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Xxx home video part 5

"AAAAAH, what a cum," Simon groaned, jerking his hips and shooting the last couple of squirts of his sperm into his mother's guts, "Fucking hell! What an arse. What a lovely fucking arse mum."
"Had enough you beautiful cocksucker?" Gerald asked his wife as he took his wilting, cum-and-saliva slick cock from her mouth.
"No," giggled Melanie, hot and sweat and glutted with jism from both ends, "I can never have enough sperm. But I'm happy for now though. Wow! You two guys gave me a damn good fucking."
"It was our pleasure mum," Simon smiled as he finally tugged his cock from his mother's behind, "Phew! I'm wasted."
"You'll sl**p well tonight son," Gerald commented, "Nothing like a good fuck to give you a good night's sl**p."
They got their breaths back before Simon put on his boxer-shorts, thanked his parents for a damn fine evening, then went off to his own room. Gerald and Melanie settled down to sl**p, happy with the introduction of their son into their sex-life.
Naturally, Gerald only had thoughts for getting Danielle involved.

Simon was half-awake at seven o'clock the next morning when there was a soft knock at his bedroom door.
"Mmmm?" he muttered, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.
"Morning," whispered his mother with a cheeky grin as she opened the door, "Can I come in?"
"Sure," Simon said, feeling exciting as the memories of last night came flooding back.
Melanie entered the room and shut the door behind her. She was wearing a pair of black fish-net stockings held up with a lacy garter-belt...and nothing else!
"Shit mum, you look hot," Simon gasped, admiring his mother in this sexy gear, "Totally hot!"
"Thanks sweetie."
"What if Danielle saw you?" Simon suddenly added.
"Who cares?" shrugged Melanie, "It doesn't bother me. She's seen your dad starring in porn-movies, what does it matter if she sees her mum wandering around the house almost naked? Besides, I wanted to give you a nice hard-on by showing you my tits and my hot cunt!" She strucked a pose as she stood by the bed, hands on her hips and flashing a sexy grin.
"Wow, I've certainly got a hard-on now!" Simon drooled, eyes glued to his mother's hot body, in particular her furry cunt which looked even sexier being framed by the garter-belt and the straps that held up her stockings. "You looks so gorgeous mum."
"Let me see how gorgeous your cock thinks I am," Melanie said, and she reached out and dragged the covers from her son's bed. The boy lay there, nude, his eight-inch dick laying across his belly, pulsing and hard. "Mmmmm! That's a nice morning salute for mummy." She bent down and kissed her son's cock-head. "Delicious! I'm feeling horny - as always - and your dad is asl**p. Fancy soothing the itch in my cunt?"
"Sure," Simon grinned. His mother had quickly dropped the pretense of pretending to be somehow providing assistance in training him to satisfy his idle ambitions of being a porn-star. She was a horny nympho who liked to be fucked, and she was happy for her son to help satisfy her. "Climb aboard mum!"
Melanie got onto the bed, swinging a leg over Simon's hips so that she knelt astride him. She reached down and held her boy's mammoth erection upright and guided the head to her slick cunt.
"Mmmmmm," she moaned as she the tip entered her twat, "Oh yeah! That feels so good. Your cock feels so good in mummy's twat." The horny mother lowered herself, groaning as she took half of the thck cock into her cunt. She took her hands from the shaft and placed them on her thighs, her eyelids fluttering and her mouth hanging open as, excitedly, she lowered herself down and down.
"Ah fuck mum, oh yeah," Simon gasped as his cock dissapeared slowly into his mother's cunt, "Holy shit!"
"NNNNG! I'm fully impaled," Melanie moaned, every inch of her son's erection in her twat. She spent a moment just kneeling astride the fifteen-year-old, loving the feeling of being stuck on this throbbing spike. Then she began to rise up and lower herself at a steady rate, up and down, up and down. Simon began to thrust his cock upwards slightly to meet his mother, matching her rythm.
"What a great way to start the day," he purred, reaching up to fondle his mother's small but juicy titties as she rode his cock.
"It is honey, it is," Melanie agreed, "Oh yeah! Your cock is so big and hard! It makes mummy feel so fucking good. Oh yeah! UUUUH!"
Melanie increased her pace, actively bouncing on her son's prick, Simon likewise thrusting upwards harder.
"Oh mum, fuck me, fuck me," he grunted, "Ride my cock."
"Your prick feels so good sweetheart, you're going to make a wife damn happy when you're older!"
"Fuck...I'm gonna shoot already...uuuh!"
"Cum sweetheart," panted Melanie, riding her son's erection harder, "Blow your nuts in my twat! God yeah!"
Simon held his mother's hips and pulled her down whilst thrusting upwards, burying his cock up to the hilt in his mum's clutching snatch just as he began to spurt his hot seed. He let out a long groan of satisfaction as he blasted his sperm into his mother's womb, Melanie grinding her cunt down onto her son's jizz spewing prick.
"That's it darling, that's it," she purred, body shaking with joy as she knelt astride her beautiful son, Simon looking as if he might faint with the strength of his first climax of the day.
"Oh yeah," he concluded with a grin, his balls having finally emptied in his mother's womb, "That was great mum."
Melanie leaned over her son and kissed him. "You fucked me beautifully."

