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Asian delight

Last night I was with a Sexy Asian gal who was at first taken back by my thickness and said she didn't think I would fit in her mouth. So I offered to 69 with her and told her she to do what she could. My pussy eating must still be good because she really got into it and almost deep throated. When her jaws got tired she turned around and rode me to a couple good O's....damn she was a tight one.
I got on top next with her knees back by her ears and we had a real belly slapper of a fuck that left us breathless. She thought I came and wondered why I didn't pull out. I told her I was just taking a breather between rounds and gave my cock a little flex which brought a smile to her cute face and flexed back at me. This went on for about ten minutes til I got my breath ( I gotta quit smoking ) then we switched my favorite position Doggie. I took it slow at first letting her get used to how deep I can get in this position. When she told me to fuck her harder I jumped into overdrive, making that pussy drip juices on to my balls. When I felt the need to cum I pushed her flatter on the bed, grabbed under her shoulders pulling her tight back to me and shot off deep in her. She got a great cum then because her pussy seemed to pulse around my now shrinking dick. We chit chatted for awhile and then parted ways.... Dip shit me forgot to get her phone number :(

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