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Dad and the week end

She and her dad were going away for the week end. It was their bonding time. soon she would be off to college and now they would spend time together.

They checked in the hotel and were in the same room but two beds. They went down to the restaurant before they turned in for the night.

Back at the room, she went to put on her night gown. It was short and sexy for a daughter.The dad slept nude. She always thought her dad was very sexy for a dad.
She dreamed about kissing and touching him. He was shocked when she came to her bed as the gown was so revealing. She had nice full tits like her mom and a cute round ass. He felt his cock get stiff. He thought about what she would look like without the gown. He shed his clothes as she watched without him knowing it. She was amazed at his cock. It was long and thick. It was much bigger than the high school boys. She wanted to feel it. Soon the lights were out and they both tried to sl**p, but had each other on their minds.

After about an hour, the daughter decided to cuddle with her dad. She went to his bed and climbed under the covers and slid next to him. She cuddled next to his back and put her arms around him pressing her tits into his back. He laid very still as his cock was getting very hard. Sometime during the night the arm she had around her dad slid lower and rested on his cock. His cock got harder faster. She felt the cock harden and decided to fake being asl**p and touch his cock. As she grabbed his cock he did not stop her. She then slid her hand up and down the shaft and under to his balls. She loved the feel of his huge cock and large balls. She kept her hands there rubbing him till she felt the tip get wet. She rubbed the wetness loving how it felt on her fingers.

Soon she decided to remove her gown. She flung it over her head and then pressed her big tits to his back. She then slid her leg between his as she still rubbed his very hard cock. Suddenly, he turned to her and turned her back to him as he pressed himself to her back and put his arms around her and grabbed her huge tit. He was rubbing the nipple between his two fingers making it hard and growing in size. Next he rubbed the whole tit with his hand, She felt a tingle in her pussy as he did this. She scooted closer to him feeling his cock against her ass. Then he lifted her leg and pushed his cock between her legs but not inside her. It just rubbed against her pussy. He liked that she shaves her pussy. He took a hand from her tit and pushed it between her legs. He could feel how wet she was. He took a finger and ran it between the lips of her pussy. She shivered as he did this. Loving his hands on her pussy she spread her legs giving him better access to her now very wet cunt. He took the hint and slid a finger inside her hole. It was tight and wet and warm. He forgot how tight young girls were. He then ran his finger in and out her cunt loving the feel of it on his fingers.

Nest he turned her over to her back and spread her legs wide. He wanted to touch her pussy and finger fuck her hole. He then grabbed a tit with his mouth to suck. She had great firm tits with big full nipples. He sucked her tits like a starving baby as he fingered her tight cunt. He then felt her cunt pulse against his fingers knowing she was cumming. He fingered her till she was done then he slid down and put his face between her legs and started to lick her pussy. He could tell by he moaning that she really liked this so he put his tongue into her tight cunt and licked the cum from her. She had a sweet fresh taste. He licked her hole then he licked her clit. She had a nice thick clit and he loved sucking on it. He then felt her start to cum so he moved his tongue into her hole and tongue fucked her till she came hard over his tongue.

Next he turned and laid on his back and pulled her down between his legs to suck his cock. She did not know how she would get the huge cock into her mouth but as she sucked and licked it got easier. He was hard and huge as he felt her lick and suck his cock. As she sucked he shoved her head further down on his cock till she was getting almost all of it in her mouth. He moved his hips as she sucked making a fucking motion into her mouth. This felt so good with his cock in his sexy daughters mouth. He grabbed her head and then fucked her mouth hard with his cock till he shot cum down her throat. he kept his cock in her mouth as she swallowed every drop. He told he to now lick him so he would get hard again sooner.

Soon as he was hard he laid her on her back with legs spread and got between her. He pushed a finger into her cunt first then positioned her cunt to enter her. First he pushed the head into the tight hole. She felt warm and wet and very tight. He wanted to fuck this hole so bad, loving the tight cunt. He eased in inch by inch till he was inside her. She was so tight and her cunt massaged his huge cock making him want to fuck her hard and fast but he kept it slow for a while. He pushed in and out of the tight cunt and he could feel her getting excited as his huge cock turned her on too. He pushed his hands under her ass and raised her hips to him so her could get in deep and fuck her hard. Then he started pounding her hole. She felt so good and he had not had a tight cunt for many years. He fucked her hard and then they both came. he filled her hole with his cum as he felt her cum against his hard cock. When they were both exhausted they laid and went to sl**p with him still inside her pussy.

The next morning they showered together and went down to breakfast and came back to bed and licked each others cock and pussy and fucked three more times. They decided this week end would be spent in their bed fucking each other as many times as they could. neither got dressed all day. She loved his big cock and he loved her big tits and tight pussy. He was very proud of his sexy daughter and knew he would be meeting her many times at college. He wanted more of that tight pussy.

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