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Only Couples (continued)

Chapter 2

Dirk left his spurting cock buried in Faith to the hilt till the spasms subsided and his balls loosened and hung limp once more. The young wife's moans had diminished to afterglow whimperings when he slowly pulled his limp and glistening organ from her vagina and stood beside the chaise. Boyd was hobbling around in a circle, groaning and still holding his pain-racked nuts. "You shouldn't have been so hard on him, baby," he admonished Lucia. She smiled wickedly, her eyes gleaming as she watched the bent-over young husband doing his dance of pain. Dirk went to her and kissed her lips. He put his mouth to her ear and whispered, "Control yourself. Later, honey. When we get the party set up ... then you can have all the fun with him you want. But not now. Be careful, or you'll scare them off." "Her too," Lucia breathed excitedly. "I've got luscious plans for Faith too." "Tell me about it later. Let's calm them down right now or we may blow the whole bit. I'll take care of Boyd. You go sit with Faith and keep her from having an attack of conscience." Lucia nodded and went to the chaise. She sat down beside Faith and smiled sweetly down into her eyes. Palming a strand of sweat-dampened hair from Faith's forehead and gently patting her abdomen at the same time, she asked, "Having a good time, little one?"

"Oh, God! I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry, Lucia. I didn't mean to...I mean...Oh! Oh, I don't know how to say it."

"Hush, baby, hush. You don't have to say anything. And for God's sake don't apologize. I'm glad you and Dirk made it so deliciously together."

"You're not jealous? You don't hate me?"

Lucia bent and planted a motherly kiss on her forehead. "Do I act like I'm jealous? Hell no. I liked it. It gave me a thrill to see you and Dirk balling. He's great, isn't he? Listen, baby, I'll loan him to you any time you want."

"Oh, Lucia! Oh no, I couldn't! I just couldn't let it happen again."

"Why not? It was good, wasn't it?"

"Christ, yes! I can't deny that. Dirk is really all man. He brought out nerves in me that I didn't know I had. Ohhh!"

"So? Where's the problem? Dirk goes for you just as much as you go for him."

"It's wrong, Lucia. So wicked!"

"Bull shit. Anything that turns you on and doesn't hurt anyone else is not wicked."

At the mention of "anyone else" Faith's head jerked up and her eyes opened wide, looking around for her husband. She spotted him out by the pool. He was glaring angrily at Dirk and looked as if he might hit him at any minute. "Boyd," she said softly. "It hurt, Boyd."

"It didn't hurt him as much as you think. It's a funny thing, Faith, but many men ... how should I say it? Well, he's not as angry as he looks. Take my word for it."

"You're wrong, Lucia. He's mad, really mad. I've never seen him so mad about anything!" Chuckling softly, Lucia answered, "He's saving face, baby. That's all it
amounts to, believe me."

"You think he'll get over it? You think he'll forgive me?"

"I guarantee it."

"I don't know. I don't know. Look! They're going to fight!"

Lucia swung her head around in time to see Boyd shove Dirk backward into the swimming pool. She laughed aloud as his muscular body splashed into the water and Boyd turned to stomp toward them. She got up and moved away from the chaise, giving Boyd a wide berth as she walked to the pool to help Dirk out. "You cooled off now, lover?" she asked, extending her hand and taking his to pull him up from the water. Wiping the hair from his face, Dirk smiled knowingly as he came out of the pool and stood dripping beside her. He took one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pinched down harshly into the brown flesh. A shiver shot through Lucia's body. She whimpered. Then she pushed his hand away and hugged Dirk lovingly. "Wait till they leave, darling," she whispered. They stood by the pool, watching as Boyd angrily jerked his wife to her feet and slapped her face. He went to their pile of clothes and threw
Faith's dress at her, ordering her to put it on as he slid his legs into his trousers.

"What do you think?" asked Lucia, her fingertips lightly teasing at Dirk's lower stomach.

