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I'm A Slut Wife Now

My name is Andrea. I am 40 years old, married for 22 years, and I have two k**s. My husband, Thomas, and I have fun together,

make each other laugh, still have great sex several times a week and every day I'm happy to go home to him. I have always

been focused on being a good mother and wife so I didn't have too much time at the gym but I made the most of that time. I

wanted to make sure Thomas never had eyes for other women. I believe myself to be an attractive woman and I know my husband

would agree. I have a very fair milky complexion and platinum blond hair. I had always taken care of myself over the years

but had gained a few extra pounds since the k**s. Thomas, tells me I have very nice nipples, and well shaped breasts but the

truth is that I don't have a model's body. I simply look the regular typical older soccer mom/housewife; the way I'm supposed

to look. I'm not dumpy but my belly has never fully flattened since the birth of my last baby. I still have a tight butt

albeit somewhat plump. Thomas tells me it moves around luciously as I walk and I have often noticed men eyeing me as I walk

past. The breasts that my husband tells me he's so crazy about come with a slight sag as a result of breast feeding. My

nipples are brown and thick; they stick out almost half an inch causing me occasional embarrasment when they become erect and

poke through a blouse or sweater.

What I'm trying to relate here is that I'm happy with my marriage and have always been loyal to my husband. Both of our k**s

are away at college sort of making us empty nesters. We really are an every day typical couple except that we are swingers.

That didn't happen overnight. I went through a turbulant transformation that took me from a wholesome homemaker to a harlot


I was never a promiscuous woman. From the time I was a girl just discovering my sexuality to only reciently I have been quite

chaste. Before I met my husband I only had sex with two others. I lost my virginity when I was eighteen years old and that

only happened because I went to a student party, had too much to drink, and ended up passing out in a bed with a boy. I

really didn't want to get d***k and sex was the farthest thing from my mind but I succumed to peer pressure and took a drink.

I was d***k before I knew it and when I realized I had a penis inside me I was powerless to stop it. I didn't put up any

fight and even tried to like it but the boy that was taking me wasn't very skilled. I was hardly impressed with sex and was

glad when it was over. My second time was during a long term love relationship I had with a teacher at university. It was a

few months before I would finally submit to sex with him. I gave into him because I liked him but I wasn't expecting

fireworks. I did enjoy sex with him and we did it three or more times a day! I later found out he was married but I continued

to have sex with him because it felt good good. I none-the-less didn't understand the commotion about sex. I could still take

it or leave it. It wasn't that big a deal.

It was that teacher who introduced me to Thomas. Thomas was really a nice guy and very good looking. We dated; he seduced me,

we got engaged and eventually married. Our sex life was good enough for me. In fact, I liked sex with Thomas much more than

with that teacher. Thomas has a long thick penis and when he takes me I feel womanly. Thomas brings me to orgasm more often

than not and I feel content as a wife. We decided to start a f****y. We tried for a c***d for over a year but failed despite

the fact that we read books and followed sound medical advice. I loved my husband and wanted desperatly to give him a c***d.

As it happened my mood started to get ugly and that was driving my husband crazy.

One day I found my husband looking at a Hot Wives site on the Net. I never let him know I saw him but he was obviously

fascinated with the idea of married women having sex with other men. At first I thought he was looking to have an affair but

the stories and immages he was brousing had nothing to do with cheating. It suddenly hits me that he probably thinks I needed

to have an affair! My husband actually thought that another man's penis would cheer me up. How ironc is it that I worried my

husband might stray yet he's the one who wants me to have other men!

It was winter and nearly six months after I caught him on the computer that I became pregnant with our first c***d. Thirteen

months later I had our second and he got a vesectomy. I never gave his computer habits another thought until he introduced

the “Hot Wife” fantasy in the bedroom. Our c***dren were twelve and f******n at the time. Thomas and I were laying in bed

when he admitted to me that he wanted me to have sex with another man. He explained that he nearly always fantacises me with

another man when we make love. I never seriously thought of being with anyone other than Thomas. I said,
"Honey, I just can't see myself in your fantasy picture and it surprised me that this is something you seriously want me to

Then I softened and said,
"We can talk and pretend but what we do is just fantasy, OK?"
He agreed and I participated as we made up fantasies of me meeting guys at a bar or restaurants and fucking them in a hotel


Some years passed. Thomas began to show me things he views on the Net. The idea of me fucking a big cock just made him crazy

and it showed up in the bedroom so I liked it. Usually what he would show me were images of guys hung like horses. Most of

the time the photography theme was of a Black man having sex with a married White woman. Thomas would bring the laptop to bed

and show me his latest find or we's go back and view an old favorite. We'd both get incredably horny and fuck like a****ls.

