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Daddy's Little Hooker

Mike was feeling restless and frustrated again, more so tonight, because he was alone in the house. Susan, his 18 year old daughter was staying over at her friends, and probably wouldn’t be back until sometime tomorrow evening. These moments of restlessness and frustration were occurring with increasing frequency and were becoming harder to ignore or cope with. He knew he had to do something about it soon. For a long time, after his wife had passed away, his own and Susan grief, had dominated his life, but this had gradually changed as the years past. Susan had grown up, both physically and emotionally, and while they remained close and had a good relationship, she had grown more independent and soon, she would be going to University. This thought sent a sharp stab of pain through is heart; he was losing his little girl, soon it would be just him in this house with just his frustration and loneliness to keep him company.

Perhaps, now that Susan was 18, he should try that dating site again. He’d tried it about 18 months ago, and had met a few women, but had felt a deep sense of guilt. He felt like he was betraying the memory of Susan mother. So he had stopped and let his membership lapse. More recently, he’d been using the internet to address his more physical needs. It took the edge off, and gave him some release, but it often left him feeling even more alone. So for the first time in his life he had sought out the services of a prostitute, but this merely increase his sense of guilt, and there was the additional worry of being caught and exposed as a curb crawler. He’d start dating again, he told himself, nothing too heavy at first, just start getting out and meeting people. However, for the moment, he needed to deal with his immediate needs, and so saving his work and closing the file, he opened his internet browser.

He surfed the net for a while, opening up several thumbnail galleries and movie sites, looking for something that felt right for his mood. He clicked one thumbnail, and it opened into a new gallery containing a set of pictures of a young brunette. Hmmm yes, he thought, nice, she looks a bit like Susan, the same figure and hairstyle. For a brief, unguarded moment, he allowed her to slip, naked into his mind. His cock instantly began to wake up, but as quickly as the image arrived in his mind, his guilt rose up and buried the image. Damn he thought, a quick wank wasn’t enough, what he needed, wanted, was something more physical than just a quick visit to Mrs Thumb and her four daughters.

It was no good; he needed to get things out of his system. At moments like this, and when he had the house to himself, he would drive into town, and cruise the side streets around the back of college, unofficially known by all as the towns red-light district. Unofficial it may have been, but it had always been there, perhaps not quite in the exact same place, yet it had always been part of the town. Anyway, that was history, and he had more urgent, present needs to address. There were always some young ones, less used girls (and abused part of him said). They tended to hang on the fringes, less forward and a little shyer than the older hands. They also lacked the desperation and coldness that characterised these older and more experience ladies.

He’d hang around, watch the scene for a while, to see who was on the streets and study the girls and how they looked. Only when he’d seen one that suited his need would then approach the girls. With these thoughts of sin on his mind, he picked up his keys and walked out to his car and reversed out into the road and headed off into town, his anticipation and desire building up, so much so that he had to keep shifting his position to stay comfortable.

When he had first tried this, it had taken weeks to finally “pick up” a girl. At first he’d just drive though normally, then he would pretend to be looking for an address, and yet, the looks on the faces of the “older hands” told him that they knew exactly why he was there, because they seen it and heard it all before. Well this would be his fifth time now, having picked four girls. The regulars were getting to know him and what he came looking for. One woman had even introduced him to her own 18 year old daughter the last time. Perhaps he'd see Tina again.

He was now nearing the college and as he turned down the first side road, he saw straight away the first of the “ladies”. These were the more established women and girls, standing in the open, some stepping into the road, their eyes following him, inviting and suggestive, trying to tempt him. While some were attractive, he barely noticed any of these ones and continued to scan the streets.

Hmmm, he thought, no luck here, I’ll head around to the back of the college. Here the trees lined the avenue and bordered the park. This is where you tended to find the new and younger girls gathered. He turned into the avenue and approached the park, and straight away one girl caught his eye. She stood under the trees, in the deep shadows, and yet there was enough light to see that she was young, slim, wearing a short, tight figure hugging and shiny dress. Completing the look, were heeled, knee length boots. Perfect, he thought, it was almost as if somebody had read his mind. As he drawn near, he could see that her hair was dark and hung well below her shoulders, partially obscuring her face. He steered the car into the kerbside and slowed to a stop, next to where she stood in the shadows and lowered his passenger side window.

For a second the girl hesitated, as if in doubt, before approaching the car. His eyes dropped down and noted the fishnets tights, then came back up and saw her shy smile on her partially obscured face. There was something familiar about her, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, that was until she lent forward and brushed her hair to one side. The street light hit her face. Suddenly he went cold, the odd familiarity that he had felt, suddenly turned into the shock recognition, his brain simply couldn’t believe what his eyes were telling him!