"I think they're made to order ... putty for the sculptor's hand to mold at will," Dirk replied with a grin. Tears streamed down Faith's cheeks as she pulled the dress over her head and wiggled into it. She reached behind her to zip it up but had to abandon the project to catch her shoes when Boyd threw them at her one at a time. She had no time to put them on, for Boyd jammed his bare feet into his loafers and came at her angrily with their underthings and stockings in his left hand. With his right hand he gripped her upper arm, digging his fingers into the soft flesh, and dragging her around the side of the house. The gate opened and then slammed shut. Lucia smiled up at Dirk. "Boyd's more of a man than I thought," she said. "Do you think he'll beat her?"

"Naw. He may slap her once or twice, but he won't hurt her. I wish we had their bedroom wired for sound. They're going to have the wildest screw they've ever had in a few minutes, and I'd like to hear it." "Come on in the house, sculptor. There's going to be a wild fuck taking place in our bedroom tonight, too," Lucia said, her fingers eagerly enfolding Dirk's reawakening prick.

Heading straight for their bedroom, Boyd dragged Faith through the house without a word. He pulled her cringing form through the doorway and slammed the door shut. Then he swung her roughly and sent her sprawling on the bed. Throwing their underthings on the dresser and knocking her perfume and make-up articles off onto the floor, he hissed, "You pig! Slut! Whore! Bitch!" Faith sat up, cringing in the middle of the bed as Boyd stood glaring hatefully at her. She wanted to admit he was right. The names he called her ... they were true and accurate. She couldn't blame him for the
outburst, the angry accusations, for the same words had been running through her own mind. Boyd had only given voice to the way she felt about her insane lapse of self-control. A fresh flood of tears obscured her vision and cascaded down her cheeks. She sobbed aloud and buried her face in her hands. "I'm sorry, Boyd. I'm so sorry," she whimpered through her hands.

"Sorry? Sorry? Is that supposed to make it all right? No! Goddamn you, no! You made a fool of me, you little whore! I loved you. I thought you were a good girl. Good girl! Shit, what a fucking laugh! You're nothing but a wanton slut that had me fooled. Boy! Did you have me fooled! You know what? I even believed you were a virgin when we got married. Isn't that a laugh? How'd you do it, bitch? How'd you make the bl**d come the
first time I fucked you? But then, thinking back on it, there wasn't much bl**d, was there? Just a few drops at the most ... barely stained the sheet, as I recall. What'd you do? Hold your cunt lips together to make it feel so tight? Yeah ... that's what you did. I remember how you put it in for me. You weren't concerned so much with putting it in nice and easy as you were with making me think it was a tight and virginal
pussy, weren't you."

"No, Boyd. That's not true. I was a virgin ... you know I was. I didn't try to fool you, honey. I've never tried to fool you about anything. Oh, God! No, you mustn't think that."

"Shut up! The bl**d. What'd you do to make yourself bleed? Scratch yourself with those long fingernails? Must have. Had to be that way, because as soon as I got my cock all the way in you it was like you just ... opened up. Yeah! You liked it right from the start. You shouldn't have ... now that I think about it. It should have hurt you the first time. Most girls don't like it for a few months. I read that in a good book. Yeah! It's an ordeal for them at first, sex is. But not you. Goddamn it! Not for you it wasn't! You hunched that pussy right up to me the very first time!"

"I loved you, Boyd ... that's why! I wanted it to be good for you. It did hurt me, but I didn't let on because I knew you wanted it to feel good to me too. I acted like it did for your sake, darling...that's all. I swear that's the way it was. You were the first...the only man for me." Boyd glared coldly at her. His voice was sharp and cutting as he spat, "I don't believe I was the first ... not now ... not after what I saw tonight. You lay right there in front of me and let that son-of-a bitch stick his mule cock in you." Anger mounted in Faith until it overcame the humiliation of her lustful abandon on the Leatherman's patio. "Why you self-righteous prick! I saw you and Lucia too, you know! You pervert! She sucked your dick, and don't try to deny that you loved it! Shit yes, you liked it! You let her take it in her mouth while you watched Dirk and me fuck! Why didn't you stop us if you wanted to? I'm your wife, aren't I? All you had to do was grab me by the hand and drag me home. That's all! You could have stopped it before it even got started good. Why didn't you?"

