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Only Couples

Chapter 1

A naked woman in her early thirties came out of the house. She closed the door behind her and turned, watching the couple out near the pool. They too were naked, dancing belly to belly and cheek to cheek. The portable tape player was too loud now. All the neighbors were in bed. She stooped and turned down the volume, balancing a tray with four fresh drinks carefully on her tanned thighs. The eight-foot-high concrete fence around the back yard kept out prying eyes from the Leatherman patio, but the sound of sweet music from back in the big band days could antagonize their new neighbors. She didn't want that. The high fence had set tongues to wagging and acted as a barrier down here in the South. Montgomery, Alabama, the Heart of Dixie. She chuckled at the lack of
Southern hospitality they'd received. The only thing warm about Alabama was the weather. It was the middle of summer, almost midnight on a Saturday night. The
air was still. Leaves hung limp in the big elm by the side of the patio. Crickets chirped softly in the thick grass beyond. A few lightning bugs flashed as they flew silently across the yard. Lucia stood up, congratulating herself for spraying the insect repellent about the patio before their across-the-street neighbors and only local friends, the young Dunstons had arrived for the back yard barbecue. All four of them had been nude for well over an hour, and not one had suffered even a hint of a mosquito bite. She made a mental note to get several cans of the spray as she walked quietly to the glider, where Boyd Dunston sat transfixed, his eyes glued to the dancing couple. The girl swaying her
midsection against the man's hairy abdomen was Faith, his innocent bride of less than a year. His face retaining its sullen expression, Boyd accepted the drink from Lucia with a grunt. He had been against swimming in the nude from the first. He was still against it. He'd been afraid it would lead to something like this. Now that it had, he was sorry he'd let the Leathermans talk them into it. Faith thought it was daring, thrilling. But what did she know? She was only eighteen and had never been outside the state. He'd known better, being a man of twenty-three and not long out of the Navy. Why had he finally agreed to the nude swim? The drinks, he decided. And the calm way both Lucia and Dirk Leatherman had kept bringing the conversation back to how healthy nudism was. Maybe nude swimming is healthy, he thought, but things can fast get out of hand when the drinks come continuously and nobody bothers to count.

The glider jerked as Lucia sat down beside him. Ice cubes tinkled as she sipped at her drink. She sighed and set her glass on the patio table. She got two cigarettes and lit them both, handing one to Boyd as she leaned back and ran her soft hand lightly over his thigh. "Thanks," Boyd said. He pulled deeply on his smoke, then exhaled f***efully, his eyes never leaving the dancing couple.

"Ten minutes," Lucia said in a hoarse whisper.


She smiled, letting her cool fingers walk up the inside of his thigh. "From the looks of things, it'll only take about ten more minutes." Boyd squirmed uneasily as her fingertips neared his dick. He knew now was the time to stop her, but he said nothing. Her touch was delicate and pleasant to his alcohol-muddled mind. "What are you talking about?
Ten minutes for what?"

"For sex," she said, then laughed softly as his chin dropped. "Your wife
is coming on strong. Look at her."

He watched Dirk's hand cup his wife's nude buttock and pull her pelvis tighter against his. He saw the hardened head of Dirk's big cock poke through her white thighs. They stopped dancing. He heard Faith whimper, saw her clench her legs together and squeeze the pole of flesh between them. Dirk's other hand found her neglected buttock and grasped eagerly. He moved her slowly back and forth, letting her cunt slide over the top
of his shaft. "No ... No, you mustn't do that." Faith didn't sound at all convincing.
She made a weak effort to pull away, then moaned as Dirk jerked her roughly back against him and brought his mouth down on hers. She stood limply, accepting the kiss as Dirk's hands kneaded her ass and rocked her over his stiff prick. Then, her arms suddenly going around his hairy torso, her fingers gripping harshly into his shoulders, she groaned into the quiet night air and opened her mouth to suck in his tongue. Lucia's mouth came close to Boyd's ear. Her warm breath teased it, then the tip of her pink tongue darted inside his ear and licked as her hand cupped under his balls. "Don't," Boyd weakly protested, pushing her hand away as he jerked his head free of her lips and tongue. He turned and looked angrily into her eyes. "What the hell's going on here?"