“Susan” burst from his mouth. At the same instant, surprise, then shock replaced the smile on the girls face as she recognised the man in the car.
“Dad! Oh my god!”
Too shocked and embarrassed to speak, Mike f***ed the car into gear and pushed down hard on the accelerator. Guilt and anger were raging through him as sped off, tyres squealing, leaving his daughter standing in the gutter, calling after him. Unthinking, he drove blindly for a while, until after a near miss with a bus, he headed back home, and swung in to the drive, and sat there, the engine humming away, feeling numb and cold inside.

It was the movement of curtains, caused by his neighbour looking out of the window, which snapped him back into the present. He turned off the ignition and walked into his house. What to do, what to do, he kept thinking, would she come home, what should he say? His daughter, a whore, oh my god! His thought were twisting and churning around inside, swinging form anger and shame and back to worrying about Susan’s own reactions. He walked into the lounge and dropped into his armchair, without turning the lights on. He sat in the dark, the whirlwind of emotions and thoughts tearing threw his mind, fighting each other, his lust and desire rising up, while his guilt and anger fought to suppress them.

After what seemed like hours, he heard the front door open and the sound of somebody stealthily moving, trying to be quite. He heard his daughter quietly say “No its ok, its best if face him alone, I’ll call you tomorrow, no, it’s not your fault.”
He couldn’t make out what the other person was saying, although it sounded like Susan’s friend, Julie. He heard the door shut and it was followed by more sounds of movement in the hallway, and then lounge door opened. Just a crack first, then little further, until it was fully open, letting the light from the hallway flood into the dark room. There she stood, silhouetted in the doorframe, wearing a coat, but he could see that she was still wearing the boots. Had she got changed, he asked himself? Was she wearing her tight shiny dress? He silently watched, as her hand reached out and turned the light on, and she turned towards where he was sitting.

She jumped in shocked surprise. “Daddy, you made me jump, what are you doing in the dark” she said, forcing a smile.
Mike remained silent, not trusting himself to speak and Susan moved a bit closer.
“Daddy…I errrr, I can explain, it’s not what….”

“It’s not what?” he cut her off, “not what its seams she says. Not what? That my daughter is a whore? Of course, sorry, your right, I’m just over reacting.” Mike slapped his forehead in mock realisation, his voice dripping sarcasm, “you were taking the air, going for a walk in the park, at night. So silly of me to make such a mistake, what to fuck to you take me for?”
Susan didn’t reply.

After a few minutes of brooding silence, he said “so, are these the clothes that you asked me for the money, the other day?” Not waiting for a reply he carried on “no wonder you didn’t want me to come shopping or me see them.” He glared at her as she stared down at her feet, her long hair falling forward and obscuring her face. Minutes ticked by again in awkward silence, but they seemed like hours.

Then he said “well take that coat off, and let me see what you spent my money on.” Susan looked up into her fathers eyes, and shivered. Slowly, she unbuttoned and opened the coat. She let it slip down off her shoulders, with a shrug and wiggle, and the coat fell onto the floor. As she stood there, head bowed, Mike thought to himself, fuck she looks hot, even worse than I thought, or perhaps better, the other, darker side of personality told him. Even better than he imagined when he had seen her in the shadows under trees. The shiny blue dress, it was like a second skin, it fitted every contour of her slim figure, right down to were it ended just below her hips and her fishnet hold ups started. Her breast, she was very clearly braless, were small, but firm and well defined, and the material followed the rounded contours of each breast perfectly. Her nipples visibly stood out, pointy and erect.

God, he had never, in his wildest and darkest dreams, imagined his own daughter like this, her face painted up to perfection, but not over the top. She still retained an air of sweetness and innocence that contrasted with the sexiness of her overall appearance. There were men that would pay lots of money to use a girl like this. He desperately tried to fight down own his lust and desire with his anger. Yet despite his rage and disgust, his arousal was intense and fierce, his cock was so hard and constricted in the confines of his trousers, it was hurting him. A small smile formed on Susan’s lips, she had clearly seen her daddy’s eyes open wide, seen the jaw hanging expression and could clearly see the increasingly obvious bulge in the front his trousers. Mike noticed the faint smile and it fanned his anger, making it rise up and smother his sinful instinctive response to his daughter’s appearance.

“So, you don’t make enough selling yourself that you have to take my money too? Or are you selling yourself that cheaply, whore?” He knew it was harsh, but he had to fight his lust before he lost control and did something that he might regret for the rest of his life. He could see the shock and hurt replacing the smile on Susan’s face. It was like being slapped, the words stung her that much.