"I didn't believe my eyes ... that's why. I thought, 'No. No, it can't be happening. Faith wouldn't let it. She loves me too much to give it to another guy.' Now I know better. You're a damned nympho ... wouldn't surprise me if I came home some night and found you letting a nigger hump you."

"Boyd!!! That's enough now!" Faith jumped up and slapped Boyd resoundingly, her fingers leaving red splotches on his pink cheek. Instinctively Boyd reacted by returning her slap. In his frustrated anger he hit her harder than he meant to, and sent her sprawling on her back across the bed once more. Then, grunting like an a****l, he bent
over her and grabbed at the collar of her dress. One frantic jerk ripped the dress down to her waist. Her bared breasts jiggled as the bed rolled and jerked. Before he realized what he was doing, Boyd heard his wife screaming and pleading with him to stop. He saw what he was doing too late to stop the last blow, and his open palm hit into her soft breast again. The loud slapping noise echoed inside his head and joined her moan of pain. He was hurting her. Under normal circumstances Boyd would have been horrified by his actions, but this was not a normal situation. The sounds of her anguish only incited him to further brutality. He took both her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Grinning down at her, he began tightening his hold, watching the astonishment in her lovely face as his fingertips bit deeper and deeper into her brown

Sharp spears of pain shot out from her breasts, making her whimper all the more. "Don't Boyd! Please stop. You're hurting me, honey. Ohh, you're hurting me."
Sneering down at her pain-racked face, Boyd pinched all the harder. "I ought to kill you!" he shouted, his fingertips biting brutally into her nipples and twisting at the same time. "Aargh! aargh! God ... oh God! Hurts ... oh, it hurts!" Faith moaned pitifully. She writhed in agony, but though her hands were free she made no effort to escape. Instead she bore the sharp pain with gasps and groans as Boyd twisted her tender flesh this way and that. She sucked in her breath harshly as he pulled out her nipples and tried to tear them from her body. To her utter amazement, Faith found herself reaching out for Boyd's dick, her fingers clawing frenziedly at his fly in an effort to get it open. The intense pain had changed somehow. It still hurt terribly, but there was something else now added to it. It hurt good!!!! It hurt deliciously good!!! She jerked open Boyd's fly and grasped his hard cock, pulled it from his pants and eagerly worked her hand up and down its pulsating shaft.

"You cock-hungry bitch!" Boyd hissed, staring down at her with an obvious mixture of hatred and lust showing in his lace. "Boyd! Oh God, honey ... fuck me!!”

"What's the matter? Didn't Leatherman give you enough cock for one night?"

"To hell with Dirk ... to hell with everybody. I want you, Boyd ... you! I love you, darling ... love you so much, so much!" A grin spread over Boyd's face as he stood up and undid his pants. After letting his pants fall to the floor and kicking them off to the side, he bent over Faith again and ripped the dress completely open. Palming his stiff organ, Boyd slapped it several times up against his belly, letting it sway as it fell each time. He watched Faith's eyes, saw her licking her lips and heard her panting lust as she stared at his dancing penis. She spread her legs and held out her arms. "Give it to me. Now ... give it to me now! Don't tease me any more, darling. I'm on fire for you ...
come to me ... FUCK ME!!!" Coming atop her, Boyd positioned himself between her legs. He brought the head of his organ to her hot, moist cunt and ran it up and down the
length of her twitching cleft. "Put it in, honey. Oh God, put it in me before I go out of my mind!"

"You like my cock, huh?" Boyd asked, teasing her verbally as he stroked up her pussy again with the head of his cock. "Yes ... oh yes! I love your cock, darling ... love it ... love it!" She tried to reach for his organ and help get it into her vagina, but Boyd slapped her hand away. "Not yet!" he said imperiously. "There's something you've got to do first." With that, he pulled away from her pelvis and crawled spraddle-legged up her body, stopping with his cock in her face as he sat unconcernedly down on her chest and soft breasts. "Boyd? Darling, what in the world?"

