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"You'll make a fantastic porn star," confirmed Melanie, taking some tissues and wiping herself down.
"Should we keep this a secret from dad?" asked Simon, pulling up his pants and jeans and zipping himself up.
"No, we don't have to," Melanie replied.
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah. It won't mind. We're a liberal pair of parents."
"I'll say!"
"Besides, your dad starred in a few movies after we got married, so he's humped some young honeys after we got hitched, so I'm not doing anything he hasn't done."
"'s a little different though. I'm your son."
"That doesn't matter honey. He seriously won't mind. He'll be proud." Melanie had now finally wiped herself clean of sperm. She put on her dressing gown. "I'm going to get back to filing my nails. Do you want to grab a shower? I'll make a start on dinner soon."
"Okay mum. And thanks."
"You're welcome."
Melanie sat back on the bed and grabbed her nail-file, acting rather casual even though, deep down, she had been utterly thrilled at the antics that afternoon. She had long since found her son incredibly attractive, and had told her husband too. Gerald was not at all bothered and, indeed, he had confirmed that he wanted to 'fuck the shit out of Danielle'. Melanie and Gerald had an attractive son and daughter and, being amazingly libertine, they did not see anything wrong in harbouring desires for them. Melanie knew that her husband would be turned on when she got round to telling him she had got a nice facial from Simon, and if anything it would just make Gerald even more eager to get round to screwing Danielle, a mission he was intent on accomplishing, especially with the knowledge that his sexy daughter secretly watched the porn videos he starred in.
Simon gave his mum an impulsive kiss on the cheek before he left the room, feeling damn pleased with himself. He went to go to the bathroom, just as Danielle was stomping up the stairs and heading to that same room.
"Oi, me first," Danielle whined at her b*****r when Simon barged in front of her to get into the bathroom.
"Me first," corrected Simon.
"Ladies are meant to go first," huffed Danielle.
"You're no lady."
"You are though," retorted Danielle, before realising she had just justified her b*****r's priority with regards to who got to enter the bathroom first. "Get out, I need the loo," she whined.
"Go for it," Simon said as he opened the frosted glass-door to the shower, "I'm going to have a shower. That means the toilet is free."
"I'm not going to the toilet whilst you're there."
"Fair enough. Pee your knickers then."
Standing next to the shower, Simon turned and began undressing. He felt suddenly confident in himself, at ease with his body after his mother had seemed so evidently turned on by it, even if she had only focused on a certain part of his body! He removed his socks and jeans, then his T-shirt and finally his boxer-shorts. Danielle was standing in the doorway and watched, rather amazed that her b*****r was unashamedly undressing in view of her. She wondered if he was aware she was still there.
Simon casually turned to face his s****r, noting the way her eyes shot down to his cock - which was still semi-hard - and he hopped into the shower. He shut the shower-door and turned on the hot water.
"Like I said," he called, voice raised to be heard over the shower, "the toilet is free."
"Weirdo," Danielle called back. She remained rooted to the spot, then stepped into the bathroom. The frosted door on the shower meant she couldn't see her b*****r's naked body properly, just a fractered, flesh-coloured outline. After a moment's hesitation, during which she suddenly realised how much she needed to piss, Danielle shut the bathroom door and stepped up to the toilet.
Simon chose that point to start humming loudly to himself, getting a kick out of appearing as blissfully casual as possible.
Danielle tugged down her skirt and knickers and sat on the toilet, peeing whilst gazing at the outline of her b*****r's body through the shower-door. There was something odd going on with her b*****r, she thought. Simon was normally immune to her moody attitude but he seemed even more laid-back than usual. And he had certainly never stripped in front of her. Danielle wondered what had caused this. She was also curious as to why she was sitting here, on the toilet, taking a piss, whilst her b*****r was in the shower in the same room as her, albeit a frosted glass-door between them.
She finished and stood up, pulling up her knickers and skirt.
"Don't flush the..." began Simon, then he yelped as Danielle flushed the toilet and - thanks to the interconnectedness of the plumbing - caused the jet of warm water from the shower nozel to suddenly turn icily cold.
"Sorry," giggled Danielle.
"You daft woman," panted Simon, and then the water suddenly turned warm again.
Danielle left the bathroom and strolled downstairs.

Later that evening, when the f****y had all retired to bed, Melanie told her husband about the events earlier that day.
As she expected, Gerald was rather excited at the whole thing, and was soon standing on the bed, jerking off his ten-inch erection and waxing lyrically about how much he would have liked to have watched the whole incident and, furthermore, how he would like to have emulated Simon but with Danielle taking a faceful of his sperm.