Susan stammered a reply “Th….th…this was my first time; I’ve never done this before…I haven’t even been with anyone.”
“Oh so that makes it ok, dose it, I suppose you’re a virgin too?” he scoffed.
She hung her head “Yes…no…it’s…”
He cut of off before she could say more.
“My daughter, a fucking whore…I can’t believe it…a dirty little hooker.” Mike let his anger take over; he let it rise up and dominate and suppress his emotions and smother his lust.

However, this was far too much for Susan; she knew what daddy had being doing. She had read the stories her father liked to read and even watched him wank through a crack in the door, seen the pictures and the movies on computer. Then other girls, the street one’s, they knew him, they had told her about the guy who liked young teens, liked them to call him daddy. They told her that she should look out for him. Anger welled up inside of her. So he didn’t mind it so much when it was somebody else’s daughter that he was fucking, she told herself. It was all too much and she snapped back at her father.

“Look at you, you, calling me a fucking whore, sitting there with your erection, you disgusting old man, you fucking pervert” she shouted back, “I’ve seen the stuff you read and look at, about i****t and little girls, you fucking hypocrite.” With that she turned and walked to the lounge door.

Mikes anger exploded, he was up and out of the chair like lightning, he grabbed her arm and twisted it, pulling her around sharply and slapped her face.

“Owwww….what are you doing” she said in a shocked and frightened voice, her fear now replacing her anger. She had never dared talk to her father like that before nor had she ever seen him like this. Without a word, he pushed her towards the table, and then pushed down, bending her across it, face down, her short dress riding up and exposing her almost naked arse. Fuck, Mike thought, as he saw that she was wearing the tiniest of thongs; she might as well not be wearing anything he told himself.

“No…Dad? What are you doing? Stop, please daddy…Nooo.”
“Do you say that to your “Clients” little slut? Is that your thing, playing hard to get?”
“No please, what are you doing, I am sorry, no, pleeesssse let me go.”
“I’m going to give you what you want whore.”

Bent over the table, Susan’s dress had ridden up and left her pert and firm arse completely exposed. Mike gripped her thong and ripped it off with one violent tug, the thin straps snapping, barely resisting. Susan went silent, partly in shocked surprise and partly in anticipation. In her mind she cried no, surely he wasn’t, yet there was part of that was becoming excited, and saying yes he is. She had her own fantasies about her daddy, but this wasn’t quite how she had imagined it would happen.

Still holding her face down on the table by one hand, he cast aside her skimpy thong and moved his hand to his trousers. She heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled down. Oh my god, he is going to fuck me, she thought. There was the sound off material moving, she felt something brushing against the top of her thigh. Then, she felt something nudging her cheeks, resting against her bum. Oh my, as she realised it was her fathers cock head touching her naked arse.

She remembered now, how big he looked, when she’d peeked at him wanking. Oohh he feels so much bigger too, and I’m not sure I am ready for something so big yet. She felt her father’s cock being placed against her pussy and he pushed hard against her outer lips. She began to plead “no please, not yet, I’m not ready, Dad, please….oohhhh fuck…arrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh…..” She screamed as he father began to push is cock brutally into her pussy. She bit off the scream and gripped the table edge, and moved her feet apart, in attempt to ease its passage.

At first there was resistance and pain, yet despite his lust, Mike didn’t really want to hurt his little girl, so once his cock was in a few inches, he placed his hands on her hips and began to pump his cock into her tight little cunt, using firm, but short thrusts. He could feel her juices beginning to flow, making the progress of his cock smoother and slicker with each thrust. He began to push deeper. Damn, he thought, the little slut was beginning to enjoy this.

For Susan, with each thrust, the discomfort became more pleasing. Hmmmm she thought size dose matter. She let out a small groan and began to push back to meet her daddy’s cock. Suddenly he thrust the last few inches in one hard movement, lifting her off her feet.
“Arrrrrrrrrrrhhhh god…fuck…uuuhhgggg…that feels good, yes, fuck oh yes” she screamed.

He paused there a second, both shocked and excited at what was coming out of Susan’s mouth and his own reactions to it. Then he pulled his cock out until only its head was between her dripping lips. Taking a hand off her hips, he slapped her arse cheeks, not too hard, but hard enough.
“You’re not to suppose to be enjoying this, little slut” he slapped her again.
“Ouch, please daddy, I’m sorry, I can’t help it, please don’t slap me.”
“Tell me what you are” he demanded.
“A slut, a whore…..I’m Daddy’s Little Hooker” she replied.
The daddy bit came as a surprise.
“Tell me what you want whore” he demanded?
“Fucking, fucking hard with that fucking big cock, I need it…please daddy, don’t stop fucking me.”
“Where do you need it whore?” he demanded, pulling his cock back until it was almost out.
“In my cunt…arrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooodddddd oh god yes.”
Mike thrust forward with hips, forcing his cock back into to her cunt in one long hard thrust, this time lifting Susan completely off her feet. He pulled back, and then he thrust forward again, and repeated the movement, giving it to her in long hard strokes. Each time he fucked his cock into his daughters tight little cunt, she let a loud grunt, followed by a drawn out groan as he pulled cock back.