"Our little party is about to come to a climax, darling," Lucia answered. She licked her lips and chuckled mirthfully, her hand coming back between his legs. "Look at them," she breathed excitedly, her fingers, still cool from holding her drink, encircling his stiff and throbbing shaft. Ignoring Lucia's expert fondling of his genitals, Boyd swung his head around in time to see his wife being picked up and carried over to a chaise lounge. Dirk leaned over and deposited Faith on her back, then pushed her thighs apart with his hands as he came down on top of her. He pressed his mouth to hers, silencing her half-hearted protests as he positioned himself between her legs. His ass wiggled, bringing the big circumcised head of his cock to the moist and parted lips of Faith's pussy. Dirk's buttocks tensed. He pushed forward slowly, stretching Faith's lips taut as they opened to accept his purplish glans between them.

Faith threw back her head, breaking the kiss as she harshly sucked in her breath. Her legs opened wider, her hips moving to make penetration easier. Arms dangling limply on either side of the chaise, eyes clenched tightly shut, Faith shuddered as Dirk's big cock inched up into her vagina, stretching it, filling her cunt as it had never been filled before. Hairy balls nestled gently into the crack of her ass. She sighed, bringing her arms lazily up and clasping Dirk's coarse chest tightly to her. Curly hair chafed her hardened nipples as her breasts flattened out against him. She whimpered, her legs folding over Dirk's
as her hands moved down to cup his muscular buttocks and pull him deeper into her, tighter against her. The head of his dick bumped her cervix. "Ooooh! Oh shit!" She sobbed brokenly, then whimpered again and again as her hips rocked the mouth of
her womb back and forth over his swollen glans. His mouth hanging open in disbelief, Boyd sat stunned as he saw his wife begin thrusting up her pelvis to meet Dirk's first strokes. "Goddamn 'em," he muttered under his breath. Then in a slightly louder voice he
threatened, "I'll kill him ... both of them!" Lucia grinned in silence. She had heard such outbursts before. Boyd would do nothing of the sort, and she knew it full well. He had sat quietly, watching for over a half-hour as Dirk seduced his young wife little by little. His words were only to save face, a front to cover the sexual thrill he felt at seeing his bride accept another man in intercourse. Dirk had said it would turn out this way. As always, he'd been right. Lucia had a handful of throbbing cock to prove that Boyd thrilled at what he saw. Dirk had sized up the Dunstons the first evening they'd spent together. He'd been on the make for Faith ever since, and Boyd was not exactly unappealing to Lucia. In fact, the stiffened organ in her grasping hand caused her mouth to water. She dropped to her knees in front of Boyd and took the cigarette butt from
his hand. Pitching it off into the grass, she worked her shoulders between his legs and bent her head to his groin. She skinned back his foreskin and, holding his shaft tightly, lowered her face. The entire head of his cock was covered with the clear fluid his aroused organs had produced. Her lips formed over his glans, her tongue licking at its
weeping eye as he pushed weakly and ineffectively to break the contact.

"Let me suck you," she whispered seductively, then flashed out with her tongue and licked around and around his velvet crown. He groaned and released her head. "Forget Faith and Dirk. Close your eyes and lean back. Relax. I want you to enjoy this as much as I'm going to."

"But they're fucking! Your husband and my wife!"

"So? It happens all the time in our social circle. Don't tell me this is the first time for you and Faith." Lucia knew that it was the first extramarital adventure for Boyd and Faith. They were exactly the kind of inexperienced young marrieds that she and Dirk sought out. It gave them both an added thrill to break in a new couple to mate swapping, especially when they were as innocent and unsuspecting as Boyd and Faith were. She'd spoken the same lines to many horrified young husbands who'd sat trembling with excitement as their wives got their first taste of Dirk's cunt-stretcher. Her words were chosen with a purpose--to put the confused husband on the defensive. No man liked to admit that he was a bumpkin, that he was unsophisticated. "Besides, what good would it do to stop them now? I think they're both enjoying it thoroughly. Let's you and I even up the score."