"You are such a horny pervert," giggled Melanie. She was laying on the bed, nude, looking up at her rampantly aroused husband.
"This coming from the woman who jerked off her son earlier today," Gerald said, sitting down and reaching out to stroke his wife's tits, "By fuck, next time you do that, let me know and I'll come up and watch."
"It really turns you on doesn't it? Knowing that I wanked off our son?"
"Damn right it does! There's nothing more flattering than to have your wife lusted after and cummed on by another guy, especially your own son. It reminds me of my own c***dhood."
"Yes, but you fucked your Aunt, not your mum."
"Yeah," reminisced Gerald, "But it was close enough. By dear old Auntie Gemma. Well, I say 'old', she was only in her mid-twenties when she took my virginity that Christmas when I was f******n."
"Shame you never got to fuck her more than once."
"I know. Still, I made the most of it and blew my nuts right up her cunt whilst she had a screaming orgasm. Good job my mum was sl**ping off a bottle of sherry or she would have awoken."
"Would you have fucked your own mother when you were a teenager?"
"Damn right! She was gorgeous in them days. Not a prude but not wanton enough to want to fuck her own son either. Not like her little s****r Gemma."
"Well, you have time to switch generations and fuck your own daughter. If you want."
"You know I want to," grinned Gerald, now easing a finger into his wife's wet cunt, "That horny little minx! Just knowing that she has been sneakily pinching the vids I starred in to watch gives me such a hard-on."
"Well," Melanie smirked, "maybe she will want to be a porn-star like her b*****r and she might ask you to see if she's qualified in the same way Simon asked me."
"Hmmmm. Not likely. She's too moody these days."
"I've an idea," Melanie said as she suddenly got off the bed.
"What?" asked her husband.
"You'll see," Melanie called as, stark naked, she left the room.
Gerald was puzzled as to what his randy wife was up to, then began to get a good idea when she returned a moment later with Simon. The youth was wearing just his boxer-shorts, in which he was already erecting a tent at following his naked mother into the master-bedroom.
"You weren't in a hurry to sl**p were you Simon?" Melanie asked her son as she shut the door.
"No mum," the boy said, sounding excited. He saw his father grinning as he slouched across the bed, naked and with a huge hard-on. It didn't phase him; he'd seen his dad in the films of course, albeit he had been younger then.
"What are you cooking up dear?" Gerald asked his wife, "What sordid plan do you have for our poor innocent son?"
"A replay of this afternoon's fun," Melanie replied, "A nice slimy facial." She turned to Simon and reached out, stroking the boy's firm chest. "You liked sperming mummy's face didn't you honey?"
"I sure did mum."
"Good, because I liked getting spermed. And I fancy it," she continued as she walked to the bed and sat on the edge, "in stereo. Stand in front of me Simon. Take your shorts off. Gerald? Join your son in standing in front of me. Give me your two big cocks."
Gerald got off the bed and he and Simon stood in front of Melanie, the nude dark-haired beauty licking her lips as she sat there with two big pricks thrusting at her face, both fully erect. She reached out and encircled each with her hands, Simon's cock in her left fist, Gerald's in her right.
"Gorgeous, simply gorgeous," Melanie purred as she began stroking those impressive weapons. Simon and his dad exhanged wicked grins then both looked down at Melanie.
"Are you going to take mine and dad's cum in your face at the same time mum?" asked Simon.
"Damn right," his mother confirmed, pumping the cocks faster in her fists, "Double the fun!"
She then leaned forwards and clamped her lips over Simon's cock-head, taking the boy by surprise as she began slurping on his prick-tip whilst jerking it off at the base.
"Holy shit," Simon gasped.
"Your mum gives damn good blow-jobs," Gerald informed his son.
"You're not k**ding! Oh wow mum, that's great. Oh yeah. Suck it. Suck my cock."
"He even talks like a porn-star," Melanie grinned, taking her son's dick from her mouth. She then sucked on it some more. After a moment she turned to her husband and sucked on his erection, then went back to Simon. She would spend a minute sucking each of her son and husband's dicks before switching over, although she continued to jerk off each of them at all times. She was good at judging when a guy's orgasm was approaching, and soon she could sense by their breathing that her two favourite guys in the whole world were approaching orgasm.
"I'm gonna cum soon mum," Simon breathed, jerking his hips and fucking his mother's pumping fist.
"Me too," Gerald added, sounding more in control of himself but just as aroused as his son.
"Give it to me," Melanie panted, pumping both cocks simultaneously, "Drown me in spunk you horny fuckers."
