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He Helped Me Masturbate

My man and I have been together for several weeks and I had finally let him stay the night. We had a wonderful first night of pleasure where I had more than a few orgasms. Afterward we were talking on the bed and he asked me how my first time was and I said wonderful, a large smile spreading across my face. Then he asked me if it was better tan masturbating and I admitted with my head down in shame that I had never masturbated. “What, really?” He asked in surprise. “Yes, I just never had the need, sense I don’t have feeling down there. I’m just glad I was able to feel my orgasms tonight” He smiled and said “well sense you can feel maybe I should teach you how to masturbate?!” I blushed and said sure with enthusiasm. He pulled me into his naked body, my back to him. He grabbed my wrists gently and licked two of my fingers all hot and wonderful. After he got my fingers ready put my hand on my pussy and we rubbed my pussy softly. I focused on his soft words or encouragement as I rubbed my own pussy and clit with my fingers making my pussy pulsate and start to drip sweet cum. We held my legs apart with my other hand and rubbed me until I was dripping. When I was wet enough he kissed my neck and pushed my two wet fingers into my pussy. I moaned loudly and he pushed my fingers in all the way, then I rubbed my insides with them and pushed in and out for several minutes until I came all over my own fingers, moaning softly and loving all of it. When my orgasm finished I pulled my fingers out and he licked them clean. He was hard now and wanted me again I could tell. But all he said was “so which do you like better?” I looked at him with a coy smile and said “I don’t know maybe you should fuck me one more time so I can compare?” He took me one more time and I whispered I love it with you most as we drifted off to sl**p.

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