Somehow it all didn't seem right to Boyd. He stared over at Faith, hoping that it was all a dream, that she really wasn't giving herself to Dirk. What he saw inflamed him all the more. Faith, who had been a shy virgin when they married and had not once looked at another man, was giving her all to Dirk. She was responding to his brutal thrusts with
lustful abandon, meeting him halfway in mid-air and grunting like a sow in rut each time her ass was driven f***efully back down onto the chaise. The lewd sounds of flesh slapping on flesh caught in his ears, joining his wife's moans of pleasure and Dirk's grunting encouragement that spurred her on. Faith's legs shot up and clamped around Dirk's buttocks. She wailed out mournfully as her tilted pelvis allowed his prick to fill her completely. Her heels beat rapidly into the cheeks of his pistoning ass, keeping time with his driving thrusts. "Oh, Dirk! Oh God, daddy ... oh, sweet man!" Faith's voice was raspy with lust, her words more gruntings than words. Dirk slammed down into her, holding his cock in to the hilt and harshly grinding their pubic mounds together. He rotated his ass, rolling and stretching her cunt with the full length of his nine-inch rod. Faith's face screwed up in agonized sex pain. Her lips drew back and bared her teeth. Her hands tightened into fists and she beat at his back. She tried to speak but only incoherent mumblings escaped her throat. "Is it good, baby?"


Laughing, Dirk throbbed his glans deep within her. He felt her tense, heard her sigh, then gasped himself as her strong vagina tightened down along his thick shaft. "Again!" she shouted, her fingernails raking down his back and digging into the cheeks of his ass. "Do that again!"

"You mean this?" he asked, throbbing the head of his dick against her cervix.

"Uhgh! Yes ... yes! Don't stop ... more. Do it some more."

They fell into a rhythm, Dirk throbbing his cock over and over and Faith answering each time by clamping the walls of her vagina tightly around him. She frantically held him to her, her fingernails leaving red welts as she clawed at his ass to keep him from pulling out even a fraction of an inch. She began to sob brokenly, tears rolling down her cheeks as the muscles of her abdomen rippled again and again.

"Oh! Oh Jesus, that's good!" Faith breathed hoarsely.

"You like that, do you?"

"Yes ... shit yes! Make me come that way, Dirk ... make me come!"


"Yeah ... yeah, I'm almost there!" she panted. Her eyes screwed shut and her cunt speeded up, clasping down around his cock and urging him to throb his glans more rapidly. "God, you're a hot little bitch! Okay, baby, let loose and fly, but ease up on me. That pussy of yours is like melted butter. If you're not careful, you'll milk the juice right up from my nuts, and I'm not ready for that yet."

"Hurry ... push me, daddy! Ohh ... push me over!"

Gritting his teeth, Dirk throbbed his cock faster and faster. Little mewling sounds came up out of her throat. Sweat popped out on her forehead and belly. Suddenly Faith stiffened. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets and her tongue licked rapidly at her parted lips. Her cunt began its fluttering dance of orgasm. Faith threw back her head and
screamed out shrilly into the night, her asshole joining in and gulping at the cool air as total climax claimed her. She fell back limply when it was over, her entire body twitching from head to toe, her lungs gasping for air. Her arms and legs fell free of
Dirk, her knuckles thumping against the concrete patio, the soles of her bare feet making two separate and distinct little slaps as they hit also. Her head rolled from side to side, trailing the soft, glistening tresses of her long brown hair. She whimpered softly, taking a long time to come down from the blissful heights. Dirk stiff-armed up, looming above her and grinning down into her completely relaxed face. Finally her eyes opened and she smiled up at him. He throbbed his cock and chuckled as she groaned. "That looked like
a good one," he said. "You mean there's more?"

"Shit, baby, we're just getting started. That was only the warm-up."

"I don't know if I can take any more tonight."

"Bullshit. It's time you learned what real fucking is all about. Let's
show that husband of yours what you were made for."