Then he started to ask me questions about the men he's show me. As we'd engage in foreplay he'd have me imagine that he was

another man. He'd say,
"Who are you fucking honey?"
I'd say,
"I'm fucking this guy, this big young guy."
He'd ask,
"Do you know who he is?"
"He’s a porn star. He has a huge cock. He’s fucking me hard, from behind, with his big cock."
Thomas would continue,
"Do you like his big cock fucking you like that?"
I answer,
"Oh YEAH! I like it a lot!"We'd orgasm, then lie in each other's arms, spent and breathless.

During our frequent sex talks and role play my Thomas asks me if I knew anyone I liked enough to have sex with. I think I

must have told my husband no to that question about a hundred times but he persisted. Thomas's next little bedroom surprize

wasn't so little. He got me a large black dildo. I was apalled at first but grew to like it alot. I always came hard with the

dildo and started to call it Nathanial. Thomas asked me who Nathanial was. To make my husband think about this dirty little

game he was having us play I told him Nathanial was a man I know from work. I admitted that the guy regularly flirts with me

and has hit on me several times. As my dildo is black Thomas reasoned corectly that Nathanial is a Black man. I explained

that he was known throughout the company as a ladies man. As an after thought, maybe I should never have said anything about


Thomas asked that I start dressing sexy to look more attractive to other guys. I, however, have not been very open to his

requestand we fought about it. I made the mistake of telling him that if he wanted me to look a certain way then he had to

pick out my cloths. Well he did. The first outfit Thomas had me wear was this skin tight leotard that showed the outline of

my vagina. I looked down at myself in disbelief. I complained about being so exposed but he told me that it's totally a turn

on to be able to see my vagina lips through my pants. He said,
"It’s beautiful. It looks better on you than I dared hope. How does it feel?"
I sarcastically answered,
"Like O J Simpson's glove."
Thomas then told me my protruding vaginal lips are called a camel toe and it is the new cleavage. To top off the outfit he

had me wear a lowcut loose white blouse and no bra. I really did look like a slut. My husband then took me to a bar. He made

me pretend that we didn't know each other when we got there and I went in first I got really scared that he didn't come in

right away but he finally did and stood in the shadows. He wanted to watch me flirt with men but I couldn't. It turns oput

that I didn't have to. Men were trying to pick me up. I had a lot of guys wanting to do all sorts of nasty things to me, but

I never let any of them touch me. I was getting d***k and decided it was time to go so I got up and walked out with Thomas

following. On the way home he made me tell him about what the men wanted. Before long we were pulled over on a side road and

fucking like rabbits while talking about me getting fucked by some stranger.

We continued to out to a few bars where I danced and flirted with guys. I felt it wouldn?t hurt to indulge in some harmless

flirting and when we got home we would fantasize about my fucking them. That also always resulted in some great sex. All of

this fun had sparked a new romance in our lives. In a odd sort of way we re-discoverd our love.

Then my husband poped the question. He naturally thought I'd be more receptive to his idea if we were being intimate. we were

being amourous with him kissing my neck and feeling me up over my blouse. He unbuttons the blouse and starts to paw at both

my tits. He releases his lips from my neck to look me in the eyes as he unzips his pants. He takes my left hand and places

his dick in it. I start jerking his dick. He resumes his kissing on my neck then brings his lips to my ears and whispers,
"How much do you love me?"
I answer,
He asks,
"Enough to do what I say?"
Not thinking I answer,
He continues,
"Will you fuck another man for me?"
His dick gets harder while we talk but stopped masturbating him. I ask,
"You're actually thinking of letting another man touch me? Do you really believe you want me to fuck other guys?"
He responds,
"I would love to see you fuck other men and get pleasure from it. I would enjoy watching you and seeing how you look when you

are cumming from another mans cock.”
I unfortunatly can’t control myself and start to cum from his words. He holds me as I moan in orgasm but I disappoint him

with my reply.
"Honey, I'm not sure I can ever do that for you."

