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Sukky Foxxe - Glamour and fast cars

Glamour and fast cars.

The months were slipping away, already if was early summer. The movies that Sukky was in mounted up. She was making a fortune, but didn’t have the time, or energy to spend it. This work agreed with her, she had never had this type of job satisfaction before! Sukky looked forward to going to work every day, and every night to, if there was a party to go to. Monika had replaced Claire as her assistant, she was ultra efficient. Sukky gave her a small percentage of her “bonus” money, the same as she had with Claire. Monika took good care of her, and was always fighting in her corner. She prepared her going out bags with the utmost care, Sukky never lacked for anything. When Monika greeted her, that morning, she was excited, like a little girl with a new puppy. “What’s all the excitement.” Sukky asked.
“You, no, we are going to Monaco, for the Grand Prix.” She squealed.
“I can understand why I might have to go, but you?” Sukky said denting her enthusiasm a little.
“To keep you in line, and make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself.” She countered.
Sukky was going to be The Chairman’s e****t, he had asked for her yet again, quiet a feather in her cap. But why Monika as well, that didn’t add up somehow.

They arrived in Monaco, on the Lear. The Chairman had sent it to collect them. Monika had never travelled on a private jet before and was as excited as Sukky had been that first time.
“Why do you really think he wants me here.” Monika asked. Sukky didn’t tell her she had been thinking the same thing, but instead said. “Perhaps he has seen your radiant good looks, and wants to fuck the pair of us.” That shut her up, but not for long.
They were collected from the airport by helicopter, and taken to The Chairman’s residence, landing on the roof top helipad. Monika was shown to her room, with the other servants! Sukky was taken to The Chairman’s large suite, as she knew she would be. Sukky was to e****t him by day, but at night, he would take his pleasure with her. She was his to command. Afternoon tea was taken on the roof terrace. The Chairman greeted Sukky with a warm hug, and a kiss on the cheek. He had sent for Monika as well, she watched as he held Sukky’s hand and asked about her news. What had she been doing? How was her husband? So he knew she had one. Was she still happy, working for The Company? Sukky answered all these questions truthfully, which it seemed were genuinely asked. He turned to Monika. “We have not met before my dear.” He said. “But I have heard good things about your work. You must be wondering why you too are here. Let me put your mind at rest. I need you to do a little work, for Sukky, then the time will be your own. You have the year planner with you I trust, and the projected schedule for next year?”
“Yes sir, I have it here on my laptop.” She tapped her bag .
“Good, good. Sukky, I want you to e****t me to various functions over the coming year, so we need to make sure you are available when I require you. Further more your contract is due for renewal early next year, I want to deal with that this weekend as well, if you are agreeable.”
Sukky was. Up until that moment she had thought she would walk away from this life when the contract expired. But even as he said renewal, Sukky knew that was what she wanted. She had vowed to grasp, with both hands any and all opportunities that came her way. Sukky had done so, and was about to do so again. Joe, well he might not be cock a hoop, but he’d come round, Sukky could persuade him, and if not her, then with Ophelia’s help, he would be putty in both their hands.
Monika set to work to align the diaries, with that of The Chairman. It took her much longer than even she had expected. She took the opportunity to pencil in breaks so Sukky could be with Joe, and without being asked, Ophelia as well. There were still huge gaps, which would be filled later with both video making and parties. In reality she said, Sukky had just added to her own work load, and hers as well. Monika was Sukky’s assistant, but she also managed three or four other “performers” this would end. She was to become exclusively Sukky’s full time assistant, with a raise in pay. She would also accompany Sukky when she travelled with or for The Chairman. She couldn’t stop smiling.
The matter of Sukky’s contract was, in the end very straightforward. Her salary after much negotiation was doubled. But it came at a price. Five additional years. A five year contract, she was worth it, she knew that, The Company knew it. Sukky made them a huge profit. She had an additional clause added. They could not sell her contract, without her consent. That Sukky insisted upon. The time with Gerry and Alisha, when she thought for one terrifying moment that she was to be sold, even if it was for $100 million made that a given. Sukky could be leased out, but for no more than six months, and even then her time with Joe had to be honoured. Did she want to have a veto on which parties she attended. No that would only spoil her enjoyment, that was part of the fun, the not knowing. Sukky didn’t forget about Chris, he would get his own contract, if he wanted it. Sukky signed willingly, as willingly as she had that first time. Sukky was happy. She would fuck for The Company, when The Company said, where they said, and with whoever they said. Sukky was a contract girl, she had no say in the matter. She was theirs to command, theirs to fuck. Sukky still loved it.
The weekend fun began. The Grand Prix in Monaco is the highlight of the racing season, even she knew that. She e****ted The Chairman everywhere. The champagne flowed, and for once Sukky allowed herself to drink more than a thimble full. They attended receptions, and dances, and even parties, but not those sort of parties. Ladies in the finest of gowns, gentlemen in evening dress. The rich and the famous, film stars, the glitter-arty, even royalty, as Sukky found herself dancing with a real Prince. She again thanked what ever God she didn’t believe in for the dancing lessons of her youth. The highlight of that evening, must if she was truthful, be the dance she had with a certain very well known race driver, after the first few seconds, he had a very obvious erection, which he maintained all through the dance, Sukky felt it and pressed herself against it as they floated across the ballroom. She couldn’t but help but smile at his embarrassment. Poor man!