A cold chill swept over Faith's body. With all the drinks and Dirk's expert attentions, she'd forgotten all about Boyd, had been carried along into a world where only she and Dirk existed, where nothing mattered but physical pleasure. She jerked her head and looked toward him. His eyes glared back at her. He'd seen it all. What must he think
of her now? Oh, dear God! But wait! It wasn't anger she saw in his eyes. It was lust! Boyd had sat right there and watched it all. How could he have allowed it to happen? Why hadn't he stopped Dirk before it was too late?

As her gaze dropped from his flushed face, Faith saw why her husband had made no move to prevent her seduction. Lucia was on her knees between his widespread legs, her hair swaying jerkily as her head bobbed up and down at Boyd's loins. My God! She had his dick in her mouth! She was sucking him! And to make matters worse, Boyd was thoroughly enjoying the perverted act! A sense of anger and self-righteousness swept over Faith. How could Lucia be so nasty? How could Boyd let Lucia do that a****l
thing to him? At least what she and Dirk had done was normal. The thought assuaged her guilty conscience. Dirk's thick cock stroking slowly in and out of her still sensitive pussy helped too. Piss on Boyd, she thought hazily. Dirk was making her feel like her own husband never had. It was good ... so good! If Boyd wasn't man enough to make him quit, then let him watch. Faith brought her mouth to Dirk's and kissed him wetly. Wantonly, she arched her back and began hunching to increase the pleasure his hard organ afforded. She rubbed her open palms sensually up and down his back a few times, then eagerly grasped at his ass and pulled to help him hit harder into her. Boyd licked absently at his dry, parted lips. The sound of Faith's breath sucking in harshly as Dirk's glans hit into her cervix once more rang obscenely in his ears. His heart was beating rapidly, violently. The sound of its "thump, thump, thump," joined the lewd slaps of Dirk's hairy abdomen as he hunched into Faith again and again. His wife's throaty moans and groans added to his distress and made his head feel light and dizzy.

Again Boyd's conscience stabbed unmercifully at his heart. He groaned aloud at the pain in his chest. He struggled for breath, fought for the courage to shove Lucia away and go over to the chaise and pull Dirk from between his young wife's legs. It was wrong--all of it! Faith shouldn't be letting him screw her! And he shouldn't be letting Lucia suck so
deliciously on his excited organ! He should stop it, should jerk Dirk from his wife and drag her home to beat the hell out of her. NOW! DO IT NOW, his conscience screamed. HURRY, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! Mustering all the will power at his command, Boyd shoved roughly at Lucia's forehead. The wet smack of broken suction filled his ears as Lucia toppled backward. Ignoring her angry outburst, he jumped to his feet and ran across the patio. The night air felt cold on his saliva-wet prick as it swayed, still hard as a rock, to and fro. His bare feet slapped the concrete. His cock slapped too, hitting wetly from one side of his stomach to the other as he ran the few steps to where Dirk and Faith lay on the chaise. He stopped beside them, hesitating, unsure as to how to go about untangling the adulterous union.

Faith was moaning steadily now, her lovely face all distorted with raging lust as her head rolled from side to side. Her eyes opened and looked up at him, then closed dreamily again as if she hadn't even seen him standing above her and her big-dicked lover. Her arms were locked around Dirk's muscled back, holding him tightly to her. "Harder! Fuck harder!" It was a command, a hungry order. The hissing words had come from Faith's mouth but the voice was not hers. Boyd's mouth dropped open in disbelief. He stared dumfounded as Faith clawed viciously at Dirk's back with her long, painted nails. Her feet dropped from the chaise and hit the patio. Her heels came up off the concrete as she braced with the balls of her feet and slammed her cunt up abandonly to Dirk. Her toes
curled down against the concrete and turned white from the intensity of her efforts. The muscles of her calves and thighs stood out from the strain. Her legs were spread wide, the tendons standing out like taut cords behind her flexed knees. The soft flesh of her thighs swayed with each frantic thrust of her pelvis. Just below the wet, hairy mound of
her cunt the tendons on the inner slopes of her creamy white thighs stood out boldly from the soft flesh, jerking and dancing like bowstrings being rapidly plucked.