The next thing Thomas did was to take me to an adult novelty shop where they had porn movie booths with glory holes. We

walked hand in hand into the shop and looked around at the videos, magazines and novelties while men were following looking

at me. All I could think about was my camel toe. I knew full well why he broughtme. I was supposed to model shamelessly. A

painful knot grew in my stomach as a result of my embarrasment. Thomas took me to a video booth and we put money in and

started to watch a porno. A few seconds later a hard penis poked through the gloryhole. Thomas whispered,
"Go ahead, sweetie! Touch it"
To my disbelief, I moved closer to the hole. I found my hand reaching toward it and in moments, my fingers made contact with

the firm flesh of the man. I started stroking it and the man moaned. This was the first cock I had felt since being married.

I felt strange and naughty but I liked it. It was a thick veined stiff shaft, much like Thomas's but somehow differant. My

strokes were long and slow as a drop of clear pre-cum formed on his tip and soon ended up on my hand.
Then Thomas said,
"Honey, kiss it."
I quietly said,
Thomas asked again,
"Give him a blow job honey. Suck his dick."
I had enough and I yelled,
"No! You suck his dick!"
I let go of the cock and hastily left the booth and the shop with Thomas following.

Things cooled between us for a couple of weeks and then the sex talk started up between us again. Then I made another

mistake. As we got into some foreplay I admitted that I thought certain African-American men were attractive. I even admitted

I had sometimes speculated what Nathanial would look like naked. After hearing that my husband remained persistant. He often

talked to me about it during sex and despite my attempts to hide it, those conversations got us both really hot. Just the

thought of an attractive Black man's big hard cock being inside my wet pussy made us both cum again and again. He then began

to tell me that he had given it some serious thought and was convinced that an experience with another man will improve our

marital relationship. Again I explaind that's just not something I ever wanted but I was sounding less convincing even to

myself. I decided to stand firm on the matter and insited we stopp talking about it. We argued viciously.

Then to try to gain leverage I began to withhold sex but that only lasted three days and my husband ****d me. It started with

him initiating sex. He starts feeling all over me, kissing me, and tugging on my underwear then jumps on me like a hound but

I told him I wasn't interested. He persisted and I struggled to push him off. We wresteled for about fifteen minutes and

during the struggle I was becomming aroused! My husband desired me so much he would f***efully take me. He tore the crotch

out of my panties. I countinued to fend him off while he positioned himself on me and f***ed my legs apart with his. I kept

moving and squirming around making it harder for him to line himself up to fuck me but the inevitable happened and he entered

me in one f***eful thrust. I couldn't contain my moans of joy and passion as his cock thrust roughly in and out of me. We

began having the most passionate sex ever as my **** progressed into lustfully lewd submission. I tried to demonstrate some

form of control as I demanded,
"Cum already you fucking bastard!"
My husband wasn't having any of it. He tauntingly asked,
"You want my cum in your pussy?"
In mid orgasm I vehnomously replied,
"Cum you son of a bitch!"
He grunted,
"Oh, I'm going to cum you usless cunt!"
Then he pulled his penis out of me, climbed off me, stood and straddeled above me. He began to stroke his pussy soaked penis

as he pointed it at my face. I knew what he was doing and I wanted it. I made no attempt to move as he directed his

ejaculation at my face. He ejaculated across my face with some of it going into my hair. It spurted across my cheek, my lips,

and across one of my eyes. I even opened my mouth. He stooped letting him place his penis on my toung. I smiled as I sucked

the remaining cum from him. Then he lay by my side and we rested. I said,
"God was that ever good."
My husband said,
"Is this what I have to do to make you enjoy fucking? Do I have to find some guy to **** you?"
I calmly said,
"Honey, I'm your wife. I'm not some slut you get to pass around at a sex party."
He said,
"No you're not but for once in your life I wish you'd admit that you like being fucked like a slut."
I took a deep breath then said,
"You're right honey, I do like it. I like all of it. It's just that I want to be seen as a woman not a slut."
My husband asked,
"What differance does it make how you're seen? Shit honey, there isn't a slut in the world that fucks as good as you."
I noticed his penis becomming erect again. I realized I was regaining control as I explained,
"Honey, a slut doesn't care who she fucks but I do. I have to at least like a man before I have sex with him."
Then I said,
"I see you're getting hard again. Are you ready to cum in my pussy now?"
My husband answered by getting the sex lube out of the night stand drawer. I knew right away he meant to fuck me in my ass.