Race day. Sukky dressed in white linen suit. If she had chosen the outfit herself, which of course she hadn’t, then she would have included a bra. She was naked under the jacket, which fell open every now and then giving a glimpse of her breasts, as she wore the jacket unbuttoned. The trousers very tight. Sukky was with the Chairman, with passes to all areas, including the pits. Joe would have been so jealous, would have been, he was, he saw them on TV, as the TV camera zoomed in on her chest, a shot that would be in all of tomorrows newspapers. A text message is not the best way in the world to start a row, but it did. He was furious about the new contract, about its length, and that he had not been consulted. The Chairman was greedy with her that weekend. He kept her exclusively to himself. Sukky knew this would not always be the case, but knew to that she didn’t mind that, that was what she was here for, to entertain at his command, in whatever way he wanted, or do what was needed, with whoever, possibly whatever. In the mean time, she did what was expected of her, e****ted The Chairman, always in his shadow, and at night, she came out of the shadow, as he had his very wicked way with her.
The weekend ended, and they were flown back to work, the daily grind, no pun intended. Monika had a new office, one to herself, Sukky had a new apartment, a plush one, a penthouse, overlooking one the canals. Her star had risen in The Company, she hoped it would rise further still. Sukky was the Chairman’s e****t, his tart. She was a rising porn star. Sukky was a party girl. A high class company prostitute she admitted. A fucking good one.

Professional Hazards.

Several months had passed since the excitement of Monaco. Sukky had been busy. Her increased status in The Company, meant she now top billed in videos. Her name appeared at the top of the credits. It was her name in bold letters that was spread across the front of the DVD boxes. It was her image that looked out from the box covers, in there thousands. The DVD’s were distributed across the globe, but it was computer downloads where the future was, or so she was told. The Companies reach extended to all corners of the world. The film work continued, in a relentless grind. It had been a heavy week, production had been increased. Sukky found herself working longer, and longer hours. This was partly because she was to have periods away, e****ting The Chairman. Her video commitment would not be lessened. Chris had said when she was first given a contract that The Company would want their pound of flesh, her flesh. They no longer wanted a pound, the wanted a kilo, and more. The alarm clock sounded. Ophelia stirred beside her. Sukky turned the alarm off. It was six o’clock, on a summers morning. The sun shone. She would have liked to lay there a little longer, to cuddle back up to her. She couldn’t, she had work. Ophelia had work. Sukky walked to the bathroom, and sat on the toilet to pee. She noticed a thick discharge from her fanny. “Oh fuck,” Sukky said out loud. Ophelia stood in the doorway, “looks like you and me are seeing the Doc.” She said.

The Doc examined them both. Ophelia was fine. But Sukky, had an inflamed uterus, the Doc said as she examined her. When had she first noticed a discharge? Well a little, yesterday, and of course this morning. Sukky had a dose. Gonorrhoea. That fucking clap. The Doc prescribed her penicillin. “No work, and no sex for ten days, then I’ll re check you. That means no sex with Ophelia as well.” She said firmly. She signed some forms, and rang the production office.
The inevitable investigation started within The Company. The list of who Sukky had, had sex with in the last ten days was produced. It was a long list. All were called in to see the Doc. Five were found to be positive, plus fifteen more, who Sukky was just one fuck away from. Production was disrupted. But where had it come from, who had passed it to them, more to the bl**dy point, to Sukky. The story came out in the end. One of the guys, Patrick, had been out with some friends he knew from way back. He’d fucked the girl. In doing so he’d fuck his job. He was sacked that day. He wouldn’t work for The Company again, nor for any other half decent company. He would be blacklisted. The Company looked after it employees, but only if they played by the rules, their strict rules. Sukky realised, probably for the first time how important these rules were. She was pissed off at have a sexually transmitted disease, but it could have been much worse. Sukky had VD. It was just the clap. It wouldn’t be the only time. She had been fortunate. She also had ten days off.
Sukky took the tram into the city centre. She got off in Dam Square. It was summer, students, and tourists mingled in the crowded streets. The place was alive, vibrant. The city had a life beyond sex, although at its heart was the red light district. She sat at a pavement café, near the Chinese quarter, and enjoyed a coffee, and a pastry. Well why not, she had over a week to work it off. Sukky read the paper. Tucked away on the inside pages a small article, and a photo, of a man being fished out of the canal, the Skinny bridge in the background. The man hadn’t been identified. Sukky looked closely, with a growing sense of recognition. The man she knew would be found to have a very social disease. Sukky shuddered, and closed the paper, folding it, she laid it down on the table, then watched as people went past. Businessmen hurried to meetings, carrying briefcases. Housewives weighted down with bags of shopping. A crocodile of school c***dren headed into the red light area. This was Amsterdam, everything here was “normal” nothing hidden from view. Japanese tourists cameras snapping at everything. Tour guides, umbrellas held aloft. “My party.” They called, as they led the groups onward.
