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Face Fucked By A Thug Painful But Good

Oral Sex: Its 4am and i am awaken by Jay, my sexy thugged out fuck buddy. Jay is horny and ready to fuck. He says "wake up i wanna bust one". As I lay on my back he props a total of four pillows against my head and back. I didn't understand why, this is during the first stages of our fuckship. He climbs on top of me to where his dick is in my face. He's on his knees right above my chest/neck. By now i get the picture, he was about to face fuck me. If you have read my other stories you know that jay's dick is slightly over 10 inches and fat, so fat only half of his dick could fit in my mouth. He puts his dick in my mouth, it slides against my tongue and hits the back of my throat, I gag; he says in a disappointed voice " man damn come on, i got a bitch that can put her whole dick in my mouth, shit nigga you gagging already" I get it in my mind that i have to focus. Jay hated gagging noises. He continues to go inside my mouth deep and slow, i put my hand on his stomach to prevent him from chocking me he thew my hand to the side and started fucking my mouth faster. My eyes began to water I'm trying to gag as quietly as i can but i can't seem to catch my breath, i began to cough and gag at the same time then i felt vomit in my throat; i turned away from Jay so i could keep the vomit down and collect my self, he slapped me, angrily snatched my head back to the center and said " nigga stay still keep your head straight" he puts his dick back into my mouth and i put my hand on his stomach he threw it to the grabbed my throat and fuck my mouth as if he was punishing me, I lay there struggling to catch me breath during each stroke while trying to gag at a low volume and keep from throwing up. I manage to get 7 inches of Jay's fat dick into my mouth and throat but he still wasn't satisfied he says "fuck wrong with you to night my dick ain't wet enough", he pulls his dick out of my mouth and he lets a long thick stream of spit slide out of his mouth into mine he them spit in my face, put his dick back in my mouth and continued to fuck my mouth, through heavy focus i was able to take his dick pounding my throat with out throwing up but i didn't know how long i could keep it up. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and stood back saying " shit damn i was about to cum" he pulled out because he wasn't ready to cum. As rough as the face fuck sounded it took a back set to the anal sex.

Anal Sex: Jay slid down opened my legs, lubricated his dick, i covered my ass hole and said " dude you need to wear a condom" Jay has never worn a condom when he had sex with me and earlier that week i leaned that he was fucking 2 girls in our apartment complex i didn't feel safe having unprotected sex with him. His reply was "move yo hand" i didn't in hope that he would realized how serious i was, He used all his strength to punch my left leg the pain ripped through my leg sharply. As a reaction i began to sit up so i could grab my leg and hold it he gripped my shoulders as i was rising off the bed, f***ed me back down and said " don't move unless i tell you" His dick went into my ass and i forgot all about the pain in my leg, he f***ed his entire dick inside me on the first stroke i felt paralyzed, the pain was nothing short of agony, Jay was never gentle, He goes in deep in a circular motion to open my ass hole, he spit on my ass hole and tells me to grip his dick with my ass hole, i said " jay i can't this shit hurt" he grabbed my throat and laid on top of me chest to chest as said directly in my ear " i don't give a FUCK make your ass hole suck my dick" as deep as the pain was i had no choice but to do as he said, so i did. I used all my might to gripped his dick as it went inside me, he said in a loud deep voice " FUCK!", when he pulled out i loosened my muscles and when he went in i tighten them, Jay pulled his dick out of me and exhaled deeply, he was about to cum and he wasn't ready to, he goes back inside me deep and hard fucking me faster, i moaned his name with pure pain in my voice, my body shaking as if it was in shock, sweat dripped down his body as he pound me forcing his over sized dick inside me, then all of a sudden he stops and proceed to put his dick in my mouth before he could get in all the way inside some of his cum squirted onto my face, i felt his dick pumping his warm thick cum down my throat, with his dick still in my mouth he told me to swallow his nut and reluctantly i did, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and placed it on the cum that landed on my face and smeared it around my face. He lays down and told me to get up and clean myself up, i limped to the bathroom took a shower and got back in bed. He was now sl**p. I was to sore to sl**p, my ass, my throat and my leg was fucked up so i just laid there and watched him sl**p. As painful as it was I appreciated it, Jay's a b**st and i was hooked

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