"Oh mum, oh mum," Simon was groaning, "Oh fuck...NNNNGGG!"
"YES!" Melanie cried, triumphantly, as a big jet of sperm from her son's pole sprayed across her face. It was an abundant a flow as the one earlier that day. As she jerked off her son's cock, Melanie was hit repeatedly in the face with steaming wads of gooey sperm. It lashed across her forehead, nose, mouth and chin, even getting into her hair again.
"Take some more you horny bitch," grunted Gerald, grinning lewdly as his prick fired out a hot jet of cum as it was pumped in his wife's fist. Melanie turned and got a facefull of her husband's sperm, but she was still jerking off Simon in her other hand and the boy shot one last spray of sperm into the side of his mother's face. His orgasm was finally over, but his father's wasn't! Gerald was fucking his wife's fist and watching with glee as he pasted her with sperm, Melanie closing her eyes and opening her mouth and letting the jism wash over her. It took half-a-dozen pumps until the cum-shower ended, Gerald letting out a long sigh of satisfaction.
"Wow, delicious," Melanie grinned, and she then sucked her husband's sperm-oozing cock, licking it clean, before treating her son's dick in the same lewd manner.
"Fuck, I gotta take a picture of you," Gerald said, stepping back. He went to a chest of drawers and took out a digital camera, which he then held up and pointed at the bed. "Stay there Simon," he said, then he pressed the button and took a picture of his wife sitting naked on the bed, grinning and covered in thick white cum, still holding Simon's wilting cock. For good measure, Gerald took another couple of pictures. Then Simon stepped back, feeling out of breath, watching as his dad got in close and took a portrait shot of Melanie, the horny woman sticking her tongue out to the camera, her face a mess of oozing sperm.
"That'll make a nice picture to hang in the living room," joked Simon.
"It'll be a good talking point for when we have friends to visit," laughed Melanie. She got up and admired herself in the mirror before using tissues to wipe the lovely fuck-sauce from her face. Gerald put the camera down and he and Simon sat on the bed.
"That was great," Simon grinned, proud, "You're the best parents in the world."
"You're the best son in the world," Melanie said, still wiping cum from her face.
"Do you both think I'd make it as a porn-star then?" asked Simon.
"Absolutely," Melanie confirmed, turning round, finally having cleaned herself up (although her face still glistened wetly.)
"You just need to get in some practice," insisted Gerald, "I'll give you some hints and tips, and your mum will let you practice on her."
"Yeah?" Simon gasped.
"That's right," Melanie said, stepping up to her son and stroking her hand through his hair, "You're such a horny, gorgeous stud, I want to fuck you senseless, and if you want to fuck me senseless, then so much the better. You'll be an expert fucker before you're old enough to vote."
"You mean," stammered Simon, his prick re-stiffening already at the realisation of what his libertine parents were suggesting, "I can...fuck you mum?"
"Sure, why not?" shrugged Melanie, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to invite her son to do, "It'll be fun. For both of us."
"And me," Gerald said, stroking his cock which was also gaining stiffness, "There's nothing I'd like more than to watch my horny young son fuck my wife, his mother, and make her squeal with multiple-orgasms."
"I dunno if I'm good enough to give mum multiple-orgasms," laughed Simon.
"Well, you will be good enough soon," his mother said.
"Move aside son," Gerald began as he stood up, "Your mum is going to get on her hands and knees and present both her holes. Then you - and me - are going to fuck them."
His legs shaking with excitement at the prospect ahead of him, Simon got off the bed and stood to oneside.
Melanie hopped onto the bed and got on all fours in the centre of it, the sexy mother wiggling her pert round bottom invitingly. Her cunt was visibly wet and slick, the lips glistening from the dark black pubic hair. Her anus was a puckered hole - lightly ringed with hair - between her juicy spread cheeks.
"After you son," Gerald told Simon.
"Oh...okay," the youth replied. He got onto the bed and knelt behind his mother. His prick was hard and he had his mother's cunt and anus right in front of him, yet he still felt a little nervous, a little hesitant at what to do.
"Just shoved it up me," Melanie urged the boy, wiggling her arse once more, "Ease it up my cunt. Normally a little oral-attention would be nice, just to juice me up, but you and your dad sperming on my face has made my cunt wet already. Slide that big prick up me. Give mummy your virginity you handsome motherfucker you."
Simon couldn't help but be inspired by his mum's outrageously depraved language. He held the base of his prick and guided the tip to his mother's dripping cunt lips. Shuffling forwards, he squeezed the swollen head of his thick cock into his mother's twat then began to ease forwards, gliding his way into her.

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