Sukky wandered the streets, she had all day. A street dealer “hashish lady” he said.
Sukky walked on, she walked and walked, past girls sitting in windows, past pimps in alleyways. She walked past a sex shop, glancing into the window. A familiar face looked out from the display at her. A large poster of herself, laying back legs parted, pouting at the camera, toes pointed, she noticed. Pussy held open, one of the many stills she had posed for. Arranged around the poster were about a dozen of her DVDs. Fucking hell, she was being promoted, and how. An American brash and loud, wearing a pair of those hideous shorts that only Americans wear, bristling with cameras, came over, to where she stood, looking at her image. “Gee, is that you lady?“ He said.
“No, no, you are mistaken.” Sukky said. She walked on more hurriedly, and slipped on a pair of sunglasses. That’s all she needed, fuck happy yanks.

After two days Sukky was bored. She was used to working. Sukky was a working girl. She couldn’t work, she couldn’t “play.” Ophelia was working. Sukky rang Joe. He was busy working too, his business had taken off, he was rushed off his feet. They chatted, but he had to go, he had a job to finish, and another to start. He sounded happy.
Sukky rang the Doc. “Can I go home for a week,” she asked.
“Yes” she replied. “But no fucking, you don’t want to pass it onto to your husband, do you, I‘ll arrange for Monika to get your passport out of the safe, and book your train tickets.”
“Thanks Doc, I won’t let you down, I’ll be like a nun.” The Eurostar arrived at Ashford. Sukky took a local train to the coastal town where they lived, on the coast. Sukky arrived home, Joe was still at work. The house was spotless, the cleaner had been worth the expense. She soaked in the bath, and relaxed. Joe was over the moon to see her. She hadn’t been due a break for another few weeks. He was still angry that she hadn’t consulted him about the new contract. So that was it, not the contract, but that he’d been left out of the decision making. He wasn’t too pleased either when she told him it was a no go in the bedroom department. But he was pleased to see her, he missed her, as she missed him. They went out for dinner, to the swanky place where they had treated themselves to before money became no object. It was lovely to be home, she just wished the circumstances were different. The meal was good, the company better. Sukky went to the loo. In the loo was her old boss. She was cold, and off hand, or was it just Sukky’s imagination. “How are things going?” Sukky asked her.
“You know, not great, I had to sell the salon. I see you are doing well though, saw you on the telly at the Monaco Grand Prix flashing your tits, and if that wasn’t enough, one of your films was on the porn channel that same night, I never thought you‘d do those kind of films, honestly it was disgusting.” She said.
“Then why were you watching it, if it was so disgusting.” Sukky spat back at her, with more venom than was necessary. No it was necessary, hypocritical bitch. She didn’t answer, just slammed the door as she left. Her attitude had upset Sukky, she had been so enthusiastic when she did that first stills shoot, she had been pleased, and now she was trying to take the high moral ground, well let her. Sukky didn’t care she told herself. It was true, she didn’t care what she or other people thought, this was her life, and she would do with it what she wanted. Well fuck her. Being recognised was something, which was going to happen to her from time to time. That was one of the prices of success. Catching something, because the rules were not followed to the letter, was something The Company would try to shield her from. But there was still an element of risk. Then again, there is an risk in everything we did. That was a fact of life. Crossing the road was dangerous if you had your eyes closed. Sukky’s eyes were open wide. She enjoyed her job, and all of a sudden wished she was back in Amsterdam, in The Companies “harness.”

East is East.

Sukky felt good to be back. Her mind felt clearer, her relationship with Joe had certainly benefited, no fucking had meant more talking. They had really talked, something which she realised they seldom did, even before she had started modelling. It would be difficult, they both acknowledged, but they would make the most of their times together, which were now written in stone. He was pleased when she explained that part of the new contract. The rest, Sukky kept quiet about. He didn’t need to know. He definitely didn’t need to know about the parties, that would remain a secret. What he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him. Could it? The Doc examined her, a real thorough examination, then she completed the bl**d tests. “Come back tomorrow, if the tests show you are all clear, I’ll issue your certificates, and you can start to earn your crust of bread again.” she said. Sukky checked in with Monika, and handed in her passport, which The Company kept safe. One of their rules, they held the passports. “If you get the all clear, you start tomorrow, and you’ll have some weekend work to do, to try to catch up, sorry but there it is I am afraid.” Monika said.
Sukky’s samples were fine, she was all clear. Thank goodness for that. She began work at once, the filming seemed to be relentless, Sukky was fucked, for what seemed to be days on end. That’s because they were day’s on end, and the day‘s became weeks.
Joe came to visit. He loved her new place. He loved the fact that Ophelia had moved in with Sukky, and made a pig of himself with both of them. Having a wife who is a porn star does have its advantages, sometimes. Sukky made sure they made a little time for just the two of them, away from work, away from Ophelia. They took a trip on the canal, by boat and were for two short hours just a couple of lovers, enjoying the scenery. They even went to the Riks Museum, and stood before the old masters. All too soon Joe was gone. Sukky had five weeks, before her schedule would allow her to spend some quality time with him again. It was just as well, his business need his full attention. If she had been still working at the salon, she still wouldn’t have seen him, he would have been at work all day, and asl**p all evening. At least now they made the most of their time together.
