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Father and daughter part 1

The Date

Amyie Honeywell was hot and she knew it. Her friends
knew it, her professors knew it, and her parents knew
it. This is why they were allowing her to go to six
flags this weekend with Bradly Clark, the hottest boy
in school, only if her Dad was chaperoning. When she
found out she called her best friend Tara. She laid on
her bed chatting on the phone, her young body was
twisting and turning, almost writing, on the bed with
excitement. They were laughing about stuff at school
and chatting about things happening this weekend.
“Tara I can’t wait for the amusement park Saturday!
Its gonna be awesome. I mean I am going to have the
whole day with him…Yeah he’s coming too; bummer I
guess, but I can use him to my advantage. What? No way
I was thinking I would just tease a little bit and
then go in for the kill later in the evening…no he is
sooo sexy and I don’t think he is getting any sex any
where else, I mean who wouldn’t want fuck a innocent
little girl like me!….You know what Tara, your right I
better take it easy, he is older than me! HA! I want
him so badly I can taste it”

As the conversation rolled on Amyie disclosed more and
more of her plan, she got hotter and hotter and began
to touch herself. Her hand strolled below the
waistline of her sweatpants and she fiddled with her
bare pussy. She couldn’t believe she was going to Six
Flags with her Dad and the hottest boy in school. She
knew how to tease and was looking forward to secretly
tempting and fucking her new crush. The trouble was
going to be with the third wheel. How was she going to
use him to her advantage? Could she get out of sight
enough to work her magic or will she just have to do
some seriously dangerous tease work under the watchful
eye of her uninvited guest.

Amyie hung up the phone and resumed thinking about
what it would be like to have her crush’s hands all
over her, to have his hips between her legs, to have
his hard pumping cock sliding in and out of her,
stretching her to the limit. Her hands expertly worked
up under her t-shirt and she was licking her fingers
and jamming them in an out of her cunt. She was
cumming in seconds.


The Bait

The morning of the big date Amyie pulled on her black
bikini top, and pick cotton cheerleader shorts, they
said tasty on the back. She rummaged through her dad’s
underwear drawer and found a white tank top that he
never wore because it was too small. She pulled this
over her head as her dad was walking in. Mr. Honeywell
stopped at his door and saw his beautiful blonde
daughter facing away from him. He could see her pert
young ass framed by the words tasty and the small of
her back disappearing under one of his older “wife
beater” style t-shirts. Girls didn’t look like this
when I was in school, he thought. She turned and
smiled, gave him a peck on the cheek and bounced out
of the room.

“Sweetie,” he called “Don’t forget to call Bradley so
he knows we are on our way.”

“OK Dad!” she yelled back.

Married for 12 years, 50ish father Mr. Honeywell
couldn’t believe he was going to have to go with his
daughter on this date. She was almost a grown woman
for goodness sake, but his micro manager of a wife was
crazy about this sort of thing and barely let the girl
out of the house. So the chore fell to him, “Take her
to the park, and don’t let the boy try anything.” He
would take his daughter to the park, but that was it.
He was going to let her have whatever fun she wanted.



They were in the Honda Pilot by 8 am and off to
Bradley’s house arriving a little after 8:15. Amyie
was nervous; this was when she was going to start the
tease. The second they pulled up to Bradley’s house
she knew she had to be on her game. The car stopped
and Amyie hopped out. She slunk up to the house with a
sexiness that even her dad caught, which wasn’t
altogether too hard because his wife was being stingy
about sex. It seemed like everything he saw reminded
him about how he wasn’t getting any. He thought to
himself, that is one lucky guy. He watched as her hips
swayed here and there, and her petite figure
gracefully skipped up to the front door of Bradley

She stood at the doorway and played with the hem of
her shorts. They weren’t a loose fit, so when she
tugged on the bottom of them she knew whoever was
watching would see her shorts being pulled tighter
onto her ass, perhaps even exposing her thin
waistline. Then she began to slide her hands up and
down her thighs, “what’s taking this guy so long,” she
muttered under her breath.

Mr. Honeywell watched his daughter squirm and touch
herself in the Clark’s doorway. He noticed a small
bulge growing in his shorts. “What the hell?” He
thought, “That’s my daughter up there not some
high-schooler at the mall!” Then without warning his
mind flashed with the image of his daughter on her
back and some guy on top of her. He let out and
audible, “Holy Shit” and checked the front door again.
Bradley had finally made it to the door and was
locking up while Amyie trotted down the stairs and to
the car. Again she was swaying her hips slightly as
she walked. Mr. Honeywell tried to shake the image of
his daughter and the other guy from his mind but had
considerable trouble not dwelling on her lithe petite
body skipping back to the car.