Meanwhile, Danielle was outside in the hallway. She had been laying in bed and wondering what the noise was, the sound of bed-springs bouncing and grunting. At first she thought it might be her parents fucking, and she had decided to go and stand outside their door and listen. She often did that, hands down her knickers and playing with herself as she put an ear to her the door of her mum and dad's bedroom, listening to the go at it hard and fast.
However, on stepping outside of her room, Danielle had realised that hte noises had been coming from her b*****r's room! She was intensely curious. Had Simon bought a girlfriend home or something? Danielle was not a virgin, but only because she had had a couple of back-seat-of-the-car humps with a guy she had briefly dated a few months ago. Otherwise, despite being pretty, the rather introverted and moody teenager had no love-life to speak of, and it made her envious to think of her younger b*****r getting more sex than her!
Standing in just a pair of white cotton knickers and a bra, Danielle listened at her b*****r's door and been shocked to hear her mum in there too, with snatches of sordid utterances that made it clear the pair - mother and son - had just been fucking.
"Fuck," Danielle whispered to herself, unable to believe the i****tuous activity going on behind her b*****r's bedroom door.
Danielle stepped back as she heard that her mum and b*****r had evidently finished.
"That was a great fuck mum," Danielle heard her b*****r say, his voice muffled behind the closed door.
Suddenly, Gerald came out of the master bedroom, the tall, dark-haired father wearing his boxer shorts. He yawned and looked down the hallway and caught sight of Danielle. She was facing away from him and had not noticed his prescence. Gerald smiled as he admired his offspring's body as she in turn was busy listening at her b*****r's door. Gerald's eyes went to his fifteen-year-old daughter's arse, a cute, pert, round little thing snugly hugged by her tight white knickers.
"Morning Danielle," he called.
Danielle yelped and spun round, seeing her father grinning at her.
"Morning dad," she smiled, trying to look all casual, "Erm...I'm going to the loo."
"Fair enough," shrugged Gerald. He knew that his wife had gone to fuck their son, and he knew that his daughter had been listening and was now pretty much privy to the i****tuous turn that household had taken. "I'm going to make breakfast," he the stated, heading downstairs.
"Okay dad," Danielle stammered, and after her father had gone she looked at her b*****r's bedroom door. She was about to listen some more but then heard footsteps, presumably her mother about to leave.
Danielle quickly scurried into her bedroom and shut the door, her head ablaze with a variety of thoughts and images as she took in what her mother and b*****r had seemingly been up to....and then there was the way her father had grinned at her. He must have known what had been going on, and furthermore her dad's smile had held a lot of lewd affection for her. Danielle suddenly wondered whether her parents knew she had been frequently borrowing and watching the movies her father had starred in.
She felt a little dizzy, her mind rather confused, although her body was quite firm in how it felt about the possibilities that extended from that morning's revelations. Her nipples were stiff, her breathing deep and her cunt sopping and wet.