Sukky was sent, with Ophelia, and Claire to promote what turned out to be their latest video. The night of the Halloween party had been made into a feature. They went to America to help ensure it sold. In a huge convention hall they stood for three day’s by The Companies stall. Every porn fan in the States seemed to be there. They signed porno magazines for the fans, had their pictures taken with them. Flashed their tits, flashed their bums, and held their knickers to one side, and did some pinks. Sukky hated it. She hated every single minute, and wished she had had the clap during that week, so she wouldn’t have had to come. Claire was the only one who really enjoyed it. Ophelia used the time to speak with American porn directors, most had been porn stars in their day. Now they were behind the camera. That was where she wanted to be, where she would be. She used her time well. Monika was with them too, behind the scenes of course. She had arranged the trip, booking the best hotels. She had booked a suite, it had two bedrooms, so she shared with Claire. Each bedroom had two large double beds. Everything is large in America. Ophelia and Sukky slept together, as they always did. Sukky slept more with Ophelia than Joe. Ophelia slept with Joe almost, but not quiet as often as Sukky did. Monika brought tea in bed the morning after the hateful convention had finished. They were both awake, just lying together.
“Do you mind if Claire comes in as well.” Monika said. That got their attention, that and the way she said it. Claire joined them, unlike Monika, who sat on the empty bed, Claire got in beside them, and snuggled under the duvet.
“Really, if, you can all pay attention, I have some news which concerns the three of you.” Monika said in a school mistress sort of way. They just giggled under the quilt, which just served to annoy her. “You three, have been booked for a party, in, well somewhere. We travel tonight, I have made all the arrangements.” She said.
“How long will we be away.” Asked Claire. Monika didn’t answer, there was no need. She knew, they all knew, The Company did not give that sort of information. Where they were going was not their concern, what they were going for wasn’t either. They were all contracted, to The Company, contracted for the same reason. They were to do The Companies bidding, to be filmed, photographed, to entertain, and if that’s what was required, then fuck as well, for The Company. Its what they were paid to do. Sukky for one was glad, its what she enjoyed. At least it wasn’t standing at some stall in a cold convention hall smiling at some fat, slimy fucking yank..
They flew first class, they flew west, across the Pacific. The flight was long, but at least they weren’t in cattle class. Monika flew with them, which was a surprise to all of them. Admin did not usually accompany the lesser beings. But then she was Sukky personal assistant. They flew to Hong Kong, she couldn’t hide that from them. They were meet at the airport, by a company representative,. who e****ted them to The Companies office‘s, in downtown Hong Kong. The top three floors of an enormous tower block. The express lift took them to the top floor, bye passing the offices, direct to a penthouse suite. The Chairman greeted them all warmly. He had met Ophelia and Claire once before, briefly. Monika of course he did know. They had drinks, he was a good host. “I am having a small dinner party here this evening.” He said to Sukky. “Please be ready at eight.”
Sukky was shown to his bedroom, which she would share with him, during her stay. The others, took the lift to the floor below, which was in effect small hotel, but only for guests of The Company, privileged guests. Sukky dressed for dinner, taking care with her appearance, she had slept well on the flight, thank goodness, and felt fresh, and alive. Hong Kong, oriental city, Sukky wondered if she’d manage to see any of it, other than out of the window of a car, or through the windows of the penthouse. The dress, which had been laid out for her was black silk, in the Chinese style. Down the back The Company logo had been embroidered, also in black. It fitted her every curve. Low heels, well low for her, only four inches, but high enough to give her calves definition. No underwear had been laid out. An oversight? Sukky knew it wasn’t. She was expected to be naked under the dress. Why? Time would tell, and that time was almost upon her.
The diners were all Chinese businessmen., all were accompanied, none she thought were their wives, anymore than she was the wife of The Chairman. Sukky said little throughout the meal. She was decoration, she nodded, and smiled. She eat little. A quartet played in the corner of the room. Dinner over, they had after dinner drinks. Sukky‘s, without being having to ask, was mineral water, with a slice of lemon. It was hot, even though the air conditioning was on. The Chairman clapped his hands, “and now for some entertainment.” He announced.
Was Sukky the entertainment?
No, not tonight. A door opened and the evening entertainment was brought in. A woman, a European. Music started. A stripper? This was not to be like any other stripper Sukky had seen. She began, and all became clear. She was a stripper, but what a stripper. She held up a blue silk handkerchief, making it disappear, then pulling it out from some other part of her clothing. As the show progressed she stripped out of what she had on Her blouse, came off, then her skirt. The piece of blue silk disappeared, only to re appear form another piece of her clothing, which became less and less. Sukky watched closely. She was now only dressed in her underwear. Her bra came off, she smiled, moved her hands, and there it was gone, it re appeared from her knickers. Then the knickers came off. The blue silk disappeared again, she held up her arms, there was nowhere it could be, no, it couldn’t be there surely. She was on a small stage, well lit. Sukky couldn’t see anywhere else where it could be. She pulled it from her pussy, to applause from them all. A stripper, yes, but more than that, she was a magician. She stood before them naked. She was brilliant.
