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The Big Sendoff

What a party! My friends gave me one hell of a sendoff with a big surprise
at the end.

(Note-My stories are a series so if you want to catchup just head over to
the blog on my profile page-Lori )

Gigi was almost hysterical.

"You can't go!" she screamed.

But we both knew it was meant to be. My organization just offered me a big
raise if I was willing to relocate. I'd be a fool to turn it down.

The Circle Jerk Club threw me a going away party after hours back stage at
Slammers. That was the night club where our two she male friends Billie Jean
and Jilly Grrl performed their act.

Robbie was there as well as Billie Jean and Terry. Jilly had to leave due to
something that came up with hir f****y. Velcro byotch drama queen Gigi said
she was too distraught to make it. However the other three made the best of it.

There was lots of cake and plenty of teasing going on. There were some pretty
wild going away presents to go with all the joking around. Then someone put
a blindfold on me and it got really quiet.

(What the fuck?)

I was about to say something when a voice whispered,

"Open your mouth."

When I opened up a familiar taste touched my lips. The blindfold came off and there was Jilly standing there holding hir pretty lady stick all by hirself. S/he was wearing the same hot outfit she wore to the sex party at Gigi's.

"Hey lover!" S/he said. "You didn't fool anyone for one minute. We all know how much you wanted me all to yourself that night. Well now's your chance sugar. So what'll it be?"

For me that was an easy no brainer. "There's a couple of things on top in my man bag over there. I know you'll get a kick out of them."

I was right s/he did.

"Oooooo! Nice toy and K-Y to go with it!"

As soon as Jilly handed me the two items I poured some jelly on the my new dildo just like Sheila had shown me. Jilly's eyes got really big at that point. (Especially after I raised hir skirt and worked the latex boner up hir cute tight ass pussy.)

Jilly began to moan with delight as I worked the dildo back and forth. Soon hir own girlie dick was big and stiff.

"Now sit on my face," I commanded. "I'm gonna lick your sweet candy cane and swallow your load again baby!"

Just like I said I would I blew and stroked and fucking sucked every drop of she cock syrup I could out of sexy Jilly Grrl. When she came loud and hard I knew all the people in the upper apartments over "Slammers" could feel it. The Circle Jerk Club members felt it where they had taken their party to. Gigi felt it crying in hir melodramatic fashion into hir pillow. Asshole Hank felt it as did Sky. With any luck Gail felt it down in Arizona.

So now the question was, who would feel it where I was moving to?

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