Susan was lost to the real world; she had never even imagined being fucked like this, let alone actually having been fucked like this. Her grunts and groans grew loader as her first orgasm swept through her body. She shook and convulsed and Mike changed to slower motion for a while. He was close to coming himself, and he tried to pace himself, to hold out for as long as he could, savouring the feeling of tightness, as his daughters pussy contracted and relaxed around his cock.

However, Mike’s self control began to collapse and he began to fuck Susan faster and harder, until with a loud cry be began to come himself, pumping spunk into his daughters cunt, trying to push his cock in deeper, so hard in fact, the table had was f***ed up against the wall with a bang. He continued to pump into her, until he started going soft and then suddenly he pulled out. He staggered away from her, almost tripping on his trousers, still tangled around his ankles, and collapsed onto the sofa.

For a while Mike was lost in his own thoughts, but slowly he came back to reality, the mix of lust and anger had faded, and was now replaced by a sense overwhelming guilt and remorse. He looked at Susan, still lying bent across the table, seemingly u*********s; her dress still rucked up around her hips. Mike wanted to say something, apologise, to go to her, but what can you say to your daughter when you’ve just rapped her. Just then, she stirred, pushing herself up into a leaning position against the table, she turned to face her father, but her hair hung over her face obscuring it. Then she swept it back and looked at Mike, her father.

“Susan, I’m sorry…I don’t…don’t what came over me…”
“Oh really daddy, shut up, I’ve read the things on your computer, you’ve been wanting to fuck me for a long time, its ok, I’ve wanted it too.”
She stood up, and walked over to Mike, still sitting on the sofa. Mike just watched, as his half naked daughter stood in front of him, her feet apart. Despite his confused state of mind, part of him still noted that she was smooth between her legs, not a single hair. Susan noticed her fathers eyes drop and guessed what had made them do it.

“I did that because I knew that’s how you like girls, just like all those in the pictures I found on the PC, especially the ones that looked like me.”
“I had no idea you could get on my computer…what about the password, how…?”
“Cos I know you write them down in your address book, I’ve seen you look at them.”
Susan began to sink to her knees, her thighs spreading wide as she rested her arse on the back of her ankles. “I’ve been peeking at your computer ever since I was 14 and fantasying about doing things like this ever since…”
“Doing what, being a hooker” replied Mike.
“Nooo, that’s was Julie’s idea. No, fantasying about this” Susan lent forward and gripped Mike’s semi hard cock.
“I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to hold it.”
Mike breathed in sharply at the soft touch of his daughters hand around his cock. In his head he told himself, yes, I have dreamt about what it would be like to have you holding my cock like that too.
“I never imagined it would be so big, even soft, like this. It’s bigger then any of the boys I been with.”

For some reason the mention of other boys made him both jealous and angry, but Susan’s massaging of his rapidly hardening cock soon smothered any such emotions as his cock began to swell in his daughter’s hand.
“Ohh my god, it’s so big, I can’t believe I had that in me…fuck”.
Susan was now slowly wanking her fathers cock and he closed his eyes and he let out a gentle groan. “Do you like that Daddy?”
Mike just swallowed and nodded, his eyes closed all thoughts of regret and shame evaporated.

Suddenly his eyes flew open has he felt something moist and soft touch is cockhead. He looked down. Susan was gently kissing the tip of his cock; her eyes looked up at him and fixed on his gaze. Looking straight into her daddy’s eyes, Susan slowly let her lips slide over his cockhead. He gasped, as her head lowered her mouth down onto his cock. Slowly her lips spread wide, her mouth sliding down his thick shaft; he could feel her tongue sliding slowly around the shaft of his cock and she was still lowering her mouth down further.

Christ he thought, even through his raising lust, he was amazed. How much is she going to take, he asked himself. Yet another part of is mind wanted to ask her where in the hell she had leant to do this. But the sensation that was busting from between his legs soon suppressed any such thoughts and so he surrendered to it. Her tongue was sliding and snaking around his shaft. Suddenly there was a gasp and a choking sound, and Susan pulled up. Mike opened his eyes, and looked down at is smiling daughter.