The Chairman was deep in conversation. Sukky wandered over to the where the waiter stood, and ordered herself another drink. He had just handed her a glass, when Sukky saw The Chairman beckon her to where he stood. The Chinaman looked her up and down. Sukky was turned around. “Sukky, dear, take your dress off, and if you wouldn’t mind, sit on the edge of the stage.” Said the Chairman.
Sukky walked to the stage, and unzipped her dress, dr****g it over a chair, and sat on the edge of the stage. The Chairman brought his guest over to where she sat. “Could you show us your clitoris.” He asked. Sukky obeyed, and opened her legs, and exposed her clit, pulling back its hood. The guest bent down, Sukky thought he was going to lick her, but he didn’t. He turned and called his companion over. She was instructed to strip, and sit beside Sukky. He then compared her clit to Sukky‘s, she was asked to excite it. Sukky began to caress herself, and felt her clit become enlarged. What Ophelia had done that night at the Halloween party, had left her clit enlarged. All the men in the room, were now examining her. Though none touched her. The Chinese lady, had also been instructed to masturbate. Her clit was, as Sukky’s had once been, a small button of highly sensitive nerve endings. Sukky’s was still sensitive, more so in fact, it was just no longer a button. It was a small erection. Eventually, everyone had had a good look, and Sukky was allowed to dress, as she did so, she wondered what that had been all about. Sukky slept with The Chairman, not that she got much sl**p. He was not a young man, but he had the endurance of a twenty year old. He was full of energy. Chinese medicine is wonderful, he confided in her. So that was it. Eventually he slept,, and so did she.
The bed was empty, when Sukky woke next morning. Breakfast was laid out for her, and a servant saw to her needs. She showered, and as she came out of the shower she was greeted by a young man. He was a masseur, Sukky was then given a full body massage. This was the life. He was still massaging when Monika joined her.
“Its alright for some.” She said. “We are going for a helicopter tour of Hong Kong, before lunch.”
The massage was over. “Fancy one.?” Sukky asked her.
“Could I, really.” Monika said.
“Yes, be my guest.”
She stripped off, and laid on the massage table. Sukky had not seen Monika naked before. She was curvy, voluptuous even. Her hips and thighs a little on the heavy side. Her breasts were full, and she had dark nipples. She had no pubic hair, and her pussy was a neat vertical “smile”. She groaned as the masseuse went to work.

The helicopter flight took an hour, the four of them looked down on the incredibly busy city. It could have been an ant colony. Sukky accompanied the Chairman to a business lunch, a very proper affair. It was as if the sun had never set on the Empire. Everyone spoke like the Queen, except Sukky. Then she slept the afternoon away, and didn’t wake till after seven.
Then it was time to do what they had all been brought to this place for. They were taken by the helicopter to an off shore island. In the centre of a compound was a large aircraft hanger. Tonight, nor on any other night was it home to aircraft. It was a gambling den, and not the of the casino type. You can bet on anything in Hong Kong, gambling was an obsession. In the centre was a stage, lit by bright white lights. Nothing subtle here. Around the stage, tier upon tier of seats were arranged. A stadium. Claire, Ophelia and Sukky were lead to rooms which were located below the seating. “Costumes” were laid out. Leather cup less, corsets for each of them. Hideously high heels. Leather straps, for wrists and ankles, with heavy duty buckles, fitted with thick metal rings. Lastly, a leather choker, for each of their necks, also with heavy duty buckles, and a large steel ring. There were no knickers. They dressed, each keeping their thoughts to themselves. Then a small woman entered the room. She told them to line up against the wall, and bend with bums towards her. She inserted something into each of the girls arses‘. A short wire hung down between their legs. A huge man entered the room, muscled, and oiled, with a bald head. He was naked save for a posing pouch. He carried heavy chains, which he clipped to the chokers about their necks. They were led out, like three obedient dogs, into the glare of the lights. The seats were all full. The noise was incredible. The heat intense. On the stage St Andrews Cross’s awaited each of them. Beneath each a machine pointed upwards, a dildo on the end of a ram. They were chained hand and foot, into place. Sukky was in the centre. Bets were being made, vast bundles of money changing hands. The bald showman called for silence. The wires emerging from each of them was connected to other wires. The crowd calmed down. Three masked women in a cat suits, walked onto the stage. Each carried a wand vibrator, with which they proceeded to “warm them up.” Sukky’s throat was dry. A felt a bead of sweat run the length of her back. Sukky heard Claire moan. Then, vacuum tubes were brought out, and fixed to each of their clits, as Sukky at least had guessed they would be. The vacuum caught, and Sukky’s clit begin to expand into the tube. Beside her Claire gasped. The vacuum increased for what seemed an eternity, Sukky wished Ophelia was controlling events, instead of being tied beside her. Then the vibrating bullet’s were applied, clipped into place, and Claire felt herself coming for the first time that night. Sukky knew that each orgasm, like at the Halloween party would be recorded. They were betting on the outcome of which of the girls would come first, the most, and above all, which would last the longest, before they begged them to stop. Or Ophelia thought, passed out. Sukky remembered the young girl, her cries for it to end being ignored, and listening to her sob, as she was ignored even by her. The vibrating bullets were doing their job, as the vibrations increased. Sukky heard Ophelia come, softly, her pleasure so familiar. Claire moaned loudly, surprised by the intensity of having her clit in a vacuum, being vibrated by the vibrating bullet. Then the dildo’s were brought up, and thrust into each of them. Then the machine fuck began, slowly at first, but gained speed with each minute. Wave after wave of intense pleasure washed through Sukky’s body. Orgasms were coming fast now, almost without a break between. Ophelia was moaning constantly.
