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More Than Just A Game Part 3

Donny jumped off of me and quickly covered himself up with a pillow.

"Not what it looks like?" Dad said walking into the room. "Donny your naked and on top of your b*****r.... what am I supposed to think?!"

The whole room was in silence from the awkward moment. Instead of dad doing much worse then I thought, he shook his head and walked out.

Donny and I stared at each other, both of us with fear still on our faces. The silent treatment was never a good thing...

I guess we were so scared that we couldn't talk to each other as we got dressed. Instead of staying in the house any longer, I decided to go for a drive. I invited Donny to come with me but he declined saying that he thought it'll be better if we didnt make contact for a while.

"I'm going over to Derek's house. We should give dad sometime to forget about what he saw." Donny said.

"Really Donny? How can Dad forget that he saw his two sons screwing around under his nose?" I say. "We'd be better if we move out and never come back."

"And go where?" Donny asked. "We've got no fucking money and I dont have many friends."

"Good point." I say feeling even worse then before. "Let's just stay separate for the night and come back tomorrow and see what happens."

"Alright." He said. "I'll see you tomorrow then."

We were about to embrace when we heard, "Boys, I think we need to talk."

Donny and I looked up to see dad standing above the banister staring down at us. Suddenly, I felt like a ten year old again that just stole something.

We said nothing as we watched him walking down the stairs with no expression on his face whatsoever. I dont think I've ever been this scared of my own dad. He was the exact copy of Donny but with a much bigger serious roar.

"Come in the living room right now." he demanded.

We both waited a second before following him to the room. He stood there with his arms folded and Donny sat down next to me... which really wasn't a good idea.

Dad's eyes shot through us like a pistol, I didnt know if I could handle the news of us moving out just yet.

Suddenly, he unfolded his arms and reached down and unbuckled his belt.

"Oh fuck! I havent been beaten since I was 11!" I thought.

What came next was even more shocking. Dad pulled out his dick from his boxers. In perfect sync, our mouths dropped watching what just happened.

"See this cock?" He said pointing down at this dick.

"I helped made you two with it.... and I'll be damned if I let you two go on like this..." He said.

I had no idea what he meant by that, but it sounded evil. Like he was going to kill us.

"No dad, don't hurt us!" Donny shouted, he was panicking. "He's the one that came on to me first! He begged me to do it!"

I shot Donny the dirtiest look I could have possibly made. I can't believe he just said that.

"NO! That's not true dad! He wanted to play this stupid game with me and told me that If I lost I had to suck his dick." I shouted back.

"Your a fuckin' liar! Dad he's lying to you he said..."

"Shut the hell up! Both of you!" Dad yelled out loud. "Your both grown ass men, act like it!"

Dad walked over, with his dick still out of his pants, I noticed it had grown some.

We were both silent waiting on the rest of our punishment.

"Get over here and suck this cock." He demanded.

My eyes bulged out of there sockets..... what the fuck???... ME??

"Dad why.... What are you doing?" I asked.

"I've sensed you were a fag a long time ago. Donny just confirmed it with his story." He said.

"Whaaat... But I'm not...."

"Get your mouth on this dick boy!" He yelled. "I don't wanna hear another word from you. Just your mouth slurping on this cock!!"

At that point I didnt know what to think, I glanced over to Donny and he seemed relieved but confused at the same time. Not wanting Dad's wrath to come out anytime soon, I kneeled down and took his big hard dick in my mouth.

Dad's dick was thicker then Donny's but they looked tasted just a like. Soon I had begun to relax and my cocksucker instincts took over. I no longer felt scared....

"See that Donny?" Dad said. "A natural born cocksucker. I never thought I say that about my own son.... fucking faggot. Suck my dick!"

As much as I wanted to cringe from hearing my own father call me those nasty words, it did just the opposite. My dick got rockhard in my pants.

I swallowed his whole length and milked him with my throat, just like I had done Donny so many times. Dad moaned pretty loud which was really starting to get me hot.

Then dad said, "Donny get your ass up here and give this boy your dick. He wants more."

Interesting how Dad could read my mind before I could even think it...

Donny got up and pulled out his dick, which was already rockhard from watching us and waved it at my face.