“Woooaaa too big to swallow in one go” she said “I’m going to have to practice more” and with that she bent back over his cock and continued to lick and kiss it. She ran her tongue down is shaft, and then over his balls, twisting the tip through his hairs, she kiss his balls and then slid her tongue back up his shaft. Again, her lips slipped over his cockhead, but this time they lingered and she began to suck and run her tongue over his sensitive glands, making her daddy groan out loud and causing him to arch his back and push his cock up into her mouth.

Susan let out a muffled squeal of surprise. She began to pump her head up and down, her lips sliding down his shaft and then back up to cockhead, and each time, her tongue would press down and slide against it. After five minutes she came up for air, and Mike could now think clearly again, god, she’d done this before.
“Where did you learn to do that young lady”?
“Hhhh emmm, I read about in on the internet….” replied Susan, with little conviction.
“Bullocks, you knew what you were doing.”
Susan smiled shyly, and replied “hmmm did daddy like what I was doing, did I do it goooood” she lisped.
“Yes, you did it “gooood” and what I want to know is how you know how to do so “gooood”. So, answer the question young lady?”
“Well, I’ve practiced.”
“On what or should I say on who?”
“Well, me and Julie have used bananas and….and ummm a vibrator and huuuummm…” she fell silent.
“And hummmm what?!” Demanded Mike, trying to make himself sound stern.
“And Tim, and one or two other boys…but it’s mostly Tim.”
“And who is Tim…a boy at school?”
“No, he’s Julie’s cousin, he’s 21.”
“So, how long has “Tim” been giving cock sucking lessons?”
“Well errrrr…”
“How long”, again making his voice stern. Yet his still fully hard cock showed he was still randy as hell.
“Well, since I was 14, I walked in on Julie and Tim, and things went on from there.”
“I suppose Tim has fucked you too, did he pop your cherry?”
“No, he said he wouldn’t, reckoned he’d be in enough trouble already if got caught.”
Susan lent forward and began to run her tongue around her fathers cock head.

“Hmmm I think you enjoying this far too much” Mike told her. He stood up pushing Susan back, but not too hard. “You’re a naughty little slut, and clearly need to be punished for being a whore.”
Susan shivered with anticipation and little bit of fear, she’d read the sort of stories her father liked and seen the pictures, so already had an idea about what was going to happen. She let her head hang down, and adopted a subservient posture.
Mike thought to himself, she knows, the little minx is playing along, hussy!
“Clearly, I’ve been far too soft with you” he announced “this is for you own good Susan, now stand up.”

Susan stood up, contriving to keep her dress up around her waist, and then letting her hands drop behind her, still with her head bowed.
“I’m sorry, I’ll be good from now, I promise.”
“That may well be, but that doesn’t excuse your behaviour, bend over the arm of the sofa.”
Susan moved forward and obeyed her father.
“Push you bum further up” he commanded.
Susan obeyed.

Oh my, he thought, surveying the scene in front of him, how many times had he fantasised about this, and now here he was, half naked, is cock fully erect and his daughter, bent over, her naked arse bare and exposed. He walked over and stood next to her, he rested his hand on her arse, and she shivered at his touch. He then gently stroked her cheeks, first the left and then right. He carried on doing this for several minutes. What a beautiful arse, he told himself, I wonder is if she’s had her anal cherry popped?

With that thought, he raised his hand, and holding it in the air for a second, he brought it down. As the flat palm of his hand made contact with Susan’s left cheek she jumped. Although it hadn’t been really been hard, the slap had caught her by surprise. Mike kept his hand resting on her cheek, gently stroking, hmmm such a sweet arse he thought. Again, he raised his hand. Smack!!! Harder this time, Susan jumped forward a bit, and gave a little cry. “This is what happens to bad girls Susan. What are you?” asked Mike, his hand stroking her cheek.
“I am a bad girl…. (Smack!) Ouuuuwwwhh”.
Another smack cut her off.
“Yes, a bad girl, you’re also a dirty little slut aren’t you?”
She didn’t answer. (Smack) “Ooooowwwwwwwwwch”.
“I asked you a question, Slut!”
“Yes Daddy, I’m a dirty slut, a dirty daddy’s cock sucking slut.”
“Are you?”
“Yes Daddy, I’m your whore….ouch”, another smack, but not as hard this time.
“My whore; so no more walking the street selling yourself?”
“No daddy”
“No more sucking Timmy’s cock?”
“No daddy”
Smack, but this time on the other cheek.
“Please daddy I’ll be a good girl……ooooouuuuchhhhh” cried Susan.
“No, you’re going to be bad, very bad and very dirty.”
“Yes daddy” there was a hint of smile in her voice.