Claire now screaming. “Oh God, yes, yes, yes, Ooooooooo, fucking yes.”
Judging by the crowds reaction the “come meters were going sky high. Neither of them could see them, and were strapped too tightly to be able to twist, even slightly.
Sukky heard myself cry out “Fuck me, fuck…. me, fuck…. meeeeeeeeee.”
Ophelia was cresting a wave of pleasure and she too began to cry out.
The bullets, and the dildo were doing there stuff. How long had they been here, Sukky had lost all sense of time. She needed a drink, and was so thirsty. Sweat ran into her eyes, and stung.
Sukky came again, and then again. How much of this could she take. How long had it lasted before. she couldn’t remember, all she could feel was her clit, it hurt, but with it such intense pleasure, it took her breath away.
Claire was panting, her breath coming in short gasps. she wondered if she was going to be alright. Did she regret that Sukky had arranged for that photo shoot, which had led her to being here tonight? No not in the least. Ophelia was moaning constantly, coming Sukky knew again and again. Sukky knew her body as she knew her own. But they had never been this far together, even in their most extreme games, or when they were being filmed together. Filming, was a stop start affair. No sooner than the fuck had started, than it stopped, for whatever reason. Ophelia noticed for the first time that they were being filmed, she was surprised, but why, she didn’t know. The Company would want to make further money in the future from tonight’s event. How many times had Claire come, she didn’t know, and had lost count, so long ago. Sukky’s cunt was being pounded, the dildo being rammed all the way into her. Claire screamed, and knew she would soon beg to end this. But she didn’t and so it continued. Still money changed hands, Sukky had never seen so much cash before, there were notes everywhere. Then Sukky felt a scream at the back of my throat, and couldn’t stop it. She couldn’t take much more of this. Only the thought of being the first to beg, stopped her. She wouldn’t beg, she had never begged for anything in her life before, and wasn’t about to start now. Claire was screaming now, screaming at the top of her voice screaming “oh, my god, oh my god oh my god,” over and over again. But it was Ophelia who screamed to let it end, she sobbed, and then begged to be released. Would they let them go, or were we to be made to continue, until they passed out. Chris had once told Sukky that The Company took good very care of its people. And so it proved to be. Ophelia’s machine fuck ended, the bullet was taken off. The vacuum tube was left in place. Sukky could just see her lover out of the corner of her eye. She was soaked in sweat, gasping for breath. That just left Claire and Sukky. The machine continue pumping. The bullets buzzed louder, it seemed. Claire’s clit ached. Sukky screamed probably louder than Ophelia had done. But she wouldn’t give in, not yet, not yet. Not yet. Claire came again, and Sukky heard her shout “No more, no more, I can’t take any more, get that fucking thing out of me, now.”
Her machine was stopped, the bullet removed, only the vacuum remained, fixed firmly to her clit. But it was enough that the dildo had stopped ramming her cunt, and the bullet stopped its torture of her clit. Sukky came again, and knew that soon she too would have to cry out and have them end it. Only her pride stopped her, and so it continued, on, and on. Then suddenly Sukky knew she could take no more. “No more, no more, I can’t not any more, no more, please.” She screamed it and then screamed it again. Sukky who would never give in, never begged, begged, and begged, sobbing as she did so. It ended then, she was drenched in sweat, and panting, gasping for air. Money was changing hands at such a rate. Thousands, maybe millions. Sukky didn’t care, she was beyond care. It had ended, that’s all she cared.
The girls clits were measured, there was more money to be made on that flutter, how long, whose was the longest. Sukky didn’t care. Claire didn’t care. Ophelia didn’t care. They were unbuckled from those St Andrews Crosses. At that moment Sukky never wanted to see one again. None of them could walk, their legs were jelly, were carried from the stage, and carried out into the night, to the waiting helicopter, and flown back into The Company’s embrace.
Sukky drank mineral water, it tasted like nectre. Then she passed out, totally exhausted. When she woke she was laid on a bed, she looked about her, Ophelia smiled, Claire just cried. They were still dressed in corsets, the leather straps, and chokers still in place. Sukky managed a smile, then laid her head down again, and slept.

The following morning, all three of them soaked in a giant sunken bath. All had recovered, as Sukky knew they would, if a little tired. “Come on Ophelia, what was it like to be on the receiving end?” Sukky teased her.