"Kiss it!"

"No, Boyd! Don't make me do that. That's perversion!"

"I didn't ask you for a damned lecture. KISS IT!!!"

"No, honey ... please, no. It'll make me feel like a whore."

"You are a whore," Boyd retorted quickly. Faith shook her head in protest. She meant to tell Boyd that he was wrong. However, she had no chance for words, for both her husband's hands grabbed into her hair and jerked her face toward his genitals. She had no choice but to allow her lips to be drawn to his glans, there to be moved slowly from side to side as he rocked her head painfully back and forth. "Kiss it," he ordered, holding her head still at last, with the weeping eye of his cock part way between her soft lips.
Whimpering at the pain in her scalp, her mind reeling at the unspeakable indignity being f***ed on her by her own husband, Faith timidly pursed her lips and smacked a weak kiss around the tip of his glans. "Again," she heard him bark. As her lips pursed for the second time, she felt his cock slip through them and poke at her teeth. His musky-tasting glans pressed harder and he held her hair in trembling hands. "Open your mouth, Faith," his voice said, as if from afar. It was no use fighting against it. He only pulled her hair all the more and kept her lips over his glans.

Finally she did as he wanted and opened her teeth to let his organ slip into her mouth. His flavor was strong on her sensitive tongue. She'd expected to feel revolted with a
mouthful of male organ. All her life she'd heard how perverted and dirty it was to let a boy put his penis in your mouth. Maybe it is perverted, she thought hazily, and maybe it's dirty too. But it's something else--it's thrilling as all hell! The urge to resist further drained from her body suddenly, leaving her weak and trembling with lust. She stroked her palms up Boyd's legs and cupped his ass firmly, her hands pulling him toward her, getting his cock deeper into her mouth. Deeper and deeper, until her lips felt the coarse hair of his pubic mound and the head of his rod hit into the soft membrane at the back of her throat. "That's it, baby ... suck it ... suck it good!"

Boyd's raspy encouragement whipped her lust to a higher peak. Her tongue licked eagerly at the big, sensitive vein along the bottom of his shaft. Her cheeks hollowed in harsh suction around his rod. Her fingernails dug excitedly into the quivering cheeks of his buttocks and held him in place as she pushed her head forward and strained for more. The fatty tissue of his pubic mound gave a little under the pressure of her wide-open teeth and swollen lips. The head of his cock jabbed into the back of her throat and tried in vain to negotiate the downward bend and fill her swallowing throat as well as her sucking mouth. "Oh, baby ... God, baby ... Oh God!" Boyd's eyes were wide open, staring down at the lustful expression on Faith's face. It was too erotic to bear. His balls drew-up tight against his body in readiness for orgasm. His glans twitched and began a rhythmical throbbing. It was too soon … too soon. Suddenly he backed away from her and jerked his almost-out-of-control penis from her harshly sucking oral cavity.

A loud slurping noise filled the room as Faith unexpectedly lost her mouthful of bl**d-engorged meat. She groaned in protest and licked at her lips, her eyes coming open to stare hungrily at her husband's spit-slick prick. "Give it back, Boyd! Let me suck it. I want to, darling, I want to! Let me suck it all the way ... come in my mouth … Yes! Oh, do come in my mouth!" But that was not what Boyd had in mind. To f***e his newly unfaithful wife to take his dick in her mouth and suck on it was not meant to give her pleasure. No. He'd only done it to humiliate her, to treat her like the whore she'd proved herself that very night to be. It had surprised him as much as Faith when suddenly it was no longer a game of put-down, but turned instead to a lewd new pleasure for them both. "Pig!" he shouted, as much in anger at himself for enjoying it as a verbal slap at his violently sexed-up wife. He slapped her viciously across the face and recoiled when her moan of pleasure rather than pain fell in his ears.

