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Xxx home video part 6

Simon knelt down and began eagerly lapping at his mother's hairy cunt, his father naturally zooming in on this oral action.
"Shove your tongue right up your mother's cunt," Gerald ordered. His prick was raging hard in his jeans and he knew he would have to get in on the action soon. However, he was enjoying being the cameraman for the moment, knowing that he and his wife and son would enjoy watching the results later.
He suddenly had an idea; he could leave the video with his own porn-flicks so that Danielle would pluck it out on her next clandestine expedition. He grinned as he imagined the look on his daughter's face as she watched it, and he hoped that the sexy minx would insist on starring in some movies of her own with them.
After thoroughly slurping his mother's juicy snatch, Simon stood up, his prick raging hard and nodding heavenwards.
"I just gotta fuck you mum! Get up and let me sit down. You can sit on my prick."
Melanie swiftly got off the sofa and Simon took her place, sitting there and holding his towering pole upright. Melanie turned and lowered herself, facing away from Simon as she impaled her cunt on the boy's erection.
"Oh yeah, uuuuh!" she groaned as she finally sat down fully in her son's lap, Simon's pulsing dong buried to the hilt in her clutching pussy, "OH GOD! That is sooo good!"
Gerald had filmed his wife's face, loving the look of pleasure on her face as she took Simon's dick, a look of pleasure that was genuine, which was rarely the case in a professional porn movie.
Her hands on her knees, Melanie began lifting herself up and down, her buttocks clapping against Simon's pelvis, her son holding her by the hips to help her rise and fall.
"Ride me mum, ride my cock," he panted. His mother's cunt felt so hot and tight and he couldn't wait to blow his load, although he knew he would have to hold himself back for a while, otherwise it would be a short movie!
Gerald stepped back and spent a while filming a full shot of his wife bouncing on Simon's prick. Occasionally he would move in and film their ecstastic faces, or get a nice close-up of Simon's erection alternately appearing and disappearing up his wife's vagina.
"Fuck me, fuck me," Melanie groaned, bouncing faster, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum soon, I'm gonna fuckin' cum!"
"Yeah mum, yeah!" Simon grunted, thrusting his prick in and out of his mum's twat, working in time with her rythm, "I want you to cum you horny cunt, I want you to cum with my big prick up your snatch. Oh yeah mum! Ride my dick, ride your motherfucking son's dick! UUUUH! Damn it's good to be a motherfucker!"
"That'd make a good title for this movie," commented Gerald, "Damn it's good to be a motherfucker! Heh!"
"Oh GOD, I'm cumming, yeah, uuuuuh!" Melanie began wailing, humping her son for all she was worth, "OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!!!"
Simon thrust upwards to meet his mother's humping motion, gritting his teeth with the effort, determined to make his mother's climax a good one.
"AAAAH, YEAH!" cried Melanie, slamming herself down fully on Simon's cock, grinding her arse into his lap and shuddering as her orgasm peaked, "Shitting hell that was good. Yeah!"
"That's it, that's it," drooled Gerald, zooming in on his wife's face with the camera, the shot filled with Melanie's ecstatic expression.
"What a cum," concluded Melanie, out of breath, her orgasm fading.
"I gotta cool off, I'm in danger of shooting my load already," Simon commented.
"Want to take over the camera work?" his father asked him.
"Sure dad."
Melanie got up, her son's prick sliding wetly out of her sopping cunt. The boy took the camera from his dad and Gerald began undressing. Simon acquainted himself with the controls and made sure it was recording as he turned it onto his parents. Not wasting any time, Gerald had stood in front of the sofa on which his wife sat and had rammed his prick down her gullet, Melanie moaning with muffled joy as she deep-throated her husband in the same way she had done so to her son earlier.
"Suck you delicious babe," Gerald instructed her, "Suck it right down you sonfucking whore. Oh yeah!"
Melanie spent a few moments sucking lovingly on her husband's impressive erection before she suddenly felt an urge to be fucked once more.