God, by the time he finished my ass was pulsating my clit was swollen and I was still shaking!

That very next day I thought about the abusive sex we had and began feeling especially horny. I despretly needed to fuck my

man as soon as he got home. I met my husband at the door when he came home. I was wearing my bright neon yellow spandex

halter that fit tightly around my breasts making me look lewd and trashy. I also wore black spandex shorts. I didn't wear

panties knowing that I could pull them tight to show off my cameltoe. As we kissed Thomas began feeling me up then he said,
"you look like a woman in need of cock."
As I unbuckeled his trousers I answered,
"Oh honey, I'm always in need of your cock."
His pants fell to the floor and as we continued kissing I reached into his boxers and stroked his erection.
He pushed me back then told me to pull my shorts up tight. I knew exactly what he wanted and I grabbed the waistband from the

middle and pulled up to show off my lewd cameltoe. He said,
"You look like a slut; A hot horny slut."
He then pulled me over to the couch as he said,
"You're made to be fucked but I think it's time you got a new cock in you."
He roughly tounge kissed me and my mind began to create a scenario where he brought Nathanial over for my pussy. I actually

expected the door to open! Then he said,
"Honey, I know Nathanial turns you on and I know you think about him fucking you."
I said,
"Yes I think about it but that's because you always bring it up!"
I was stroking my husband's cock and then started to go down on him but he grabbed me by the hair stopping me. He said,
"Tell me more about him?"
Then Thomas shoved his hand up the leg of my shorts and pressed his middle finger up my pussy hole. As if he knew some secret

about me he asked,
"How long have you two been flirting?"
I looked into his eyes and began to confess my attraction to Mr. Nathanial Jones. I held firmly on my husband's cock as I

stroked it and said,
"For starters, Nathanial lets me call him Nate. I told you he is very much a lady's man. He is a shipping company driver.

Women just fawn all over him. They see to it that packages have their names on it so that he has to deliver directly to them.

Nate has seduced nearly every woman at the office. I should tell you that two of my friends highly recommend him if I ever

feel like straying."
My husband asked,
"When are you going to fuck him?"
I answered,
"Honey, Nate is not the kind of man you want me to be fooling around with."
He asked,
"Why not?"
I answered,
"Nathanial is a babymaker. and is responsible for five divorces in just my office alone. He doesn't do a one night stand or

threesome with a couple then go away. He laches on to the woman. He dates her for for months or years and sometimes he moves

in with her. He becomes the husband. That works for some couples but not so much for others. Would you like to see what he

looks like?"
I then go get my laptop computer and bring up his social network web page. My husband studied the profile entitled, HANDYMAN.

I continued my confession,
"Nate has been flirting with me since I started working and at first I just ignored him. He gave me his number and his web

page. Then you started all of this talk about me having sex with another man getting me all worked up. I decided to look him

up on the internet and masturbated with my dildo the first time I went to his page and every time ever since. Honey, I must

have visited this page a thousand times."
My husband was looking at the list of friends Nate has. They were pictures of women and couples and some men. Many of the

women were holding a c***d, Nathanial's c***d. There were even some f****y photos of him with a couple and c***dren. Then

there were the explicit photos showing how hugely endowed he is and pennetration immages of the women he has bred. Then my

husband said,
"Nate's perfect for you."
I continued stroking my husban's cock and said,
"Honey! He makes women pregnant! Look at all the k**s he fathered. Do you really want this man in our bed?"
I released my husband's cock and stood in front of him. I took off the halter freeing my breasts. I said,
"Do you want him getting his hands on these?"
I then pulled off the shorts. I then straddeled my husband and lowered my pussy down into his cock. As I fucked my husband I

"Look at that huge cock. My pussy will never be the same. I'm not sure I should be telling you but Nate was invited to the

company picknic this Friday. I think if you meet him you might just change your mind about all of this."
Thomas said,
"I know the thought of him fucking you turns you on. Admit it."
As we fucked I moaned,
"Okay, yes, I admit it, all your talking makes me very excited but it can't happen."
I came hard.