Mike rested his hand on her arse, and then moved around until he was standing directly behind her, her cheeks had a nice glowing redness, contrasting nicely with the milky whiteness, hmmm so smooth and round, just like a peach. Mike dropped to his knees. The movement made Susan look around, she saw her dad on his knees directly facing her arse. What is he doing, she thought…ooohhhh.

Mike had lent forward and kissed her left cheek, where his hand had smacked her. He continued to kiss her red arse cheeks, first the left and then right, then he ran his tongue down between her cheeks and then on down to her pussy. Susan let a little squeal of delight.

“Move your feet further apart slut girl!”
Susan did as she was told. Ohhhhh, she thought, as she felt her father’s breath on bare lips of her cunt. She sighed as his hand gripped her thighs, and then she gasped loudly as she felt his lips brush over her cunt.

Her groans grew loader as Mike pushed his tongue into her pussy and began to lick inside her. Hmmm, he thought, she tastes so sweet. He began to alternate his licks with placing his mouth over her lips and sucking her juices from her pussy. This made Susan gasp and groan even more.

Wow she thought, none of the men or boys she’d been with had wanted to do this to her. Only her friend Julie had ever licked her pussy, but this time there was the extra thrill of the tongue doing the licking belonging to her daddy. It was so just…well, indescribable.

Mike suddenly changed the position of his hands and lifted Susan up with hands, gripping the insides of her thighs. Then learning his head back, he placed his mouth so that Susan’s pussy was resting on top it, forcing her to stand on the tips of her toes. Mike pushed his tongue deep inside her cunt, as far as it would go, licking and fucking it as deep as he could. He pulled back and then pushed it in again, tongue fucking his daughter.

He felt her legs give way, now he was supporting most of her weight on his mouth and he griped her thighs more firmly. He used his teeth to rube up against her pussy lips and clit, alternating this with his tongue licking and fucking. He found breathing difficult, and his face and upper body were soaked in her cunt juice, but he carried on eating her out. Susan’s groans and cries where merging into one continuous wail as she reached another orgasm. She went very tense and then began to convulse uncontrollably, has she went through her first ever multiple orgasm. Mike held his mouth on her for as long as he could, but he couldn’t breath, and had to pull away, allowing Susan, who was still moaning and shacking, to fall back to rest on the arm of the sofa.

Mike sat back to catch his breath, and rest a little, although he had not finished yet, not by a long shot. If he was going to be damned, he was going to go all the way. All the while he had been eating Susan out, he’d been thinking about another hole, just above where his mouth was, hmmmm yes he thought, I’ll just let her settle down and catch her breath.

Susan appeared to have lost consciousness, her breathing was still rapid and deep, but slowly she began to relax and it turned to a deep, contented rhythm. She had never imagined sex could be like this. Sure it had been fun, but other than with Julie, it had often been a bit of disappointment. The boys and men she had sex with had only been concerned with their own needs, and once satisfied, had lost interest her own. None of them had ever provided her with more than one orgasm, if at all, unlike her newest lover. Just then she felt a touch of her thigh.

Mike bent forward, and placed a hand of each cheek. He began to stroke them, caressing and squeezing her firm round cheeks and then he spread them apart, and lent forward. He run his tongue from the base of Susan’s spine and down between them. Susan moaned, but remained still as her fathers tongue slide between her cheeks and reached her anal cherry. Ignoring the scent and the taste, he began to lick her anal ring. Susan reaction was instant; it was as if he was using a red hot poker.

“Ohhhhhhhhh myyyy, what are you doing, you can’t touch me there…ooooohhhh woooowwwwwwww…” Mike began pushing his tongue against her tight her anal ring, assaulting her with a whole new range of sensations. He carried on pushing his tongue in, licking and flexing, probing. The taste almost made him gag, but still he continued to lick and probe.
Susan continued to shout “oh my, oh good, that’s good, oh god yes that…”

She’s almost ready, thought Mike. Pulling his tongue out, he quickly stood up, and gripping her by the hips, he plunged his cock back into her pussy, crushing her down against the arm of the sofa, causing Susan to grunt loudly. He rapidly pumped his cock in and out of her cunt, before slowing down. He took his hand and began to push one of his fingers between her arse cheeks and then inserted it into her tight arsehole.

This caused Susan to cry out again “ooucch that hurt!”
“Really, did it? Well its not hurting as much as when my cock is in there.”
“Woooaaaa no, you can’t, you’re too big, it’ll split me open…please you can’t.”
Susan tried to push up, but Mike grabbed her arm, and pulled it back, and then he twisted it and held it behind her back.
“I told you I was going to punish you for being a slut whore.”
Mike began to pump is finger in and out of Susan arse. It was very tight, his saliva was barely enough to lubricate it.