Later that morning, despite feeling compelled to stay around the house and try to figure out what the rest of her f****y were getting up to, Danielle had to go to band practice. She was in a small band with two girls and a guy from school, a wild, noisy little foursome that was trying to be the next Slipknot or the next Oasis (they couldn't decide.) Danielle was the lead singer, although she couldn't really sing. She just got that position because she couldn't play any instruments and just happened to be the best looking member of the band.
Gerald and Melanie were going into town so dropped Danielle off at her friend's house, the girl sitting in the back and failing to come up with a suitable method of asking for confirmation that her mum had fucked Simon, but without being unsubtle about it. Eventually, having failed to bring the subject up, she piled out the car with a "See ya," and hurried to her friend's house, from which could already be heard the sound of drums being played. Badly.
Gerald and Melanie drove off, heading to the shops.
That left Simon at home. He put on one of the porn videos his parents had tucked away in their wardrobe, and he grinned as he watched the movie starring his dad.
The film - 'Buggertastic Babes! - was made in 1985 and Gerald was only in his early-twenties. In this, the penultimate scene of the movie, he was on a bed, kneeling behind a big-breasted blonde and fucking her hard in the arse. As befitted the style of the 1980s, Gerald had blonde streaks in his hair, and the woman had a big frizzy hair-do, lots of pink make-up and absurdly large hoopy ear-rings. Simon was both aroused and amused as, on the large TV screen, his dad sodomized the blonde woman, making her have a loud orgasm by vigorously plunging his cock repeatedly into her tight arse. Simon figured that the woman was faking the climax. He could tell the difference now that he had seen a woman have a genuine orgasm - his mother! After he had deeply buggered his co-star for long enough, the young Gerald pulled his dong from her arse, flipped her over and masturbated all over her face, the camera coming in close to catch every detail of the messy facial. The horny scene ended with a prolonged shot of the horny blonde woman licking Gerald's cock clean of cum and shit, her face dripping with fuck-sauce that glistened in the burning studio-lights.
"Cool," grinned Simon. He had seen this film quite a few times but it was still enjoyable. He imagined himself in the role of his father, humping hot young babes and spurting cum all over them. He felt like jacking off but his mother had warned him not too before she and her husband had left to go shopping. Simon obeyed, knowing instinctively that his parents had something lewd planned for when they got back. It was hard to resist the urge to jerk off though, especially when the next scene came on. This one didn't star his dad, but instead had two horny eighteen-year-old girls licking and finger each other's arseholes before - as is traditional in a porn flick - a well hung guy (someone other than Gerald) joined them and gave both teeny sluts a good arse-fucking. He climaxed deep in the bowels of one of the girls and the other felched all the sperm out and drank it down, with plenty of loud sucking and lip-smacking noises.
"Cool," repeated Simon as the titles rolled up.
He re-wound the tape and decided to watch the film again.

An hour later, Melanie and Gerald returned. They entered the living room.
"Hiya," Simon said, sitting on the sofa and still watching porn movies.
"Hi honey," said his mother, sitting next to her son and taking her shoes off.
"Look what we got," smiled Gerald, taking a box out of a carrier bag and handing it to Simon.
"Whoa, cool!" grinned the boy, seeing that his father had handed him a new camcorder, "Is this for me?"
"It's for all of us," replied his father, "I thought we could, ahem, make some movies."
"Porn flicks?"
"Sure," Melanie giggled, "Some home-made porn movies. Starring you, your dad and me."
"Wanna get started now?" asked Gerald.
"Sure!" Simon replied, eagerly, "I've been super-horny for hours!"
"Me too," his mother replied, reaching out and fondling her son's crotch, "My my, what a big stiffie you have son!"
"Let's get this thing set up," Gerald said, and Simon handed him the camcorder. Gerald took it out the box and began getting it ready to use.
"Let's get into our costumes," joked Melanie, standing up and undressing. Simon did likewise.
When mother and son were nude, Gerald had already figured out the basics of the camcorder.
"Ready to roll," he said.
"You should get a chair with 'Director' written on the back dad," said Simon.
"Oh, I'm not the director," shrugged Gerald, "We'll make things up as we go along. I'm just a cameraman. And co-star! You're not the only one who's horny Simon. You and me will take turns fucking your mum whilst the other one films."
"Okay dad."
"Give me your cock to suck honey," Melanie asked her son as she sat on the sofa, thighs apart.
"Here ya go," grinned Simon, standing in front of his mother.
Melanie reached out her right hand and encircled the base of her son's throbbing erection in her fingers. With her left hand she fingered her cunt.
"Is the camera rolling?" she asked Gerald.
"It sure is," he replied, standing next to them and pointing the camera at the action. He had his eye to the eye-piece and he grinned as he watched his wife begin sucking Simon's prick.
"Yeah, suck it mum, get it down your throat slut," Simon murmered. If he was going to be a porn-star, he had better start talking like one. "Uuuh, suck my fucking cock."
"Deep throat it Mel," Gerald urged his wife. She complied and took six of the eight-inches into her throat, slurping noisily. "Oh yeah Mel, that's it! This is going to make a great video!" He knelt down briefly, zooming in on his wife's cunt which the horny woman was sliding two fingers in and out of. Then Gerald stood up again and resumed filming the i****tuous blow-job that would comprise the opening action of their first amateur f****y-porn movie.
"I wanna eat your cunt out mum," Simon drooled shortly.
"Oh, that's so sweet my son," purred Melanie, taking the boy's cock out of her mouth and sitting back, parting her legs even further, "Lick me out. Lick my juicy twat then fuck it!"

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