That friday at the company picnic I gulped my first mixed drink without even tasting it then had a dance with my husband!

During the dance I came out and asked him just what he wanted to see me do? I felt his cock get rigid as he said he would

love to see me dancing with some Nathanial, and it would be a big turn on to see another man holding me close as we danced,

to see him squeeze my ass, and maybe to see us share a passionate kiss!
"Just dancing or fucking?"
I asked. Hubby was smiling. Then I told him there was no way this was going to happen, but he kept on. I could tell how

aroused he was by his hard cock. Several dances and many drinks later I introduced my husband to Nate and they hit it off

right away. My husband said,
"I gotta shake your hand. Because of you, I'm getting a lot more pussy."
I couldn't have felt more embarrassed. The three of us were drinking for a while and my husband droaned on about how he knew

were had been flirting and about what a hot wife I am. Nate's eyes were full of lust as he looked me over. I felt continuing

embarrassment but I was also quite horny at the thought of having sex with Nate.

Nathanial asks me to dance. Well, this was what Hubby wanted, so we stepped onto the dance floor, and started a slow dance.

Nathanial’s cologne smelled so good, his body was so tight and firm, I felt good being in his arms. Soon Nathanial and I were

swaying to the music, our bodies pressed closely against each other. As we chatted Nate's hands dropped down to my ass, and

he pulled me tightly against him. I didn't pull away, but I did look for Thomas. My husband was at the edge of the dance

floor, grinning from ear to ear. I could feel Nathanial's erection as he pulled me against him, and I was d***k enough to be

both aroused and not caring that he was intentionally grinding it against my belly. As we danced Nate's hands roamed freely

over my body and he felt my titties several times. As we continued to dance, I became more and more aroused feeling

Nathanial’s large bulge pressing against me. My breathing became shallow and erratic. Nathanial and I were staring in each

others eyes as we danced and our lips just kept getting closer and closer, until finally our lips met and we kissed softly.

His lips were so soft and warm I just melted in his arms.
"No Nathanial, stop!"
I told him.
He asked as he kissed me with passion and again began caressing my ass. I kissed Nathanial back as my temperature rose

higher. I didn't answer as Nathanial slowly kissed down my neck. When the dance ended I was panting out of lust! We finally

walked back to our table where my husband was waiting. Then my husband blurted,
"Nate, I want to watch you fuck Andrea."
I paniced, got up, and hurried to our car. A few minuts later Thomas showed up and we left but we didn't go home. I saw that

Thomas was mad and felt bad. I tried to make up with him. I fished out his cock and started to stroke it. He moaned loudly.
"You like that?"
I teased him.
"You know I love it."
Thomas drove on while I stroked him. I lowered my head and went down on him, wrapping my lips around his cock. After a minute

or two he stopped the car and turned off the engine. There was only the sound of the night and my sucking sounds. I brought

my head up to see where we were.
"Where are we?"
I asked. I looked out the window and saw we were parked on the side of a deserted road. I continued using my mouth to move

Thomas's foreskin up and down over hiss throbbing shaft. Then I heard a car drive up. It was Nathanial! The night's events

were turning into a perfect storm and I knew nothing was going to stop Nathanial's long thick black funnel cloud from

touching down and wreak havoc on my pussy.