Despite the initial pain, the sensation too wasn’t unpleasant, and she’d had been interested in anal sex, and so, yes, she wanted to try it. It was just that she never imagined anything as big as her daddy’s cock being in there.

Mike pulled his cock out of her pussy, and removed his finger from her arse, and moved his hand down to her pussy. He pushed his fingers into the soaking and dripping channel, and his fingers were soon slick with cunt juice. He pulled them back out, and then cupped his hand over her pussy and squeezed so that his hand too, became soaked in her juices, and which began to collect in his palm. He took his hand away and moved it back up to her anal ring and reinserted his cock back into her pussy. He pressed his finger against her anal ring and inserted it, this time it went in more smoothly. He started pumping it slowly, while at the same time allowing the juices in the palm of his hand to flow down to her arsehole. He pushed in another finger, and pumped away. Susan just lay there flexing her hands and moaning as her father ****d her virgin arsehole. She began to relax and to enjoy the sensation of having a cock in cunt, while her arse was being finger fucked.

Hmmm, thought Mike, she’s so tight; I think I’m going to need something better. “Stay there and don’t move” instructed Mike as he pulled fingers and cock out of their respective holes. He thought for a second, yes, in the kitchen. He went into kitchen and quickly picked up the butter. Yes this will do, just like that Brando film. He smile to himself, it brings a totally new meaning to “buttering up.”

He returned to Susan, still bent over the arm of the sofa, feet spread wide apart. He stood behind her and with the butter dish in one hand, he pushed his fingers from the other hand into it and began to spread in over his cock, wanking it up and down. Once he felt that he done enough, he pushed his fingers back into the butter. This time, he used his fingers to smear the butter around Susan’s anal ring and the coolness made her looks up.

“What’s that, butter?”
“I don’t want to do you any permanent damage, and this is best I could find. Of course I can leave it if you like….but my cock is still going in there butter or not.”

She turned back without a reply, she could see the lust in his eyes and she knew her father had a passion for anal sex. The stories, the pictures and the videos, all contained a great deal of anal. No wonder we had a broadband connection, randy old sod. She could feel her father pushing is his fingers inside. They went in more smoothly this time, however, she told herself she must relax, and perhaps the butter would make it easier.

Mike continued to pump his finger into her tight arse. Good, he thought, she’s beginning to relax. Although he wanted to do this badly, he didn’t want to really hurt her. He took another knob of butter and then began to work the two fingers deep into arse, pushing the butter in and spreading it around inside her. He pumped it back and forth, going in as deep as he could. Right, I think that should be okay. Taking his fingers out, he moved forward, and gripping each cheek, he spread them wide. He placed his cock between them and allowed it to slide up between each cheek. He slid his shaft back and forth, rocking on his heels. Then he gripped his cock with one hand and positioned it against her anal ring, and rubbed his butter smeared cockhead against it, sometimes pushing against it, but not penetrating.

Mike carried on doing this for a while, sometimes sliding his cock between her cheeks and sometimes rubbing and pressing against her anal ring. Hmmm, he thought, perhaps a bit more butter. He reached over for another knob of butter and smeared more over the end of his cock and then down his shaft. Once he was satisfied that his cock was as slick as possible, he repositioned it against her arsehole. This time after rubbing against it for a few moments, he began to push against the tight resisting ring.

“Try to relax, that way the pain will fade more quickly” he told Susan.
She merely nodded, but in her head she was shouting “Oh my god” and desperately fighting the desire to fight this assault, to run from the room. Yet this conflicted with the part of her that wanted to feel the pain. Wanted, needed, to feel that big massive cock inside her. The part of her that had watched her daddy’s videos, the one’s with the older men screwing the teenagers in the arse. She had wondered what it would be like to fuck in her own arse with a big cock. Well girls should be careful for what they wish for. So she did her best to relax as the pressure built up against the tight entrance to her rear passage.

“Ohhhh god, fuuuuuuuuuuuckkk” she cried out, “please...oh fuck...its hurts....nnnoo please...ohh god, stop... please” as her daddy entered her. Mike had pushed his cock in; its head was now griped tightly by her anal ring. He stood still for a second, giving her time to stretch and relax. Susan was panting, desperately trying to relax and distract herself from the burning pain.

After a few minutes had passed, Mike began to gently rock back and forth, very slightly at first, but with just a little bit more pressure on the inward thrust, so that his cock was pushed in slowly, ever so slightly, deeper into his daughter. Susan was making lots of noise, gasping and groaning, cursing and swearing, begging him to stop, “oh fuck please, daddy, ppleasssssseoowwwwwwww, ooohhh god, yes, good.”