I immediately took him in my mouth and sucked him hard like dad. I went back and forth on there big dicks and there moans were so addictive and hot.

I watched there reactions and nothing was hotter than this moment. Me on my knees sucking off my b*****r and father both at the same time, and both of them were enjoying it.

"Don't make me cum yet boy, I gotta fuck your ass first." Dad said.

I moved away from his dick and sucked Donny's boner again. Dad walked around and pulled down my shorts exposing my ass to him. The cold air hit me, but soon the warmth of his hands calmed me.

"Damn boy, this ass looks tight." Dad said. "Are you sure you two were in there fucking cause that's not a small cock" He said pointing at Donny.

"Dad, his ass is always like that." Donny said. "Its like fucking a virgin all the time."

"Well.... I guess were gonna have to fix that don't we?" Dad said.

I was so busy working on Donny's cock that I wasnt paying attention to what they were saying. My cock pleasing mind was soon disrupted by the pain of a big fat dick forcing its way inside of me.

I yelled out loud and my ass tightened up.

"Come on son, open that ass up." Dad said. "If you can take Donny's, I know you can take mine with ease."

He pushed more of his fat dick in me and it went through but I was still in pain.

"Dad its too thick, I dont know if I can take it!!" I shouted.

"Shut up boy and take it like a man!" Dad shouted back.

"Yeah, stop acting like a fucking pussy and take dad's cock!" Donny yelled.

Since there was no turning back, I did my best to open up for dad without complaining. He was just so thick... His dick was stretching me open so wide. I cant imagine how mom took this thing everytime!

"There you go! That's the way to do it!" Dad said.

He fucked me slow at first then picked up the pace, opening my hole up wider then before. The pain was soon disappearing and I was finally able to appreciate my Dad's big cock.

This had to be an amazing sight being fucked at both ends by my b*****r and dad,I wish this was on video!

"Yeah dad fuck his ass!" Donny said. "I give it to him hard... he likes it like that!"

"Don't worry son, his ass will be done how its suppose to be done... like this!"

.... And with that I was being ****d by dad's dick, he used my ass like it was some whore off a street. I loved it and begged for more....

"Oh fuck yeah daddy! Fuck me!! Pound my ass good!" I yelled.

"Shut up and suck my cock bitch!" Donny demanded.

I don't know why Donny was being so verbally abusive to me when it was never like this before, but..... I was enjoying it!

I sucked his cock hard, slurping, and gagging on it from each thrust of Dad's dick being f***ed inside me. My hole milked him good and dad moans proved that my hole was doing its job.

"Boy your gonna make me cum all up in this ass if you keep that up." He said.

"Do it dad! Fill me up!" I say quickly then shoving Donny's cock back in my mouth.

He took a few more rough slams in my ass and then stopped. He grunted and yelled when his load started to fill me up. His load was going DEEP.....

"Come over here son and fuck this boy." Dad said to Donny.

"No problem dad." Donny switched places with dad and he easily slipped his dick inside of me.

"Wow dad you opened him up so much! I can feel your load lubing me up!" He said.

"Thats right. He'll probably want more because he's a slut just like your Uncle Raymond. I owned his ass when were k**s too." Dad said.

My ears flipped up hearing him tell us that. Uncle Ray loved cock?!

My thoughts were soon interrupted when Donny slammed deep inside me over and over again.

"Clean my cock off boy." Dad pointed his cum coated dick at my face and I immediately sucked him off.

"Oh my God dad I'm gonna shoot already! FUCK!!" Donny shouted.

He did the same exact motion Dad had done slamming into me then fill up my hole with his load. I had two generations of my extended f****y inside me.... HOT!

When Donny pulled out of me Dad made me suck off his dick.

"Keep this between us guys." Dad said putting back on his pants.

"No problem dad, no ones gonna know." Donny said.

Dad looked back at me and said, "And you...tomorrow morning when your mother leaves for work, I want you in my bed pronto. An ass like this must be trained right. Donny your gonna learn from me how to use a slutboy's ass like I did to Uncle Ray got it?"

"Yes sir." We said in unison.

"Good, now take your asses to bed."

I couldnt wait for what dad had in stored for us... I mean ME.

THE END - Last Chapter folks, Hope you enjoyed it!!!

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