The drive to the amusement park was about 45 minutes
from the Clark’s house. Amyie and Bradley sat in the
back chatting aimlessly. When Mr. Honeywell looked in
the back he saw stars in Amyie’s eyes. She looked like
she was really into this new boyfriend. And even
though he was a little older than her Mr. Honeywell
approved the pairing, provided he be invited on most
of the dates. He knew his daughter was sexual, and he
didn’t mind it as long as it was under his control. He
monitored her computer activity and knew what she did
in the evenings when she said she was off to bed. As
long as he had some sort of control he would let her
do almost anything.

Bradley was in lust. He stared at the smallish breasts
of Amyie with a hunger to just devour them. They were
small and perfect, a cups he thought, but with her
small frame and thin physique they stood out just
enough to grab attention. She was two years younger
than him, and he was sure she had already had sex. In
fact that’s what drew her to him in the first place.
He had heard from their mutual friend Tara that Amyie
had slept with this 22 year old they met in a bar.
Tara and Amyie had snuck into the college bar and were
out dancing on the dance floor when the guy approached
them. The night ended with Tara watching the two fuck
in his dorm room. Tara had relayed the story to
Bradley hoping to get him worked up enough to bed but
in the end the story backfired and Bradley started
pursuing Amyie.

Amyie was experienced in sex. She had been with the
guy from the college bar and then she had plenty of
experience with Tara. But most of what the little
devil learned was from her exploits in Internet chat
rooms. She had a computer in her room and every night
she would flitter off to bed early, appeasing her
parents, and start chatting in online chat rooms. She
would often have some sort of hot chat with any number
of random guys, trading pictures with them or getting
their phone numbers and having phone sex. She liked
the older guys and even let one guy send her flowers.
Actually all her sexual experience ended up being
theoretical but she had an idea that when she did get
her crush in bed tonite, he was going to have the best
time of his life. She knew what guys liked and she
wanted to show it off for real. The college guy was
just a warm up for the real prize.


The Mindbender

Six Flags was packed, and as they entered Mr.
Honeywell noticed that what his daughter was wearing
is not that uncommon. All over the park he saw young
girls with skimpy outfits on, those sexy cheerleader
shorts, tank tops, some didn’t even bother with the
tank top and just had bikini tops. There were also
other dressed in all kinds of sexy outfits; Mr.
Honeywell though was attracted to all of them.

The first ride the threesome headed off to was the
Mindbender. It was a ride that had more loops and
inversions than any other ride in the nation. The line
of course was long but Mr. Honeywell didn’t mind, he
was watching all the eye candy. He looked in front of
him and saw Bradley and Amyie talking again. They were
facing each other, Bradley was turned opposite of the
line towards Amyie who had her back to her father.
Amyie had both hands on the railings and was leaning
slightly forward. She swung slightly from side to side
laughing and flirting with Bradley. Mr. Honeywell
looked at his daughter and was amazed with how sexy
the position she was standing in made her. Her back
was arched and her butt was sticking out just so. The
shirt she was wearing was riding up and he could see
her underwear peeking from beneath her shorts. Her ass
was perfect. It was rounded and had just enough meat
on it to make her look like one of the Internet models
he looked at when his wife refused his advances.

As he had this morning his mind flashed an image of
his daughter, this time she was bent over a bed, her
ass sticking high in the air and Bradley was entering
her from behind. Her long lean legs were spread
slightly as he pumped her from his standing position.
Her head was down and hair was in her face. Her back
was arched like it is now and she would ram herself
into Bradley slowly and deliberately, obviously she
was enjoying it. She flipped her hair and revealed her
face, sweaty, with a look of concentration, her hair
was matted to her wonderfully innocent face as she
looked over her shoulder at the strapping young

Suddenly Mr. Honeywell was jarred from his reverie
with a sharp pain in his crotch. He cleared his head
and looked down at his daughter who was apologizing
for running into him. Apparently she had been laughing
and she backed into him. The contact with his crotch
was not just a bump and go though, he could have sworn
it was more like a bump and wiggle. His daughter
apologized quickly and went back to laughing with

When Amyie had bumped her father she felt his bulge.
She knew she was being sexy if even her father was
getting turned on. But isn’t that what this whole day
was about? She had had a crush on her father for a few
months now and now she had orchestrated this whole
trip with her “date” Bradley so she could seduce her
dad. She hoped that by the end of the night her dad
would know her intentions and would be willing to
start a new relationship with her. She wanted him in
the worst way and today was day she would tell him.
The ass bump was only the beginning. She wanted to
feel his thick cock buried deep inside her, she wanted
his hands on her, she wanted to suck him off, and she
wanted to do everything in her power to please her
daddy. She thought maybe she could do it again; maybe
she could rub her ass against his crotch again. She
knew that his eyes were on her and that all she had to
do was wiggle to get him excited. She could see him
spying at all the other girls dressed like she was and
that made her excited. She knew if she could just lean
back a little further and make contact…and there it
was, the bulge again. It was huge. Her dad pulled away
immediately and she was disappointed but encouraged.
Soon there wouldn’t be any clothing in-between their


