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Potting pussy on the p*o,l table

back when my girl was sweet 18 she bit off more than she cud chew. she,s always had a thing for the older man, don,t know why but it gets her hot. she told me that sum years ago she fancied her dads friend who was late fortys a pub landlord and had a bit of a rep wiv the local slappers. one nite on a visit to his pub she dressed to impress ,she,s got a crackin figure as u can c from the pics on our profile, just imagine her in a tight see through leopard print dress, cut at the ass, little white thong, over the top make up and killer high heels. needless to say she looked sexy as fuck. she went to the pub wiv her friend amy who also had a thing for older men,amy is slender girl, smaller figure and smaller boobs, but hot as fuck, she and my girl used to go out together all the time but haven,t spoke 4 while, it was really a case of two dirty cows 2gether. needless to say she got tonys attention as soon as she arrived and after a few free drinks and sum subtle flirting made it known to him exactly what he cud look 4ward to. as the nite came to a close my girl and amy were asked if they wanted to stay behind for an after hours drink, and wud it b ok if tonys pal ray joined them. why not agreed both the girls. ray was tall, unshaven, late fortys, rough looking and not much of a talker. as soon as every1 had left ray and tony sat down wiv the girls. my girl had already told amy that she wanted tony but wud share at sum point. amy said she was ok as she quiet fancied ray. b4 long the girls had paired off wiv the lads, my girl was getting acquinted wiv tony on the pub sofas running her hands all over his crotch where she cud feel a very large bulge, larger than anything she,d had previously.tony was an expert wiv his hands and was making her melt. on the other side of the room, amy and ray had wasted no time and she was on her knees naked apart from her boots sucking cock like her life depended on it. my girl caught site of rays cock as he turned. omg. it was big, very big and long and sum how amy had half of it in her mouth, tony saw the look on my girls face and then decided to reveal his own he pulled his boxers down my girl said what he pulled from his jeans wasn,t a cock, it was the size of a fat greedy sewer rat. my girl wasn,t sure what to do at this point as this was by far the biggest cock she,d had at this stage of her life tony then suggested that they climb on the pool table as it mite b more comfortable. as she lay back still clothed but wiv her big tits exposed he pulled her little wet white thong to one side and went down on her hairy teen pussy. she said she was wet within seconds and he knew exactly the spot to hit. over tonys shoulder she cud now see that ray had amy on a drinks table spread eagled ready 4 sum cock. but unlike tony , ray was a bit more direct and after using a mouthful of spit on amys tight pussy to moisten it, rammed his huge tool right up her pussy. my girl said amy let out such a yelp that she had to have her mouth covered. he absolutely pole axed her wiv that huge cock and my girl was wondering if tony was gonna do the same thing.however tony was more the gent and after placing on a very big condom, slowly began to enter my girls wet but tight fanny. she said it took her a few goes to take his firth, he was a thick as a coke can and his reputaion was no lie. but he knew how to use it and after a few strokes pulled out and went back down on her, she said this was again fantastic and light relief for her pussy b4 the next battering from his big cock. tony then climbed back on top and slipped it in my girl, it was a this point that my girl said she had her first ever orgasm and he only had a 1/4 of his cock in.she said she was piping hot at this point and she pulled out her big tits so he cud lick them lightly whilst slipping more and more of his cock in2 her tight snatch. over on the other side of the room, amy was being rode like a bike, ray had fucked her from the front, doggy and now had her sat on his cock bouncing her up and down, she was screaming like a banshee to a point where sum1 passing by would,ve rung the police. ray was real ruff house and just loved to fuck young tight pussy. both the girls had cum several times during the next twenty or so minutes when the guys suggested a swap. my girl was very nervous as ray was like an a****l and when she looked over at amys fanny it looked like it had been booted in wiv big boots. ray wasted not time and stuck his cock straight in my girls mouth. he was very domminering and was telling my girl what a slut she was and how she,ll never 4get this nite and spouting pure filth to her. within seconds he,d whipped his cock out of her mouth and spun her round onto her hands and knees, he climbed on the pool table wiv her and wiv no pre warning slapped his cock straight up her pussy. she said it was absolutely merciless, he fucked her for ten mins solid then spun her round and pinned her legs back so that he cud get all that nasty cock in her. she said it was a gud job tony had fucked her first as this wud,ve done sum damage otherwise, despite tony being rough though he was as my girl put it one gud fuck .amy on the other hand had, had the rough end of the stick and cud take no more choosing to fall asl**p on the pub sofa. not wanting to leave tony out ray beckoned him over for a blow job off my girl. tony being the gent asked my girl if she was up for a spit roast, thinking this was a gud idea she egged them on to giv her a gud fuckin, and they most certainly did. these two guys were real stayers and took it in turns to fuck her, roast her, gag her, tit wank themselves on her huge young tits. fucked her on the bar, over a stool on the floor, absolute filth, it was only after a gud hour that tony said he was ready to cum, ray was busy burying his cock in my girl as tony emptied his load over my girls tits and rubbed it in, he made her taste a bit but she wasn,t to keen on that at the time. ray however had other ideas and declared he was ready to cum to, he pulled out his cock and grabbed my girls head and after a couple of pumps emptied jet after jet over my girls face, holding her so she couldn,t get away.he came that much at first that sum of the load shot over her and onto the pool table making a real mess. ray didn,t hang around for long and left shortly after, after my girl cleaned up she sat at the bar and had a drink wiv tony, she said he was a real gent and arranged to meet up wiv him a week later. my girl and amy left in a taxi not long after. later in the week tony rang my girl to say that there was a big problem, his wife had set up cctv in the pub unbeknown to him had footage of everything that had gone on. she,d showed it to rays wife who was a right bastard and absolutely furious.they both demanded to know who my girl and her friend was so that they cud catch up wiv em and slap them about. tony assured my girl though that his wife didn,t recognise either of them as the video wasn,t 100% clear and they,d told they,re wives that the girls were out of towners. my girl said she was gutted as she wanted to meet up wiv tony again but knew also it wudn,t be worth the risk if his wife caught up wiv her..sumweeks later she saw her friend amy who sporting a black eye, apparantly she,d organised a meet wiv ray at a hotel in mcr and was in the middle of ray licking her out when a housekeeper opened the room door 4 rays missus, not 2 impressed wiv what she saw she slapped the pair of them about. my girl never did go back though not just cos of tonys missus but she said that she genuinely couldn,t walk 4 properly 4 a fortnight.we,ve all been they,re boys wanting to fuck a right dirty slapper i,m lucky in that i have a very sexy girl who isn,t shy went it cums to gud sex, needless to say i buried my cock in her after she told me her story

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