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Mmmmmm," purred Melanie, "Oh yeah, fill me up honey."
Simon let out a gasp of joy as he finally slotted his entire eight-inch shaft up his mother's cunt.
"Oh wow," he panted, "Oh fuck! I'm right up there mum!" He placed his hands on his mother's arse-cheeks and looked down, hardly able to believe that he was finally fucking a woman - his own mother, in fact - his prick having entirely vanished up her snatch, his pubic hair bristling against her's, his lower abdomen pressed to her bum.
"Fuck her son," Gerald encouraged the boy as he stood at the side of the bed, jerking off his menacingly large and stiff cock, "Fuck her all the way to heaven, then I'll step in and fuck her all the way back."
"You're such an old romantic," grinned Melanie to her husband.
"Romance is for shy people who don't know their own sexuality," philosophised Gerald, "Simon? Save romantic gestures and luvvy-duvvy small-talk for dates. You're fucking a woman now, your mum, and she's a fucking randy cunt and a dirty bitch who likes to be fucked hard in every hole. Give it to her until she begs to stop, then give it to her some more to be sure."
"Oh yes, that's how I like it, I like it fucking hard and in every hole," Melanie added, "You're a motherfucker now Simon, a big-dicked motherfucker, fucking his own mother! That's makes me so horny, but not as horny as getting another load of sperm out of your prick. Give it to me motherfucker!"
Simon felt inspired by his father's words, and also by his mother's profanity-littered reaction. He held his mum's hips and began fucking her, sliding his cock to and fro in her clutching cunt. Melanie groaned with pleasure, bucking her arse up against her son's stomach and muttering obsceneties. Simon began to pick up his pace, keeping an eye on what he was doing, partly so that he didn't do anything wrong like slide out of her cunt completely, but mainly because he just enjoyed watching what he was doing. It was magnificent to see his dick dissapear up a woman's cunt, then reappear again, then vanish once more. He thrust and thrust away, beginning to grunt as he worked up a sweat fucking his mother doggy-style.
"Oooh, harder, faster," Melanie groaned, "Oh yeah, fuck me Simon, fuck me."
Gerald was jerking off as he watched his wife be fucked by their son. Danielle's room was right down the hallway and she was a heavy sl**per, but Gerald hoped the girl would wake up and wander in to see what the noise was about. He instintively knew that, with a little sweet-talking, the pretty slut would join in. Sadly, it was not to be that night. Danielle was fast asl**p under her covers, wearing nothing but a pair of headphones, having fallen asl**p listening to music. She did not (yet) know what a wild trio her parents and b*****r were!
Simon was really going at it hard after a while, fucking his mother's cunt with deep thrusts, his body soon slick with sweat like that of his mother's, both of them panting with lust.
"I'll be cumming soon mum," he soon announced.
"Pull out then k**," Gerald told him, "You have to learn self-control if you're to be a porn-star."
"Okay dad," Simon grumbled, and he slid his long erection from his mother's twat and got off the bed.
"My turn," grinned Gerald. He got onto the bed and knelt behind his wife. He held his erection by the base and wiped his cockhead up and down Melanie's slick cunt-lips. Then he abruptly shoved it into her, ramming it in to the hilt.
"Oh fuck," Melanie gasped. Simon thought his mother was in pain, but soon she was smiling with pleasure. "Oh yeah, fuck me Gerald. Our son did a good job of fucking me, let's see if you can match him."
"I'll try honey," Gerald replied, and he began fucking his wife doggy-style with slow deep pelvic thrusts. Simon stroked his erection as he watched his dad pole his mum, his glistening ten-incher sliding to and fro in Melanie cunt.
"Fuck me, fuck me," spluttered Melanie, feeling wracked with pleasure. She always enjoyed a good humping from her well-hung husband, and got one every night, but having her son to join in was heightening her pleasure even more. "OH FUCK, OH YEAH, I'm gonna CUM!" She shivered orgasmically, Gerald fucking her rampantly through her climax. When it was over, Gerald slid his dick from Melanie's cunt and hopped off the bed.