His mind reeling in frustration, Boyd got up and stood beside the bed. Faith moaned mournfully and held out her arms to him. Her legs opened invitingly. Her pelvis heaved with urgent desire, raising her smooth buttocks up off the mattress and moving in little hunching, circular motions. "Fuck me ... Please, darling, I need you ... I need you …"
The hair surrounding her cunt was wet with sweat and sex juices, plastered to her skin in tight little curls. Her outer lips were standing wide open, bl**d engorged and swollen with raw lust. Her inner lips also protruded outward, and were colored a fiery red in testimony to her agitated state of sexual need. Resembling a small penis in full erection, her clitoris had left the protection of its hood and stood out boldly at the top of her elliptical opening.

The sight was even more frustrating to Boyd. He stood gawking down at the wild woman his wife had become. His penis throbbed eagerly as his eyes took in the condition of Faith's cock-hungry pussy. He had never seen it in quite this condition. And there was something else he saw, something that both thrilled and repelled him. The something else was not a natural part of Faith's sexual excitement, nor any other female,
for that matter. It was white and sticky-looking. The inch of skin between her cunt and asshole was covered with it. In her asshole itself was a small pool of the white fluid that almost obscured the anus-brown color. "Hurry, darling, hurry," Faith murmured. She clamped down the muscles of her vagina as if caressing an imaginary penis within it. The motion sent a blob of Dirk's deeply planted come rushing down her tunnel.

Unable to tear his gaze from her cunt, Boyd saw the mass of his wife's adulterous lover's come slide obscenely out of her vagina. It stopped just inside her crimson-red inner lips and jiggled there momentarily, then oozed out and pooled in the widespread opening of her young pussy. The sight drew him like a magnet. As if hypnotized, Boyd bent over his
wife and brought his face closer to her steaming slit. Her inner muscles relaxed and the pool of Dirk's come was slurped back up inside her belly.

With an alien groan ripping from his throat, Boyd put both his hands on her lower abdomen and pressed down. The come again appeared at the end of her vagina. He pressed harder, trying to see it come out the rest of the way and lie in her open cunt-lips like it did before. It refused to leave the warm comfort of her vagina. Faith could feel her husband's hot breath as it bathed her vulva. One hand now pressed at her stomach while the fingers of another probed through her sensitive inner lips and played maddenly just inside the tube of her vagina. "Boyd! Boyd? Boyd ... what are you doing, honey?" An a****l-like grunt was his only answer for perhaps twenty seconds or more. Then her buttocks were hoisted up suddenly and Boyd was kneeling between her legs, bringing his face up awfully close to her crotch and pushing her thighs up and wider apart. "Honey? Boyd?" His voice was unrecognizable, a raspy exhalation of breath. "Squeeze
down again ... like you had a cock up you!"

Obediently she again caressed an imaginary penis and held the walls of her vagina clamped tightly together. She felt Boyd tremble violently as his fingers gripped harshly into the soft flesh of her elevated thighs. She raised her head and looked down into his face. A gasp of astonishment escaped her open mouth at the sight of his tortured facial
expression. His eyes were wide and glassy. His mouth hung open and saliva drooled down his chin. His lips twitched spasmodically out of control. "Honey ... No, Boyd ... NO!! OH, NOO!!!" But it was too late, and if he heard her protestations, Boyd gave no
sign of heeding her pleas. With a pitiful little whimper he dropped his face to her genitals and claimed her cunt with his mouth. Faith was dumfounded by his action. Never had he given any inkling of a desire to kiss her there ... never. Why now? She was in such a mess after Dirk had finished with her.

"Oh God ... Let me up, Boyd. I'll go douche it out for you, honey. Then you can suck me, but not now." Still Boyd paid her no mind. His hands went under her ass and cupped her tightly to his face. His lips tightened over her cunt in harsh suction and his tongue shot up into her and licked ... licked and licked and licked, until she thought she'd go out of her mind from the sheer pleasure of it. With a last burst of decency, she pushed his face away and looked down pleadingly into his lust-gazed eyes. He gulped and smacked his puffy lips. A trickle of Dirk's fluid lay in a ragged, white mustache on his upper lip. She watched, more fascinated than horrified now, as he licked it off and took it into his mouth.

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