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My First Time I was Fucked

Ever since I was a k** I always hung around my older b*****r, Trevor and his friends. I always admired my b*****r. He was smart, great at sports and an all around nice guy. My b*****r had a best friend named Mark and he and my b*****r were always attached at the hip. They were on the same baseball team, took most of the same classes together in High School, and talked about girls together. Mark was like a second older b*****r to me. He looked out for me, gave me great advice when I needed it and one fateful summer afternoon, Mark gave me the greatest gift of all, my first gay sexual experience.

Mark was two years my senior and I, a young freshman in college, thought he was the most beautiful creature that ever walked. He stood about six foot one inches tall. He had long, dark blonde hair that just barely touched his eyebrows. Sometimes during intense conversation, Mark would brush away bothersome strands of hair from his face with his enormous athletic hands. I can remember those times, staring intently at his crystal clear blue eyes and his stunning full lips as he would prattle on to my b*****r about some girl he just recently fucked. How I would imagine I could be that girl! Mark was so hot! He had a muscular frame and a tight body, do to all the baseball he played.

One weekend Mark's parents were out of town and my b*****r and I were over his house talking and playing football in the backyard. All this rough play worked up quite an appetite so my b*****r went to the pizza place to get us some lunch. Being that we lived in the country, we knew that Trevor would be out for at least an hour, so Mark decided to take a shower. I heard Mark go upstairs and the bathroom door open. I sat on the couch nervously twiddling my thumbs. For as long as I could remember, I've always fanaticized about what Mark would look like naked but I never got the chance… until now. "What am I waiting for?" I asked myself. "This is the chance I've been waiting for all my life!"

I quietly sneaked upstairs and crept slowly towards the bathroom door. I heard the shower door open then the water begin to run. As soon as I heard Mark step into shower, I crept closer towards the bathroom and noticed that the door was slightly ajar. I peered in through the crack and I could see Mark's reflection in the mirror. He was more gorgeous then I could have ever imagined. I watched the water pouring over his firm, taught body, splashing first across his hard, smooth chest and then funneling down his tight abs, and finally cascading onto his full, dark blond bush, matting it down and making his dick look even larger than it already was! His cock was stunning, at least eight inches in length with a plump, round head and big, low hanging nuts that swayed from side to side as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. I watched as Mark took the soap and begin to wash himself; lathering first his pecs, then his underarms, then his torso moving closer and closer to that colossal, wet, glistening cock.

All of a sudden, Mark looked up into the mirror and his eyes suddenly caught mine. As I went to turn away the bathroom door whisked opened. There he stood with a towel wrapped around him. "What are you doing?" he barked. I froze in fear at the embarrassment of being caught. "You like looking at men shower?" "NO" I quickly retorted, but the obvious bulge in my pants said otherwise. My face turned beat red and I quickly turned to escape, but Mark tightly seized my arm and flung me back towards him. He grabbed me by my shoulders and pinned me up against the bathroom wall. I closed my eyes because I was too ashamed to look at him in the face but then he did something unexpected. Mark placed his index finger under my chin, lifted my head and then kissed me.

I opened my mouth slightly to allow his permissive tongue to snake in and out, indulging me with pleasures I had once only dreamed about. I just loved the sensation of how Mark kissed, his huge hands holding me against the wall, forcing me to capitulate to his every will and desire. While he kissed me, he wedged his hand down my pants and grabbed hold of my hard cock which was already soaked with pre-cum. He removed my shirt and pants and laid me down naked on the bathroom floor. He tossed his towel aside then straddled my chest between his muscular thighs and placed his massive cock into my enthusiastic mouth. “Oh Yeah” Mark moaned silently as he slowly glided his meat in and out of my willing gullet. “Take it all.” My salivating mouth soon did quick work of instantly lubricating his fleshy man rod. I relaxed my mouth so that he could fit as much of him inside of me as possible. He soon began to work up a slow rhythm as he eased his cock further down my ambitious hole. He placed his hands on the back of my head to steady me as he increased the tempo of his thrusts.

As he continued, beads of sweat began to form on his forehead which dripped down unto my quivering body. He was relentless; every plunge deeper and faster than the one before. I wrapped my lips tightly around his throbbing organ. Mark began to pant and groan loudly. He slowly tightened his straddle hold on me until I couldn't move at all. I was no match for his strength or his determination. Faster and faster he went, his huge nuts banging softly against my chin. All of a sudden Mark stopped; his body shuddered and then became rigid. "Oh shit!” he cried. “I'm gonna cum" He grabbed the back of my head and gave one final thrust as his member jutted out a volley of cream into my eagerly awaiting mouth. He instantly filled my oral cavity with his hot man spunk as I did my best to make room for more by swallowing each delicious explosion. After he unloaded, he relinquished his hold on me. I quickly grabbed his cock to gulp down the last few remaining drops of cum. His knees began to quiver and finally buckle as he fell on top of me in an exhausted frenzy.

After what seemed like an eternity, Mark finally got up and moved his way down to my own aching cock. He placed his warm mouth over my meat and easily took it all the way to the back of his throat. His impetuous tongue, which was slithering all around my hard cocks haft, sent feelings of ecstasy and pleasure throughout my entire body. Mark's velocity began increase. My body began to twitch and tingle; I knew I was gonna pop any second. I let out a soft groan as a stream of cum erupted out of my rod and down Mark's devoted gorge. He took it in stride and swallowed my entire creamy deposit. After he exhausted my entire supply, he placed his thumb and forefinger on the base of my shaft and squeezed my cock slowly and firmly all the way to the tip, robbing me of every last drop of my sticky juice. When he finished, Mark picked his head up, stared at me intently with his big blue eyes and smiled.

Just then, we heard the car pull up. It was my b*****r Trevor. Mark and I quickly got dressed and ran downstairs as not to arouse any suspicion. We both reached the bottom of the stairs just as Trevor came in with the pizzas and he immediately noticed my disheveled hair. "What happed to your hair?" Trevor questioned me. "I was showing him some wrestling moves" Mark quickly lied. "When your b*****r grows up he's gonna be one hell of an athlete." Mark winked at me and laughed.

Later on that year, Mark moved away to another state for college and I never heard from him again. Trevor said that he married some girl and they have a k** now. Still I wonder if he ever thinks of me and that memorable afternoon we shared… that one summer when he turned an awkward young boy into a man and fulfilled his fantasy of a lifetime!

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