Thomas pulled me out of the car as Nate approached me. My husband said,
"Let him fuck you baby."
Nate tried to kiss me as my husband handed me over to him. I tried to twist away but he held me tight. Nate began to feel me

up. I started pushing him back and yelled out,
"Get your hands off me you black bastard!"
Then my husband said,
"Don't pay no attention to that. Nathanial, my wife masturbates to your pictures every day. She wants your cock but she likes

to be taken."
Nathanial roughly turned me around and bent me over the car. My husband told me to hunch my ass and part my legs. I pleaded,
"Not here like this."
Nate grabbed my hand and used it to rub his crotch. I really couldn't believe that this was happening to me. I yelled,
"Stop it! Get off me! I'll never fuck some filthy nigger."
He kept kissing my neck, rubbing my breasts with his hand, and using his free hand to hold my hand to stroke his manhood. I

thought to myself, 'My gawd, he's so big!' Nathanial said,
"I have wanted to get close to you for a long time, you have been driving me crazy every time I see you."
I was getting so wet and light headed. My husband said,
"Do it for me."
Then I hear Nate say,
"Why don't you leave us alone for about twenty minuts. Your wife and me need some intimate time alone."
As my husband walked away I whimpered,
"No honey!"

As soon as Thomas was out of sight Nathanial pulled me to press against him, he held me in his arms and ever so gently began

to stroke my shoulder. He brought his lips to mine and eased the straps off my shoulders as his feathery touch raised my

desire. I plead,
"Nate baby, please stop, don't, please. I'm ovulating."
As quickly as I said the words I regretted them. He was almost delirious with excitement at the prospect of fucking a fertile

married White woman.

He slipped my dress down and undid my bra and my breasts were free. He cupped a breast in one hand the other hand found the

small of my back and he pulled me firmly to his firm body. His warmth and the pressure of his muscular frame pulled against

me, his thick, hard manhood bulged against my stomach. Again I pleaded,
"Don't do this Nate."
He said,
"Look how excited you are, do you really want me to stop?"
I answered,
"I'm a married woman! I can't, I just can't!"
I was trying to pull away and my legs came apart exposing my panties.
"No, no, no, you can't do this to me, please don't. I'm a married woman and I shouldn't be having sex withn you. I’m not on

the pill and I am fertile this week I cant take the chance!"
He said,
"Thomas will be back soon. If you want me to stop, I'll stop if not I won't."
Nate was right. We were alone now and this time when he kissed me we kissed passionately each exploring the warm sensuous

mouth of the other, our tongues flicking, touching and caressing, his hand slid down to my waist then to my buttocks, he

pulled me into him and worked his long thick erect manhood against me. He eased a hand between us and he began to stroke my

mound and gently massage me. Not saying a word, Nate slowly reached for his belt and undid it. I can still hear the sound of

his zipper opening on that quiet night. He reached inside and with great difficulty removed the biggest hardest thickest cock

I had ever seen. I blurted,
"Oh my god, Nate!"
This seems to encourage him. I tried to keep my legs closed as hard as I could, but he was so strong. He ripped one side of

my pantis off then he ripped the other side off. Finally he pulled my panties away from me. He made me sit on the fender. I

knew continued fighting was futile as he eased my legs apart. He moved between my legs and guided his cock head to my

opening. He rubbed his big cock head against my clit and up and down my pussy lips. I moan slightly and he asked,
"You like that baby? You like how that feels?"
Defeated I answer,
"Yes, I do."
He said,
"Andrea, I'm going crazy thinking about your wet pussy wrapped around it. I want to stick my dick in you. Do you want my dick

in your pussy?"
I knew Nate and he fully intended to have me unprotected, without a condom. Just his precum might get me pregnant but He was

going to give me much more than that. I knew I should have never submitted but just being alone with him and I soon forgot

all about my unprotected womb. I said,
"Oh yes, Nate, I want your cock inside of my pussy. I want to feel it fill me but I told you I'm not on the pill."
He pushed the head into my pussy and I felt myself stretching right away. He thrust himself fully into me, but I was so wet

that he slid right in. I felt humiliated that his massive organ slid into me so easily, since I was so lubricated from

arousal. The feeling of fullness was amazing. Then Nate whispered,
"Oh baby, your so tight! You feel better then I imagined! God you're so sexy!"
I sighed,
"I love you Nate! Oh my god, I love you so much! I love you baby!"
I could not believe I said that but at that moment I meant it. Never had a person brought me so much pleasure and I loved him

for it. He started talking to me as he was fucking my pussy with total confidence.
"I knew you didn't want me to stop fucking you."
I felt my orgasm building from deep inside me and moaned as he ground his fat cock against my cervix. I softly moaned,
"Oh so good in me. Ohhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssss. Ohhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssss!"
Then I heard Thomas,
"You are getting ready to cum honey now just relax and go with it baby"
Nathanial's huge and thick black penis filled me completely and now my husband was back watching his fantasy come true. I

came with the most violently explosive orgasm of my life. Waves of the most astounding orgasm ever spread through my body and

I could actually feel my cervix beginning to dialate.

