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Memories From the Bush

"You've got to be k**ding!" I shouted out loud.

"Whoever thought to name a town that, must have had a huge hairy pussy fetish!"

"WELCOME TO BIG BEAVER PA." The sign said.

I had almost arrived at my new home in Pleasant Town Pa. population 55,000.*

There was no way I could concentrate on my language learning tapes now, not when I was this close to my destination.

Plus my mind was wandering too much anyway. Seeing that "Big Beaver" sign reminded me of my old college days.

Up near Albany NY there's a town everyone refers to as "The Bush." My friend Mark house sat for his grandparents while they were out and about in their motor home. Their place was in the town of East Greenbush.

If anyone needed a place for an intimate encounter that was the place to do it. Mark always said,

"If you want some Bush you gotta go to 'The Bush.' "

As long as everyone kept the house clean they could go there. So as a result the place got cleaned allot more than Mark would have by himself. It used to really impress his grandparents how well maintained he kept the place.

My girl friend Irish and I used to make use of it allot. Right up to the time we broke up. After that I was really on the rebound.

How I get the hard luck cases I'll never know. Then again it might have been my horny instincts kicking in. It always seems like the ones that are the quiet ones are the biggest nymphos.

Candice June Fletcher (aka "Fletch") was the most socially inept girl I knew. She was awkward, clumsy, and very clueless acting. To make matters worse, her clothes looked like Salvation Army and Good Will store rejects. Even so she had a thing for short skirts which can be a real turn on, fashion sense or not.

Fletch was skinny too. In fact up until recently she was the only skinny girl I ever made it with. Maybe I just needed a break from dating fat freaks, or something, who knows.

The oddest thing about Fletch was that she had a speech impediment that made it sound like she was d***k all the time. It took a little work to keep from laughing.

After our third date I was wondering when to make my move on her when she beat me to the punch.

" (So) Tho tell me (Larry) Warry. When ah (are) you gonna take me to da Bush (so) tho you can (screw) thscwew my brains out?"

I almost spit out my cola drink. "How do you know about that place?"

"I (used) uthed to hear Iwish (Irish) talk about dit ah da time."


When we closed the door to the entryway Fletch dropped to her knees. In an instant she unzipped my pants and was sucking on my cock. Her head started to bob up and down like a pro.

"Whoa!" I shouted. Where'd you lean to do that?"

"I watch allot of Xth wated movieths. You can learn allaught fwom dem you know." Fletch replied while applying spit on to my growing pecker.

"Well go easy, Or I'll explode right here."

"Fwom what I heard that shouldn't be a pwablem, you get hard again wight after thex anyway."

"I suppose Irish said that too."

"You'd be thurpwised what you can learn if you just lithsen."

Upstairs in the bedroom we peeled each others clothes off. Perhaps Big Beaver was named after someone like Fletch. Her muff could have used a weed whacker it was so covered in hair.

But that was no big deal to me. I was too busy admiring how cute tiny tits can be. After all I was used to blockbuster mams not teardrops and bee stings.

But Fletch had some flashy looking nipples to go with them too. I worked them until they were nice and hard.

Right then I knew skinny Fletch was ready for some deep loving. My manhood plowed through her big beaver and entered her tunnel of love. The trouble was she was really going overboard with the movie noises though.

"Fletch!" I scolded. "That's not necessary!"

"Thowey about dat. I gweth I got cawried away."


"But you're still hard!" Whined Fletch. "Even after two times!"

"Fletch there's a limit." I explained.

"Oh come on. We've done mithionawry (Missionary) and doggie now leth twy something else."

I held on to my boner while Fletch turned around so she was looking at my feet. Then she lowered herself onto my still stiff cock that was still hard after two rounds in one hour.

"I thaw thith in da moviths too." explained Fletch. It lookth like it feeths weally good."

She was right it was an awesome ride for us both. Fletch was so much skinnier than what I was used I could have spun her like she was on a fireman's pole.

As it was, it was much harder to cum the third time. We were both covered in sweat when we both finally climaxed. Fletch even managed to squirt a little on my rod and pubic hairs.

"Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh!" she moaned while the two of us came together.

I was ready for a long snooze after that but Fletch was trying to get me up again.

"Come on warry! There's anudder posithion we can twy!"

"No", I pleaded. "That's enough."

"Then I'm thorry Warry. I need a better boyfriend. One who can better thervice my neeths."

And with that my trip down memory lane ended.

I was ready for my new home in Pleasant Town Pa.. Right after I crossed The Beaver River.

How apropos.

*Fictional City near real places on a map.

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