"There, you're mum's just orgasmed," he told Simon, "What a horny sight eh? There's nothing more enjoyable that making a woman cum."
"I wish I could do that," Simon commented as he got back on the bed behind his mother.
"You pretty much did," Melanie said, out of breath, "You took me half-way to orgasm, your dad just shoved me all the way there."
"I feel most proud," laughed Simon. And with that, he slided his long teenaged prick into his mother's snatch and began fucking her once more, thrusting hard with his hands clapped to her buttocks.
Once more, Melanie began panting lustfully as she was soundly fucked, whilst Gerald stood jerking off his cock as he watched his wife fucked by their son.
Simon heeded his father's words of controlling his urge to ejaculate. When his sperm began threatening to rumble up and launch itself, he slowed down then slid his dong from his mother's twat.
"All yours dad," he said, getting off the bed.
"I think I'll take the other entrance," Gerald declared, grabbing a tube of Vaseline from a bedside cabinet and squeezing some into the palm of his hand. He slathered it across his prick then got onto the bed behind his wife.
"Are you going to fuck mum up the arse?" asked Simon, getting a thrill out of asking such a rude question.
"He better," Melanie interjected, "A good cunt-fucking gets me in the mood for a good arse-fucking."
"I'll be up your shitter in a moment honey," Gerald told his wife. He guided the head of his erection to Melanie's anus and began pushing.
Simon watched, carefully. He had seen his dad arse-fuck women in the porn-vids he had starred in, but it was still amazing to think that his dad would be able to get his thck ten-incher up a hole as tight-looking as his mother's anus. But, get it up there he did. Slowly but surely, Gerald pushed the head of his dick into Melanie's anus and then he began guiding it in, a long, slow, single stroke.
"Aaaaah, fuck, yeah," Melanie cried, "Oh yeah, nnnng!"
"There we are," gasped Gerald, victoriously, "All the way up."
His prick was, indeed, buried to the root in Melanie's rectum.
"Is it tight dad?" asked Simon.
"It sure is," Gerald panted, sodomizing his wife lustfully, holding her hips to keep the squirming randy slut from moving too much, "which is surprising given the number of times I've fucked her arse."
"Oh yeah, it feels so good," Melanie panted, "UUUUGH! I love getting arse fucked! Oh yeah! Bugger me hard Gerald, then moved aside and let Simon finish me off. I want our son to spunk up in my shitter."
Simon felt excited at this prospect. For the moment, though, he was enjoying the sight of his dad bugger his mother. His mum was grunting and panting like a wild slut and his father was working up a sweat sodomizing her good and hard.
Sensing his climax approaching, and wanting his son to take over from him, Gerald eventually tugged his thick cock from his wife's anus, which yawned open, slick with lube.
"All yours Simon," Gerald said, shuffling round to the top of the bed, "Your mum can lick her shit off my dick in the meantime."
Without hesitation, Melanie sucked down her husband's soiled prick and sucked it lovingly. That left Simon to hop up behind his mother one final time. He guided his prick to her arsehole and began to ease in, finding it was loosened up thanks to his father's earlier efforts. However, it did feel very tight as he made headway in entering his mother's bowels.
"It's going up there, it's going up," Simon declared, more to himself than anyone, pushing his erection further and further into his mother's arse. "UUUUUH!" He shoved his prick in to the root, loving the tight clammy feeling of his mother's rectum as the slick walls of her bowels squeezed round his shaft.
"It feels good, doesn't it son?" asked Gerald, kneeling the other side of Melanie, fucking his wife's eager mouth, "It feels good fucking her up the shitter."
"It does, it does," confirmed Simon, humping away, "Oh God, oh yeah, it's so tight and hot. Mmmmm!"
Melanie was inwardly groaning in ecstasy as she was spit-roasted, her naked body shaking with pleasure, her husband's thick prick burning her tonsils as it worked to and fro in her mouth whilst her son's iron-hard teenaged cock plowed in and out of her tight arse.
