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Being Shared with Mother and Daughter

A few years ago I meet this sexy white woman at the mall. She had a very sahpely body and an ass like a "sista". That was my 1st atraction to her. After exchanging numbers and a few late night talks on the phone, she finally invited me over. She lived on the "upper crust" part of town and definitely had money to blow. After we talked and had a few drinks of wine, she asked me how many white women had a fucked. I didn't want to brag, just meeting her and all that, so I told her she would be the fifth. After so really good head, she asked just how kinky I was.
I told her that I'm very kinky, thinking that she was worried that I wouldn't eat her pusi. I was totally wrong, her next question put me in a state of shock!
"How would you like to be shared with my daughter?", was her next question.
After I minute or two, I finally gave her an answer. "If thats what you want", I said smiling from ear to ear.
She continued to suck my BBC for while, then grabbed her cell phone and called her daughter.....
(more of the story later)

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