Orgasm was drawing near for them both. For a crazy second Boyd considered letting them go on with the wild, jerky union. He was even more caught up in their lust now than he had been at the start. He hadn't believed it then, and thought that his eyes were playing tricks on him as Dirk's huge cock spread Faith's small cunt to the very limit
and inched up into her slowly until his wrinkled scrotum nestled snugly into the warm crack of her innocent young ass. But there was no doubt in his mind now. Faith had more meat in her tunnel than he, himself, would ever be able to give her. And she loved it! Goddamn her! She loved it! She was going out of her head with lust and chanting vile obscenities into Dirk's ear as she clawed his back and threw her pussy up to gobble
his donkey-like cock again and again. A hoarse, unintelligible curse burst from his throat. He grabbed Faith's wrists and flung her arms to the sides, away from Dirk's red-streaked back. Faith looked up glassily at him. Saliva trickled down her cheek. Her
lips were puffy and trembling. Sweat beaded her forehead and she licked wildly at her teeth and lips. Her eyes clenched shut. Her lips pulled back and bared her teeth. Her arms shot up and clasped Dirk harshly to her again. "Oooh! Ouuu!" She groaned mournfully as the first waves of deep orgasm swept throughout her body. "I'm coming! OH DIRK! DARLING MAN! Come with me ... hurry ... shoot it ... shoot it ... SHOOT IT!!!"

The urgent pleas caused Dirk to plunge into the dark, sweet lake of orgasmic waters right along with her. A guttural sound ripped from his throat. The cheeks of his ass dimpled as he ground his pelvis roughly into Faith's, holding the full length of his twitching cock inside her fluttering vagina. His mouth sought hers, found it and closed over her lips. His tongue shot into her mouth. He moaned a muffled moan into her oral cavity as her cheeks hollowed in suction and drew his pink spear out to the limit. Grabbing a mass of Dirk's hair, Boyd jerked his head back. The sound of the broken kiss was a loud, wet slurp. Warmth covered Boyd's backside. A small hand came around him and grasped harshly at his hard dick. Another small hand came around his other side and fingers enclosed his balls. The fingers squeezed down just enough to cause spears of pain to shoot up through his loins.

"Leave 'em alone, Boyd. It's too late to stop them now." Lucia's voice
was soft, but it was more of an order than a request. Her tone held a

"No! Goddamn it! NO!" Boyd shouted. He jerked Dirk's head back roughly, enjoying the painful wail that escaped the older man's tightly stretched throat. "Stop it!" Lucia's voice cut like a knife in his ears. Her fingernails sc****d and dug into the shaft of his cock. The sharp pain caused him to cry out and gasp, but still he tugged at Dirk's head in an effort to drag the man from his wife before he went into orgasm and shot his sperm inside her heaving belly. Lucia's slender fingers tightened threateningly around his balls.
"Oh-uhgg! No ... No, Lucia!" A dull, sickening pain swept over Boyd as Lucia squeezed down a little harder on his nuts. "Turn Dirk loose or I'll crush them for you!" When Boyd refused to release his grip on her husband's hair, Lucia made good her promise. Smiling inwardly, secretly pleased that Boyd had presented her with the opportunity to exercise her sadistic nature, Lucia suddenly clamped down on his balls with all her might. Boyd disappointed her. She'd hoped to hear him scream out shrilly into the
night. But he didn't. Instead, he merely stiffened and heaved a choking gasp. Releasing Dirk's hair, Boyd sank to his knees beside the wildly fucking couple. His hands covered his groin and he rocked back and forth, moaning and whimpering. He heard his wife sobbing out her second orgasm. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered now except the waves of nausea churning through his guts. Hands pushed at his head, forcing his face
into the crack of Dirk's warm and sweaty ass.

The smell of shit filled his nostrils. Boyd gagged. He fought against vomiting for a moment, then the smell was gone. He opened his eyes and saw a pair of hairy balls
jerking rhythmically above a dancing asshole. The coarse sounds of a grunting male orgasm joined Faith's softer sighs. A trickle of come overflowed her cock-filled pussy and collected in her quivering anus.

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