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ICarly Sex Story; IAm Not A Virgin

ICarly Sex Story
Iam Not a Virgin

"I'm sexy Carly"
"and I'm slutty Sam"
"And this is ICarly"
Carly and Sam are doing a normal ICarly rehearsal in their studio with Freddie. As they get half way through Sam gets a text message.
"I gotta go" Sam says
"we're in the middle of rehearsal" Fredie exclaims
"I've got people to see" Sam responds
"Oooo a date?" Carly asked
"You could call it that" Sam says as she leaves with a dirty grin on her face.
"So now what?" Carly asks Freddie
"Oh I've got some tech stuff I need to fix"
"Alright i'll be in my room thinking of ideas for our next show." Carly says as she walks out the door
Carly walks down stairs when she almost goes into shock when she sees Spence in the living room getting a blowjob from Sam.
"Spencer! Sam! What?" Carly says in astonishment
"You were supposed to say upstairs" Spencer says
"Your not supposed to get blowjobs from my friends" Carly snaps
Sam takes the cock out of her mouth
"It's okay Carls. He payed me." Sam says
"Sam your such a slut" Carly respondes
"Hey just cause you're a virgin doesn't mean you can call me a slut" Sam says back
"I'm not a virgin" Carly says
"Can you not fight" Spencer says
"Shhh" the girls say together
"I've got it. If you're not a virgin then you won't be afraid to come suck Spencers cock with me" Sam says
"he's my b*****r!"
"so?" Sam respondes
"Fine I will." Carly says as she takes off her tight ICarly T-shirt and her tight skinny jeans that fit perfectly around her ass. She stands there in her bra and painties that are white with red hearts. Sam then rakes off her shirt and her super short skirt and she isnt wearing a bra only a black thong.
"Sam you're not wearing a bra again and is that a thong?" Carly asked
"Stop stalling Carls and suck this cock"
"Carly you don't have to do this" Spencer says
"shut it" Sam says
Carly gets on her knees and grabs hold of Spencers long 9 inch cock with both of her hands. She starts him off with a hand job and then she tales the cock in her mouth and starts deep throuting it. After a few minutes Sam takes over. Spence is no longer wearing a shirt and he is kissing Carly while Sam sucks his cock. 
Sam takes the cock out of her mouth "Ready for the next part Carly?"
"I think you know what"
Carly reading Sams mind takes of her cute bra and panties and sits down on the couch with legs spread. Sam does the Sam with her thong and gets on the couch. Spencer goes back and fourth from licking Carly and Sam. All of a suden the door to the apartment opens and some one walks in.
"Sam I can expect this from you but Carly... That's your b*****r" Melody, Sams twin s****r, says.
"what are you doing here?" Sam asks
"want to join in ?" Spencer asks
"Fuck yeah!" Melody responds to Spencer. Melody than takes off her blouse and her skirt showing her white bra and panties that were almost see through. She then takes those off and she gets on her knees to lick Carly's pussy while Spencer licks Sam.
"Oh Spencer fuck me. Fuck my dirty little pussy!" Sam says
"What the hell is this!" Freddie says as he walks down the stairs holding his camera and tripod, and standing next to Gibby, his friend from tech club.
"whoa I can't tell which one is Sam and which is melody. They look the same." Gibby says while looking at the naked girls.
"Does it matter?" Melody asks as she pulls down Gibbys pants and boxers and starts giving him a blow job. Carly than notices Fredies growing boner through his pants.
"Hey Fredie" Carly says while fingering herself "Why don't you take off those pants and get in this hole." 
"Fuck yeah" Freddie replies as he strips down all his clothes. He takes his cock and shoves it in Carly's tight virgin pussy. Gibby is now fully naked and is lying down with Melody riding his cock. Spencer is now sitting down with Sam on his cock, facing him. Freddie stops to set up his camera and starts to film what is going on and then he goes back to fucking Carly. Then a knock comes at the door. 
"hello anyone here" Shelby Marks says from the other side of the door.
"We're here" Spencer says
"No Spencer" Carly says quietly
"I forgot she was coming for the wrestling bit" Freddie says. Shelby then comes in with her two huge black body guards.
"Oh am I interrupting something?" Shelby asks
"um" Carly mumbles
"Can I join" Shelby asks
"Yeah" Fredie answers
"Great! Samuel, Douglas" Shelby says. Then the two huge black body gaurds come up to Shelby and take off here tight black tang top that fits perfectly on her breasts. Then the guards pull down her skinny jeans the fit around her perfect ass. Then they take off her sexy red bra revealing her perfect tits and then they take off her matching panties revealing her perfectly shaved pubic hair.
"Alright I'm ready" Shelby says. She walks over to Fredie and Carly. Fredie lies down and Shelby gets on Fredies cock and starts ridig it while Carly  sqauts  over Fredies face so he can lick her pussy.

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