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"Okay," he shrugged. He got off the bed and stood in front of his mother, who was sitting on the edge. She licked her lips as she anticipated seeing her strapping young son's cock. She had often been curious to know if the boy was as well hung as his dad.
Simon undid his belt then his flies before dropping his jeans. They fell to his ankles. Then, with a little nervousness, he did likewise with his boxer-shorts so that he stood there, just wearing his T-shirt, socks and shoes and with his jeans and underwear round his ankles. His cock was semi-hard and was thick and heavy looking.
"My my, you do take after your dad," observed Melanie, lewdly.
"Is it okay mum?" asked Simon, surprising himself by being remarkably relaxed showing off his penis to his mum.
"Mmmm, it's okay, more than okay. I bet it's big when it's hard."
"It is mum. Not as big as dad's though."
"Ah, so you've seen the movies he was have you?"
"Yeah," admitted Simon, "Danielle let slip that she had found them once so I demanded she tell me where they were. We both secretly watched them on our own when you and dad were out."
"They're good aren't they?" Melanie asked, looking briefly up to her son's eyes but then looking back down again, unable to drag her gaze from the boy's lovely young cock for long.
"Dad goes like a stallion," giggled Simon, "There's one movie where he does three women at once. That was great. Dad was really lucky. That's why I want to be a porn star, so I can screw loads of hot women."
"Your dad and me like to watch those movies, they get us so horny! They probably make Danielle horny too."
"I doubt it! She's too miserable and anti-boys."
"That's just an act, seriously. Danielle has been sneakily 'borrowing' your dad's movies for ages. I reckon she gets very horny watching them."
Simon briefly tried to imagine his s****r being horny. It was hard. She was a damn pretty girl for sure, but she was too fickle to imagine her being randy.
"So," Melanie began, "get your willie hard sweetie."
"Here? Now?"
"Sure. Come on, I want to see it hard. Let's see how you measure up to your father."
"I'm...not sure how."
"It's not that difficult! You're fifteen, you should be getting hard-ons all the time."
"Yeah're watching."
"Simon, you need to be able to get a stiffie in front of a camera crew if you're to star in a porn movie, so you had better learn to get a stiffie in front of one woman."
"But you're my mum."
"Well, it's a good test then. If you can get a boner in front of your own mother, then you can get a boner in front of a film crew. C'mon just think The usual."
Simon closed his eyes, images of naked woman flying across his mental vision as he tried to will his cock to life. He could feel it stiffen slightly, but not much. He was still very aware of his mum sitting in front of him.
"I've an idea," Melanie suddenly said.
"What?" asked Simon, opening his eyes in time to see his mother get off the bed.
"You'll need to see a naked lady to get a stiffie, so I guess I'll just have to do this, won't I?" And with that, the dark-haired woman took off her dressing gown and slung it to the floor so that she stood nude. She had a slim body but with a round shapely bottom and delicious fleshy thighs. Her tits were small but seemed quite pert, with dark-red nipples. Below her flat belly was a hairy triangle of pubic hair.
"Wow mum," gasped Simon, shocked but pleased at this wanton display of exhibitionism, "You look"
"Thanks honey," Melanie responded, "Now, cop a nice eyeful." She got onto the bed and stood in the centre and began to do a little dance. She closed her eyes and smiled lewdly as she swayed her hips, running her hands over her tits, her belly and her thighs. Soon she had turned round, facing away from Simon, and she bent right over, wiggling her arse then reaching round to spread those nice firm cheeks and exposing her dark puckered anus. Giggling naughtily, Melanie then got down and sat back on the edge of the bed in front of where Simon stood.
"That worked mum," the boy smiled, "Look."
"Mmmm, I'm looking, I'm looking," Melanie gasped, staring at her son's cock that was standing tall and proud in front of her. It was just over eight-inches in length, but seemed even bigger on a slender and youthful boy. "You almost measure up to your dad. Almost. I guess you might have a bit of growing to do."
Simon laughed.
"What?" asked his mother.
"I dunno," the boy shrugged, "It's just rather surreal...showing off my hard-on to my mum."
