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My master

She was his slave and she obeyed him. He used her for his pleasure in every way he could. He kept her naked so he could fuck her when ever he needed release. She was small but had large DD tits with big round nipples. A nice round ass that he fucked every night.

Tonight they were eating dinner when he told her to get under the table and suck him till he cums. She crawled under and took his huge cock in her mouth. She was sucking him when he told her to lick him first. As she licked the cock he then pushed her head down on his cock and hold her"suck hard". He loved to have his cock sucked many times a day as he also loved to fuck many times a day. It was hard to satisfy his lust and loved her to suck him during a whole movie.

Tonight he had a big surprise. His lust was getting harder to control. When he came home he had two men with him. He was going to let them watch her suck him then he would fuck her for their entertainment and then they would get to fuck her as he watched. He tied her to the bed with her legs spread wide so all could see her nice pink cunt. All three men got naked. The two men had huge thick cocks, ten and eleven inches and enormous thick. Her master got on her face and stuck his cock into her mouth. "Show the men how you can suck my cock." he told her. She had no choice but to suck him as they looked at her cunt spread wide open. She sucked till her master came spilling his cum in her throat. As he pulled his cock out her slapped her face with the huge member and laughed. He was enjoying making her a show.

Next her master got between her legs and spread her cunt for all to see. Then he shoved his cock into her fast and hard taking her breath. He pounded her pussy with his huge cock loving how tight it felt to him. "Tell me what you want slut." he said. She replied, "fuck my cunt master. Fuck my cunt hard". As she said this he fucked her hard as he could ramming his huge cock in and out of her lasting a long time till he was able to cum once more.

As he rolled off her body, he then let the one man with the ten inch cock come to her. "I want you to fuck her cunt hard while I watch you." he told him. The man was already hard and ready. He wanted that pussy bad and he liked to be watched as he fucked the girls. He liked that he had a huge cock and wanted every one to see it as it penetrated the nice pussy. He got to the nice pussy and placed his cock at the entrance before he shoved into her deep. With every inch inside her he pumped hard in and out. As he fucked her fast and rough he reached down and pinched her nipples. He pinched and pulled them loving how big her tits were on such a small lady. He would pull his cock almost out of her cunt then ram it back in fast and hard as he pulled the nipples causing some discomfort to the girl. After several minutes he was ready to cum. He grabbed her hips and held himself deep in her as he released his cum. He filled her hole with his warm juice before he pulled out.

Next the second man with the eleven inch thick cock came to her. She was full of the mixture of cum and he wanted to add his own. He pushed his cock up to her cunt and then shoved it in deep and rough. This was the biggest cock she had ever fucked. It filled her full and tight. He pumped in and out of her tight cunt as he enjoyed seeing her tits bounce. She had huge tits and he loved big nipples as well. As he was fucking her deep he ran his hands over her tits feeling the large mounds. With his cock pounding in and out of her cunt he then slapped her tits watching them move. The harder he fucked her the harder he slapped the huge titties leaving his hand print on them. He loved seeing his mark on the tits. He had masterbated before he came to the house so he was able to fuck for several minutes. He loved her tight cunt and big tits. Giving her tits a few more swats he finally was ready to fill her cunt with his warm juice. He grabbed her nipples and pulled them as he rammed the cock deep and came inside her. If she was his, he would stay inside her till he could fuck her at least twice more. He understoood why the man fucked her many times a day.

Her man stood up with a huge hard on and told the men they may suck her tits before they left. Both men attached their mouths to her tits. One man sucked and chewed the huge fat nipple as the other sucked all over her tits loving how big and full they were leaving many hickies on the white flesh.

"Now you may suck her tits as I fuck her ass and you watch my cock go inside her." the man told them. He wanted to show her he could make her do any thing he wanted with her body, not just fuck her many times each day. He loved ramming his cock deep into her ass. As he pushed his cock to her ass he then plunged in deep and fast making her scream. Once in it did feel good to her and with the men sucking her tits she was very horny. She had met the master as she was a young nympho and he could not get satisfied. Yesterday they had fucked every half hour all day long. He had fucked every one of her holes several times. He also rammed her ass as he shoved a dildo into her cunt. This made her go insane and cum many many times. She loved this and wanted more.

As he came in her ass, he pinched her clit and pulled out. He asked the men if they enjoyed his litle nympho and they told him he was lucky to have such a sexy girl to fuck all day long. He told them he would let them come back for more fun. The guy with the huge cock wanted to fuck her ass as he spanked her round butt.

When they left, he told her to shower and get on all fours for her to suck his cock before he fucked her several more times tonight. His appetite was just getting warmed up.

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