Simon soon began to feel his orgasm approach again, but despite the intense urge he had to spew his fuck-sauce into his mother's bowels, he felt compelled to delay things just a bit more.
"Do you want to swap over dad?" he asked.
"Sure son. You come round here and face-fuck your sexy mum. I'll bum fuck her."
The two well-hung fuckers switched positions, and within a moment Simon was kneeling in front of his mother and guiding his prick into her warm wet mouth, whilst Gerald was round the other side, pushing his enormous cock up her bum. The pair of them resumed their fucking motions, employing a steady rythm as they each fucked Melanie in their chosen orifice.
"Mum gives such good head," Simon commented, amazed at how much of his cock his mother was able to fit in her drooling mouth.
"She sure does," agreed Gerald, buggering that same woman whilst holding her hips firmly in his strong hands, "That's the good thing about your mum, she'll take a prick anywhere, anytime. I can't abide boring ladies who won't take a prick anywhere except in the cunt. I remember doing a porn flick with a woman who wouldn't take it in the arse or give blow-jobs! Fair enough I suppose, that's her choice, but although I wouldn't miss the chance to fuck a nice tight cunt for the world, I do very much like some variety, a woman who'll let me avail myself in all her holes."
"Mum sure fits that description!" Simon observed.
Melanie was moaning with pleasure, still being double-fucked as she remained on her hands and knees. She didn't mind being talked about as if she weren't there, and in fact she felt proud as he dear husband spoke of her nymphomaniac attributes. To prove Gerald correct Melanie sucked even deeper and harder on her son's prick and bucked her arse against her husband's pistoning pole.
"Mmmm, mmmph, mmmmmphff," she moaned.
"Oh yeah, suck it mum, suck my fucking cock you lovely bitch," Simon purred, holding his mother's head in his hands, thrusting his hips and fucking her mouth, "You love it. You love cock don't you? Mmmmm. Suck my fucking dick."
"Let's swap son," Gerald said a moment later, pulling his long, greased rod from his wife's gaping anus.
Simon pulled his dick from his mother's mouth, the shaft slick and wet, gobs of his mum's saliva hanging from it.
"Your cock tasted so good," purred Melanie to her son, "Now shove it up my arse. Gerald? Give me your cock. I want you to spew your cum down my gullet. I want you both to fill my belly with sperm, but from opposite ends."
Gerald was soon kneeling in front of his wife once more, and he stuck his prick roughly down her throat, making her groan with pleasure. She loved being used as a fuck-slut cum-bucket.
Simon, meanwhile, had sheathed his weapon in his mother's rectum with a single stroke, and with his orgasm hovering on the horizon and desperate to rise up, he fucked his mum's shitter slowly, wanting to prolong it just a bit more. He knew he could not put off climaxing for ever, but then he did not need to worry too much about this glorious activity coming to an end because it was clear this was going to be a regular activity!
Simon was briefly pondering whether Danielle would be willing to throw herself into the mix when, suddenly, his orgasm began to rise.
"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," he grunted, pounding his mother's arse harder and faster with his cock, "Oh fuck...oh fuck!! UUUUUH!" He rammed his cock to the root in his mother's shitter and he began spewing thick gouts of scalding cum into the depths of his mother's rectum. "Ah! Ah! AAAAH! I'm cumming!"
Melanie tightened her sphincter round the base of her son's prick, actually feeling her boy's lovely slimy cream jet into her bowels.
"Here's some more honey," Gerald told his wife in a fairly calm voice, "NNNNNG! Oh yeah!" With half of his ten-incher down his wife's sucking throat, Gerald began shooting his sperm, Melanie gulping it down as it gushed into her. "Drink it down Melanie, drink it. UUUUH!"
Melanie was able to swallow most of the sperm, but some of it overflowed and ran out from her cock-plugged lips, running down her saliva-slick chin.

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