“It was amazing, the sensations, but it just kept coming and coming, it was incredible. Now I know how you felt.” She said.
“They missed off the electric probes on the clit, you would have liked that.” Sukky said.
“I pissed myself anyway.” She said laughing.
“What about you Claire.?”
“I am fine now, I’ve never experience anything like it, when I watched you having that done to you before I never imagined it would be done to me. And look at this.” she said, and as she did so she stood and sat on the edge of the bath, parting her legs, and held her pussy open.
“Look” she giggled “I’ve got a hard on.” Her clit was like Sukky’s and Ophelia’s, swollen, and elongated. Sukky bent her head, and took it into her mouth, as Claire had once done to her, so tenderly. Sukky heard her gasp. “Fucking hell, that’s……. fantastic, no, no, no don’t.. stop, please, oh god, oh.. god, oh… fuck. I’ve just come again.” Claire panted. “But no more, well for now!”
Sukky turned to Ophelia, “You turn honey.” Obediently she to sat on the edge of the sunken bath, and parted her legs. Sukky flicked her clit with the tip of her tongue, the lightest of touches.
“Oh my god, that’s sensational.” Ophelia gasped. Sukky gently, very gently ran her tongue around the little erect clit, it was about the same size as Claire’s. Sukky’s tongue travelled its length. “Mmm, that’s good, that’s….very……..very…….very, oh fuck, oh my god, oh my good god…… I fucking love you……..I’m com…….ing.” Ophelia groaned.
Sukky sat in the bath happy that Ophelia had said she loved her. Happy too that she had made her come so easily. And Claire too if she was honest. They both looked at Sukky, smiling.
“Oh no you don’t, no really I had ……..”
Sukky got no further, as both girls pushed her back, and Claire lowered her face to Sukky’s cunt. She waited for the touch of her tongue. When it came if was electric. Sukky’s clit had been over sensitive since Halloween, it still was. She came so quickly, in a wave of pleasure, it felt so good, but her lover wanted her turn as well. Ophelia pushed her face into Sukky’s wet pussy, and felt her tongue within her, then she too flicked that lovely bundle of nerve endings. Sukky came noisily, gaspingly, pantingly, just as Monika walked into the room. She stood and stared at them. A look of total amazement on her face. “I don’t believe you, I really don’t, didn’t you have enough last night?”
They all giggled, like three naughty schoolgirls caught by the headmistress. “Take a look at these little beauties.” Claire said. They all lay back and parted themselves. Monika’s eyes nearly popped out of her head.
“But, doesn’t that, well hurt?” She asked.
“Nope.” Claire said “Anything but, very sensitive though, want to try to make me come?”
Monika smiled and as she did so, she pulled her dress over her head. Ophelia reached up and pulled her knickers down, and she joined them in the bath. Claire took a handful of Monika’s hair, and pulled her down to her wetness.
“Be careful, Monika, its very……….oh very, so very……oh here I come aga…, oh Mon……..ika that’s , oh fuck, oh ……..” Claire managed to say.
Monika had succeeded, she had made Claire come. Now it was time for them to repay her, three fold!
They flew that afternoon, in a private jet, not as good as the Lear Sukky thought, north, destination, well, they didn’t know. The three of them slept the entire flight. Monika, dear Monika worked, sitting at the back of the plane, at her laptop. They landed, and were meet by The Company car. Sukky knew where they were, even if the others didn’t, and she knew where they were going. The boat ride to the island, was in the golden red glow of the tropical sun set. They were at The Chairman’s Island. The house staff greeted Sukky warmly. Of The Chairman, there was no sign. Sukky walked to the pool. Let her dress fall to the ground, stepped out of her panties, and dived into the cool refreshing water. She swam, and swam. Then walked naked back into the house, and went to the Chairman’s bedroom, her bedroom.

Four day’s they waited for his arrival. He was busy in Tokyo, then he was busy in, Shanghai. They lay in the sun, swam in the pool. Relaxed. Made love. Sukky with Ophelia. Claire, she made love with Monika. “I’m not a lesbian.” Monika had said. Nor were any of them, well maybe Sukky and Ophelia. They just liked sex. One night in the Jacuzzi, they all made love to each other, like four wanton whores, well three at least, just for the fun of it. And it was fun.
They relaxed, chilled, they were in paradise. They were waited upon, there every need anticipated. And Sukky was bored. That all changed with his arrival. He looked worn out when he arrived, but nothing a good nights sl**p wouldn‘t cure, then he would be back to his energetic, charming self. He had arrived unannounced, quietly in the early evening. They were all indoors, except Monika, getting ready for dinner, which even though he wasn’t there was something they dressed for, not formal dress, just a nice dress, some make up, they couldn’t slob around all the time. Monika was in the pool, swimming naked lengths. She had no towel, no sarong. The Chairman stood at the pools edge, and watched her swim. It was several seconds before she realised she had an admirer. She had spent the last days walking naked about the island, and the house. She didn’t mind the servants seeing her, and certainly not the girls. The Chairman, that was different. She covered her breasts, then realised she had no knickers on, and tried to cover herself there as well. He laughed, that soft Irish laugh. It just made Monika turn red, with embarrassment. Eventually, Monika had no choice, chin held high, she walked, briskly from the pool, into the house, then ran to her room, and shut the door, firmly.
