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I love myspace

ok so back in 05 i made a myspace. didnt know what it was or how to use it but all my friends had 1 so i wanted one to. i had it for about a month or 2, and girls just seemed 2 love me on there. another month goes by and thats when i figured out how easy it was 2 hook up with girls on myspace, if u had the right kinda game. so i send a friend request to a local model/singer(most girls on myspace are) and she accepted it and sent me a message before i could even try and spit my game at her. she was 5'11 127lbs with long black hair. she didnt have to much of an ass but the most perfect breasts i ever saw. i cant say her name as we are still fuck u T-time) she is in love with my height and smile(music 2 my ears)and would like to get to know me better. we do the whole messaging back and forth for about a week and i get her number. we meet up and have one of those dates where u dont want it to end. as im dropping her off she asks if i want 2 come up and watch a movie as it was still early. we all know what this means, and this is where my fun begins.

i let her put on the movie on before i make my moves. some kinda love story i wasn't really focused on it to much. 10min in to the movie i wrap my arm around her and she moves in closer. a few more minutes go by and were all over each other. kissing rubbing, u know just having fun making out. when things realy get hot and heavy i carry her up 2 her room as our clothes come off i realize i used my lost condom 2 days earlier. im might b a sex addict but i know the importance of safe sex. i tell her and she says dont worry im safe. as much as i wanted 2 just jump in, im no weak man so i put on some clothes and run 2 the near by corner store. but before i leave she says she wants 2 try something. she wanted 2 role play. i was up for it and told her to play along when i get back. when i get back i come into her room with no shirt and get right to it. mam did u know there was a fire next door, as the fire chief its my duty to see if everyone is ok. she smiles and plays along, well im fine just a little scared. i tell her i must preform a physical just to b sure. as i massage her body she moans an breaks character, fuck it i just want u in me, now! i dont hesitate and jump in her. i came quickly since it and been a few days, and quickly re strap up for round two. before i jump in i go down and taste her. i want her to be on her second round also. after working her clit with my tongue i slip a finger in, and then 2. she screams as she cums, and i can feel her juices on my fingers. she pulls me up to kiss me and taste herself. now its my turn. as soon as she puts her lips around me she deep throats. im amazed and shocked. a while goes by and shes still happily at work. as im getting close i try to pull her off, she resists and goes deeper. as im cumming i can feel it go right down the back of her throat. we started at 10p.m. and didnt stop till about 3 or 4.

this was my first singer and i am in love to this day with any women thatcan sing. their sex high notes are amazing.

p.s. alot of my stories will have her in it, since i wont kiss and tell her name will be T-time. and we will c if i can do some videos with her shes amazing

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