Mike paused again, he had three to four inches inside, it time again to let her get use to it, and he didn’t want to cum to soon. Just inserting his cock in had been almost enough to bring him to edge. He needed to relax himself or he would slip over the edge and come. He held himself still, savouring the vice like but soft grip of his daughters anal passage. Taking several deep breaths and letting them out slowly, and then another, just like in stress management. After a few minutes of this, he began to pump back and forth using short, slow fucking motions and not trying to push any further, yet.

Susan’s moaning and groaning now changed tone, and between them she whispering “oh yes…yes…that feels good now…”
Mike began to pick up the pace, but he knew it could not last too long; he was so near the edge. He began to pump harder, to push is cock in further deeper, causing Susan to cry and curse loudly, as she gripped the sofa, clawing at it, partly to try and pull away when the pain grew too intense, and partly to push back against the cock with the pleasure when it withdraw. With each inward thrust of her daddy’s cock, her pussy was pushed against the arm of the sofa, causing a wave a please to mingle with the sensation from her arse.

Mike was right on the edge, he pulled back and with a loud cry he f***ed his cock back all the way in. Susan screamed loudly, and Mike began to pump his sperm into her arsehole. He pulled back until just his cock head was inside of her and then, legs shaking, he f***ed it back in, and again, pumping more spunk in. He carried on doing this until he couldn’t stand it any more and pulled is semi-erect cock out of her. Mike fell back and collapsed on the floor, a wave of exhaustion sweeping over him.

Outside the house, peaking through a gap in the curtains, her hand inside her knickers thrusting away, Julie came to her own orgasm. After her friend had closed the door, she had decided to stay outside and listen to what happened. A little glimmer of light showing through a gap in the curtains, had caught her eye, and she had looked through it. As she lent against the wall recovering, she considered what she had just witnessed. Had she just watched her life long friend and recent lover, be fucked, no, rapped, by her daddy. What to do about it that was the question. One thought popped into her head straight away. She hadn’t imagined that Mike was so well equipped, and yes, for his age he was quite handsome. More importantly, he clearly knew what he was doing with it, not to mention his tongue. Hmmmm she thought to herself.

Back inside the house, as before, the passion and lust slowly died, and reality seeped back in. Mike became aware of Susan’s quite sobbing, but he could not f***e himself to look at his daughter, as guilt and shame washed over him like the incoming tide. What had done, he asked himself, he’d ****d is daughter! Twice! Oh god, what had he done. He suddenly stood and rushed out of the room and up the stairs. He threw himself along the landing into his room, slamming the door and locking it behind him. Turning, he collapsed onto the bed and began to cry. Much later he heard a gentle tap on the door, and Susan’s voice calling him. He ignored it and remained silent, until she went away. Eventually he fell into a deep sl**p.

Next Morning.

Mike awoke felling a bit muggy and with slight headache. It was daylight, and he glanced over at the clock, hmmm 10:30. He’d slept late, god he was sore…then it hit him, the memory of last night. Ohhh god, what was he going to do? He groaned and fell back onto the bed. He lay there trying to think clearly, but his head was a whirlpool of conflicting thoughts and emotions. After a while, he told himself out loud “well, better get cleaned up.” Then he would f***e himself to face Susan. He got up, stripped of the remains of his clothes and picked up his dressing gown and slipped into it and unlocked his bedroom door.

Susan’s door was closed, and he was tempted to go in, but no, first he should have a shower and freshen up. He moved quietly to the bathroom, and slipped through door. He could not face looking at himself in the mirror, and he kept his eyes away from it. He moved straight over to the shower and turned it on. Slipping off the dressing gown, he stepped under the powerful jet without waiting for it to warm up. The cold water was a shock and he needed it. As the water became warmer, he reached for the shower gel and sponge, and began to lather himself all over.

Just then he felt a movement behind, the shower curtain had been opened; he spun around to see Susan slip in, a smile on her slips. Mike opened his mouth to speak, but Susan pressed her hand against his mouth to silence him and then she leant towards him and kissed him passionately on the mouth. Mike’s arms went around her and pulled her towards him. He could feel her nipples pressing against her. She pulled away, and said “its ok daddy”.
With that she took the sponge and began to soap her father up and down, she winched with the movement.
“Are you ok?” asked Mike, his voice full of concern.
“Hmm yes, just very, very sore, sitting is going to be painful, thanks to this monster”. With that comment, she pushed her father against the side of the shower, and lowered herself down, slowly to her knees and began to cover her father growing erection with soap.

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