"Well, if a boy can't show off your willie to his mum, who can a boy show it off to? Besides, I'm just helping you make your future career choice, and I can say that, quite definately, you measure up to er...industry standards, I guess. That's one fine dick!"
"Did you ever star in any porn movies?" Simon asked his mother. He knew she hadn't, but he just felt over-joyed at candidly standing here with a boner, his mother sitting naked in front of him, that he wanted to prolong things.
"No, never," Melanie replide, "I would have liked to I guess, on reflection. I feel rather horny these days, even more than I used to, but I guess I'm to old to start such a career."
"You're not old mum."
"Well, I'm forty next month."
"That's not old. Besides, there's a market for, ahem, mature performers."
"I thought you said I wasn't old?"
"You're not. Just mature. Which is different."
Melanie giggled then gazed happily at her son's pulsing erection. She couldn't deny how horny she felt looking at it. An idea occured to her which she suddenly put into action with her customary impulsiveness.
"I think there's something else I need to test to see if you're up to following in your dad's footsteps," she said, reaching out and gripping her son's long pole in her fist.
"Uuh," gasped Simon at the sudden sensation of his mum gripping his dick, which stiffened yet further, "What...test is that?"
"I need to see if you can come by the bucket-load," laughed Melanie, and she began masturbating her son as he stood there in front of her, his cock at her face-level as she remained seated on the edge of the bed. "Your dad can," she explained, "I'm sure you've seen it in the movies. He almost drowned some of those ladies in sperm...and he almost drowns me to this day! You don't just need to get a big stiffie, you need to be able to round off a good humping session with a fine display of jizz-lobbing for the camera."
Simon just bit his lip and stifled a groan of pleasure as his mother pumped his cock in her fist. She had a fine wrist-snapping action and was jerking him off perfectly, the pulse-rate in his already throbbing cock rising. It didn't take Simon long to realise that, when he blew his nuts, he would hit his mother in the face with his cum.
This, of course, was Melanie's plan.
The nude mother licked her lips in anticipation as she masturbated her son's erection, her fist a blur as she pumped faster and faster.
"Is that nice?" she purred.
"It's nice mum...I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum soon....oh wow."
"Cum for mummy sweetheart. Let me see how much you can blast out of that big dick! Let me see your sperm fly!"
The throbbing rod in Melanie's fist suddenly shot a great blast of sperm into her face, a thick wad that landed in a gooey white streak that stretched, unbroken, from the right of her forehead, over the bridge of her nose and then down her left cheek almost to her jaw-line.
"Oh yeah, shoot it all out," Melanie gasped, jerking off Simon even faster, just as a second squirt of sperm erupted, splattering across her right cheek.
"Uuuuh, mum, oh fuck," gasped Simon, clenching his arse-cheeks as he thrust his hips forwards, fucking his mum's fist and looking down to watch the glorious sight of his third squirt of cum erupt, landing square on his mother's lips and chin. A fourth squirt fired out, and a fifth, both of these hitting his mother's left cheek. There was a pause in the flow, but Melanie kept wanking off her son, a sixth and final bolt of jism launching out. Simon's cock happened to be angled upwards when this last spurt emerged, and the salty cream flew high into the air and landed in his mother's hair, the white goo contrasting with her jet-black hair.
"Oh God, that was good," Simon gasped. His mother was still jerking him off, but slower now. The last of his sperm oozed from his prick, hung down obscenely for a moment, then fell, landing on his mother's bare thigh.
"What an explosion!" giggled Melanie, "Wow, I'm covered in it!"
"You sure are mum!"
"Let me see this," Melanie said, letting go of Simon's cock. She got up and went to the mirror on the dressing-table and admired herself. "Fuck, I feel as if I've had a bath in sperm," she commented, admiring all the spunk that oozed thickly down her face. A long gob was dangling from her chin and she wiped it on the back of her hand. Then she turned round, licking her lips and tasting her son's sperm. "Nice one honey!"
"I'd make a great porn-star," grinned Simon, proud of his actions and also amused at the surrealness of what had just happened. Still, when you're dad is a former porn star and your parents are quite comfortable with that fact, quite proud even, and when you and your s****r have seen those porn movies, it's hard to be to taken aback by something relatively minor about your mum jerking you off. At least that's how Simon saw it.

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