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My First BBW

My first bbw experience was one that I would never forget, mainly since she was the one I lost my virginity to. It all started last year in my seventh hour class. I was in the back row and she was two rows away from me. Now Madi was 5'9, an inch taller than me, with curly red hair that went a bit past her shoulders, with 38 DD breasts and a rather flat ass for a girl her size. Now, every time I looked at her, may it be to read whatever was on the board to waiting for the worksheet of the day, she would lean forward to show me her cleavage or turn to the side to show a bit of her ass. I thought this was for the guy in front of me, who she liked a year ago, until she got my number from a friend of mine and started flirting with me.

It didn't take long for us to hang out. I went over to her place and met her grandparents, who were as deaf as deaf could be, a miracle at the time I suppose, and went into her room. It was kinda messy, but I couldn't help but to tease her about the pair of panties she forgot to pick up. She blushed but teased me back about the bulge in my pants, an average seven or eight inches, give or take the incorrect ruler I find, and decided to sit on my lap. She was heavy, but I was enjoying the weight and started kissing her, rubbing her thighs as she began to grind on my bulge.

She loved how I kissed her, how I played a bit with her bottom lip, but she loved my plump lips and decided to unbutton my pants. Much to our annoyance, someone knocked on the door and told us that beef stew was for dinner before leaving us alone. Madi growled, kinda like a purring kitten, and was going to close the door when I pulled her down to the bed and got on top of her. I pulled off her shirt and stared at her neon blue bra and took it off. Her face was a dark shade of red by the time she decided to cover her erect nipples.

"Did you have to take off my bra so soon?" Madi asked, moving her arms up slightly to intervene with my kissing of her breasts. "What if my b*****r or s****r walks in on us?"

"Then they'll get a show..." I kissed her once more and decided to stick to groping her breasts while rubbing my cock on her stomach. I would of never thought that to be stimulating at all, but I found myself erect from everything that was happening, and moved my cock to her breasts.

"Wow, it's so big!" Madi giggled as she touched it, running her fingers up and down the shaft.

"But not as big as your current boyfriend right?" Madi, at the time, was dating a guy from Michigan, and bragged about his big, ten inch cock about a month before this. She promptly f***ed my cock between her breasts and made me moan at how soft they felt.

"I've been wanting you for years, and I'd break up with him right now just to have you." Madi licked the tip as she worked her breasts on my cock, twisting her nipples at the same time. Once she leaned her head up a bit, I began to thrust, loving the look in her widened eyes as I fucked her mouth and breasts. Her breasts were so warm, and I nearly felt nothing but the moist saliva in her mouth as this happened. After a few minutes of this pleasure, she pulled away and pulled me down to a massive make out session, telling me to give her hickeys all over her breasts and neck while fucking her.

Since this was my first time, well, fucking a girl and giving hickeys, I thought I was going to do horrible. Madi laid on her back and spread her large, chunky legs for me. She tried her best to hide her pussy, embarrassed at how it looked, but I couldn't help but to be amused by her reaction, making me want to taste it so much. Yet I knew that dinner was coming, and I slid into her. Now, I didn't know if it was due to her being a bbw, or due to it being my first time, but I didn't feel much of anything around my cock. She, on the other hand, was feeling waves of pleasure from how her body squirmed. I started out slow, trying to get a rhythm as I sucked on her breasts, nibbling on them every once and a while.

I loved the way her thick legs wrapped around my waist to pull me closer to her, getting me deeper into her wet, sticky pussy. She had to bite her covers to hold back her moans as I fucked her, and we stayed in that position for about twenty minutes. She moaned quite loudly into her blanket and pressed me as deep as possible, making me even more horny at how she looked. I pulled away, watching her juices spill from her, and watched as she slowly rolled over to get up and clean herself. I can't even describe how beautiful her ass looked. Some might of called it a flat ass, a pancake, or even a lumpy pillow, but at that moment, it was the perfect ass with the slight curve of them all.

I grabbed her by her shoulders and f***ed her to bend over, rubbing my cock between her ass and her pussy. Madi's moans and warnings of not wanting me to slip it in the wrong hole made me want to do it even more, but I didn't want to have a dirty cock, and jammed it into her pussy. Her ass shook as I continued my assault, jiggling so much I thought I was going to cum at the sight! I slapped her ass, earning a squeal from her, and continued to slap her ass. By pressing her ass cheeks together, I learned that she would 'freeze' in pleasure, and when her legs were as far as possible, each and every one of my thrusts made her thrust back to me.

"I'm gonna cum! Cum on my ass, please cum on my ass!" Madi moaned out through her covers, making me even more excited and rammed my cock as deep as I could. I felt her juices splash against my cock, getting me to moan her name as I felt myself start to cum. Not wanting to get her pregnant, I pulled out and watched as cum splattered all over her ass and up her back. She looked at me from the side and smirked, wiggling her big ass and told me to clean her with the towel she had in her room. I cleaned myself first before cleaning her off, and I ended up sliding myself into her, teasing her with my cock as someone knocked on her door, ordering that if we didn't get out of there in the next three minutes, we were going to be in a load of trouble.

Needless to say, this was the first of the many times I fucked her.

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