They eat dinner, Monika still looked little embarrassed, as The Chairman insisted she sit by him at the head of the table, a devilish twinkle in his eye. He wanted to know all their news. He already new most of it of course, but it was just like him, to want to hear it from them. What had they been doing with themselves in his absence? They told him. Monika squirmed, when they described how she had made Claire come. Dinner was over, and they sat around in the lounge.
“Your show was very good.” The Chairman said. “I’ve seen the footage of it.” He went on to say the footage rights had been sold to a betting syndicate, in Shanghai, who would screen the film at other betting events, and on the internet, so they would be bet on for years to come. The money from gambling that night had made, well lets just say it was equal to some third world countries debts. “I’ll ensure your percentages are paid straight into your “alternate accounts.” He said. “Don’t want the tax man getting any of that, you earned it all, all of you.” They all smiled, and knew the bonus was going to be enormous. Sukky would see to it that Monika had some of her share. Like she had with Clair, when she was her assistant, Sukky gave a percentage of her bonus’s to Monika.
“Right, come on, I want to see.” He said his eyes sparkling with mischief.
They all knew what he wanted to see, even Monika knew that. The three of them sat on the edge of the largest sofa. Lifted their dresses, and lowered their panties. Then caressed themselves, until, as Claire put it, they had little mini erections. All were careful not to go to far!
“Will they stay like that? He asked.
“Well, mine as you know has been like this since Halloween, so it will, as for the others, well only time will tell.” Sukky said, speaking for all. Sukky could tell The Chairman had his business head on, he was calculating how much money he could make from their clits, and how he could market them. Sukky smiled inwardly, this was going to be fun. She didn’t sl**p much that night. Beside her The Chairman slept deeply. Sukky lay and listened to him snoring softly. The curtains moved gently in the light night breeze. The house was still. She could hear the sea lapping on the beach. Eventually though she did sl**p, when she woke, he was gone. Sukky padded through the house, and went out into the sunshine, and walked down to the pool for a early morning swim. The Chairman was in his office, wheeling and dealing no doubt. Sukky had never been in that office, it was strictly off limits, and kept locked at all times. He stayed in there until just before lunch. The he came down to the pool, and swam, and frolicked with the rest of them. Even Monika didn’t try to hide her nakedness. As they eat lunch he said “ Better get some rest this afternoon, all of you, we have guests this evening, important ones.”
He said no more, he didn’t have to, they all knew what that meant. It meant back to work.
“Do you think he meant me as well.” Asked Monika later that afternoon.
“Well he did say, all of us.” Sukky answered her, but wondered herself if she was included.
Sukky dressed for dinner. Another revealing dress, though not a transparent number. It was clingy, her boobs squeezed together, and lifted by the bodice., the dress hugged her hips, and finished just below the bum. Sukky wore a lacy thong underneath.
The others were dressed in the same style of dresses, only the colour was different. But what of Monika? Then Sukky saw her, and smiled. Monika too was dressed in the evenings uniform. She looked fantastic. Her curves were made for this kind of dress. The important guests arrived. All friends of The Chairman. There was dancing. There was laughter. The house came alive. Monika held tight by one middle aged man, glided across the dance floor. The food was as usual to die for. The Chairman was relaxed, perhaps the most Sukky had ever seen him. He led her out onto the terrace, and they danced alone, in the moonlight. Others seeing them dance outside and joined in. Claire was thrown into the pool, soon the other girls had all joined her, even Monika frolicked naked. Everyone was enjoying the fun, and no one wanted it to end, even as the sunrise began to warm the sky. They had an early breakfast, either around the pool, or in the case of Ophelia, in the jacuzzi with two of the guests, who were really enjoying themselves, Ophelia lay back, her eyes half closed. Monika, she was nowhere to be seen, nor was her dance partner! Then they slept the morning away.
The others left that evening, only The Chairman and Sukky remained, they were catching the early morning flight to Heathrow, and then a connection to Amsterdam. Sukky had another day, to relax, and enjoy this tropical paradise. Work was just around the corner, she knew, but for today, she made the most of her good fortune.

A light mist hung over the sea, as they sailed to the mainland the following morning. A helicopter waited, and ferried them to the airport, and soon we were on their way. First class to Mumbai. Then it was straight to work. Not that kind of work. Sukky e****ted the Chairman to a cocktail party, then on to dinner engagement. The time flew by. Sukky smiled, tried to say the right thing, at the right time.
The next day, we were off again, Bangalore, a luncheon! At luncheon they were back in the Raj, the empire hadn’t died after all, it was alive and well, in this part of India.. That evening they flew to Heathrow, a long, and as it turned out bumpy flight. sl**p was impossible for much of the flight, even in first. Eventually the turbulence ended, and she at last slept. The Lear met them at Heathrow, and they flew to his home, flying over her home far below. The Chairman sat in the rear, busy at a laptop, occasionally muttering to himself, unaware he was even doing it, as he crunched numbers in his head, or worked ideas through.

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