good!"
She leaned in and clamped her lips to those of her father's, snogging him lustfully. Then she pulled away, grinning, and she began to lift herself up then lower herself, repeating the action. Steadily she increased her pace, bouncing on her dad's big prick. Gerald did not have too much work to do, so he just sat back, his daughter riding him, busying himself by fondling her delicious pert titties.
Simon was so intent on watching this enjoyable activity that he did not notice his mother coming over to him until she was standing right before him, blocking his view, her cunt before his eyes.

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