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At Murphy’s Pub

It is just after midnight when we got home Cindy was pissed at me for flirting with one the guys we had met during our evening out. Little did she know I did a lot more than flirt? We had gone to dinner then stopped to have some drinks at Murphy’s Pub. When we got there we sat with some of Cindy’s lesbian friends and they were drinking wine and talking about which chick they would like to take home and fuck. I was bored with the conversation and went to play darts with some guys from the neighborhood.

We were playing for shots and my team was kicking ass, so we kept getting rounds of Tequila. I was getting quite a buzz and was flirting and talking shit. One guy Roger in particular was extra friendly and paid a lot of attention to me. As we kept playing and talking Roger grabbed me and told me he wanted to fuck me. I kind of blew him off but he persisted and pulled me to him grinding against me, I could feel his cock as he pressed against my ass. I was feeling horny so I reached around and rubbed his cock through his pants. I could feel it growing in my hand as he pressed tighter against me.

I glanced over to where Cindy was sitting and saw she was engrossed in a conversation with her friends, laughing and talking. I decide I needed some cock so I grabbed Roger by the hand and headed out the backdoor of the pub. We came out into the alley behind the pub and I turned to him lifting my face to his as he kissed me. Our tongues intertwined as we pressed our bodies hard against each other. I knew we did not have a lot of time so I dropped to my knees and unzipped his jeans reaching in for his cock and pulling out. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked into my mouth, it swelled to its full manhood in my mouth as I relished in sucking his hard cock.

As I sucked he undid his belt and his pants slid down to his knees with his cock sticking out of his boxers, I gave him my cock sucking best, I swirled my tongue around the head and ran it down the underside as I continued to stroke his cock with my mouth. He grabbed my hair and thrust into my mouth fucking it hard and fast. I was getting so turned on sucking his cock I reach down between my legs and rubbed my pussy under my skirt. I could feel the wetness of my juices seeping from my pussy and soaking my panties as I rubbed.
Roger’s cock was now ramming into my mouth sliding down my throat as I suck harder relishing the feel of his cock slamming in my mouth, Oh yes I do love a nice hard cock to suck. My fingers are inside my panties sliding in and out of my hot wet pussy. I am fucking myself hard and fast, I can feel the orgasm coming on in the pit of my abdomen. The warmth spreading through my pussy the contractions building as I start to shake and grind onto my fingers moaning around the cock in my mouth.

As my orgasm sweeps over me I feel Roger’s cock swelling in my mouth as he starts to jerk and thrust, I want his hot cum in my mouth I want to swallow every fucking drop of it. He grips my head as his cock explodes in my mouth jerking and pumping his cum down my throat as I gulp spurt after spurt, swallowing all his hot sperm. Oh GOD, I love to swallow a man’s cum. As his cock slowly softens it slips from my lips, I wrap my hand around it and lick the last of his cum leaking from the tip.

Standing I straighten my skirt down and adjust my panties, strolling back into the pub I run into one of Cindy’s dyke friends heading to the bathroom. Where have you been Cindy is looking for you, I was talking to a friend and then I went to the bathroom. As I move back into the pub I say goodbye to the guys. It’s time to go I’m so fucking horny all I can think about is getting home and fucking my girlfriend, I go get Cindy who is upset that I spent so much time with THOSE GUYS playing darts. When I get her home I’ll make her forget all about it, but that’s another story in itself.

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