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Woman fucked hard by 2 men

I am a 22 year old girl weighed 56 kg and have long blonde hair. My name is Nancy.
It's a warm sunny summer afternoon. I lay on the terrace and sunning myself.
While I had read a book while I noticed how there was a rustling in the bushes. I thought nothing of it at first, thinking it might be a cat, and read my book on.
But again and again there was a rustling in the bushes, so I was intrigued, and then ran to the bushes. But I could not see. Put me back on my couch and me on sunned.
I did not realize that watching me the whole time 2 men aged 22 years.

Time passed and it was getting dark, it was already evening and I thought, it already has become pretty late.

I went into my apartment, had left the door open because of the warm summer night. Thought, in such an idyllic town with so few crimes will happen to me anyway.

I went into the kitchen and gave me something to eat. I heard faint sounds and thought to myself. I make love to the door. What I did not know that my torturers had long been in my apartment. I went into the kitchen and have dinner. When suddenly came from behind 2 young men.

One of the most Frank said, holding me with his mouth full of v******e, so that I could not go screaming and the other man was probably the Sascha, put me in handcuffs.

The men told me I should stop crying, I was so afraid. They have said that if I love, then both the House would soon leave again.

I said to my tormentors, when looking for their cash, it is in the drawer. But Frank and Sascha just said, we do not want money. I will keep my mouth shut, should finally be quiet. I tried to defend myself, because I thought that if the two men want to have no money, what do the two of them from me.
As it happened already, I should lie down with my back to the kitchen table, so that my head on one side of the table hung down and round ass on the other side of the table.
I cried and cried, what do you do with me what they were saying the same will already notice.
Frank and Sasha took off your pants, took off their panties. Frank took his stiff cock and f***ed me his hard cock grow in my mouth.
I gagged and implored him to listen to. But it probably only made him more horny. He held my head and rammed his cock into my mouth until it stops. He said I was his tail, then his penis, firm clash with my thick lips wrapped around and blow his long thick cock hard. I wept, retched, implored him, because he stuck his penis up to my throat, that he should leave it out. But Frank was just harder. Frank spurt his seed, finally in my mouth, I swallowed some and the other part was I had to last for more bubbles from his mouth. He f***ed me to swallow his semen and I tried to continue to incur my head away, I did not succeed. Sasha came too, stuck his dick in my mouth and said he would have to pee and peed in my mouth. It f***ed me to drink. My hair was completely soaked with pee. Frank gagged my mouth so that I could not scream. I wept, but no matter where it was. Both only said that it is for our security, because it hurts like you could do. I just please, please do not think. Sasha lay under me, he pushed my ass cheeks apart and fucked me in the ass
He ****d me brutally. Rammed me in the big fat cock again until it stops at my ass. I wanted to cry because of this pain on the Ass, but could not because of the gag. Sasha always groaned louder, he was probably very excited. As Frank came and took his cock and stuck it in my pussy. In terror I pissed off easily, it ran down his testicles, but nothing seemed to make out. He brutally ****d me, me by fucking brutal. And just said you want it yet either. As you stand on it yet. Now I fucked Sasha brutal in my ass while my pussy fucked and Frank. So both holes were stuffed at the same time. S I tried to scream, it hurt so much, but it did not work. Suddenly I saw was like something out of my ass. It was so warm. Sasha gave me probably an anal shower and pissing in my ass full. After both your seeds had pumped into my holes, they let go of me. Liberated me and just said, if you tell anyone of them, we come back. Then we will not spare you, however, special fuck you to be brutally real. I said, I'll tell anybody anything. They moved to your belongings, and left me lying on the table and run away from my house. The seed was out of my pussy and my ass was fucked really sore and then went showers. After that I went to bed and fell a sl**p.

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