"Do me doggie-style," she ordered Gerald as she turned on got on her hands and knees, gripping the back of the sofa, her sexy bum thrust out at cock-level.
"You got it honey," Gerald said, "Lemme get a taste of your sweet cunt and arse first." He knelt and lapped Melanie's dripping cunt for a few minutes, working his tongue right up there, Melanie purring with delight. Then he moved up to her anus and tongued that as well, rimming it thoroughly. He swirled the tip of his tongue round Melanie's dark puckered shit-ring then slid it in, driving over two-inches into her rectum.
"Uuuuh, lick my arsehole, drive your tongue up my shit-chute," begged Melanie.
"Are you going to do mum in her arse?" Simon asked his dad, naturally capturing all this on film and getting off on his mother's dirty-talk.
"Of course son," replied Gerald, standing up, his prick throbbing, "It's not a proper porn film if it hasn't got anal! First I'm going to fuck her cunt."
As promised, Gerald slid his pole into his wife's snatch from behind, driving it all the way in. He held her hips and began pumping his prick back and forth, Melanie looking over her shoulder and urging her husband on with osbcenities. "Fuck me honey, fuck my hot cunt just as hard as our son just did. Oh yeah! UUUUH! Are you getting this on film Simon?"
"Yeah mum?" replied her son, getting a close-up shot of his dad's prick ramming repeatedly into his mother's cunt before he stepped back and got a panoramic view of this delicious scene. His own cock was raging hard still and, although he was having fun filming his parents fucking, he couldn't wait to take over his dad's role and fuck his mum.
The f****y were having such fun that they didn't hear Danielle arrive home early.

"What the...?!" stammered Danielle, standing in the living room doorway. The pretty fifteen-year-old was dressed in a pair of clumpy black boots, a short red skirt and a baggy 'Korn' T-shirt. She had on black nail-varnish, purple lipstick and matching eye-shadow, and finally her dyed-red hair was deliberately scruffy and wild, hanging in her shocked looking face.
Pausing in mid-thrust, his cock lodged half-way up his wife's cunt, Gerald looked round, as did Melanie.
"Hi s*s," Simon said, casually, standing near his parents and also turning to look at his s****r, "Um...we're making a movie."
"A porn movie," Melanie added, rather needlessly.
"Er..." began Danielle. She had come home early, having been unable to concentrate on band practice after what she had evidently heard going on that morning; her mum fucking her b*****r. However, what she had stumbled in on still took her by surprise.
"Close the door Danielle, you're letting all the heat out," Simon said to his s****r. As usual he was able to remain cheerfully stoic in the face of his s****r. Danielle closed the door than turned back to stare at the rest of her f****y.
"Fancy joining in?" grinned Simon, and he pointed the camera at his s****r and looked through the eye-piece, getting a framed shot of Danielle's stunned face.
"Oi," she snapped, stepping out of shot, "Don't point that thing at me."
"It's only a camera s*s."
"Who said I was talking about the camera?" retorted Danielle, her b*****r grinned as he realised that his long erection had been pointing directly towards his s****r.
"Sorry s*s. It's got a life of it's own." The boy then turned back round and trained the camera on his parents. "And...action!"
Gerald grinned and resumed fucking his wife, drilling her cunt and getting a thrill out of his daughter now being in the room. He was glad she hadn't freaked out at least.
Danielle tentatively stepped up to her b*****r, watching her father fuck her mum. It was magnificent to see her dad in action in real-life and not just in a video, and she found the novelty of watching her own parents fuck to be supremely arousing. Her b*****r was busy filming away so Danielle peered to oneside and caught a few sneaky glances at the boy's mammoth prick, which made her shiver with excitement. The punky teenager suddenly felt over-dressed, given that she was the only one in the room who was wearing any clothes at all, but she did not quite have the self-confidence to just whip off all her clothes.
"Umm..." she began, feeling a little left-out of things, "Er...what...are you doing?" It was a daft question, but it was all she could think of, and she had felt uncomfortable not having asked anything about what on Earth was going on.