With Thomas there I locked my legs around Nate so he couldn't pull out and became the lewd slut my husband wanted. I can't

imagine ever being anything else for him. Nathanial also responded to Thomas's presence as he pounded my pussy like a man

posessed, like an a****l. I felt my orgasm approaching and could tell that his climax was nearing as well. That's when Nate

"I'm gonna cum."
He spasmed, pushing so deep. I felt his cock pushing right against my dialated cervix as he moaned. I could feel his sperm

shooting and shooting and shooting right into my uterus. He shot millions and millions of baby-making sperm right to my

waiting egg.
Thomas asked,
"Do you like it honey? Do you like Nathanial's big black cock?"
Despite my overwhelming embarrassment I hissed,

Nathanial proceeded to **** me as my husband gleefully watched but in all truth it could hardly be called **** at this point.

Nate was moaning and dispite my humiliation I was trying to match each of his hard thrusts with a pump of my own. I wished we

could take this back to the privacy of my marital bed! Then Nate pushed his huge cock completely into me and just held it

there and groaned. He pushed the head of his cock even tighter up against the back wall of my uterus. I heard his guttural

groan. He came again! Nathanial was cumming inside of my pussy a second time! Blushing, I turned and looked right into my

husband's eyes. Our eyes were locked together as my r****t ejaculated inside me! I could feel each pump of his massive dick

as he squirted his huge load of hot sperm! There was so much emotion expressed in my husband's eyes! I had done everything

that he had asked me to do and more to prove my love but now I was so afraid that he wouldn't love me after this; after

watching the way I so freely submitted to this man, freely taking his seed. Nathanial proclaimed,
"If I pull out my cum will drip out of you. If I keep my dick in you, you'll get pregnant. Do you want me to pull out?"
I don't know what came over me but suddenly a wave of passion overwhelmed me and triggered a wonderful orgasm as I struggled

to groan,
He held both my breasts with his big black hands and said,
"These are going to fill up with my baby's milk."
He kept his penis in me for about ten minuts as he softened. Nate then turned to my husband and said,
"Let's take this party back to your place."
Thomas pulled his cock out and said,
"Not yet."
Thomas walked me over to the passenger side and had me bend over and support myself on the seat as he got behind me. He

leaned down to my ear and as he lined himself up to pennetrate my used cunt he whispered,
"Honey, you're the hottest wife a man could ever ask for!"
My husband shoved his cock inide me. He is not as long as Nathanial, but he gets the job done. He grabs my hips and starts

to fuck me hard. I am so wet with sperm and begin to feel another orgasm climbing. I looked down between my legs, and I

watched Thomas pumping his huge penis in and out of my vagina. Short, hard strokes were pounding into my cunt hole, slapping

his floppy balls up against my belly, and making my breasts swing! I knew that I would never be able to drive or ride in that

car again without remembering Nate r****g me! I'd always remember my husband encouraging another man fucking the hell out of

his darling wife right out in nature!

Nathanial followed us home and there the men fucked me in every position imaginable; on my back, on all fours, doggie style, cowgirl position; you name it and they fucked me that way. The first place we went in the house was to my bedroom and Thomas fucked me up the ass while Nate fucked my pussy, I just loved feeling the two cocks rubbing together inside me, it made me so fucking hot and when they came one after the other in me, I lost my mind. Between the two of them, they fucked me in every room in my house, there were cum stains on my couch, k**'s beds, the bathroom rug and there was a puddle of my come on the kitchen table. Thomas made me love fucking so much, I craved having a cock to use and I knew he had turned me into a slut, always looking for a hard cock. Brfore Nathanial left late Saturday night, Thomak told him if he valued his life he would never touch me unless he got permission. I got to fuck Nate for the next two years. I got pregnant twice.

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