The Free Fall

After Mr. Honeywell had pulled away from his
daughter’s ass a few more time he began to feel
uncomfortable. He moved in front of the flirting
couple in the next line for the Free Fall. It was one
of those rides that raised you way up in the air and
then dropped you letting gravity do the work. Mr.
Honeywell was happy to let Bradley do his work as
well. He had now taken to hanging all over his
daughter, he didn’t mind much that the two were
getting closer, honestly he was kind of relieved
because he thought he would be able to concentrate on
something else other than his daughter. She had other
plans however and soon he was watching her rub her
hands all over the belly of her date. Her hand was up
under his shirt and she was just stroking what Mr.
Honeywell could only assume were rock hard abs. Amyie
would glance over at her dad but he would pretend not
to notice. He didn’t want to embarrass her in front of
her boyfriend by asking them to stop. He scanned the
line for some other young girl to take his mind off
his daughter. He searched and before he settled on the
older looking girl two rows over his daughter wrapped
her arms around him and looked up into his eyes.

“Daddy?” She said. The suddenness of her body against
his made him lose his breath and Mr. Honeywell
mustered a weak answer. “Daddy can we go eat lunch
next?” She asked, her eyes fluttering in an obvious
attempt to get what she wanted, he was a sucker, and
fell for it every time. Her body pressed against him
so lewdly he was uncomfortable. He could feel every
inch of her, her thigh was between his legs and her
small breasts pressed into his chest, the rest of her
was a blur, of course, she was a perfect fit. She
rubbed her hands on his back until he finally said

For the rest of the wait in line Amyie tried to engage
her father in conversation. At one point she even sat
up on the railing behind her dad with her legs wrapped
around him and her arms clinging to his shoulders. She
peaked over one shoulder while she talked with Bradley
about things.

“What do you think about Becky Lohman?” She would ask.
Bradley would answer with a non committal, “She’s
awlright” Amyie would laugh and say she was the
sexiest girl at school” She would coo and awe over
this girl or that girl over her dad’s shoulder,
knowing that he would get more and more turned on. Her
voice at times would be throaty, or sweet and sexy,
she looked for any excuse to use sexy words and
phrases like: “She’s got the sexiest stomach” or “I
would give anything to take a shower with her”.

The whole time Mr. Honeywell just let her talk and
touch his chest and shoulders. He was enjoying the
contact, perhaps a little too much. He was beginning
to get really turned on by the things his daughter was
saying. He knew she was flirty but he didn’t know
other girls turned her on. He let his mind wander,
thinking about how Amyie’s best friend Tara would look
between her legs. Her dark brown hair thrashing wildy
as she tongue fucked Amyie’s pussy. He imagined
Amyie’s head tossed back enjoying her friend’s tongue.
Mr. Honeywell understood he was reaching the point of
no return thinking about his daughter like this. He
knew if he kept this up he would probably think about
it for the rest of his life. He would have these
flashes all the time, at the dinner table, at f****y
functions, in bed with his wife, he had to get her
from his mind, but at this point it just felt too
good. It felt like he had a new toy, it opened a whole
new world of fantasy that seemed to draw him in

Amyie began to wonder what her father’s response was
to her new tease. She hopped from the railing and
stood in front of her dad. She leaned back onto his
body and felt all his muscles. She rested the back of
her head on his collarbone and crossed her hands in
front of her chest. She was talking with Bradley now
but only off and on. He was getting bored and was
looking off. Mr. Honeywell was beginning to give in to
his daughter’s touchy feely-ness and enjoying it quite
a lot. He just leaned back against the rails and let
his daughter lean on him.

Amyie put her hands on her sides and then slowly put
them on her dad’s thighs. She began to slowly rub them
up and down hearing him smile at her and the nice
things she was doing. She still talked with Bradley
and absentmindedly played with various body parts of
her father. Finally she got what she wanted, she
started to feel a bulge in the small of her back. She
maneuvered herself so that she would come into more
contact with it as she rubbed her father’s sides and
thighs. Then she got an idea…she reached her hand
behind her back, in the space between her father’s
stomach and her back. She leaned forward and pretended
to scratch her back. Her movement applied more
pressure to her father’s crotch.

Convinced she could finally feel his erection Mr.
Honeywell lightly pushed his daughter away and began
to walk up the line. The feelings he was beginning to
fell were scaring him and he had to get away. He
thought maybe she couldn’t feel his growing arousal
while she was leaning against him and didn’t mind the
contact, but when she leaned forward to scratch her
back her ass cheeks slid right over his cock, that was
enough. The voices in his head were too real! He had
to make her move. He couldn’t let his daughter feel
his erect penis. This was going to far. He would have
to be more careful.

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