"Well," Simon explained, not looking at his s****r but instead concentrating on filming his humping mum and dad, "I want to be a porn-star, like dad was, so mum and dad are helping me practice. In a minute, dad is going to take over the role of cameraman and I'm going to step in and give mum a good screw."
"Oh," nodded Danielle.
"Nnnng! Fuck me, fuck me," Melanie began grunting, eager to express her obscene lust in front of her pseudo-misanthropic daughter, "Ram it up me Gerald! Fuck my cunt."
"Uh, oh yeah, uuuh," Gerald panted, pounding his wife's snatch with his throbbing prick, "Take it you slut! Tell the camera how much you love being fucked!"
"I love being fucked!!" Melanie drooled at the camera, wanton lust in her eyes. She flashed a lewd grin at her daughter then asked her husband: "Will you shove your cock up my arse? I loved being buggered as well!"
"With pleasure," Gerald replied, and he pulled his glistening cock from his wife's cunt. He placed the fiery tip to Melanie's saliva-slick anus and pushed.
"NNNNNNNG!" moaned Melanie, "Oh yeah....ease it up me!"
"AAAAH!" cried Gerald, triumphantly, as his cock-head squeezed up his wife's arse. "Oh yeah, it's going up your bowels you horny bitch." He pushed and pushed, his enormous erection vanishing up Melanie's arse slowly, filling up her rectum until he was buried to the root.
"Now fuck me, fuck my arse," urged Melanie.
Gerald obeyed, pulling half his ten-incher from her anus before slamming it back in. He buggered his wife at a steady pace, thrusting to and fro, making her shiver with pleasure.
Danielle was just standing there, next to her naked, camera-weilding b*****r, as their parents engaged in sodomistical delights before there eyes. Danielle was feeling incredibly horny, both at the sight of her dad buggering her mother, and also at the presence of her naked and aroused twin b*****r. She shuffled imperceptably towards her b*****r so that her arm brushed against his. She just felt compelled to have some physical contact with someone, no matter how minor, to stop her from feeling rather isolated. Her parents were fucking and her b*****r filming it as if she weren't there, and Danielle, despite her moody attitude and frequent demands to leave-me-alone as she stomped upstairs in a sulk, desperately longed for acceptance, especially with regards to something so shockingly intimate as what was happening before her eyes!
"Fuck, this arse is tight," Gerald commented, sodomizing his wife with heaving thrusts of his hips, "So fucking tight!"
"That's 'cos your cock is so big," observed Melanie, "It feels so good up my shitter. Uuuuh!"
After a few moments, Simon stepped forwards and zoomed in on his mother's cock-plugged anus. He then knelt on the sofa on which his mother was bent over and he got a lovely shot of her face. Melanie hammed it up, blowing kisses at the camera and grinning, her body shaking with each f***eful cock-thrust from her husband.
Danielle stood on her own nearby, chewing a little nervously on her lip, feeling incredibly turned-on but not sure how to deal with things.
"Get a gaping-arse shot," Gerald said to his son as he pulled his thick cock from Melanie's arsehole. It emerged with a sucking noise.
Simon knew what a gaping-arse shot was, having seen plenty in his dad's porn movies. With his father having moved aside, Simon got behind his mother and got a nice shot of his mother's behind, in particular her arsehole, which gaped open to a diametre of an inch, slick and yawning.
"Mmmm, nice mum," he commented. Then the boy moved aside and Gerald stepped back up and sheathed his lance in his wife's rectum. He buggered her once more, Simon stepping back to film from a distance, bumping into his s****r.
"Sorry s*s," he said.
"S'okay," Danielle shrugged, for the first time in her life resisting the urge to snap at her pesky b*****r.
"Your go son," Gerald eventually said, withdrawing his prick from Melanie's rectum.
"Excellent!" Simone declared. He handed the camera to his father and, with Gerald standing next to Danielle and filming away, Simon stood behind his mother.
"Shove it in to the root motherfucker," the horny wench demanded.
"Whatever you say mum," Simon responded, "Up your fucking arse we go!"

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